Date =                            22nd July 2018

Run Number =            1806    

Venue =                        EHMR

Location =                   Great Amwell

Hare/s =                       Alfa Male

Beer =                          New River

Runners =                   15

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0

Newies =                       0

Après =                          0

Hounds =                      1

Total =                          16

Membership =             Celebrating EHMR 40th Birthday & saying Au Revoir to the Kids!


            There were some who attended the East Herts Miniature Railway’s 40th Anniversary on Saturday, but returned to a nice comfy bed rather than camping it out at the EHMR venue.  The RA, who had been away for a couple of days, arrived at around 10:20 on Sunday to find those remaining at the camping area, were kept safely away from the general Public. 

Jack, Sarah, Florence & Molson were to set off after their overnight experience, also Mel & Tony also went home, leaving the fool hardy to take on the day’s Trail.  As Noel Coward sang “Mad dogs & Englishmen go out in the Midday Sun!”

            Returning to site were Ketchup & Prince Garmin, who were disappointed to discover that breakfast this year were sandwiches & not the usual Mackie-D’s run.  Also absent but returning, were Max Factor & Alfa Male who claimed to have left their Hashing gear at home, but there were those among the Pack who thought that they had also gone to the fast-food outlet that sit under the ‘Golden Arches’ – when they returned they admitted that they hadn’t been anywhere near it & genuinely had left their gear behind.

To while away the time Milf & Ewok decided that they would point out the Male sex’s seemingly inability to clean bathrooms, kitchens & just about any other room in between! [Frontally this stopped before we got to the relative position of toilet seat! – Ed] Though Milf did confess as a teenager she thought that her clothes moved from the bedroom floor to the cupboard, often via the washing machine was done by magic!

            Sparky arrived after Milf & Ewok’s slating of the Male Sex’s ability to clean house [No doubt it would have been like water off a Ducks Back to him? – Ed] & he immediately parked up in a spot that blocked the access route for the petting zoo!  Kylie got him to move & his next chosen place seemed to have the car crash-landing in beside the rest. 

Mark E Mark, Lobby Lobster & Dillon arrived, it was a cue for Paxo to finally called the Circle together, before the Hares (Sorry) Hare as Max Factor made it plain for the rest Pack that alfa Male was responsible for the Trail!

 With the intros out of the way Ewok & Paxo set off home, for they were going back to celebrate Backpack’s Birthday!  Leaving the rest to hit the hot paths of the Amwell area of Ware, Kylie added that as most had been to the Beerfestival the day before, there was plenty of Ale left of which he was encouraging it to be consumed after the Trail, or even taken away!

There was a slow walking start with out of the Van Hages’ car park, with shade being only at the very beginning as Mr X led the way out to the two CHKs he had already spotted on either side of the entrance on Pepper Hill.

Mr X then headed down the hill toward Ware, where he crossed over to the shaded side of the Northbound A1170, where he picked up the Trail to reach the second CHK of the Trail by the Church Walk footpath.  Again on his first attempt at Checking he would find the Trail as it led south-eastward from the row of houses to the north of the driveway, then on to the alleyway that leads right out to Cautherly Lane in Amwell. 

Things eventually went wrong for Mr X when he continued straight on from the CHK at the T junction where another alleyway breaks away from the Church Walk path through to Madgeways Close to the South, a T stopped him before reaching the main Amwell road.

On his way back Mr X indicated to Max Factor the route they were both on was False, then calls of “On!” surprised them as Sparky found the correct Trail on the dog-leg path through to Madgeways Close, there was only one way out of this cul-de-sac & that was to follow the moss covered tarmac paths that see little use from the locals, who prefer just to walk in the road out to Madgeways Lane, to find a set off double arrows directing the way straight over the crossroads with Cautherly Lane.

Sparky, Mr X & then Mark E Mark continued south-eastwards to find a CHK by the footpath to the southwest over the fields down to the busy car boot sale, there would be no Dust there or any searching, as again Sparky was excelling himself by finding the Trail off along northeast bound drive to a small private estate. 

Mark E Mark placed a series of stones in a half arrow shape to point the way from the CHK like a boy scout marking a route!  Milf, Max Factor & Dillon caught up just in time to join the others in missing the footpath section separated to the left of the drive by a laurel hedge, which Mark E Mark managed to short cut through.

The cool footpath beneath the tree canopy came out to a CHK at the southern end of the graveyard of St John the Baptist Church, here Mr X pointed out the grave of Harold Abrahams, for those who have seen the Oscar winning Chariots of Fire, the film is based on the true events of the 1924 Paris Olympics.  Abrahams won the 100 m dash final in 10.6 seconds at 7 p.m. on 7 July 1924 - Teammate Eric Liddell, the British 100-yard dash record holder at that time, declined to compete in one of the heats for the event as it was held on a Sunday which was against his religious beliefs. 

Abrahams married Sybil Evers in 1936, he cut a strip of gold off his Olympic medal to make the bridal wedding ring.  Both the medal & the ring (following Sybil's death) were later stolen, on separate occasions.  They fostered two children & during the war they also took in two Jewish refugee Children from Nazi Germany.  Mr X also explained that the stones upon the headstone was a Jewish tradition used as mark of remembrance that last longer than flowers & may represent the original alters made of stones.

Anyhow, the FRBs searched the two options through the Churchyard on the hillside, nothing was found by Mr X as he looked down the flight of steps to the New River on the road out to St Margret’s, away to the southeast in the distance.  A climb back up to the front of the Church & Mr X found 2-1-2 Maureen sitting on the Church wall after a short cut had been made available to her & the other SCBS, probably because the nearby George IV wasn’t open.

Lobby Lobster, Pebbledash & Spillage caught up by the Church, as did ketchup & Prince Garmin.  Ketchup asked if there was someone famous buried in the graveyard, so Mr X again told a quick story of Chariots of Fire.  Meanwhile Mark E Mark had scuttled off down the steep narrow end of Cautherly Lane to find a CHK at the junction with Amwell Lane.

Mark E Mark star was ascending now on the Hash as he soon picked up the Trail again as he searched out on the footpath running alongside the New River to the northwest.  Soon the Pack would be out in the exposed plain where the full effect of the sun could be felt, beside the artificial waterway, which opened in 1613 to supply London with fresh drinking water

Along the way Mr X noticed a small statue on the opposite bank of the New River, on a concrete platform the ducks were roosting on, it was all rather puzzling as to what it was, was it a Llama or a Giraffe.  It turns out to be a part of a series of 31 statues of the ‘Chadwell Way Sculptures’, made in the style of Henry Moore by school kids at the St John the Baptist School in Amwell.  This one is a ‘Giraffe with a Mario head’ by Alex K!

            After the long Trot in the sun the pack would find a Held CHK by the narrow bridge where Lower Road turns to cross the New River & join the main Ware Road.  Milk bottles & Cola bottles were handed out, while Mr X present the Hare with an empty bottle of fizz that had been discarded by the New River, Mr X wondered if it was the Hare’s discarded drink from setting the Trail?  While Mark E Mark questioned if we have a marketing manager for a famous Chocolate company amongst our midst this morning, why were we not eating quality chocolates?

At this regroup there were a few who questioned if the Trail would be stopping at TBT OBE’s nearby abode?  In response to Sparky asking this question, Mr X said “Of course!” when he knew full well that TBT OBE was up at the Open Golf!  So, when the Trail resumed Sparky disappeared along that way while the rest crossed the main road, with Mark E Mark leading the way up by stables & between the horse paddocks, all to climb the south-western ridge that halfway up entered the cooling shade of Post Wood.

The path became a stony & dusty drive which leads up through Amwellbury Farm to run by the end of Presdales recreation Ground to the west, all before coming out to a CHK on wider drive of Walnut Tree Walk.  Here there was more shade & by the time Mr X had passed by My Lil’ & a walking Lola, he reached this area to find that Mark E Mark had again marked the CHK, this time using sticks to form a one sided arrow to point the way over to the offset southbound footpath.

The Long footpath took a gently sweeping Arc between the harvested wheat field of golden stubble on the right & the strip of woodland of the Van Hages’ nurseries to the left, thankfully there was still a little shade along here created by the tall established trees.  Mark E Mark pointed out the footpath marker post at the very end of the field, on this was scrawled “No cycling or jogging!” that Mark E said had been put there by some ‘Miserable old git’ who lives up the way!

The Path turned to the southeast as it runs through the cool wooded strip beside the A10, along here Mr X thought about the “No cycling or jogging!” & how the author of these words seemed not to be bothered by the rubbish that is strewn amongst the undergrowth, some of which was parts of smashed up cars from the A10 above this path.

Mark E Mark & Mr X were now a long way ahead of the rest, they didn’t hang around at the CHK by an option to go down to the bridge the A10 runs above, instead the well-known route was to head back through the wheat fields to head north-eastward was chosen, it was correct as it led up in the line of pine trees, giving more shade on the way up through to the A1170,  The On Inn was found just before emerging out by the Goods-in area, where Dillon prevented Prince Garmin trying to access Van Hages by that route.

Most of the Pack stopped off for an ice cream on their way in through the now almost full car park, in contrast to the many empty space at the EMHR end on the Out Trail.  Mr X was soon on to the Ales, having had a busy weekend & a start that morning of 06:00Hrs to drive back, carry out a ‘good deed for the day’ then get to the Hash!

The Pack sat out on the green inside the tracks of the EHMR, Sparky was asked to cover up as there were civilians paying money to have a ride around the railway!  Sandwiches were brought out & Mr X handed out packets of Mini Cheddars in memory of Sloppy Seconds.  Lobby Lobster changed her position when a doll in a British Rail outfit sitting by the Beer Garage was pointed out to her.  Did they ever make a film ‘Chucky the Station Master’? as he had a female BR companion laid out at his feet & she had her head in a plastic shopping bag!!!

When it came around to the Circle, this was held up in the camping area, where the Hare was awarded his Hit for a very good Trail; Sparky had his for going awry toward TBT’s; Dillon, Ketchup & Prince Garmin were out for trying to gain entry & not preventing access to the Tradesman’s Entrance!  Max Factor joined Alfa Male (for his second) for their last Trail with H4 for a while, they were presented with a New Home Card, as they begin their new adventure t’up north!  The Hashit went to My Lil’ for tying Lola’s lead up as he erected his tent, only to find that she had chewed her way through it, his cries of “It’s not my dog, it’s my mum’s!” didn’t get him off of this hit!

After the Circle Sparky made an announcement about being fined by the NCP who run the car park at the Moon Under Water in Enfield, seems that he & Kylie both would later receive a £75 fine – even though we spent a fortune in the place, had food but run 10 minutes over the allotted time.  Sparky wanted to know if anyone else had been caught out like this?  It was the first the Hare of that day had heard of this, but he can’t be held responsible if others can’t read the bloody car park signs, or stay too late.  Next time we are in Enfield we’ll Hash from somewhere else!