Date =                            30th Sept 2018

Run Number =            1816    

Venue =                        The Half Moon

Location =                    Hitchin

Hare/s =                         Mr X

Beer =                            Wolf Dark Mild; Citra;

Runners =                    11                                               

Virgins =                       1

Visitors =                      0

Newies =                       0

Après =                          0

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          12

Membership =             Celebrating a new Conkering Champion!


            A bright & sunny morning for the early birds, as the pack gathered at the Half Moon, where the streets opposite were taped off & signs warned of ‘Runners in the Road’ to alert pedestrians & drivers to the fact there was a 5 & 10 K R*n taking place, something that made the Hare change his planned rout when he arrived to set the Trail this morning.

It was pretty obvious that this was going to be one of the lowest turnouts of the year by the time that Ketchup had arrived.  Paxo as the last one to reach the Pub before the Circle was called, everyone welcomed to the Hash & the Hare introduced, also being introduced & welcomed to the Hash was Zoya, a Virgin who knows Where’s Wally?

            To Cheer up My Lil’, the nasty Hare had placed a CHK right outside of the Pub, but this was just a ruse as the Trail proper began by leading away to the north, running along Queens Street passing by the British School’s Museum where they would have sat at hard wooden desks, while using chalk & slates back in Sparky’s days of education.  No doubt they had a Headmaster like Jimmy Edwards in Wacko!

This road turns a few degrees to the east where it passes the opposite side to regular Market then St Mary’s Car Park.  Where’s Wally?  Led the way, with Wanktlers, Ketchup, Prince Garmin & My Lil’ in tow as they made their way up to a CHK at the bottom of Windmill Hill, Mr X marked a Short Cut to the right on Hollow Lane for Sludge & Zoya, the later was accompanied by Paxo.  The Hare then passed the Plasterboard on to Sludge as he asked him to mark the Short Cut up to the next CHK at the top of Hollow Lane, while he joined the rest at the top of steep green slope.

            It wouldn’t be the same to have a Herts Hash in these parts without a trudge trot up the steep Windmill Hill, the Trail would go this way, taking to the rising green slope on the first path from the south-eastern corner, the arrows then changed a few degrees at the Y shaped split in the paths, taking the left-hand option to a footpath at the crest of the Hill that leads on beside the northern edge of Hitchin Girls School.

Where’s Wally? Sparky & Wanktlers were first to find the Bar CHK down beside the School Grounds, this had these two searching through the gaps in the fencing, the Hare found them roaming in the undergrowth of the tree lined slope above the Queen Mother theatre.  Meanwhile My Lil’ Prince Garmin & Ketchup fared better as they had looked down the western side of the School, spotting Dust on trees in the slight dip in the crown of the hill

            The Trail would now move around eastward passing through the set of tall upright cast iron Victorian bollards to take to the Windmill Hill road that leads out from Hitchin Girl’s School, the Trail would follow this drive like route until it reached a CHK halfway along its length.  My Lil’ continued eastward where there was no Trail, eventually Spotted Dick trusted his eyesight when be he thought that he saw a blob of dust on the concrete steps leading down the more gentle southern side of the hill to reach Hollow Lane.

            On the way the Pack had to avoid the Conkers from the horse chestnut trees, then once down the steps arrows directed the FRBs south-eastward to cross over this road to find a CHK had been marked by Sludge where the Trail turns acutely to start leading south-westward into the an alleyway marked with ‘The Bluebell School’ leading away off of the triangular road junction.  The first section of the fenced in footpath behind various back gardens was pretty short, just a few yards as it led on to a CHK at the crossroads with another alleyway at the eastern corner of another local School.

Falsies were on the southwestern continuation of the first footpath, as well as the narrow lane of Kershaw’s Hill, with its single line of homes on the northern side, were not searched by the Keenies as the Trail was picked up on the south-eastern alleyway running between the back of the larger detached homes, this route emerged out on to St John’s Road.  A right-hand turn had Wanktlers, Sparky, My Lil’, Where’s Wally?, Ketchup, Prince Garmin, Spotted Dick, Custard & Poppy run south-westward along by the red brick wall & railings to Hitchin Cemetery, to the open gates on St John’s Road

Wanktlers led the procession of Keenies through the centre of the Cemetery, passing by the Chapel on a north-westward route out on to the end of Standhill Road, here the Hare was found by the Bluebell Nursery where another CHK was discovered.  Wanktlers ignored the Hare, after he had seen Sludge, Paxo & Zoya disappear through the path with a ‘Private Estate’ sign by the anti-cycling bar across its width.  Instead he had found a T out along Standhill Road & made his way back to join the others in through the cul-de-sac of the new estate on Nursery Hill.

Arrows pointed the Keenies on around a small section of kids play area & then out on to take a left turn onto Store House Lane, a long old route that runs along the top of the ridge.  This area has old established Victorian homes perched right up on the edge of the plateau high above Queens Street, many are hidden behind the old redbrick wall on the Pack’s right-hand side.  In fact the Hash hadn’t gone that far away from the Pub as the Trail headed south-westward as the lane becomes a narrower enclosed footpath fenced-in by back gardens on both sides.

            A left hand turn brought the Pack up out on to Sandhill Road for a second time, the Trail now leading away down the clockwise turning Standhill Road.  Wanktlers & where’s Wally? were not impressed to find that another change of direction lay in wait at the bottom of the road with Park Street on this twisting turning Trail, for double arrows pointed the way up the ginnel of the sharply rising St John’s Path. 

This tarmac path with old railings to the wooded side of the hill turned at the top, form south-eastward to southbound as it passed by the quaint old cottages & homes on the level of the hillside.  Obviously these homes were built on this narrow passage in the days when cars were not about & people walked in to town to work.

Out on to St John’s Road & arrows now directed the pack between two arms of the spider like roundabout to take to the southern side of the Stevenage Road, another Sharp turn took place as the Keenies were led on down a twitchel of Hitchin Hill path. While his Dad was already down the enclosed path, Prince Garmin had to be called back by Mr X as he had run on by the start of the twitchel.  The Trail was now leading the Hash up more back-passages than the week before.  [Calm down Pebbledash! – Ed]

The short path turned by 90° & along the way the Hash could admire more established Red-brick walls, railings & large home beyond these to then come out on to the London Road.  A south-eastern turn took the Hash a hundred yards or so down this main route before crossing over to the southwestern side where the Trail would make use of another jigger, this short L-shaped path turning 90° has some viciously sharp looking old railings along its edges.

Out on to the cul-de-sac of Dale Close & this southwestern bound nice quiet road had the Trail leading out via a slightly convoluted path around a small green area reached the Gosmore Road, on the opposite side of which lay a CHK.  Mr X told Prince Garmin that there was a Held CHK coming up, with a Sweet Stop!  Sure enough Sparky, Wanktlers, My Lil’ & Ketchup were all found waiting by the green in the middle of Priory Way.  It was on this section while setting the Trail, that the Hare bumped in to a girl out walking her dog with a friend, she recognised Mr X was setting a Hash & took a card after she said she used to Hash with North Hants but is now resident in Hitchin.  Hopefully we will see her in the future?

The Hare offered the Pack some ‘Nipples’ which he said are “Like nibbles but with two P’s instead of B’s!” as the FRBs waited for the rest to catch up, these were in fact Strawberry flavoured mushrooms he had bought from Hitchin Market that morning.  It was here that Where’s Wally? dobbed himself in that he was wearing new ‘Gore-Tex shoes’

Once Spotted Dick, Custard & Poppy were joined by Sludge, Paxo & Zoya, the Hare went on to explain a very strange sight he saw while out setting the Trail & some of the Pack may see this too?  For in one of the local farm fields behind this little estate there was a line of white paper SOCO suited people conducting a search, SOCO had to be explained to Sparky as Scene Of Crimes Officer, but as nothing was taped off it was probably a training exercise.   The SOCO crew weren’t there when the Keenies passed by this field.

Resuming with the Trail & the Keenies were all caught out with the Falsie on the narrow snicket leading out to the farm land behind the homes at the top eastern end of Hitchin Hill.

Having come back, Spotted Sick & Custard pack now picked up the Trail & led out through another alleyway to come out on to the old lane that is Brick Kiln lane, a road that is now a footpath/cycleway, this makes its way around to the west & then drops down the Hitchin Hill to the Hamlet of Charlton, though the Hash would not go as far as the that.

A CHK halfway along Brick Kiln Lane saw the Keenies turn on to the farm land on Hitchin Hill, this was a nice long downhill trot to stretch the FRBs legs as they headed out toward the A602 Parkway to the north.  Once up by the main road there would be a climb up the edge of Hitchin Hill began beside the A602 before rising high above this to come back up to the Pine Planation on the Pine Ridge.

Meanwhile the Hare led the SCBs out of the earlier snicket from the green on Prior Way, where Sludge, Paxo & Zoya would lose no height as this would lead over the top of the farm land, on a footpath that leads in to the long strip of the Pine Plantation, Sludge was correct when he pointed out the root that Sparky fell over on the last Trail out this way.  The Hare dropped flour on this to highlight it, even though Sparky was down in the valley far away from this trip hazard.

The SCBs reached the end of the southern section of the pine trees, from here there was only one way to go & that was to cross over the narrow arched footbridge spanning the A602 to come over to run behind the Three Moorhens side of the roundabout in the second, northern half of the Pine Plantation.  The Hare took a chance that Sparky would not take a tumble in this short section which has now been opened up as a ‘Communal space’.  This may have been a slight detour, but it kept Sparky & co away from the ‘Maximum Security Twilight Home behind the Three Moorhens!  Sparky got through this in one piece as the Trail came down the two steps to return to the tarmac footpath as it drops down up behind the priory wall & down to the level of Park Street, the On Inn  was found along this path.

The Pack were all back around the Hour Mark & once settled in the Pub terraced garden, My Lil’ got out the conkers, ignoring those that Spotted Dick & Custard had picked up on the Trail.  The Conker contest began, with the losers having to eat a sour string sweet.  Spotted Dick managed to catch himself one with one swing that hit him in his Conkers!  Meanwhile Ketchup pointed out that we were one short to make the required number for an equal amount of players to progress, so some of the earlier one out were offered up a wild-card game, then as this got underway Spotted Dick & Custard both destroyed their conkers in one move against each other.

Finally the final saw the reigning Champion of Prince Garmin take on Sludge, but it wouldn’t be a repeat of last year as Sludge came out on top.  Gladly accepting his New Trophy of a conker in a plane to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the RAF.

When it came to the Down-Downs the Hare received his for an excellent Trail that took the Pack up more back-passages than they care to remember!  [Steady there Pebbledash! – Ed]  Then it was on to awarding our Newie, Zoya for her first Herts Hash; Where’s Wally was out for his new shoes, & the Gore-Tex shoes don’t let any beer out!  Finally out ne Conker Champion was celebrated with a Down-Down.



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