Date =                           26th November 2017

Run Number =            1766                                                                                                                                     

Venues =                      The Cat & Fiddle

Location:                      Radlett

Beer =                           Otter Best

Hares =                         Mr X

Runners =                    16

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0

Newies =                       0

Après =                          0

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          16

Membership =            Swinging around Radlett!


            At least the sun was out this morning, taking the edge off of what had so far been a chilly weekend, the Hare for one said that without the wind that he endured the day before, it was quiet positively mild.  In the rear Car park the GM was questioned about not looking any taller, as tales of ‘daring do’ of her bungee jump the day before came to light.  All of which impressed No Eye Deer.

After a check on My Lil’s watch, the GM welcomed the Pack to the correct R*n number, then it was over to the Hare.  Short cuts, a Held CHK & a shaggy dog story ate up the time, as did Mr X having to repeat his words for the hard of thinking hearing Sparky, apparently the Hare was involved in searching for a ‘lost pooch’ while setting the Trail the day before.  Causing him to later his original plan.

The Trail began as My Lil’ likes (not) with a CHK (a token one at that just put in by the Hare on his arrival) to frustrate him & stop him from partaking in the start of this Hash.  No Eye Deer was the only one to even consider searching down toward Radlett High Street, which was bustling with locals as a market was taking place, she wasn’t allowed to go very far by the Hare as he told her it was just a Faux CHK.

While Sparky inexplicably crossed over the road where there was no Trail at all, it was up Tent Packer, Lemming & Wanktlers to pick up the first markings away to the sou-sou-east along the old Watling Street, the old Roman Road may be straight but it undulates, with the start being uphill on a leaf litter strewn path along the roadside.

Not far in to the Trail & the first ‘True CHK’ was found by the entrance to an uncapped driveway off to the west.  The option to continue along the roadside toward Shenley wasn’t searched, as Wanktlers, Tent Packer & Alfa Male quickly found Dust on the fenced-in footpath through beside the end cottage that run in between the trees of the Cobden Hill Dell this home sits in, this was a Falsie terminating in a T!  The Hare was pleased to see that Sparky had made up his lost ground to run this as well.

Paxo, at the rear of the Pack was offered the direction of the real Trail as it took to the uncapped by-way of this Drive, just before the large iron gates a short fence to take to a footpath that leads by the fenced of mansions to the north & the field of brassicas to the south.

This stony route would lead out on to the Leys, home to a few rather large houses that reside behind fences, iron railings & gates, the security notices & cameras make this seem more like Jo’berg than leafy Hertfordshire.  A long trot up the gentle ruse in the lane brought the Hash up to a Bar CHK where the uncapped ‘Private Road’ ends where it joins the tarmac of Loom Lane, before the yellow diversion signs.

Only a matter feet behind the Keenies & the Trail was found on another ‘Private Road’ that is originally a by-way (so it’s not private) very small signs by the track side lights belay this fact, not that the locals want the hoi polloi to know this.  Again the homes along here are hidden away from view, which isn’t a bad thing as this area of Radlett made the news a few years ago as being home to some of the UK biggest ‘swinger parties’ (biggest in the most participants or body size? – Ed).

The Trail now led out to the way out toward the farmland of Brassicas to the south of Radlett, though things are slightly different from the last time H4 ran these parts, with new mansion like homes now perched upon the end if the Ridge before the gentle drop over the farmland toward Little Kendal’s Farm in the distance.

The Dust continued along the rough by-way as it turns at an elbow in the east, here a CHK was found by an old outbuilding, which like other properties around these parts has been ‘renovated’ in to a modern ‘des-res’.  Albeit with an exterior of that like parquet flooring.  Where’s Wally & Alfa Male chose to search off along the farm track heading back to Watling Street, there was no Dust along this way.

Anyhoo, the Trail was picked up as the Trail weaved its way through the gap beside the steel five-bar farm gate, the Keenies were now on their way south-eastward on a farm track running between more fields of brassicas.  A CHK was found by the solitary footpath marker post on this route, Wanktlers led the way along the path through the crop as it heads toward Little Kendal’s Farm.

Following on behind Wanktlers was Alfa Male, Where’s Wally? Lemming, Mother, Ewok, My Lil’, No Eye Deer, with Sparky being called back form the correct Trail he was on, Whatever She Says followed on as the long single file line of Hashers were led on beyond the T, Wanktlers claimed that it was the bright dazzling sun that prevented him from seeing the Trail terminating marking.

Paxo & Max Factor took advantage of being at the back & followed on behind the Hare as he walked along on the grassy path above the level of the crop field, the real Trail would continue westward toward Letchmore Heath but before getting that far the Harte had to restore a CHK at the fork in the path slowed things up, some nob had turned over the concrete slab that the CHK was marked on.

By the time My Lil’ had made it to the CHK, everything was back in order with the restoration of the CHK & so he began to search up to the northwest, which was a long Falsie, Sparky was again on the correct Trail before being called back to join the other Keenies on behind My Lil’ who was indication that the he had found Dust.  Wanktlers & Co began there climb up toward Home Farm at Battler’s Green.

After the Keenies were back from the Falsie, this was made in to a Short Cut for Paxo & Max Factor, while the FRBs now found the Trail on the lower level path continuing westward toward the Stables at ‘The Fruit Farm’ on the east edge of Letchmore Heath.

Once beyond the crick in the footpath as it run within the tree-line separating the horse paddocks before coming out through the Stables, things were kept simple the Hare didn’t want Sparky from scaring anything.

Once through the stables, arrows pointed the Trail down the tarmac drive to Letchmore Heath Lane, this cut out all three footpath options for the Hare again wanted to keep Sparky away from any livestock

The Trail would head up the rustic lane slightly east of due north, a CHK was found by what appeared to be a passing point on the west side of the rising Common Lane’s embankments, most of the FRBs were not fooled in the least as the Hash continued up to Battles Green, the exception were Alfa Male & No Eye Deer!

Up to an area on the west of Radlett that was once just a lowly Battler’s Green Farm, but now hidden within the converted buildings is a plethora of upmarket Country craft shop units, outside of this was the was the Trail’s only Held CHK, the FRBs arrived at the same time as the SCBs did from the footpath beside the old red brick herring bone farm building of Home Farm. 

Sweets were dispensed, note there were no Jelly Babies, but Gummy Bears & Werthers to placate Max Factor.  However, it was noticed that Alfa Male were missing as well as No Eye Deer, they would eventually come running up the lane, but not until a few questions were raised as to their whereabouts & flushed looking faces.

The Trail was underway once again, with the Dust being picked up on Ridgeway, which leads eastward from off of Common Lane.  This eastbound suburban street was where the elusive ‘lost pooch’ was seen by the Hare while setting the Trail.  However, thinking he’d done his good deed for the day, the Hare returned with some ‘doggie types’ to find it had vanished, fortunately for  Mr X a couple corroborated his story, making him feel less of a candidate for ‘Care in the Community”

Most of the Keenies followed the Dust until a pair of arrows showed the way down the side street of Homefield Road Crescent, like three sides of a rectangle, however My Lil’ & Sludge had to be called back after going beyond the double arrows, perhaps the civilian jogger was mistaken for a Hasher & lured them beyond the obvious arrows.

From the small almost ornamental roundabout in the west Corner, the trail headed to its opposite number in the east where a CHK was found.

Easy Pickings for the Keenies as the footpath sign in the elbow of the turn pointed away asunder on an alleyway down to North, the FRBs had to cross the wider main west end of Loom Lane.  By the time Lemming & Mother reached this pint the rest of the FRBs had found the Trail as it led off down the narrow start of ‘The Pathway’ so more uncapped back roads lay in store for the Keenies, arrows pointed the way down the ‘unmaintained’ residential street, in turn this narrowed to become by-way that terminated at a CHK, where there were three footpath option, none unusable to motorized traffic.

The options toward the Park, hidden behind the small plantation of Fir Spring, & the north bound alleyway out to Letchmore Road had no Dust at all, but the Alleyway to the southeast did have the Trail on it.  The FRBs would find the Trail leading out on to Aldenham Avenue where arrows pointed the way on to the continuation of the alley, this section leading out on to Christchurch Crescent.   

Where’s Wally, Sparky, Wanktlers & Alfa Male all came out on to Loom Lane, as the Hare came down it on the marked Short Cut from Battlers Green, turning by the Diversion signs now all that lay ahead was the steady run down the apparently quiet, sleepy Loom Lane.

Mr X told Lemming & Mother about the Channel Four expose documentary about the ‘Swinging parties’ that took place in part of this sleepy upmarket town, it became infamous after one ‘guest’ died in the swimming pool of a then £3 million mansion back in 2015.  Or back in 2010 when a Radlett resident was cleared in court of trying to set his set his former lover on fire after she tried to organize a swingers’ party for 150 people!  [Who’d have thought eh? – Ed] Lemming was quite impressed by these tales & was up for purchasing some Pampas Grass, there’s a urban myth that plant is rumored to be a sign of a swinger’s home.

Also on the way down to the road works, Mr X told of one tw*t of a driver who toed it down the narrow old lane, passing really close by the Hare when he was setting the Trail, Mr X had the last laugh as the driver, who obviously was too arrogant for the read the Diversion Signs, he was brought to a halt by the Road Closed signs & cones around the hole in the road ones halfway down the old lane that lies below the high embankment of the large front gardens, the Hare laughed even more as the frustrated driver thrashed his engine in going back to & fro in order to turn his car around in the narrow lane & head back up the hill.

The On Inn was found just before Loom Lane emerges on to Cobden Hill Road even Where’s Wally? spotted this!  Before the Pack made their way along the old Watling Street, the Roman Road from the Kent Ports up through London, the Midlands & then on over to Welsh ports of Anglesey & Holyhead.  

It was simple trot back up to the Cat & Fiddle, no doubt named after Catherine of Aragon's nickname Catherine la Fidele, (Catherine the Faithful)  As the first wife of Henry VIII, Catherine was regarded by all staunch Catholics as England's true Queen, despite her marriage being annulled in 1533 because the king favoured Anne Boleyn.   When Catherine died three years later in 1536 a number of pubs had sprung up called the Cat & Fiddle as a means of coded support for Catherine la Fidele & her Catholic religion.   All of which seems a bit of a rich considering the ‘swinging’ that goes on around this area!

No Eye Deer & Ewok were concerned about Sparky’s whereabouts, but he hadn’t run on by the Pub, instead he was inside the Pub & in the Gents.  The Hash were soon enjoying the Otter, though Mr X wondered if enjoying the beer supplied to the Exeter Chiefs was a portent, this was indeed to be true as Sarries lost by two points at home later on.

Talk of swinging from a Bungee Jump to a different kind of swingering & other nonsense was curtailed when the Circle was called, to beat the splendid Sunday Lunches that were on order.  The GM toasted the Hash, then awarded Mr X with his Down-Down for a Trail that took 55 minutes for the keenest Keenies & just on the hour for the rest.  Mr X’s taking back his RAing duties didn’t last long as he handed a half to Ewok, who then awarded this to Where’s Wally? The Circle was stunned to hear that he actually saw the ‘On Inn’ & he pointed out to Ewok!  Even Where’s Wally? was impressed by this!

Alfa Male & No Eye Deer were out for their wayward running before the Held CHK.  The Hashit was awarded to Tent Packer, for going to a Cowboys & Indians Party the weekend before, leaving the Pack with a real Cowboy to set the Trail in his absence.