Date =                             21st Oct 2018

Run Number =             1819    

Venue =                        The 2 Brews Café

Location =                    Kings Langley

Hare/s =                         Mr X

Beer =                            Youngs

Runners =                     9                                                

Virgins =                        0

Visitors =                       0

Newies =                       0

Après =                          0

Hounds =                      1

Total =                          10

Membership =             Lording it up!


            A bright & sunny weekend allowed the Hare to get the Trail set, then work out the upcoming Poppy Run, then watch the Rugby all on the Saturday.  After a ‘Spoon’s breakfast on the Sunday Morning, where My Lil’s usual coffee was dropped in favour of a pint of a fruity Blackberry* Porter, a nice trot around Kings Langley was in order, with the few who made it out over to this nice spot in Hertfordshire. *One of your Five a Day!

            No Eye Deer drove past the entrance to the Sadiku Stadium, home to Kings Langley FC, Watford Ladies & a host of Kids’ Teams, Mr X answered her call & said that there was space in the rapidly filling car park, as child protégés where dropped off for their games.  Lemming reckoned the sports skills were far better than his, as Mr X said that he should be out there pretending to be a smaller version of Pierluigi Collina, the famous Italian Football Ref.

            The Circle was called a couple of minutes beyond 11 o’clock, the Hare warned the small, but perfectly formed Pack, of being careful crossing the main road, there were bits of narrow lanes to be run, also the Pack were warned to watch out for shallow scrapes with animal poop in them. [Turns out that Badgers like to do this, even building communal latrines to defecate in to! – Ed]

             Starting from the entrance of the Kings Langley FC Club the Pack crossed over the busy road, a CHK was found beyond the cars parked up on the verge on the west side of the Hempstead road, this was put there just for My Lil' a CHK but he had already seen arrows southward of this, after he had alighted from the 501 Bus, he had also spotted a CHK just beyond the bus shelter.  The Pack were now heading toward Kings Langley proper

A Falsie heading westward & winding its way up Coniston Road was ignored by the FRBs, who were continuing toward the Centre Kings Langley as the Trail continued its way southward until reaching double arrows pointing the way up an alleyway footpath that leads out on to Lock Road, a small estate at the northern tip of the Village.  Meanwhile Kylie & the Hare made their way up Coniston.

A west bound trot was ensured as arrows directed the Pack up to Osbourne Ave, a nice leafy back street leading northward back to Coniston Road, the Trail wheeled to the southwest, where the Hare & Kylie had already gone by as Where’s Wally? & Lemming led the FRBs around the end of the loop.

Up to a bend in the road & a CHK was found, Lemming & Kylie checked it out straight on the footpath running along beside the School grounds to search up beyond the Cycling gates, while Where’s Wally? picked up the Trail yet again, which led the RA into thinking that perhaps a Steward’s’ Enquiry was in order for him to take a drugs test as its unlike Where’s Wally? to be so consistent in finding Trail? 

The Trial headed northward as it was picked up on the elongated S-bend on the bottom of the 60/70's estate to run south-westward up beyond the post box & then to find a sharp turn to the left leading pathway that the fronts of the homes come out on to.  Obviously these homes were designed by architects who didn't consider that people would still need cars in the 2000’s, instead it was all rather Victorian in thought that people living here would only work locally & would need a driveway or parking spaces.

            The Hare now played with Lemming, who was still up at the T just on the footpath by the school for Where’s Wally? appeared from the cut-through just beyond this & called to Lemming!  Lemming body languages showed that he was tempted to go through the T but until the Hare had officially marked this route as a Short Cut.  Eventually, after several attempts, the Hare marked the SC & Lemming could join the rest, who had made their way around the diversionary loop to head south-westerly beyond the Three Villages Children’s Centre side-entrance.  

On out through another set of cycling prevention bars across the footpath & then on out to a CHK up by a large Oak on the corner of the greenspace wedged between Common Lane, the splendidly named Love Lane & Barnes Lane.  My Lil’ & Lemming started off heading south-westerly down Common Lane, this was a Falsie but they didn’t get that far when Where’s Wally? had called “On! up Love Lane to the southwest, this too would be False, as was Mother & No Eye Deer’s searching back on Coniston Road again.  It was down to Milf to pick up the Trail on the single track rustic Barnes Lane.

A short way down the narrow leafy lane & just by a couple of nice cottages to where a set of double arrows directed the pack up a set of metal steps through the holly hedge.  No Eye Deer almost tripped up the first of the metal stairs to a CHK point at the 90° corner of the outside of the permitted fence & hedges of another local school.  Milf, Mother & Where’s Wally searched the north-westerly path between the school grounds & the lane’s tree line, they would have to deal with the scrapes containing poop burrows, however this was a Falsie.

The southwestern choice was the correct one, running between the fenced off back gardens on the left & the fenced-in hedges to the School Playing fields, along the way there were plenty of roots to avoid, but this is far better than poop.  A 90 degree turn brought the hash on to the last few hundred yards of footpath, on the way a small dog, which no doubt thinks it’s bigger than it really is, barked at the passing pack form the safety of the opposite side of the fence.

The Pack came out on to a CHK just across from the School entrance on to Love Lane, Lemming decided to ignore the double arrows pointing over the entrance, instead he wandered through the school gates until his progress was checked by the Hare.  The Trail was picked up as a series of one sided arrows were discovered positioned out of sight from the CHK, hidden behind the two sets of three black plastic bollards on the shallow bend, then before the footpath run out, arrows directed the Hash over to the eastern side & on to the western edge of Kings Langley common.

The Trail wasn't going to venture on to the common just yet, there was far too much more to be done before then.  Milf & Mother stopped to look at the information board about Kings Langley’s Common near to a CHK on the crossroads, meanwhile Fliptop & Teddy looked over to the northwest on Barnes Lane, while Where’s Walley? & Lemming were tempted to look on Vicarage Road on the southern end of the common where the Cricket Club sits, all to no avail.

It was My Lil’ who crossed over & searching the north-westerly narrow rustic lane he picked up the Trail.  This lane started off at a normal width but regressed to its narrow, older origins as it ran by quaint old cottages to come out to the bend where the Kings Arms sits, a nice old Inn.

This older section of Kings Langley dates from the days when the area was known as Langel Regis in 1215, by being frequented by Plantagenet Kings in a Royal Palace there.  More arrows direct the way by the entrance of the Rudolf Steiner school, a site that was once a Priory. 

Passing over a rough bit of ground beside the School entrance to discover some faint powdery remains in the scrapped earth under a conifer hedge on the corner of the crossroads of two footpaths.  Some numpty’s efforts to destroy the Trail failed, as the Hare had drawn a CHK on the post by the Kissing Gate!

My Lil' chose to search the option running behind the homes on Langley Hill, while Lemming chose the opposite direction, but (Believe it or not) it was Where's Wally? again who picked up the Trail beyond the Kissing Gate, at which Milf insisted kisses where exchanged by those passing through!

A nice long trot downhill on a dead straight footpath over the field of short winter greens.  At the far end the Trail passed by a large pile of manure with steams of slurry to be skipped over, then on through another Kissing Gate, again Milf was insistent that at least Kylie gave her a kiss! 

The Trail was still intact on t southern side of the Treeline, as CHK was found on the Farm Track that heads up from the Watford Road in the valley & over the A41 Kings Langley by-pass.  Where’s Wally?, My Lil’ & Lemming chose to disappear through the hedgerow up by the Motorway, but Lemming wasn’t trusting the Hare & so he waited to see in which direction the Hare would mark the CHK.

Lemming was like a Cuckoo in a clock, as he kept swinging open the gate in the hedgerow to poke his head out & take a peek at what the Hare was doing, then making out he was going back to head toward the by-pass.  His bright red Herts T-shirt gave it away that he wasn’t really doing any checking, but lurking behind the greenery!

Eventually it was No Eye Deer who picked up the Trail, with Milf & Mother following on to make it that the Harriettes were now leading the way on the easterly downhill route the farm Track takes in to the valley.  A CHK found by a footpath that cuts diagonally off of this, My Lil’ caught up & he joined No Eye Deer in searching up the footpath hedged on one side & with a wire fence on the eastern side, this heads up toward the homes of Beechfield on the southwestern most point of Kings Langley.  The Trail ran this way so Milf & Mother came back.

Out from the dividing hedgerow between the farm field & the paddock, then from the corner where a set of garages sit, Dust ran across the small green to make its way through the top of the 1960s housing estate & then to turn from northward to eastward & head down Great Park Road.  The Hare had planned that the downhill trot where the lure of the canal would lead the FRBs astray.  Indeed it did work as a Bar CHK would terminate any further progress down toward the Church on the old High Street.  All Saints Church is where the tomb of Edmund of Langley was brought to after the disillusion of the Priory, he was the first Duke of York.

All Saints was also the resting place of Richard II after his murder at Pontefract Castle, his remains were moved to Westminster Abbey in 1413 when Henry V tried to atone for his father’s (Henry IV) act of murder.  Richard II Royal Emblem was a White Hart, prominent on many Pubs & taverns that were named so after this.

Lemming, Mother, Where’s Wally? My Lil’ were all making their way back up from the Bar CHK on descent of the hillside, No Eye Deer was among the first to cross over to Friar’s Way & the rest followed to find a CHK in the gap in the hedges on the alleyway footpath that runs from the high ground & farm fields by the CHK next to the Rudolf Steiner School in the west, then all the way down to the high street in the east.  The Hare was pleased to see that all of the Keenies were tempted to head down the hill side alleyway to fins a T!

My Lil’ was groaning about having to go back up hill, as Fliptop picked up the Trail through to Archers Close, where the way was marked on to the footpath running beside the wall of one of the large homes there, this path would now run up to the small private road off of Langley Hill.  Where’s Wally, Milf & Lemming had to be called back, for they had missed the Held CHK on an old tree-stump by the couple of garages, the reason being that this had also been attacked by some numpty.  This was the sweet stop, Kylie was never that far behind the rest & was soon taking snaps for the Farcebook page of the Pack eating Wine-gums & Fruitilious sweets.

The Trail resumed by leading out of the uncapped drive & turned eastward on to Langley Hill Road, a few hundred yards from the bend the Kings Arms sits upon at the top of the hill!  It was now that the Hash would head down the hillside with no Falsies.  Though perhaps a doubting Lemming, after the Hare’s earlier ‘Lemming Baiting’, along with Mother slowed up on what was a nice run to the High Street.  At the junction Mother pointed out that she thought that the Hare would have set the Trail from the Saracens Head, which is located straight across from where the junction.  [The Ale would be far cheaper at the Football Club! – Ed]

No chance of a drink in the Free-house, as arrows pointed the way to the north, passing along the elevated footpath where the local market is held.  On the way the Pack passed by some hoardings, painted with local images, including a Train to excite Kylie.  Mother suggest that “You Boys, should pop in there!” to Mr X & Lemming as they trotted by the local Barbers?  Somehow they would not be getting much custom from Herts Hashers.

Crossing over the start of Vicarage Road, then by the local Post Office things turned north-westward up Common Lane, taking a short curved bend to come out on to the eastern side of the Kings Langley Common.  The final stretch of the Trail would lead up in to the wooded area that gave the village its Langley name, which is derived from the old English for Long wood.

A nice trot northward up between the established broadleaf trees to a CHK on the mighty roots of one large oak, just as Lemming was questioning if he was at the front or the middle of the Pack, the lack of calling was then broken by My Lil’, Milf & Where’s Wally as they found the Dust leading down a easterly path that leaves the wood by running a Shiggy path next to the Travel Lodge, slippery Shiggy which made No Eye Deer think she had trod in something, like badger poop!  The path came out on to the High Street & the On Inn was found by the bollards before the Pack were directed northward back to the Football Club.

Once by the On Inn, most had a stroll back, for those who did run the last bit would be back just on the hour.  The Pack were kept together pretty well for the whole Trail.  The Hash settled down on the outside decked seating area, while enjoying a very nice pint of Young’s, accompanied by some Chilli Honey Nuts, Milf went & purchased a couple of portions of chips, while Mother bough two packets of ‘Hand Crafted’ Crisps.

Lemming got to talk to the steward, who was ‘Living the dream’ as he always wanted to Run a Pub but his wife was not as keen, but now he runs a club with the family, keeps the Ales to a good standard at the Bar, the Jolly Boys Ales being brewed by his brother in Yorkshire, plus can watch as much football as he likes.

There were only two Down-Downs, the Pint going to Mr X, as the Hare, the other going to Lemming for acting like Cuckoo on the Kissing Gate!  Then it was time to enjoy the rest of the sunny, summer like day, before Lemming twisted some arms to go to the Hemel ‘Spoons to sample another Blackberry Porter