Date =                            17th December 2017

Run Number =             1769    

Venues =                      The Railway Bell

Location:                      New Barnet

Beer =                            Brains SA; Trumans; Otter

Hares =                          Mr X

Runners =                    10

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0

Newies =                       0

Après =                         1

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          11

Membership =             On a Windmill of a Trail!


            Dull as dishwater would have been a good analogy for the start the day, it was rather murky & misty when the Hare set off early that morning to lay the Trail, fortunately knowing this area fairly well he didn’t need a map.  Unfortunately the Hare doesn’t know the New Barnet well enough to assist the ‘hard of thinking’ as to where the location of the local free parking is & if it wasn’t free how much the parking rates are!

            None of the nearby Pubs have car parks anymore, this cuts down on claims & the brewers having to maintain them.  As for local Councils, Car Parks are seen as: A) Cash Cows to milk the Public with!;  B) To encourage people to use Public Transport, as well as cut down on congestion & pollution!;  C) To discourage ‘Drink Driving’! 

The Hare did try & find a nearby venue with ‘Free Parking’ by ringing around while away on his supposed ‘Day off by the Seaside’ but he failed.  But there is only so much that can be done for the Hash, how did we get by with just a photocopied map on the Trashes of old, with a felt tip pen arrow drawn on the map?  [Perhaps the Pack had a higher IQ back in those days? Nah!  They just didn’t expect everything to be done for them! – Ed]

            The numbers were low, thought a few more managed to get down from the permafrost icecap on Tower Hill in Ware, 2-1-2 Maureen also got the Bus over from Enfield to boost the numbers.  They arrived to find the Hare in the Pub drinking with Fliptop & My Lil’, where the world was being put to rights.

            The Pack Circle up outside of the Pub on time, in his rush in the morning the Hare had forgotten his watch, but My Lil’ was present to make sure things kept to the schedule [Not that it matters with a ‘Spoons Pub as they are normally open for serving breakfasts! – Ed]. 

Ewok kept things brief before the Hare took the Circle, normal Hash Markings & Short Cuts were mentioned, but most importantly there were still a few icy patches out there to avoid, then the Pack were pointed away down Victoria Road as it heads due east off of the bend in East Barnet Road.

            It wasn’t the far to the first CHK point, this was found by the entrance drive into the southwestern corner of Victoria Park, while the GM had gone wrong by carrying on along Victoria Road, Wanktlers, Sparky, My Lil’ & Spotted Dick made their way by Windmill’s Old Running Club, which also has a second life as a Nursery School, to find Dust leading just beyond this & on to the corner of the Park.

            The Second CHK point was found just beyond the bridge over the brook, Sparky headed off to the east on the path along by the east bound brook, this would end in a T!  In another direction My Lil’ took to the Searching of the path that cuts diagonally across the grass area but this too ended with a T, so this left the only other option along by the edge of the park next to the former gas-works.  Spotted Dick & Wanktlers found the Trail up to the CHK by the footbridge in the northwestern corner of the park.

My Lil’ was seen cutting across the grass to get back on Trail, the Hare found this amusing as he knew that My Lil’ would soon be following Fliptop, Wanktlers, Ewok, Sparky & Spotted Dick up the wet slippery steps to the long wire-caged bridge spanning the former gas-works on another False Trail. 

Anyone looking out over the former gas plant would see that a lot of the soil has been dug out, no doubt that the nearby deflated Gasometers were supplied from a coke-works before the introduction of Natural Gas, the resulting polluted soil would have to be removed before any homes can be built on there.

While the Pack were turned back by a T just under the tunnel through the embankment for the Main Line from Kings Cross, the Hare had led Paxo, 2-1-2- Maureen & Custard out down by the brook, as this lower path drops out of view of the rest.  ON the way he explained that the rest would work their way around along the north edge of the park & then down by the hoardings along the eastern side, hiding the tennis courts & play area behind them.

Again My Lil’ was seen ‘Sludging it’ across the empty playing fields on a Short Cut.  Both parts of the Pack would meet up again by the white fountain in the south eastern corner of the Park, of course this is dedicated, like the Park, to Queen Victoria. 

The Trail led on out of the gates, down by the left-hand brick pillar a CHK was found.  Ewok & Spotted Dick chose the wrong option back up toward Victoria Road, it was My Lil’ who picked up the Trail as he made his way down to turn the corner of Park Road & on to Baring Road that the Pymmes’ brook rung through the centre of.

My Lil’ led the way as the Trail crossed over from the west side of the Baring Road, over the brook & then on to its opposite mirrored twin of the eastern Castlewood Road.  Once over this the Trail would run a short way to the north before turning to rise up along Grove Road to the east.

The FRBs made their way up a street that was full of cars of parents parking up to take their offspring to play football.  On the way up to the roundabout at the top of this long residential road, the Pack got to see the tone of the area is rather lowered by the sight of all sorts of abandoned rubbish in the raised sections of brick walled flower beds, the local fly-tipped rubbish included sinks, bathroom equipment & a host of random shite.

The Pack arrived at a CHK on the opposite, southern side, from the small shopping parade by the roundabout at Mount Pleasant.  Spotted Dick went wrong, as did other as they were still milling around by the Jester Pub when the Hare arrived after putting the others on a Short Cut further back down the Hill. 

The Hash had run from the Jester many years ago, sadly it has been shut for years as Tesco’s wanted to do what they have done to too many pubs across the greater Barnet Area & turn it in to an Express shop, fortunately this has been turned down.  Who knows, one day we may Hash from there again.  It was last used as filming location in Eastenders, Timothy West Character was supposed to be the former Landlord of a family run Pub.

Eventually Ewok picked up the Trail on Northfield Road, the Keenies were now back ‘On Trail’ as it would led on by a footpath to the East, their progress was curtailed by a Bar CHK as the road turned & drops down the hill.  The FRBs were pretty well kept together as those caught out came back to the footpath, Spotted Dick hung around for the Hare as he waited to find out where the SCBs were, he was told that Paxo was escorting the Harriettes on a Short Cut donw by the Jewish Academy.

The Route was now marked up through the tarmac alleyway beside the sports pitches & out on to Games Road, the Dust would stop at a CHK on the corner by a small mansion of a house located just in the edge of the eastern tip of Hadley Wood.

It took a little while for My Lil’ to work out that the Trail wasn’t on the major path of the former lane, or the wider paths into the woodland, but on a smaller diagonal path in amongst the trees & bushes.  Now the Pack would get off of the hard tarmac & pavements to the far nicer soft, cold wet & slippery Shiggy as a meandering desire line led them away in a northwesterly direction, this would arc around to come out to the main former tarmac lane down the southern, bottom edge of the woodland.

It was a nice down-hill trot for the Keenies as they headed toward the bottom of Beech Hill Lake, a CHK thrown in to try & put them off was ignored by My Lil’ & Ewok as they continued their descent to find a Held CHK in the bottom of the wooded valley, situated on a large covert by a brick bridge over the Pymme’s brook.  There Paxo was found with Custard & 2-1-2 Maureen, Fliptop was the last of the FRBs to descend the hill.  Then the Pack were allowed to resume the search.

The Hare was pleased to see the Keenies go off around by the lake on the really Shiggy Paths surrounding the watery dell the brook flows through, eventually they would stumble over the Trail on the western side of the brook & embark on more Shiggy to trot along through between the trees & bushes.  Meanwhile the SCBs were sent further along the tarmac lane, over the brook as it runs up beside the Jewish Academy grounds.

Wanktlers & Fliptop both were caught out by the Falsies from the two respective CHKs deeper within this section of Monken Hadley Wood.  On the other hand it was far easier for Ewok, My Lil’ & Sparky who, with Spotted Dick managed to find the correct Trail as it looped around back on to the old Lane as it leads up toward the bridge over the Main Line.  The Hare also now recalled that he had neglected to mention the holly, as one of the paths had several large boughs of holly laid across where they have been clearing out some of the woodland.

By the time the Keenies got by the scratchy leaves & emerge back out on to the old tarmac lane, Paxo, 2-1-2 Maureen & Custard had already been though the CHK point there & were found wandering up the nice easy incline, near the top passing by a large oak with a length of blue tow-rope hanging from its bough as a make shift ‘Tarzan rope’ but none of the Hash were up for having a swing through the trees this morning!   Another tree near to the bridge was that of one which was decorated with flours & ribbons, later Wanktlers asked what they were for, Mr X said that Bus Stop had told them several years ago that a kid’s sister dropped her mobile phone from the bridge, he went down to retrieve it from the tracks, sadly as often the case when people go on the tracks, he was killed by a train.

The last Held CHK was found on the western side of the wide bridge over the main line tracks.  By the bollards there was a sweet stop, with Haribo Sours or the much more gentile Werther’s Originals.  Once the Pack had been at the regroup long enough to get through enough of the sweets, the Pack were allowed to search once more.

While Fliptop, Wanktlers, Spotted Dick & others ventured off down toward the dead end of Baker’s Hill Common lane, My Lil’ rather tentative as he set off down the obvious & well known footpath running along the edge of the railway’s western embankment, but his hesitancy was unfounded as this path turned out to be the correct one!

It was a long single trot now for the Pack to follow the railway all the way back to New Barnet, Mr X pointed out that a part of the old fencing on the pitch & putt course on Tudor Sports Ground had been there so long that some of the trees had grown around it & it passed through the trunk.  No doubt they were mere saplings when Fliptop played cricket there, he would mention this later on back in the Railway Bell.

On the last stretch the Trail the path was sandwiched between the railway embankment & the backs of the properties on the west side of New Barnet, the Pack would pass by Sparky’s new mattress, then this south bound route would soon have the Hash stumbling over cans of Jack Daniels & Coke mix.  Perhaps the Hare did have some anger issues that weekend?

If that litter wasn’t bad enough, then beyond the steps up to the tunnel for the footbridge over in to Victoria Park - that one of the early T’s on the Trail was found, beyond this the Trash changed from JD & Coke to Vodka bottles, small cheap labels from one of the local cheap ‘offies’, in an area just far enough up the path to be away from the main street to be out of sight of any Plod or local law enforcement.

The Pack passed the On Inn & came out on to Station Road, beside the Railway Tavern, a P-Arrow pointed the way back under the railway bridge, Spotted Dick said that the Hare should mark this to make sure that those at the back didn’t go wrong.  A large arrow was set down.

On the east side of the railway was a bench with a duvet covering it, it had a large Stallion print, under this was all sorts of paraphernalia that must belong to the homeless person that lives there?  All very sad, but a fact of modern life.

The Pack managed to get changed & settle in a nice little section around the front of the Pub, Wanktlers said that he first remembered this Pub as the Rat & Parrot, a rough old place. Mr X recalls going in there as well, how things have changed.  The heating was a bit too much at times, as the hot air was blown down from the skylight area, but it was rather pleasant unless were seated on the very low sofas.  The GM didn’t seem to have an issue with this.

Talk soon turned to last week’s brave souls who got out in to the snow drifts & fought their way to complete the Hash, this was fairly impressive, as was the mocking laughter at the Hare & Hounds cancelling their equivalent Trail!  [Wussies! – Ed].  This week saw quiet a gormet section as various meals arrived, Spotted Dick went for “Pigs in Blankets” he must really like them as he’ll be eating plenty over the next week or two!

Paxo also explpained why the roads were pretty much impassable, it seems that the gritters are split in to two groups & it was a shame that they boith gritted the same area, leaving much of Herts to be snow bound!

The Down-Downs saw Ewok present the Hare with his Hit, which he was slow to dispatch due to being distracted by a newspaper headline.  Then back in the RAing seat, Mr X was going to award the Hashit to someone else before Ewok managed to knock over one of the Down-Downs, so that was that sorted & she would receive the Hashit once again.  The other Hit went to My Lil’ for

Later on Bus Stop arrived & those remaining Hasher talked about the old days, hopefully she’ll be joining us once again in the future.