Date =                            28th Oct 2018

Run Number =            1820    

Venue =                        The Little Green Dragon Ale House

Location =                    Winchmore Hill

Hare/s =                        Standin Shit

Beer =                           Walrus Chocolate IPA; Flying Hellfish; Five Points Pale; XT8 Porter; Stour Valley Gold

Runners =                   9                                                

Virgins =                      0

Visitors =                     0

Newies =                      0

Après =                        0

Hounds =                    0

Total =                          9

Membership =            In need of the extra hour in bed!


            Two early arrivals failed to see any markings as they looked around the area where the Little Green Dragon Ale House sits, this was purely to see how much parking was available!  The RA in particular was happy to see that there was plenty of Parking next to the Pub, having received a few emails on the subject, to which he replied that he wasn’t the Hare & the only time he had been there before was by Train, so had no need to look for any spaces or Parking restrictions.

Having wandered back toward the up to the original Green Dragon, now a Waitrose, Mr X & My Lil’ had a cuppa in a local café before Paxo phoned to ask them to get someone to look after 2-1-2 Maureen, as he was stuck Finsbury Park waiting for a Bus Replacement service.  Minding 2-1-2 Maureen would begin literally after Mr X had hung up on Paxo, for the two found her wandering around the opposite shopping parade looking for the Little Green Dragon Ale House.  They led 2-1-2 Maureen down to the latest Green Dragon in these parts.

Approaching the venue, Mr X was pleased to see that Where’s Wally? had bagged ‘Pole Position’ on the front of the marked out parking bays along the opposite side of the road from the Little Green Dragon, which didn’t have any restriction as it was a Sunday!  Sparky on the other-hand had gone for the free parking shown on Parkapdeia website, which was further away!

Standin Shit arrived & he began to hand out small pieces of plasterboard to the potential FRBs of Mr X, My Lil’ & Where’s Wally? Which led to My Lil’ spotting that these were all exactly the rectangular shape & size.

Mr X called the Circle together at 5 minutes past the hour, then once introduced the Hare explained what to expect out in Winchmore Hill, he took great pains to point out that a False Trail was marked by two parallel lines with one having an arrow point back from it.  He also mentioned that there was dog poop to avoid!

Then without further ado the Pack were sent around the corner on to Ridge avenue, but not far as just beyond the taxi office arrows were discovered pointing the way through the ornate gate, that leads on to a footpath ruining on the western side of the New River, as it flows southward to delivering drinking water to London, as it has since it was opened in 1613 under a Royal Charter of King James I (VI of Scotland).

The Keenies were soon running southward, it was along here that the first of the dog poop was found, though most of it was tied up inside poop-bags, while avoiding the slippery black bags no one would noticed that they were running on a slight drop in the terrain, but who would as its around just five inches per mile (8 cm/km) to create the flow of the water. 

A sign made sure that the Pack kept to the ‘New River path’ as they approached a slight bend in the water’s course, thankfully Sparky obeyed the sign & didn’t carry on to fall in the drink!  The Path came out on to Firs Road & the first CHK was found opposite the northern tip of The Winchmore Hill Sports Ground also known as the Paulin Ground.  Where’s Wally was tempted to search through Gus’s Gate, an black iron entrance into the sports ground that had the effigy of a batsman playing a stroke set in to its design.

Mr X chose to search off along the road to the west, but it was back on to the continuation of the New River path as it takes to a south-westerly heading before resuming to a due south course.  It was just as the Trail crossed a footbridge to the west side of the waterway, before arriving at a road, that Mr X caught up with Wanktlers, who arrived too late to leave his bag somewhere, & he was running with this on his back as he made his way to be an FRBs.

The soft grassy path of the New River would soon give way to concrete & tarmac as the FRBs came out on to Ford’s Grove.  Arrows led the Keenies away from the hand carwash to take to Queens Avenue, a small back road that would eventually come out on to Green Lanes, this this main road was quickly crossed over to lead up to a path above the local Sainsbury’s Store. 

The FRBs were now embarking on a trot through on a tarmac path in a strange C-shaped woodland that surrounds the supermarket, it was noticed that a sign on the gate said that there should be no cycling, skateboard or the exercising of dogs within.  After running the western path, a CHK was found near to its edge by Haslemere Road, Sparky, Where’s Wally? & My Lil’ all searched out on this road but to no avail, since the Trail was found on the tarmac path heading south on the back of the C section of the interlinking paths.

My Lil’ was miffed as the arrows took him down to where he had almost run to on the outside of the railings of Haslemere Road, on the other hand Where’s Wally? was relieved, in more ways than one as he went over to one of the old established broadleaf trees, in the process of doing so he really did scare one of the local tree-rat hanging on the said tree! 

The Trail now took to the last section of the wood to run below Sainsbury’s & back out on to Green Lanes again, this time turning northward to head back to where they had come from, or so it seemed, until arrows directed the Pack over a crossing & then on to Highfield Road to the east, the tempting sight of the Orange Tree was soon gone as the FRBs were directed north-eastward up on the New River Path again.  My Lil’ led the way on the eastern bank.

After a few kinks in the waterway the Keenies would approach Farm Road, then they saw My Lil’ coming back down on the opposite side of the fence on the east side of the waterway path they were still on.  Where’s Wally? said that he was looking forward to this R*n, for he used to reside around these parts & would reminisce about taking his early girlfriends up the passages [Steady there Pebbledash! – Ed] as he hit the hair-pin turn on Farm Road which had the FRBs running all the way back down the alleyway to High Field Road, the nasty Hare had the Keenies emerging further along from the Orange Tree!  The Hare was now walking by this, looking pretty pleased with himself.

A CHK was found opposite the start of the southbound Carpenters Gardens, but no Trail was found there, however Mr X had spotted a green footpath sign further along to the east, & he pointed this out to Wanktlers, who picked up the Trail on this alleyway that leads out on to a side section of Carpenters Gardens before running down through another green space of Barrowell Green to come out to a CHK on Barrowell Green Road.  It was here that the Keenies caught up with 2-1-2 Maureen & Zoya who were being escorted by Fireball.

An easterly run was up next, as the Trail ran to the end of the road to where it joins Firs Lane, here the Pack were directed across the road junction to the eastern side to head away from the more desirable northern route between two parks on the old road back toward where the Pub is. 

Instead the Trail ran along by the last section of the Firs Farm Wetlands Park & Playing Fields, this being an abandoned, slightly feral playing field that had a sign posted to one post that declared there was a High Court Order in place, but for what? it didn’t say!  Probably someone trying to develop housing, to the detriment of the Green Spaces.  It was noted that Sparky had gone missing around this point in the Trail, had he been arrested for breaking the Court Order?

My Lil’ led the way down & around to the Fairway, where he found a Turn-back (Double Bars with an arrow) so he returned.  The rest of the FRBS turned back & followed him back up Firs Lane, only to be stopped by the smug Hare who sent them all scurrying back southward again, this time beyond The Fairway (Street) & down to a CHK by the local Premier Stores.

Mr X searched the alleyway way behind the shops, but the path from there was gated, so no access was available.  It was down to My Lil’ who picked up the Trail as it was found heading southward down Cornscliffe Road, then a left turn took then eastward along Pembroke Road, at the end of which was another Turn-back!  Wanktlers, Mr X & My Lil’ were now wise to searching off the Trail before going all the way back to the CHK, & so they soon picked up the arrows heading northward up through Hazel Close.

Passing through the cut-through, the Keenies were soon back on to The Fairway, where 2-1-2 Maureen, Zoya & Fireball were coming down to join them in making their way out to the Great Cambridge Road (The A10), where the Trail took a 90° degree turn to head up beside the northbound dual carriageways.  Having passed by the entrance to the local Scouts & Guide Huts arrows would point the Pack back in to the Firs Farm Wetlands Park & Playing Fields.  20 yards in t this & a CHK was found on the elbow junction of two tarmac paths.

My Lil’ searched the north bound one, while Wanktlers fared better when he picked up the Trail on the westerly option.  Having dodged the dog’s eggs on the junction, where someone hadn’t been so lucky by the looks of the skid marks, the RA spotted My Lil’ Sludging Short Cutting over the wide grassy area toward the Tree-line separating the various sections of the Playing fields.

Mr X called out “Short Cutter!” to My Lil’ as he cut over toward Wanktlers, then he changed tack as Wanktlers altered his direction to run along the eastern side of the Tree-line.  My Lil’ kept looking back to see if Mr X would cut off this corner, eventually he saw Mr X running over the grass & so My Lil’ called out “Short Cutter!” back, but Mr X shouted back “Oh no I am not, I have marked a Short Cut on the tarmac path!” with the small section of Plasterboard the Hare had given him earlier!

The RA’s laughing rang in My Lil’s ears as they followed Wanktlers up to the gap in the tree-line & through to the corner where the soccer matches were being played.  The Trail weaved its way through the trees on the northern side of the tree-line, heading westward back toward Firs Road, but it would turn off before reaching the road to take the Pack along by a smelly ditch & then around in to the new parkland area that has been built on the site of former Firs farm.  Information signs told that this area is the site of a hidden River, the Moore Brook, which runs beneath your feet, though it smelt more like a sewer & the Keenies were glad to be running away westward from it to go around the ponds.

Mr X could see that Sparky had caught back up & he was with the SCBs on the other side of the tree-line, as the Trail made its way back over toward the A10, Wanktlers & My Lil’ found the Turn-Back before the main arterial road & were soon coming back to make their way through the gate to the Edmonton Cemetery.  By this point Where’s Wally? had found his leg was aching, so he was now walking along with Zoya.

A respectful trot in an anticlockwise direction around one half of the oval layout of the graveyard, to eventually come out by the ornate Chappell, then the well-kept northbound Drive to Church Street, it was noted on the way that there were some huge family plots & memorials in this graveyard, plus there seems to be a lot of headstones with pictures of the deceased on them.

By now more legs were beginning to tire, as a Wanktlers, Mr X & My Lil’ broke away from the rest of the Pack, taking the route off of Church Street then on to Firs Park Road, heading to the west for a short way before crossing over to run through the back streets, [This section has been edited out to help save the rainforests! – Ed] while all the while forlornly hoping to see a parade of shops appear like a mirage in the desert of the commuter belt housing. 

After many twists & turns at the end of the Trail, the Pack were led down Colne Road finally reaching Percy Road, that led up to A105, where the On Inn was found.  After a simple trot around to the Little Green Dragon Ale House, the trio found Paxo was already ensconced within & he had bagged the table in the window that had what looked like Sparky already sitting there, but it turned out to be a plastic Skeleton that was a part of the Halloween Decorations.  The saddest of these were the cardboard tombstones of Pubs in the local area that are no more, Wanktlers, Mr X & Where’s Wally? recalled visiting a few of these!  Including the Original Green Dragon, The Merry Hills, William VI, Old Bell & the Rising Sun to name a few.

It didn’t take too long for the Hash to notice that one person seemed to be in most of the photographs of the regulars that adorn the walls, & we don’t mean the Halloween decorations, though Standin’s mug on the walls kind of fitted in with the Ghoulish theme!   Mr X blew up an inflatable green dragon, to go with the other green dragon already in the Bar, then Wanktlers dressed the skeleton with a Hash Shirt, which impressed the landlord, so photos were taken. [More pictures of Stand-in to adorn the walls, Bloody Prima donna! – Ed]

 After such a long Trail, the Keenies all seemed to have had their brains starved of oxygen, for they forget to present their CAMRA Cards on their first visit to the Bar for a discount, but once refreshed they wouldn’t forget this next trip to get a Pint!  The rest of the Pack arrived, Fireball & Standin Shit had come in with a large bag that contained bread, cheese, ham, pickle, olives etc. for an indoor picnic, which went down really well with the excellent Ales.

Where’s Wally? Stayed a little longer than usual, not rushing off as he tucked in to the fantastic spread of food.  After this he & Zoya moved on, leaving before Mr X called the Circle together!  The Hare was rewarded for an excellent Trail, if not a little long for those who had driven up from Kent that morning!  My Lil’ was out for his accusations of the RA short cutting!  Sparky for having a Doppelganger at the table [The plastic skeleton had more meat on him! – Ed] While Wanktlers received his Shamrock Poppy Pin form the Irish Branch of the RBL!

After the Circle the hardy ones stayed a little longer, Mr X sorted out 2-1-2 Maureen’s Menu, having to explain about the faketarian Roast Turkey option, being a proper vegetarian she unimpressed she chose the fish.  2-1-2 Maureen made her way home, while Mr X & My Lil’ missed the Bus Replacement Service, so had to stay for another hour & enjoy another Ale!