Date =                            31st July 2018

Run Number =            1807    

Venue =                        The Horse & Groom

Location =                    (Old) Hatfield

Hare/s =                        My Lil’

Beer =                           Cwutch Strawberry Milk Shake; Peach Melba; Boughtons; Zesty & More

Runners =                    23

Virgins =                       4

Visitors =                      0

Newies =                       0

Après =                          0

Hounds =                      3

Total =                          30

Membership =            In the land of the not so ‘lesser spotted trollies!”!


            The Hare arrived after having been home after setting the Trail earlier that day, he wasn’t surprised to see that the prospect of food had boosted the numbers, especially when it’s free!  Wanktlers had managed to get Emma & Daniel to come along this evening.  The Circle was called a few minutes before the normal ‘My Lil’ o’clock’ as Fliptop said that there were a lot of introductions to undertake, as well as a ‘Chalk Talk’ to explain the Trail markings to the Virgins of Ben, Nigel & Debbie [And Sludge! – Ed] as Mr X said “Good luck finding a Virgin in Hatfield!”

Paxo informed Debbie, a virgin who’s another Horse Lover, who could stick with him as he was hobbling around at the back of the Pack, she said that she wouldn’t get lost in Hatfield as she said she knew the area well, as did the other Newies.  However even they would be surprised at where they would go by the end of the Trail.

The RA stepped in to assist the Hare with explaining the Trail to the Newbies, then without further of ado Mr X disappeared back to the Horse & Groom to give a feedback on a rough number for après Trail Bangers & Mash, then he caught up with the rest of the Pack as they made their way out down Park Street, heading northward under the red-brick viaduct that TBT OBE wondered was built for a Railway?  Mr X corrected him by explaining it was built to lead out from the Stately Home of Hatfield House & keep the Marquis of Salisbury’s coach above the likes of the dirty unwashed hoi polloi below!

The first CHK was found up near the walk-through to Dunham Mews for the likes of Ewok, Milf, Wanktlers, Tent Packer & the Newbies to fall for.  The Trail continued along Park Street to the next cut-through on the left, double arrows would lead the Keenies off around a loop on Park Meadows before returning to Park Street.  If anyone thought that it was too warm this evening, then they could cool down under the water spray that was raining down from the garden sprinkler on the opposite side of the brick walls for the back gardens on Park Meadows.

The Trail would join the end of ‘The Old Hertford Road’ a last remaining section of the narrow lane that once was the route through to Hertford.  At the edge of this route, double arrows pointed the way over the adjacent newer cousin of the Old Hertford Road, once over the (New) Hertford Road it would turn to run a short way up the joint footpath/cycleway back toward the centre of Hatfield.

Now on to the Ryde, a nicer area of now dry brown grass that sits to the northwest. Normally a green embankment that the Keenies were led around to a Bar CHK as the Ryde loops around in a clockwise direction, by the time the Hare, Pepé le Pew, Mr X & TBT OBE had got around this arcing bend, Mark E Mark, Ketchup, Milf, Wanktlers, Daniel, Emma & a couple of the Newies were all making their way back to the narrow alleyway in the hazel hedgerow.

On the way though the alleyway wasn’t deemed that narrow by some tosser [Who wasn’t a delinquent Kid! – Ed] decided that he could cycle down this & force the Hash to one side to avoid being hit by him.  Safely out on to the end where Stag Green joins the dead-end of the old Great North Road, here a bit of local knowledge helped bolster the markings to take the Pack over the footbridge, where once The Wrestlers’ road bridge was until it came down in 1966, lucky the workman labouring below were warned by several loud cracks before it caved in.  When the demolition was complete, the metal box footbridge took its place.

A CHK was found by the old green space by where the old Hatfield to St Albans branch line curves away from the main line, Ewok, Milf, Wanktlers & several of the Newies would take to this old line, passing the metal sculpture that incorporates aircraft parts, locomotive parts etc to represent Hatfield History.  So far no shopping trollies had been spotted, but it was early days!

The errant Keenies came back from the former Railway, which was axed by after the infamous report made by a relative of the RA! 

As Mark E Mark would lead the way out of a cut-through to small Branch Close & then out on to Lockleys Crescent, along this there was a sight to be seen with one front garden laid down with shingle that had various comic animals placed up on this.  There was another sight s Daniel & his mate were now running topless, not that Pebbledash was complaining!

Lockleys’ Crescent turned around to the southwest to come out on to Ground Lane, where the arrows directed the Pack down to the southeast for a few yards until reaching double arrows opposite the eastern end of the former railway line.  The RA knew the area & he was soon over to the western side to take to the next section of former railway that becomes the Alban Way.

A long trot lay ahead & the edges of the footpath/cycleway soon began to acquire various discarded bits of litter, this is what some of the Pack were expecting as they progressed along with back gardens on either side of the tree-line tarmac route.  The next CHK was found where there was once a footpath crossing the line, from Crawford Road to the north over to Foxholes to the south, the Keenies were soon searching the three options, with one being to continue along the former Railway.

While “On!” was called south-westward on the Alban Way, the RA knew the Hare far better as he went off with one of the Newbies to search Foxholes, & more importantly the footpath that runs behind the end of St Luke’s Churchyard.  Ignoring the other calls behind him, Mr X was vilified as one of the Newbies discovered the Trail, but it didn’t take to the footpath behind the Cemetery.  Instead the Trail stuck with the footpath as it left Foxholes to run along by the 1980’s builds behind Stonecross Road, these face toward the path as it runs along the north-eastern edge of the Cemetery, it was along here that the first abandoned shopping trolley was encountered as the FRBs came out by Mr X’s late Grandmother’s house on the end of St Albans Road East.

Arrows led the Keenies around by St Luke’s Church, then beyondwhat was the St John’s Ambulance Hut, as the roadside path swept around from west to the northwest on to Wellfield Road, passing the Memorial Gardens just off of sunken subways in the large hollow centre of the roundabout. 

Trotting on along Wellfield Road, which was once home to the Hatfield Parish Workhouse when the road was named Union Road, the likes of Mark E Mark, Mr X & the Newies could see TBT OBE & Fliptop up ahead as they had come out of the footpath behind the cemetery on an official Short Cut.  It was noticed that Fliptop, who had started the Hash with Teddy, had managed to swop pooches with Sis as she know took control [What Control? – Ed] of Teddy, leaving Fliptop with the easier Buster.

Mr X knew that the Trail would head over to the southwestern side of Wellfield Road, where there was a short up-ramp by the footbridge spanning the road, Ewok & Milf both took a run up the short ramp to get on to the level of the former railway line to run interrupted until the end of this section, the line was also used as a Short Cut to keep Pebbledash, Paxo, Kylie, who was now with Jack, Sarah, Florence & Molson.

At the end of this section of the line Wanktlers & the lads almost dropped down the steep steps at the end, they just managed to take the sharp left-hand turn to the old concrete footpath that runs along the front of the houses that sit high up on the embankment on Lemsford Road.

By the time Jack, Sarah, Florence & Paxo reached this point there was a change involving the baby’s buggy, with Florence being carried while Molson was sat being pushed along in the buggy!

The footpath along the front gardens levels out to the road level as the Trail moved on southward on to the roundabout opposite the Swim Centre, opened in 1966 designed by W W Chapman & H G Coulter Its roof (lightweight, hyperbolic paraboloid was one of the first and largest of its kind in Europe.  On eo fthe beter things that came out of the ruining of Hatfield Town Centre by the 1950/60 designers.

The Trail would now descend into the second of the large sunken two roundabouts on the Queensway, both have benches in the centre but neither are a place you’d like to sit & ponder things.  The arrows led out of the southern subway exit, with a SC pointing up the right ramp & the Trail leading to the left, though this option would soon stop at a T at the end of the up ramp. 

Mr X & Tent Packer reached the end found the T & then turned back, all the while they were running back to the opposite ramp they were goaded by those who had taken the official Short Cut above them in a bid to try to get them in to trouble in the Circle, these two ignored the likes of Sludge & Pepé le Pew who were now on the path running above the cutting.  Just to annoy these two, the Hare had turned the T into a very large arrow head! 

The Trail now turned southward to head up the hill of Briars Lane, a residential street that had issue with subsidence a couple of years ago, as beneath this area there are ancient chalk mine that had to be propped up & filled in.  Crossing the road, the Pack all slowed up as the gradient increased up by the edge of the local school & on by a footpath away along the southern edge of the Girl’s School playing fields.  A Bar CHK would turn those who had gone beyond the footpath to come back from around Briar’s Lane where the local Hall had large colourful bouncy castles in use.

The old concrete footpath would turn before coming out on to Woods Avenue, there it crossed over to a CHK point, & those who remember this area well knew that the Hash have been down the nearby footpath that runs along from the local Cadet Huts.  The fenced in path that turns at an elbow from northeast to northwest.  The litter strewn route didn’t have an abandoned stolen bike caught up on the railings this year fro Paxo to ride around the Trail before taking to the local Plod Shop. 

The Hash came out on to the end of Old Rectory Drive, there was some deviation for Mark E Mark & Ketchup before it continued over on the second section behind Rectory Gardens & then over the footbridge over Link Drive to come out by the green area on Queensway.

To the left the Pack could hear the banging of the ‘W*nks-on-planks’ [A good old Kiwi expression! – Ed] in the skateboard park, to the right there was a plethora of abandoned shopping trollies loitering outside of Goldings House, the twin tower block to the nearby Queensway House.  The Trail would head over the small green area & back toward St Albans Road East, but at the sunken roundabout it would run at road level to take the third exit off, which was to run around to the right by Lord Cecil Memorial Hall to take to French Horn Lane.

No sooner had the Keenies had crossed to the northern side of the street, than the Trail peeled off down Old French Horn Lane.  Fliptop again managed to get to the front of the Hash & was walking with Ewok by the time the RA had caught up, none of them seemed to fall for the CHK by the entrance to St Albans East Recreation Ground but they certainly were caught out when they were lured down the Bar CHK at the end Old French Horn Lane.

Most came back from this to run along Cranbourne Lane to its end at the T-Junction with Endymion Lane, here Ewok wondered how this was pronounced?  Let alone what it was named after?  In Greek Mythology Endymion was a remarkably beautiful young man, loved by Selene (The Moon).  According to Legend, he was put in an eternal sleep by Zeus for having fallen in love with Hera, but was then visited every night by Selene.

With the end not far away, the cruel Hare had a last trick up his sleeve by setting one last Falsie, & that was down to the steps at the end of Endymion Road, which lead down to a Bar CHK on French Horn Lane, though some like Milf & Sludge didn’t comeback from, otherwise they would have known where the On Inn was on the footpath bridge over the mainline tracks to London Kings Cross.

As the Hare descended steps of the bridge, he could see Hyena walking across from the Taxi Rank, having walked part of the Trail, to head off down Arm & Sword Lane beside the Great Eastern & Back Inn to the Pub.

It was like herding cats for Mr X to work out how many were eating & Paxo confusing things as he said there were six still out there when there were only four but eventually the staff did a magnificent job in managing to feed the ravenous Pack.  Plenty of Ales were consumed as the regulars caught up with Hyena, then there was talk of the Full Moon Nash Hash & other Hash events amazed the Virgins.

Downs-Downs saw the Hare rewarded for a good Trail that was under an Hour.  The Virgins were all rewarded for their First Herts R*n; Ketchup was out for completing his 600th R*n, he was joined by Tent Packer [Herts Haberdasher! – Ed] for not being able to name what the 600th Half Yard of Ale award was!

The Hashit went to Fliptop for the change of pooches!