Date =                            15th July 2018

Run Number =             1805    

Venue =                        Chez Mrs Mallett et Tent Packer

Location =                    Harpenden

Hare/s =                        Tent Packer

Beer =                            Hobgoblin, London Pride, Banks’

Runners =                    18

Virgins =                         0

Visitors =                        0

Newies =                        0

Après =                           1

Hounds =                       0

Total =                           19

Membership =             Celebrating our Braughing Wheelbarrow teams!


            Another beautiful hot sunny morning, we’re kind of getting used to this weather, even if it is a little hard to r*n in sometimes, the type of weather to ‘Floss’ to as Prince Garmin had Milf & No Eye Deer trying this latest dance craze!   Those arriving on time would be surprised to be told that Tent Packer & Sludge were off to find some ice for the beer, therefore that start of the Hash would not be until 11:15!  Another shock was the fact that ketchup arrived before the Pack were underway, then Milf arrived carrying one side of the ‘Awarded Winning Best decorated Ambulance Wheelbarrow’.

            The Circle was finally called at a quarter past the hour, Fliptop kept this brief, while the Hare went in to some detail about it not really being a long Trail!  Anyhow, the Pack were shown the door, well the back door to come out on to Townsend Lane & a left turn would have the Keenies running up to the to the southwest, where at a junction with Salisbury Avenue, where double arrows pointed the direction around on to this to head south-eastward along the avenue lines with established trees offering some shade on the east side of the street.

            Milf, Alfa Male, Mr X, Ketchup, Prince Garmin  all began to break away from the rest of the Hash, My Lil, Sludge & Fliptop then made up ground as the first of the FRBs to reach the CHK by an alleyway stopped to ponder whether to take to the eastbound footpath that leads out by the grounds of St Nicholas Church, but Alfa Male was soon on to the end of Salisbury Avenue where he had found arrows turning the corner to head down Kirkwick Avenue to head north-eastward & around the slight change in the dead end road to find footpath at its eastern end.

            The footpath led out through the grounds of St Nicholas, following a path through the gathered Worshipers who weren’t over the main road queuing to get in toe Sainsbury’s earlier one!  The Trail came out of to the west of Church Green, passing though the mingling shoppers who were looking on at the Hash run by them in the heat of the day, once beyond Waitrose & then M&S the Keenies arrived at a CHK on Amenbury Lane.  Ketchup & Prince Garmin were off up this route but would be called back as Alfa Male found the Trail further along Leyton Road, the narrower parallel cousin of the High Street.

            The next CHK was found by the entrance to park area of Rothampstead Park, passing through the ornate entrance the Keenies found Trail within this section of the Park, Max & Alfa led the way but both missed the T on the main drive in, for it was partially covered with a light dusting of fine leaves.

            Back to Leyton Street to continue southward, passing by the Fire Station & then the Sliver Cup (For those old enough - Shambler’s Favourite venue to set a Trail - Ed) Mr X was convinced that the Trail would take to the Old Coach Lane, which runs from by an isolated Cottage to head westward up the uncapped path through the woodland at the west side of the park, but he wrong!

            “On!” was called by Alfa Male still along the small old road it becomes West Common Road & passes by the main building of the Rothampstead Research Centre, with the large bolder sting outside, which bears a legend about the World’s longest running agricultural experiment.  He, Milf, Mr X, Ketchup, Prince Garmin, My Lil’ & Sludge found the CHK by the entrance to the Campus.

The Trail would be found up through the newer buildings of the modern campus, Ketchup said that it was hear that Daddy’s Sauce spent a few months on work experience a couple of years ago.  Having turned to the west the Hash would now find that the cooling breeze was now gone, time to walk a bit as there was limited shade.

Milf had picked up on the number Security camera that were present, Mr X explained that this is an experimental research centre & a couple of years ago there were lots of protestors at the limited trial of a GM crop, which had a lot of Police actively up there due to activists making their presence known.

An alarm could be heard as the Keenies made their way up by the sports pavilion on the route back over toward the Sports ground, at the Tree-line the Trail would now turn south-westward on a drive that the much needed shade of the trees on either side.  It would be a log trot now, but it was runnable as the breeze was now back with the Pack as they would lead out to the T Junction with the driveway to Rothampstead House.

A turn to the west would take the Pack on toward the Dutch Style Manor House, although a house has been recorded there since the 12 century the house in 1623 Edmund Bardolph sold Rothamsted to Anne Wittewronge.  The Wittewronges were Calvinists who had fled religious persecution in Ghent in 1564, & had founded a brewery in London [What good people! – Ed] In the 17th century, Sir John Wittewronge, Anne's son, gave the house its distinctive Dutch style.

Obeying the signs to “Keep to the Footpath!” the trail made its way through the shaded front of the Manor House, then makings way around through the Manor House Wood to come around in a clockwise direction, Mr X noticed that just before leaving the wood there was a bug trap, a glass assembly that lights up to cahtch insects out & about in the dark.

The Keenies were now getting further away as they ran due north to come out in to the research fields.  A turn toward the east saw the Hash coming out to one of the main farm tracks through the research centre.  A CHK was found at the junction at a corner of a research crop, along the edge of which where the distinctive yellow bug traps, tall yellow poles with a dish of liquid on top & one at the bottom, these are to capture the bugs that may, or may not, be pollenating & may be eating the crop during the day.

Anyhow, Mr X decided that he would take to the dusty south-western track that leads on by Knots wood to the Nicky way line, the former Harpenden to Redbourn railway line, a well Hashed route, but he would find no dust on that route, it was down to Alfa Male & Milf to pick up the Trail further along toward Rothampstead Farm at the heart of the research estate.

The Trail would not go through the farm, instead it would take a right to head slightly south of due east on the tarmac drive all the way back to Rothampstead Manor, on the way it past the fields that are home to the oldest continuing agricultural field experiments in the world created by Sir John Lawes and Sir Henry Gilbert.  After 175 Years, seven of these Long-term Experiments continue today providing an invaluable resource for scientists around the world.

it was a long unshaded trot until reaching a little shade at the end of the Manor Wood again, but this didn’t last long as the Trail turned north-eastward on to the dust, stony track of Coach Lane, yes the Pack weren’t that far away from the ‘Out Trail’ as the intervening fields that form a wedge between the two route, with the Hash heading up to the tapering tip in the south-west corner of the Rothampstead Park!

Mr X thought that the Keenies would meet up with No Eye Deer, Whatever She Says, Paxo, Psycho & the Hare on a short cut at this closest point between sections of the Out & Inn Trails, but they were all making the most of this lovely day, probably one of the hottest of the year so far, but the breeze made it all rather pleasant for most of the Trail.

Just few away from where they had entered the park, the Trail directed the Hash straight down the shallow grassy vale of park land & then directly up toward the pavilion at the northern edge of the park.  For Fliptop & Mr X there was a slight hiatus as to where the Trail went, the saw the arrow on a stone behind the pavilion, but temporarily lost the Dust.  Eventually they found it through the shaded tree covered corner by the Tennis club, but they failed to see the Trail on the northwest bound section of Almenbury Lane.

While My Lil’ Alfa male, Milf, Ketchup & Prince Garmin headed away to the northwest, the other two didn’t realise that they were no longer on Trail until they reached the entrance to the Harpenden Tennis Club, there was no sign of Dust or Arrows, but with a simple turn on to St Nicholas Lane they knew that they would soon be back on Salisbury Avenue by way of Rothampstead Avenue, where the Inn Trail was coming around on to Salisbury Avenue, where the On Inn was found just after the first CHK on the opposite side of the road!

Meanwhile No Eye Deer, Whatever She Says, Max Factor, Psycho where still making their way around with the Hare, it would take them a while back in the heat.  They, like the Keenies found Skip was already back at the venue after his sore toe only allowed him to make a couple of CHKs before hobbling back.

The Pack soon made the shade of the gazebo & parasols, thankfully the ice had cooled the Hobgoblin down enough & it was most refreshingly welcome.  Upon his return, Tent Packer didn’t hang around in getting the Barbeque fired up, he soon had Paxo helping him in cooking the delicious burgers & sausages, Mrs Mallet brought around a platter of sausage rolls to keep the munchies away until the mains were cooked, to go with this there were veggie kebabs, plus potatoes, couscous & salad thanks to Mrs Mallet.

The Down-Downs would eventually take place before the Pudding!  The Hare was rewarded with a great trail of an hour for the Keenies to get around with, he had his Down-Down along with Mrs Mallet for being the Hosts with the Most!  Max Factor was out for her falling one Run behind Alfa Male, a subject he didn’t bring up but others had spotted when the book was signed!  Finally the three prize-winning wheelbarrowers were out for their Hits in showing the Hash in such a good light with the First Responders.

Tent Packer got out his Hooker Pipe, many had a go at this but none were as keen or on it as long as Max Factor.  Being too young to partake in the tobacco tasting, Prince Garmin decide to have an egg & spoon race with Alfa Male, but this ended abruptly with Alfa Being egged with Prince Garmin’s raw egg before the end!  All in all a great way to top of a great weekend with the Wheelbarrow Race fun the day before.