Date =                            31st October 2017

Run Number =            1762                                                                                                                                     

Venues =                      The Three Magnet

Location:                      Letchworth

Beer =                           Hobgoblin Gold; Wibblers; Genesis

Hares =                         No Eye Deer

Runners =                   10

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0

Newies =                       0

Après =                          0

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          10

Membership =           Spooktacular!


A low number for what has become our regular Día de los Muertos ‘Mexican day of the Dead’ Run, the chilly Tuesday night wind may have added to this low turnout & as the Hare she only found only Mr X & My Lil’ lurking outside of the Spoons.  Somewhere between the station & the Pub Mr X had lost Lobby Lobster & Mark E Mark, turns out that they hadn’t been spirited away but in fact had stopped at a local chippie for a bag of chips to share between them.  No Eye Deer managed to persuade them to let her nick a couple of chips that smelt delicious to those who hadn’t eaten.

Mumblehead arrived & being dressed as a witch she wasn’t recognised at first, as it began to look as if we would be without our GM, but Paxo called the RA to inform him that they were parking up just around the corner.  TBT OBE, Paxo & Ewok arrived just a few minutes after the hour, Ewok immediately consulted My Lil’ on the time & got straight on with welcoming the Hash to the correct R*n number, then without further ado she quickly handed the Circle over to No Eye Deer as it was “Bloody chilly!”. 

Thankfully for the on-looking Circle No Eye Deer’s ‘brief” was also brief! [Nothing like Brief briefs, eh? – Ed] & with the Hash-flash being AWOL with Milf in the U-S of A, meant the Pack weren’t held up with having to pose in their spooky outfits for a photo.

This year saw Paxo & Ewok go for the Mexican Day of the Dead ‘Sugar Skull’ look, Mark E Mark was a skeleton, while Mr X was a pirate after he could only find the sombrero from his outfit of last year!  Mumblehead was a Witch, while Lobby just had a simple top covered in Skulls, My Lil’ was dressed in his black Monk’s Habit [Let’s hope it’s not Junior’s dirty Monk’s Habit? – Ed]

This Motley crew were now directed down Leys Avenue to the southeast, but on their way down to Norton Way South the FRBs were stopped in their tracks as “On!” was called halfway back up Leys Avenue as the Hare had pointed Mumblehead, Paxo, Lobby Lobster & TBT OBE off through the cut-through to the service area behind Boots & Poundland.

The short trot through the not so scenic Rowland Way, at the side of the shopping area led the Pack out on to Gernon Road, there the Trail turned eastward & down to where the first CHK was found as this joins Norton Way South.  Of course the Pack rung through the town would get some attention from passing motorists, which is surprising as it was Día de los Muertos.

Mr X, Ewok, Mark E Mark & My Lil’ all crossed over to look at the various options in the small park area, which used to  be home to a set of paddling pools which have  now sadly fallen foul to austerity cuts, no doubt ‘elf & safety had part to play as well in their removal?  Anyhow, no Trail was found on the east side of the road or up by the Garden City Museum.

Back on the west side & the Trail was picked up as it led on to a CHK where Pixmore Way begins its westward route up to the Broadway, it was here at the start that Whatever She Says received a Swift rebuke from the Hare concerning giving away the Trail’s route.

An unchastised Mr X found the Trail up this suburban road, arrows pointed the way over to the others out on Halloween were encountered.  From the next CHK on Meadow Way, the Trail ran straight over on to the continuation of Lytton Avenue

The Trail would come out on to South View where the RA was lured up the Falsie to the Northwest before running back in the opposite direction, passing by the Quaker Meeting House & running out on to the Baldock Road, where double arrows pointed over the small semicircular green at the junction, from here he again went wrong by heading southwestward.

Meanwhile behind him, Ewok & My Lil’ Picked up the Trail as it crossed over the junction to Cloisters Road, they, along with Mark E Mark, would get ahead of the rest of the Pack.  At the end of this long stretch, Mark E Mark was found coming back from a Falsie to the east on Barrington Road, Mark E Mark’s skeleton outfit perfectly matched those of the bunch of young Trick or Treaters coming up behind him, it was so similar that No Eye Deer failed to recognised him until Mr X pointed out who it was.

My Lil’ & Ewok had already gone off to the west, passing through the school grounds, which in daylight don’t quiet seem to look like a right of way, let alone in the evening darkness for the uninitiated!  Yet Trail was found along the edge of the entrance to St Christopher’s.  Mark E Mark asked the RA if it was a “Posh school?” which it kind of is, it was set up for kids to express themselves & take part in the running of the place.

For some way there seemed to be no visible Trail markings, it may have been out there but the lighting in the school grounds wasn’t the best.  Somehow Mr X & Mark E Mark managed to find their way out of a spur road to locate a CHK on the Hitchin Road. 

Mark E Mark went wrong once again as be searched north-eastward along this wider main arterial route, all while Mr X had picked up the Trail heading away in the opposite direction on toward Hitchin in the far off distance, not that anyone would run that far as that, as a set of arrows saw to that by pointing the way over the crossing & then around to the next CHK situated by the quaint Letchworth Village Store.

The RA thought he knew the Trail would head down the older, almost rural dark end of Spring Lane which heads toward the town centre, but he was proved wrong when he ran on to a T!  So, back to the CHK where he got to see & then point out the blue Christmas lights already decorating one property!  Mr X turned back toward Hitchin to find the Trail running out that way again, before tuning on to Highfield Road to start on a loop down to Sollershot West. 

A long trot to the end of Shollershot West brought Ewok, My Lil’ & finally Mr X out on to the World’s First Roundabout, which saw a few accidents when it was first created as there was no specified direction as to which way the traffic should flow!  Near the southern end of the Broadway, the SCBs of TBT OBE, Lobby Lobster, Mumblehead & then Mark E Mark who had come down the Broadway were found.

By the time Mr X arrived there, he saw this group heading southward along the Broadway at no more than a brisk walk, but he wrongly surmised that they were “On!” over on the east side of the Tree-lined Avenue of large houses.  Not having seen any markings for a while set off the alarm bells that they were all ‘Off Trail’!

Back to the Roundabout & Mr X went over to urban section of Spring Road, where he saw the double arrows that he, Ewok & My Lil’ before him, had all missed earlier.  The Hare arrived back from the loop to see these Keenies head off down Spring Road on consecutive loop off of the Broadway, this being down to Broadway Avenue where it branched off on to West View, which in turn leads out on to the southwestern end of the Broadway Gardens, there another car pulled up to have a good look at the Keenies in their fancy-dress outfits.  [I know Letchworth was a Quaker town originally & this type of thing was frowned upon by them, but

The Keenies were already on their way back Inn as they took to the western side of the one-way system surrounding the illuminated & well kempt gardens to come out on to the shopping arcade of the Broadway, here the Trail crossed over the other side to enter the southern end of the arcade - where the Arena Tavern (or the Kings Arms in The World’s End Film) to come out between the shops to the On Inn.

Mr X, My Lil’ & Ewok were tempted to go in to the Arena Tavern, but thought of imminent food was more overpowering & so they continued on.  As they came around on to Leys Avenue they found a very dapper gent hanging around outside of the Three Magnets, some would say looking like a suave mobster with his suit & trilby hat, it turned out to be none other than Tent Packer who had arrived late & struggled in finding the start of the Trail.

Back in the Pub & the Trash [Yes it was written up & printed from Sunday’s Trail! – Ed] & the book went around as the menus were perused, meanwhile at the Bar Paxo asked TBT OBE what he wanted, to which he replied “I’ll have a veggie dish!” without even thinking of a drink!

The Down-Downs were put off until the next weekend, due to the fact everyone was eating – TBT OBE being the first to get his order in & not waiting to eat with the rest, while Paxo was more concerned that Mr X & My Lil’ hadn’t got their meal when all the rest were served, this was simply down to the fact they had ordered last!

            The Pack could relax, one talking point was a photo on the far wall, which was of a Victorian Gent with what could best be described as a drinker’s nose.  Then Tent Packer’s bowl of ice cream, from off of the Children’s Menu, arrived for which he received some stick for sneakily ordering this.  Once Tent Packer had left to go home, the waiter came around with 8 bowls of ice cream for the remaining Hashers which Tent Packer had purchased for the rest!