Date =                              5th November 2017

Run Number =               1763                                                                                                                                     

Venues =                         Chez Paxo

Location:                        Ware

Beer =                              A mixed Box of Ales; Wychwood, Moorlands

Hares =                            Ewok & Backpack

Runners =                       20

Virgins =                           0

Visitors =                          0

Newies =                           0

Après =                              3

Hounds =                          0

Total =                              23

Membership =                Nice Bangers!


            For some the journey over to Ware was one if hilarity & side aching laughter at a tale of the Weekend’s Hackers event, where Tent Packer teed up & hit one of his best drives ever, hitting the sweet spot of the ball only for it all to be ruined as the back of TBT OBE’s head stopped this shot from reaching the fairway!

A good turnout wasn’t just down to the weather, the prospect of food obviously has its draw on the Pack.  This week saw 2-1-2 Maureen joining the fold, as well as Sludge’s return.  The Ranks were also boosted with Dillan & Fliptop turning out for the first time in a while.  When TBT OBE arrived there were those who found it hard to keep a straight face.

            Fliptop, inspired by recent News, was heard to get in a topical quip about not touching or saying anything in appropriate or there could be an inquiry?  Well with Pebbledash present, & others who are as subtle as note, wrapped around a brick & lobbed through your window  - when it comes to being PC there well could be, but with the Hash attitude to not taking life too seriously we should be Okay amongst ousleves.

The GM & (Senior) Hare wasn’t going to be hanging around as she called the Circle outside of Chez Paxo where a smiley face was found as a CHK?  With My Lil’ confirming the time was right for the welcoming speech, Ewok was spot on for the Run number before she went on to explain what the Hash could expect out there on the Trail, all before asking Backpack in to the Circle to show off the state of his clothing that was plastered with Shiggy.  Those who needed, or wanted, the Short Cuts were told to stick with the Shiggy covered Backpack.

            The Pack were ushered away down Parnel Road toward the junction with Tower Road, where a CHK was found right next to the alleyway that cuts-through to Queens Road behind Parnel Road, which lured My Lil’, Mr X & down there to search for Trail on a route not usually used around these parts but they were soon to discover that it didn’t exist that way. 

“On!” was called down Tower Road toward the School but didn’t go that far as the Dust led off on the footpath that runs through the newish housing estate to the new back streets that would weave its way out through Lady Margaret’s Garden [Isn’t that a euphemism? – Ed] to St Johns on a right, left, right turns to come out on to Fanham’s Hall Lane.  My Lil’ said “Welcome to Paxo’s Trail part 2 B!”[Isn’t that a pencil? – Ed] as he & most of the other established H4 members have run almost every option around the top of Ware.

            Having run the short way down to the southwest a CHK was found at the end of Musely Hill Lane, the sight of the Crooked Billet was a welcoming one but sadly it wasn’t open, nor would there be any Trail up by it!  A little further down the hill & Sparky was lured away toward Ware & blew his horn as he proceeded to run a Falsie, the sound of Sparky’s horn alerted a group of older folk who were moving a load of rubbish from out the back of a horse trailer, which was parked on the small triangular green at the start of the uncapped driveway to Roundhouse & the adjacent track.

            Having been startled by Sparky’s Horn [Whoa there Pebbledash! – Ed] one of the older women was concerned as to what was happening – so the Senior Hare stopped to explain the what the Hash is all about as the FRBs picked up the Trail on the farm track out to the Northeast.  The Pack made their way along this muddy track for a short way until reaching a CHK point where another footpath leads off at a right-angle, it was here the Hare took the opportunity to collar Sparky when he arrived at the Check to inform him that the Horn was not to be used as there were Horses further along on the Trail.

            Where’s Wally, My Lil’ & Tent Packer all came back from the Falsie to the Northwest, while the correct option of sticking with the lower Northeast bound footpath track along by the tree-lined ditch that separates the farm fields from those of the sports fields to the south, where the local Ware Youth Football teams were out in force making a noise as they ran about chasing their balls! [Steady there Pebbledash! – Ed]

            The Trail began to rise with the lay of the land, this side of the ditch & the Farm land was slightly higher on this side than its counterpart crop fields beside the sports ground.  A white flag was seen in the lower field, this bird scarer had adverse effects on TBT OBE, as it brought back memories of being on a Golf course – he rubbed the back of his head as he contemplated the upcoming Short Cut!

As the Pack made their way from out of the sheltering hedgerows & in to the open, exposed route, the chilly wind could now be felt blowing down from the north.  The footpath out over the seeded field wasn’t that rough, for plenty of other feet had really trodden down this route to make a fairly firm surface underfoot in the seeded field.

            A CHK point on the T Junction where the footpath terminates with the one running from the edge of Ware in the South & up to Moles Farm, with its prominent water tower over to the Northwest.  The FRBs felt chilly wind bite as they headed over the exposed fields toward the farm, no one wanted to stop for long at the next CHK was discovered at a fork in the path!  Meanwhile the SCBs took to the eastern, lower seeded field to cut off a large amount of Trail.

Where’s Wally? Was a bit too keen on heading westward over toward Moles Farm, a couple followed on  behind him, while the main consensus was to take to the north-easterly path, passing by a pile of dung, a heap of slag, another of rubble that were surrounded by various old bits of old farm equipment, there the Trail was found again.  Tent Packer, Sparky, My Lil’, No Eye Deer, Mr X all took this farm track as Where’s Wally? came back to join Whatever She Says in running with Ewok to the north.

            This Northbound Track now had a little shelter toward the end as the route passed by Cowards Wood as it changes direction slightly to then take to the tarmac dead end of Cowards, a spur-road that is lined with houses only on its eastern side, which grants the owners a lovely Hertfordshire vista overlooking toward Fabdens & Thunderidge ion the distance, even the A10 by-pass cannot be seen in the verdant valley.

            The Keenies made their way on by the stables, then these homes in front of Gardiner’s Spring & out to a CHK where the Cowards joins the Cold Christmas Lane, the Keenies were slowed up slightly here as some like Sparky checked down toward the A10, My Lil’ & others searched straight on over on the footpath to Old Church Lane, but in the end the Trail was picked up on the Cold Christmas Lane to the east, a place that legend says derives its name from a few hundred years ago when the local poor children perished over a bitterly cold seasonal period.

            A short trot along the tarmac soon finished when it arrived at a CHK marked on the wide stump of a large old felled tree, from here My Lil’, Sparky, Tent Packer, Fliptop all headed back out in to the flat seeded fields, but now in a southerly direction.  No Eye Deer & Mr X were a little way behind the main group of Keenies but they could see the Hare’s Bright Orange UK Nash Hash T-Shirt disappearing in to the trees line in the distance.

On the way the pair discussed the Remembrance Day Hash, as some thought that we were going to see Ewok marching through the streets of Ware, but this was changed back to the Swan.  Mr X said that they were looking for somewhere else for 2018, for next Year’s Sunday November the 11th being the 100th Anniversary of the Armistice, but most of the larger towns in Herts will be packed & there tends to be a lack of free parking these days, but any suggestions are most welcome.

Whatever She Says followed on behind Mr X & No Eye Deer, as they complete the back of the main Pack as their Trail came out through a small wooded area & the footpath was again sheltered on the western side by a tree-line, which kept the cold wind at bay. 

The Pack would get a little stretched out as a long trot on the landscape began to drop, ahead of the Keenies they could see Ware sitting in the Valley to the south with the Water Tower & other prominent landmarks clear to see on this bright morning.  This footpath would now intercept the one that the Keenies had gone off to the Northwest a little further up, this was the one that the SCBs were led down over the ditch to the crop field adjacent to the one the Out Trail ran along.

            Lobby Lobster, Mumblehead, TBT OBE, Flanders & 3D had all taken on this route by Backpack, they were already down toward the Ware Youth Football pitches while the Keenies were up at the Cold Christmas Lane, so they would be back well before the rest of the Hash.  However, no one would get as far as the youth soccer pitches as the Trail would take to the southeastern path up through the claggy ploughed field to come out on to a CHK on Fanhams Hall Lane.

            The Trail was quickly picked up as those with Local Knowledge picked it up on the Dark Lane path that leads from below the stables & back in beside a field that has now been opened up to public use, to emerge out in to the Northeastern corner of Ware.

            Coming out on to Elmer Road, the arrows led over on to Rushfield, which swung around to meet up with Tower Road & then on to Parnel Road & back in.  Where Paxo was found fretting that he didn’t expect the Pack to be back this soon, it was only a 50 minute Run for the keenest of the Keenies & the SCBs alike!

Back at Chez Paxo Mrs Mallet, Pebbledash, 2-1-2 Maureen, Lobby Lobster, Mumblehead, 3D were already in the warm, well it was once the patio doors were shut & the heating was turned on, Paxo was teased about the plumes of dust rising from the radiators with the first use, ever?  Slug & Port Starboard would now join the Hash as Après Hashers, with Starboard having been to play Soccer that morning.

There were some snacks to pick at while the Pack changed, singed the book & received a Trash, thankfully Paxo’s glib statement the Tuesday before about it being a Tea & Coffee only après Hash, something that Whatever She Says was hoping for but would sadly be disappointed after bottles of Ale were found in the kitchen.

Teebs played the ‘veggie card’ so he could be one of the first to be fed with 2-1-2 Maureen, Mumblehead & Pebbledash, as the veggie option was served up first, al while Paxo was still soaking his spuds & whacking his bangers in the oven for the meat eaters [Calm down Pebbledash! – Ed], which meant that there would be a wait before the rest of the Pack could eat.  Sparky being the exception as he cleared the left-overs from several of the Veggies plates before progressing to his own Meat Dish, this led to rumors about him having tape-worms?

Mumblehead explained that on Tuesday’s Día de Muertos, she wasn’t dressed as a Witch, with her long flowing grey hair but was a ‘Mad Cat Lady’ or something else than a witch!  The Talk turned to travel & Teebs was quick to plug his new chums at the Hare & Hounds Hash, lowering the tone of the conversation.

Finally the Circle took place out on the patio, where once the Toast to the Hash was raised by Ewok, it was over to the RA who began with getting last Trails’ Hares in to the Circle, No Eye Deer did an excellent job setting Tuesday’s Día de Muertos Trail, she was joined by Whatever She Says as he found himself on the wrong side of a stern rebuke on that Trail; then it was over to this weeks’ Hares of Ewok & Backpack for another excellent Trail.

The RA then turned his attention to this week’s misdemeanors, with My Lil’ being called out for his comment on this being Paxo’s Trail 2B.  He was joined by Sparky the human dustbin – who would go back to finish off the rest of his meat dish after the Circle.

Starboard was out for 50th Run bag, which he collected, then finally the Hashit had returned, although it was tempting to give it to TBT OBE, the RA had to give it to Tent Packer for the golf shot that pinged off the back of Teebs’s head!

Before finishing off, the RA asked Paxo & Backpack to step forward as after last week Paxo had asked Mr X to get a special Poppy Pin-badge from the RBL, after the RA had mentioned he got one to mark the Somme 100th Anniversary last year, so he got one for Passchendaele 100th Anniversary this year – the Soldier commemorated inside was in the Royal Warwickshire Regiment & one for the Somme last Year with the last of Paxo’s Birthday Money.

2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the first day of the Battle of Passchendaele. Also known as the Third Battle of Ypres, this battle became infamous for the 60,083 British deaths and the torrential rain which lead to a quagmire of mud.”

“These stunning poppy pins have been designed to pay tribute to each one of the fallen British soldiers from the Battle of Passchendaele.

Made from British brass artillery shell fuses found on the battlefields sites, each pin contains earth recovered from the fields and mixed with red and green enamel.  These commemorative Poppy Pins possess the very essence of the battlefields that the brave men fought upon, died upon and many still lie at peace beneath.

Every pin comes in a lacquered wooden presentation box with a Certificate of Authenticity and a Commemorative Certificate detailing a British soldier whose life was lost 100 years ago during the 103 day of the Battle of Passchendaele .  Each pin is engraved with ‘YPRES 1917’ on the reverse.

Minor surface imperfections and flaws may exist in the Passchendaele 1917 Poppies due to the use of century old ex-battlefield metal, but such only adds to the item’s character, individuality and charm.