For those dumf*cks who asked where last week’s Run Report was, in the absence of the usual Scribe & just could be arsed to give it a go!  [Go on give it a try, it’s only retired people with too much time on their hands who like to pick holes in things! – Ed]


Date =                            25th November 2018

Run Number =             1825    

Venue =                        Ware to Eat, then the Old Bull’s Head

Location =                    Ware

Hare/s =                        Paxo/Ewok

Beer =                           Theakstone’s Old Peculier

Runners =                    12                                               

Virgins =                        0

Visitors =                       0

Newies =                       0

Après =                          0

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          12

Membership =             The Kids are back to join the Piggin’ Out!!


            Sparky managed to park up in the other side of Ware, walk by the Old Bulls Head, look in to Ware to Eat before meeting the Pack at the Car Park, all of which he would forget by the end of the Trail!

            It was a good Trail, with Gemma making it, keeping up her 100% record for turning out since her first Hash!

This week saw the return of both Pebbledash & Pepé le Pew as well as Max Factor & Alfa Male (a bit of a family affair?)

The Trail was under the hour, taking in small town park areas, watery ditches & a sports arenas of Wodson Park to show the local athletes what they were missing out on!  Paxo looked after the SCBs at the back, while FRBs ran around like headless chickens around the town Trail.  Sparky got lost a couple of times & TBT OBE tripped over a tree root, which was strangely connected to a nearby tree!  So not much different from any other week!

Most had a hearty meaty breakfast after the Trail, Faketarians excepted, before making their way to the almost adjacent Old Bulls Head, through Sparky had a job locating this, even after he had looked in the courtyard on his way to the start!  Once inside the old Bulls Head the Pack could sit & warm themselves by a large open fire place, large enough to roast an Ewok in! [Steady there Pebbledash! – Ed]