Date =                            14th Oct 2018

Run Number =            1818    

Venue =                        The Woodman

Location =                    Wildhill

Hare/s =                        My Lil’

Beer =                           Ascots Gold; Porter; Abbot; Abbot Confession

Runners =                     9                                                

Virgins =                        0

Visitors =                       0

Newies =                       0

Après =                          1

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          10

Membership =            Staying dry (Well, for Most!)!


            An overnight deluge was enough to scare the majority of the Pack off of turning out! Rather than sitting aimlessly in the dry, Mr X ventured out & arrived early after receiving a lift over.  He sat under the smoker’s shelter to listen to the soothing sound of rain drops falling from the roof & melodically hitting the empty Ale Casks behind the wooden structure.  A horse rider passing by said “You’re a bit early for opening time?” as Mr X said that he was there to do a Run, with an hour & a half to go for opening.

            Then Graham the Landlord turned up, another Sarries Supporter he & Mr X had a chat, before the Hare arrived.  TBT OBE made the effort to come over to sort out his agenda with the Christmas Dinner debacle, & by the time the hardier ones had managed to drive in, the RA had weaved his magic & the rain had ceased, leaving the Hash with just an overcast day to contend with as they Circled up in the back of the Car Park. 

TBT OBE managed to get the Run Number correct, but then he introduced Mr X as the Hare, which was pointed out to be wrong as My Lil’ was the day’s Hare & Mr X is the Hare for next week!  My Lil’ said that after a search for some flour to mark the Trail with, which failed to find in Hash car boots, he would have to use sticks & other things to indicate short cuts & Trail direction. 

The Hare then went on to say that the Trail was a short one, as he had to battle the strong winds while out setting it the day before, he added that this would be mostly set in dough!  Then the Pack were shown the way out of the car park beside the stables in the corner.

Kylie used his heel to create a mud scraped arrow to direct any late comers to the start of the Hash, not that there were any.  So, the Pack took to crossing the uneven ground of the enclosed field to the south behind the Woodman.  Care was needed over the uneven ground, then over a short, wet wooden footbridge over one of the ditches that now had a stream in it in these wet conditions, then it was out through the kissing gate to leave the solitary horse alone in his western corner.

A change in direction was in order once through the open gap with no gate, the Pack crossed another stream where double arrows pointed the way up the grassy hillside in a south-westerly direction.  Leading up to the corner of a small wooded area where 1950’s SciFi UFO shaped pheasant feeders could be seen between the trees.  With Mark E Mark, Ketchup & Milf leading the way to the top of the ridge, all while Kylie was bringing up the rear [Steady there Pebbledash! – Ed] just in case Sarah & Jack were arriving late

Where’s Wally? made up ground, after he had turned back earlier at one point to scare any squirrels in the hedgerow, while TBT OBE held the middle ground as the ground levelled out & everyone headed over by the set-aside maize left for the Pheasants to hide in.  The Pack headed out to Grubbs Lane, over behind this to the south the large Transmitters of Brookmans Park could be seen, perhaps it was the sight of these mighty erections [No Pebbledash! – Ed] that lured Milf, Mark E Mark, Where’s Wally?, Ketchup & Prince Garmin away down the lane to the southeast before searching the south-western footpath over the crop fields toward Bell Bar, this was a Falsie.

Meanwhile TBT OBE had chosen to search Grub’s Lane in the opposite direction.  By the time the Hare & the RA arrived at the CHK, & had marked this CHK with a Beer Bottle toward TBT OBE, Teebs was spotted having the briefest of quick glances at a footpath off to the North, but then he came back before passing the large old tree-trunk where the Dust was placed on its back side.  TBT OBE had to be called back from running further up Grubs Lane as Mr X found the Dust, so much Dust that he could grab a handful & mark an arrow on the tarmac lane to indicate to the returning FRBS they had to pass through the hedgerow & head northward over a crop field.

Approaching the end of a windbreak of a hedgerow, Mr X disturbed a couple of male Pheasants who flew off while shrilling their distinctive warning sounds as he turned to run along on the northern side of the hedge, the Trail was now on a track that would eventually turn though 90° right-angle to head over toward the southern tip of a Plantation.  A turn to the west there brought the Pack to a CHK at the western tip of the wood.

Ketchup fell for the Falsie to the North, while Milf & Mark E Mark chose the southern option by the large pile of building rubble, they were on the right Trail & the Hare marked the CHK away from the bricks & concrete blocks to head along the edge of a crop field, all of which would bring the Pack back out through the Tree-line to Grubb’s Lane once again.  Meanwhile Kylie was directed down the route Ketchup was coming back from, this was now a Short Cut.

Having stopped to check on Prince Garmin’s progress behind him, Ketchup didn’t want a repeat of the previous week’s issue with him losing his son ahead of him on the Trail, & then mistakenly going back to search for him.  He wasn’t too concerned when he saw Prince Garmin making his way along, with ‘Dad’ [TBT OBE –Ed!] was following up, it seems that TBT OBE’s early effort in running had caught up with him.

Prince Garmin, on the other hand, soon caught up with Ketchup as the Trail turned westward to head a short way to the triangular junction with Woodside Lane, the Trail made its way a few degrees west off of due north along this fairly quiet lane to the T-Junction on the bend in the Wildhill Road.  Ketchup asked Mr X if this was the lane that leads large old detached house with its very smart new redbrick wall surrounding it.

Mr X then had Ketchup guessing at the strength of the Greede King Abbot Confession, that was on back at the Woodman, it turns out that this is a mere 8.5%!  This was definitely not the first Ale to be had when returning to the On Inn, but perhaps the third or final one.

The Trail now took to Green Street, a narrow, uncapped right of way that starts off heading away to the north west, between the home & the large buildings of Woodside Place Farm, as Ketchup recalled home to the now defunct Woodside Nightclub. 

The Hash would now begin a long stretch, with no breaks from R*nning, it was now like a Park R*n with a trot around the arcing bend in the tree-lined hedged-in secluded by-way as it turned to the east.  It wasn’t just all hedges, bushes & trees along either side of the by-way. There was two of TBT OBE’s white poles with coloured tops to indicate a Gas Line running under the uncapped route, there were also plenty of puddles formed after all the rain had settled, one to be avoided as it had a rather large dead squirrel in it!

But of most of interest on this leg was the power line, which ran from one pole over the heads of the Pack, through some trimmed tree branches for support & then on to another telegraph pole that was leaning at somewhat of a tilt & looked as if it would soon join the missing one now replaced by lopped branches.

The long path finally came out on to the elbow of the bend in West End Lane, which runs from north to south in to Wildhill, the ‘West’ part of the name comes from the fact that the West End of Essendon is north of Wildhill, it was also at this pull-in that the Hare had marked the Trail to point due south, using what looked like a small tree trunk & two large branches. 

On the way down into the shallow dip the On Inn was passed, then on the last short rise up to Wildhill Road the rain started to come down on Mr X & Prince Garmin, luckily these two made it to the smoking shelter to join the FRBs in the dry.

However, TBT OBE & Kyle were both still out on Trail in the rain, with TBT OBE eventually emerging on to Wildhill Road where he turned right & headed away from the Pub!  Some hooting & hollering from Milf soon brought TBT OBE back around. 

Now there was a rush for the FRBs to get changed & into the Pub, for the locals were arriving & queuing up at the door to get in & claim their spots inside.  My Lil’ & Ketchup were soon on to the tail of the regulars, through the double-doors, where they bagged the tables in the rear side room.

Once inside the back room the Pack settled in to enjoy the Ales on offer, Trashes where handed out before Kylie arrived back, looking like a drowned rat with his soaked waterproof, that he was happy to share as he hugged Milf!  Subs were paid, TBT OBE took his Menu options around – seems that we now have Vegetarian Turkey as an option on the menu. 

Milf’s phone rang, it was from Jack & Sarah, but neither her of Kylie could get a signal, so Kylie wedged his mobile up in to the bars of the top window, just in case a signal got through, it didn’t.

As it is a traditional (for the Hash in this Pub) the few hardy souls were treated to a ‘Poor man’s Chicken & Chips’ of Crisps & (Chilli) Pickled Eggs, by the Jar, which was followed up with Pickled Shallots, again by the Jar, then these were washed down with a Pint of Abbot’s Confession & by God it was so easy to drink!  So, it may have been a blessing in disguise that the Pub run out of this strong Ale.

The Hare was rewarded for the Trail, then the Pack were joined by Lobby Lobster, who got to see the table stacked with old crisp packets, empty pickle jars & the like.  No doubt she wasn’t going to be keen on getting Mark E Mark home after he had consumed all of the above.