Date =                            16th Feb 2018

Run Number =            1781    

Venue =                        The Dragon King & a couple of Bars

Location =                    Letchworth

Beer =                           Tsingtao

Hares =                         No Eye Deer & Yeshmeelady!

Runners =                    21

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0

Newies =                       0

Après =                          1

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          22

Membership =            Gong hei fat choy!


            A Friday night out to celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Dog, a nice little touch to do something slightly different than the regular weekly Trail.  As in the past these with extra week day events, there was a reasonable turnout on this dark ‘fresh’ night with the prospect of ‘All you can eat’ buffet being an attraction for the likes of Kylie. Some had obviously already been in the nearby Whetherspoons, My Lil’ emerged from there wearing a toy dog’s head hat, while Mr X was sporting his Friends of the Mole 1001 Dalmatians Run, Spotty-dog ears!

            The Pack circled-up outside of the Dragon King, while awaiting the arrival of the GM.  Whiling away this time, Mr X met an old work colleague who was leaving the busy Chinese.  The circle had to part several times to allow diners in & out of the Dragon King.

Some of the Hash were concerned that Mr X would be cold wearing shorts & an old Hong Kong Hash Shirt, but his intention was to R*n to keep warm, when things would finally get under way, while others arrived dressed as if they were joining Sir Ranulph Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes on an arctic expedition. 

The time had just gone 19:00Hrs when the GM made her entrance in to the already formed Circle, her attired got immediate attention, which she tried to deflect with a few distracting comments about being the Chinese New Year of the Dog, also regarding a few canine quips to be made, in an attempt to take the Pack’s eyes off her attire of “Being dressed to R*n!” but these were just greeted with a loud chorus of “New Boots!” which looked as if they could hold well over a pint!

Ewok didn’t hang around with the introductions, soon No Eye Deer was brought into the Circle to explain what lay out there for the Pack.  She would mention that it wasn’t a long Trail, there was a short cut for the Paxo, 3D & Knitting Circle, while there was a loop & other distractions for the Keenies.  The Walkers would be back around in 40 minutes maximum, while the R*nners were told that the near-by Wetherspoons would offer them warmth & alcohol for at least 20 minutes until the eight o’clock booking was available.

The Trail began when No Eye Deer marked an arrow down Station Road to the Northeast, the Pack all set off passing by the new complex of ‘Retirement apartments’ along this side of the road, unfortunately for half the Pack these units had already been snapped up & none were for sale!

More arrows directed the FRBs off of the roundabout to pass beneath the Railway bridge on Norton Way North, which as its name says took the likes of Wanktlers, Alfa Male, Mr X, Milf, My Lil’, Max Factor, Port, Starboard & Slug away from the Middle order in a northerly direction..

The road bends slightly before reaching a CHK on the corner of the crossroads where the Icknield Way intersects Norton Road North, from here both Port & Starboard began looking off to the southwest section of the ancient route of Icknield Way, while Wanktlers initially started to search the entrance to the Swimming Pool & Tennis Courts sports area on the east of Norton Common, but with nothing open down there it was far too dark to see any of the many footpaths out on to the common.

Wanktlers came back & began searching up Norton Way North once more, where he would strike it lucky & find the Trail once again, the likes of Ewok, Paxo, Underlay, 3D, Kylie, Pebbledash, Pepé le Pew, Custard & Sludge to still be within sight of the FRBs.

Up at the next crossroads on Norton Way North another CHK was discovered, Wanktlers & Alfa Male were soon over to the junction to continue further along Norton Road North, where they picked up Trail & their calling of “On! On!” brought Port, Starboard, Slug, My Lil’ & Mr X back from their searching westward off on Wilbury Road.

            Back at the CHK Underlay was crossing over to head northward, while the others came back for the west & turned the corner to head in the same direction as the rest but weren’t too far up this route before they saw Alfa Male, Wanklters, & Max Factor all turn around to head back to the CHK.  Again this meant that the back-markers weren’t too far behind the rest.

            For some it was a second shot at searching Wilbury Road, this time they got further than the two Horrors (Port & Starboard) did previously to find the Trail, this road runs along the top of Norton Common, this being on its south edge, with residential homes on its north side.  My Lil’ looked over at one entrance to the dark common, but he wasn’t going to pick up any Dust there as Mr X called the Trail on the northern side of the road, he slowed up a bit & was soon passed by as these with younger legs, who followed the arrows off to the right as the Hares put another little loop to prevent the Keenies getting too far ahead of the SCBs

            Alfa Male, Max Factor, Port, Starboard, Milf & Wanktlers led the way around the small semi-circular side road to come back on to Wilbury Way.  Back on the straight road to the west & the Keenies began to pull away until they reached a CHK where Cowslip Hill Road heads away a few degrees off of due south, this option was marked as a Short Cut down Cowslip Hill. 

The likes of Port Starboard, Wanktlers & Alfa Male all led the way as the Trail continued along Willbury Way to the west, Underlay arrived & was in a dilemma as to which option to take, follow the FRBs & keep an eye on the Horrors up ahead, or take the slight downhill Short Cut?  The kids would be Okay as Alfa Male was up with them on a loop around on to Longmead, where the Trail turned southeastward & then around the elbow in the residential road to head eastward & come out on to Cowslip Hill. 

On Cowslip Hill by the shallow valley crossing with the darkness of the common on either side of the route My Lil & Mr X were lured off on to the western edge of the Norton Common, but this would end when their torch light illuminated the white line of a Bar CHK.  Having been lured out onto the common as well, Wanktlers, Starboard, Port & Alfa Male were straight up Cowslip Hill on the straight rise back in to Town, the distinctive Spirella Company of Great Britian standing out as it is lit up in the distance, rather like a magnet drawing the Hash on. 

On the way over up the rise to the junction with the Icknield Way, Mr X said that he believed that the Hash were heading straight back, which meant that he would say “Looks like you guys will be buying the Beers at the Three Magnets!” to Port & Starboard.

Wanktlers crossed straight over the Icknield Way to cross the Railway Bridge where the On Inn was found, now it was a simple case of turning left & then crossing on to pedestrianized area of Letchworth opposite the Station, sadly the fountain wasn’t working to run the Pack through.  [There’s always another day! – Ed]

A quick drink in the ‘Spoons for the FRBs, though it’ll be a few years before Port & Starboard are old enough for them to stand a round in there!  Then it was time to move around to the Dragon King, where the likes of Spotted Dick, Kylie & Sparky (Who arrived just for the food) were proving they’re not shy when it comes to food & were already going around stacking their plates high with food!

Those in the far corner had to try & squeeze by a table of four civilians that were hogging loads of room, for one daft woman with her back to the Hash was sitting so far back as she had her bag in the back of her chair, forcing her to sit like that! 

Anyhow, the Pack enjoyed a great selection of food, most went around three times, typical Hash, before moving on & wishing the staff “Gong hei fat choy!” on the way out.

Some retired to Crafty’s Bottle Shop for a couple of select Ales, unfortunately the rest were too late when they arrived as Last orders had been called.  Sadly, unlike Yeshmeelady, they missed out on Pepé le Pew’s ‘doom & gloom’ political & military talk.  No Down-Downs were handed out, instead these will be saved for the following Hash on the Sunday.