Date =                            23rd December 2017

Run Number =            1770    

Venues =                      The Letchworth Garden City Brewery

Location:                      Letchworth

Beer =                            Purple Moose, GROG, IPA & More.

Hares =                         Mr X

Runners =                    17

Virgins =                        0

Visitors =                       0

Newies =                       0

Après =                          0

Hounds =                      1

Total =                          18

Membership =            In our best Crimbo outfits!


            The Hare had been around setting the Trail early in the morning, like most of the weekend it had started off dull & damp.  Having completed the Trail, & purchased a couple of bags of sweets for the regroup on the Trail, the Hare decided to stop off in the Three Magnets – the local ‘Spoons which doesn’t have a car park.

            My Lil’ joined Mr X, after he had been in to the local £1 shop to get some dog treats, as they sat there watching the world go by, Valerie & Wanktlers walked by, Mr X decided to let them know the RA & Beer Master were in the Pub but as he opened the Pub door Mr X stopped to ponder on shouting out “Wanktlers we’re in here!” across the pedestrianized area, as it may have been taken the wrong way by those smoking & drinking outside of the ‘spoons, or the local Special & the three PCSOs just over the way.  Luckily Mr X knew Wanktlers’ real name & he called that out instead.

Wanktlers & Valerie decided that they would continue around to the Letchworth Garden City Brewery, by this time the misty start had burn off & was almost evaporated by the time it came around to the Circle.  The Hare was happy to see that the Pack were sporting various Christmas Hats, as well as Christmas t-shirts & tops, considering it being this seasonal time of year it wasn't a bad turn-out either.  Mr X should have been pretty happy this morning as he had already gotten off to a good start as he had found a new plastic Tenner while setting the Trail.

No Eye Deer & Whatever She Says arrived, but kept their distance since both had been recently laid up with ‘Man-flu’ & they didn’t want to spread it to the rest of the Hash!  Ewok’s welcoming speech was kept short, with slight emphasis on the R*n number reaching 1770, then it was over to the Hare.  Usual Hash Markings were mentioned, as were Short Cuts & a regroup before the Hare announced that the first section of the Trail would now be walked. 

The reason for the change of plan, from letting the Pack search for the Trail was the fact that in Leys Avenue it was going to be a very Christmassy start, with nice large Christmas trees, a Brass band that was playing just beyond the Three Magnets, but to top it all off the alteration to the start of the Trail would have the Hash paying a visit to the couple of real-life Reindeer.

Mr X questioned the girls minding the two Reindeer to see if he was correct in assuming that only female Reindeer keep their antlers over Christmas, this was confirmed by one of the keepers that Males lose their antlers earlier & Females loose theirs in the spring, so Rudolf & co are all girls!  With that fact out of the way, the docile Reindeer were left in peace, tough the Hare did confess to Ewok that he has eaten reindeer when he was in Finland! 

The Trail was marked up through the Garden Square Shopping Centre, tough it’s more of a large rectangle than as square. The south bound trot passed by another large Christmas Tree in the semi-covered shopping centre to run out on to Gernon Road, where Whatever She Says noticed that near to the CHK there was blue hoarding around the area beside the Letchworth Cinema, this area was where the Black Squirrel once stood. 

A bit of a rough old Pub when Mr X & Junior paid it a visit years ago, this venue was the first purpose built Pub in Letchworth, named after the local tree-rat, it ended its life as a Thai Restaurant, which had been closed for years, it was last used as The Beehive in the 'World’s End' Film, this was the first purpose built Pub in Letchworth when the only place residents were able to drink was the Broadway Hotel, as Charringtons had the founding fathers write covenant allowing only them to serve alcohol in the main part of the World's First Garden City for period of time when a referendum in 1958 allowed the sale of Alcohol in Letchworth.

Mr X pondered on what the upcoming 'World’s End Director's Cut' of the Pub Crawl would do now to reflect this change, meanwhile Sparky had crossed over from the CHK to search Gernon Walk, under his breath the Hare was encouraging Sparky to pick up the Trail, which he finally did & he led the Keenies on along the south bound residential back street.  While the FRBs were led up to the next CHK where Grenon Walk comes out on to Meadow Way, the Hare took Paxo Kylie, Flanders, Valerie & Custard up Grenon Road to the Broadway, crossing over the 'gazebo' end of this to set them off on a footpath that runs along the back of the ASDA car park [Which is free for a limited time if you shop there! – Ed]

The Keenies made their way up Meadow Way, some of the older homes in Letchworth are here & a few have the novelty of a shared front entrance [Steady their Pebbledash! - Ed] they came out to the edge of the Broadway, where arrows directed them over to the fountain at the southern end of the Broadway’s rectangular green open space, time for a photo stop with the fountain in the background before the likes of My Lil’, Sparky, Spotted Dick, Milf & Custard searched in all the wrong directions, it was Ewok who found the Trail heading down the centre of the open space & then over to the western arm of the Broadway.

The GM led the Keenies on to the alleyway footpath as it runs behind the Associated Dairies [ASDA – Ed] car park, a CHK was found on this by the newer builds off of Gorst Close, which threw off a couple of the SCBs, but by the time the Keenies had made their way to this point the other SCBs had found their way around the two right angle turns to emerge from the alleyway & out on to Broadwater Avenue.

Arrows pointed the way straight over on to the Meads, another back street & this arc of a suburban road led on to Station Road, where double arrows pointed the way over to a CHK on a fallen tree’s trunk, located in long strip of pine trees which lines the east side of the road by the railway line.  Here the route northward up through the litter strewn path toward the Station was discovered to be a Falsie, while the southern option was proved to be the correct one as the Pack made their way to the end of the pine trees & out on to the now blocked off to traffic Spring Road that passes through the Railway bridge.

Once on the west side of the railway, Sparky took to the footpath running up alongside this side of the railway, he would discover that this was a Falsie when he found a T behind a couple of abandoned pallets.  As Sparky Ran back, this left the others to pick up the Trail at the end of Spring Road as led south-westward along the Icknield Way to a CHK by a footpath in to local Wilbury Recreation Ground.

The Trail was picked up in the Park, just beyond the fenced-in play area & this cut over to the entrance on the road to the local School, while Sparky, Sludge, My Lil’, Ewok, Milf, Spotted Dick & Wanktlers made their way out of the school drive on to Archers Way, the Hare had led the SCBS up the short cut on Archers Way to meet the Keenies as they crossed the road in front of them as they ran down Haselfoot Road to find a CHK where this terminates on Redhoods Way West.  On the way down this suburban road, in the distance the distinctive top of the Spirella Company of Great Britain could be seen.

It didn’t take the Keenies too long for them to find the Trail as it led to the northern end of Redhoods Way West & then over the Bedford Road to run up Redhoods Way East, as the two arced roads turned the Pack’s direction from northward to eastward.  The Keenies followed the Trail as it led northward up the slight incline to find a CHK point by the open space either side of Cowslip Hill, right where the Pix Brook flows from West to East through Norton Common.

Ewok went wrong on the west side of the green space, while the other FRBs all managed to find the correct Trail into the common on the large eastern side of the common, the Shiggy path leading along the edge of the brook before crossing over it at a point where the Shiggy bank was fairly deep, the Dust would keep with the brook’s edge before coming out over a bridge to find a CHK on the edge of the largest main section of the common.

Meanwhile Mr X marked a Short Cut on the hard–capped path that runs around the in almost a semi-circle through the southern end of the common, he led TBT OBE, as well as Spotted Dick after Poppy had a sit down on the Trail, refusing to budge until Custard arrived.  Milf, Sparky, My Lil’ & Ewok, Sludge all ran a loop up to the north of the park on the tarmac path toward Wilbury Road, but it didn’t get as far as that road, for the Dust led the Hash on through the wooded section of the common & then out on to the parallel tarmac path leading back down through the centre of this middle section of the open green space.  Milf could now see the distinctive Orange Hare’s Top Mr X was wearing, as he was setting up the Mulled Wine Stop with TBT OBE at a Park Bench, away from the tennis courts, bandstand etc.

TBT OBE was impressed that the Mulled Wine was really Hot, well it was made fresh that morning & vacuum flasks are amazing things in keeping hot liquids hot & cold liquids cold!  While the Pack were enjoying the respite, with Mulled Wine & sweets, it sounded like the Hare had done a bit of a Keith Floyd this morning in making the Mulled Wine, which also had a bit of Port in it to boot.

It soon became clear that Kylie was the last of the SCBs to have taken the official Short Cut, with Paxo, No Eye Deer & Whatever She says having missed this option out in favour of their own Short Cut further back, no doubt lured away in the direction of the obvious Spirella Company building. 

While at the Held CHK Custard asked Spotted Dick “Do you still have that Sausage in your pocket?” which brought a round of laughter, thankfully Pebbledash wasn’t around.

The Liquorice Allsorts seemed to be more popular than the Sours, so once the extra Mulled Wines had bene despatched, the Hare allowed the Pack to move on.  The Hare couldn’t give the Sours away to the civilians out walking in the Park either.

TBT OBE went on to mention that he thought he had spied Lady P in Letchworth, but if it was her she completely blanked him.  Mr X reckoned that it could have been & perhaps they could have been on a spying mission?  As H5 are Hashing from Crafty’s Bottle Shop, just over the road on Leys Avenue in Letchworth the following week, may be even pinching this excellent Trail?

The final leg of the Trail was to leave the southern end of the common, then cross over the Icknield Way, to a CHK by the Quadrant, a short side road that runs at an acute angle from the main Icknield Way down to Nevells Road, the Trail was picked up on this & on the way Mr X & Wanktlers were overtaken by an elderly woman on her mobility scooter, something that was commented on!  She did accept a Werthers sweet as the Hare was still trying to give away the remaining sweets.

The Trail would now head to the end of Nevells Road, at the end of which the Spirella Company of Great Britain building was as prominent as ever, with its name emblazoned in large letters around the top of the huge edifice.  Mr X & Wanktlers got to inform Valerie that this was one of several Corset makers in Hertfordshire, Mr X joked that some of the (Male) Hashers could do with wearing them now!  Then it was explained that during World War II the work was changed to making parachutes.

The Trail would now cross the railway bridge, the On Inn situated just before reaching the east side of the tracks, then it was just a case of crossing the junction & heading down Leys Avenue, some of the Hash took advantage of the decorative fountain in the pedestrianized area & wandered through removing some of the Shiggy.

The Pack were welcomed in to the Brewery, getting comfortable at one corner.  The Landlady welcomed the Hash back with a “Long time no see!” she also requested if she could get a picture of the Pack during the Circle!

In the Bar the Pack met up with a guy who once Hashed out in the Middle East, so he was introduced to TBT OBE & Sparky.  [Was that a wise move? – Ed]

When it came to the Circle the Pack made their way out to the area of straw bales beneath the covering, but the GM & RA would have to compete above the noise of three yoofs who with a mobile amp were rapping some kind of Christmas Songs!  The Landlady had to be retrieved from the local bakery, for the picture shop.

Ewok presented the Hare with his reward for a Trail that took everyone an hour to get around, then Mr X took the Circle.  Hits were also awarded to some of those who led the Revolt took the unofficial Short Cut & missed the Mulled Wine & sweets!

Spotted Dick got his for ‘Having a Sausage in his Pocket” & he wasn’t just pleased to see us!

The Hashit went to TBT OBE, for only minutes early was overheard talking to a guy who used to Hash out in the Middle East, TBT OBE confessed to setting a Trail through a series of large excavated ditches, which sounded tough enough & for this Trail he received the Hashit, TBT OBE explained to the Circle about how this all came about before donning the Hashit!

Merry Crumble to one & all!