Date =                           13th January 2019

Run Number =            1834    

Venue =                       The View (Fairway Tavern Panshanger Golf Complex)

Location =                   Welwyn Garden City

Hare/s =                        Paxo

Beer =                           Greede King IPA; Dooombar & Craft stuff!

Runners =                    17                                               

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0

Newies =                       0

Après =                          0

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          17

Membership =            Shouts of ‘Four & losing the Beer Master!’


            For a fairly mild, slightly windy, overcast day the turnout wasn’t too bad, most who managed this were still feeling the effects of the Herts Christmas Weekend & suffering from the now dragged out effects of the recent bout of the lurgy, this also meant that TBT OBE wasn’t well enough to come out to play.

            Jenny had arrived for her first Full Herts Trail, having complete half of the Trail in Letchworth before the Christmas Break.  Jenny asked if she could leave her change of clothes in the back of a car, there was a sudden concuss among the regulars that Sludge’s was the best option, as he is known for getting back before the rest of the Pack & it’s not down to his athleticism!

The Pack were called to order in good time by Fliptop, then it was over to the Hare, who started to make his excuses before he mentioned anything to do with the Trail.  Paxo claimed that he arrived to set the Trail on Saturday with flour, chalk but no map!

            Having told the Circle that it was a ‘Runners Trail’ he did add that there was a short cut, there would be horses out there, but without Sparky & his little horn [Careful Pebbledash! – ED] there was little worry about.  So, the Hash were pointed southward to the CHK out toward the entrance of the Golf Complex on Herns Lane, Lemming was tempted to go for the option of running down the now cut off Old Herns Lane.  Others had seen Trail on their walk in to the venue out on Herns lane & thought differently.

            Mr X found that the arrows leading away on the curving end of Herns Lane toward the roundabout was a Falsie, no doubt put in for his benefit by the Hare for him to see on his way in to the venue?  Anyhow, the Trail was picked up a short way toward the east, on the southern side of Herns lane to a CHK on the junction where Bunns Field goes off to the south.

Wanktlers found the falsie down the verge of Herns lane, taking Jamie, Mr X & Sludge with him.  They came back to find that the rest were now out of sight & were long gone down the end of Bunns Field, around on to Bakers Grove to follow the Trail out on to Hilly Fields to the east. 

Now the Hash were taken along the bottom of the green open undulating fallow land that has signage dotted around the open perimeter to say that this area is Private land, not that you’d guess that with the desire lines criss-crossing the rough wild grass land that the local dog walkers were using.

The Trail would go around a part of the perimeter of this land that has long been earmarked for building, yet has remained untouched for years, maybe due to the fact that it was at one end of the former Panshanger Aerodrome?  RAF Panshanger was used as a Training ground during World War II & also more importantly as a dummy site to double as the de Havilland Aircraft Factory in nearby Hatfield to lure the Luftwaffe away from bombing that vital target.

Anyhow, the second section of this outer perimeter was to take the Hash along the tarmac path on the southern edge of the green space, running on by the grounds of the local Primary School, then at the corner by a footpath continuing off in to an alleyway a CHK was found.

Where’s Wally? & Ewok could be seen well ahead of Mr X on the Tail, he was struggling with his persistent cold but did try to make the effort as the Trail turned nor-nor-eastward along on the uncapped path behind the fenced off area of the old airfield.  Mr X caught up with Fliptop, who mentioned the signs about this area being private land, before saying “I am going to trespass!” as he ran on the parallel dog-walkers path just a few feet over on the rough ground behind the signs.

The Trail now left the open area to run along by the thickets at the end of the runway corner, the Poppy caught Lemming stopping to scare the squirrels deep ion the undergrowth!  Further back along this way Rose took a tumble & was helped up by Jamie as the Pack turned the long dog-leg bend around outer corner of the old aerodrome.

The Pack would gather some pace as at the next 90° turn away from the Aerodrome would run down the treeline on steep hill side to the B1000 in the valley to the north.  Care was need along the wide grassy verge of this sometime busy road, this led away in a south-eastern direction for a hundred or so yards before crossing over to take to the drive way in to Tewin Mill House.

Firstly crossing a Mill Stream & then the crystal clear River Mimram to pass through the well-kept grounds of the Mill House.  The River Mimram is a unique river, being one of only just 200 Chalk bed rivers in the World, it is regularly monitored for its cleanliness & since the water extraction is now restricted it again flows through to Hertford to join the River Lea there.

Out on to narrow country lane behind the picturesque Mill House & arrows directed the way south-eastward along to the bend in this narrow single track rustic lane, up to where a CHK point was found by the footpath off to Lambs Dell Wood to the north.  “On!” was called up toward the woodland, Spotted Dick, Custard, Jamie, Mark & Rose could see the FRBs heading up toward the bottom of the woodland & utilized one of the dog-walkers routes to cut off the corner of the lane.

A CHK was found just before the bottom of Lambs Dell Wood, My Lil’ chose to take the option up toward the wood & wouldn’t be seen on the Trail again until the conclusion back at the Golf Club!  This option was a Falsie, but My Lil’ claimed that he didn’t see any T’s up there, but it was used by the SCB’s of Custard, Spotted Dick, Mark, Rose & Mr X when it was pointed out as a Short Cut by the Hare.  None of them saw My Lil’ ahead of them.

Meanwhile the FRBs now climbed up away to the northeast, as they disappeared up the ridge of Marden Hill to the east, Mr X informed a Dog Walker about the flour markings, the gentleman, who was rather like an old Major, said that the route the Pack were now on was not an official path & it has been known for snares to be set along that way!  Mr X couldn’t recall the Hare mentioning this in his pre-Trail spiel warnings?

Jenny was holding her own with the likes of Where’s Wally? Sludge, Lemming, Wanktlers & the other FRBS as the Trail headed out toward the Hertford Road.  Being new to the Hash, & this area, she would fall for nearly all of the False Trails at the CHKs on the looping Long Trail around the equine paddocks & enclosures on Marden Hill before coming around in an anticlockwise direction into Home Wood, a larger section of the woodland to the east at the top of Lamb Dell Wood.

Back with the SCBs, they were making their way along the outside of Lamb Dell wood & then the outside of the Homewood, still there was no sign of My Lil’ or any Trail heading up the green grassy hillside.  The SCBs reached the outside of the top section of the larger plantation, known as Flexleys Wood, they still failed to spot any Dust along these parts & were perplexed as the Hare had stipulated to take the path at the tip of the woodland.  So, they walked the desire line around by the hedgerow beside the narrow Hertford Road to loop around up the hillside toward the eastern end of Tewin.

As they made their way up to the gate allowing access to the first bend in the Hertford Road on the edge of the village, the SCBs could see Where’s Wally? heading up the long path cutting up from Flexleys Wood, he was leading a long line of Hashers on this more direct route, rather than the ‘Long Cut’ the SCBs had taken!  Having said that, the SCBs walk wasn’t as long as the loop the Keenies were on, & arriving at the Held CHK at the same time as the FRBs meant that they weren’t hanging around at the top of the hill getting a chill in the wind.

Jamie, Lemming, Mother, Jenny, Fliptop, Wanktlers, Ewok, Tent Packer, Sludge all followed on up the grassy open area, with the Hare at the tail of the main Pack.  Ewok went back a short way to meet him & relieve him of a couple of packets of sour wine gums which were thrown over to the Pack with the word “In coming!” these were soon opened & passed around by Rose, who now seems to have a position of Hash Sweet Monitor her own!

The Pack now pondered on the whereabouts of My Lil’ & why he wasn’t at the Held CHK?  Mr X said that the Hash needn’t worry about the Hash Beer Master as he works around this area, so shouldn’t get lost!  Having done a couple of rounds of wine-gums, it was time to move on & the Hare marked the Trail north-westward in to Tewin itself, a quintessential English Village that derives its name from the God Tew.  The Norse & Germanic God Tyr (Tiw or Tew in Old English) was associated with the Roman God Mars, we also have Tuesday named after him.

With the coming of the Saxons in 449, those who settled the area called themselves "Sons of Tew" & the site of their shrine became that of St Peter’s Church when they became Christians in or about AD 604, shortly after the arrival of St Augustine, the First Archbishop of Canterbury.   It is thought that the North Wall of the church was part of the North Wall of this earlier Saxon Church                                                                                                                     Passing by the local village shop & post office, yes this place still has a local store open on a Sunday, the Trail led into the heart of the village, a green within the triangle of roads at Lower Green.  Lemming was impressed by this seemingly timeless place, with its small tiled roof on the open wooden structure that was once the village well, situated at the side of the green that Sludge was veering off away from until Paxo called him back to the rightful path.

Suddenly Jenny stopped & turned back with other FRBs as they claimed it was a Bar CHK, it turned out that it was just the way the Hare had thrown the flour & it settled in to the long gap in the kerbstones!  The RA was impressed that after only half a Trail, Jenny had already learnt what a Bar CHK was, when others like Sludge who’ll remain nameless still haven’t mastered this concept.  Paxo sent the FRBs back beyond the long blob of lfour.

Sludge would soon discover why he was called back earlier, & not just once either.  As he searched from the CHK opposite the Rose & Crown, he was called back from the footpath that runs behind the village Hall & bowls club.  He came around to join the likes of Fliptop, Lemming, Mother, Jenny, Wanktlers, Tent Packer & Mr X on Back Lane that runs off behind the Rose & Crown.  Like the poorly & well wrapped up Mr X, this party were none too pleased to find that this was a long Falsie!

Mr X made lots of Scrooge-like protestations on his way back about Paxo trying to kill of sick Hashers, they returned to the village to find that the Hare had now marked the Trail around to the south & on to School Lane.  However, Lemming was quite happy to run back through the village, especially now that he knew that there was another Pub, the 15th Century Plume of Feathers, in the village, after Mr X explained that both are decent Hostelries. [Maybe we should have a Trail over here in the Summer? – Ed]

Having bemoaned the ‘Evil Hare’ the RA was soon praising him as the SCBs hadn’t got that far away from the rest, for having been caught out & over-taken by the likes of Where’s Wally, Jenny, Lemming & Mother, they were led off to a Falsie leading through the farm fields to the southwest of Tewin.

Back to the small estate of Grass Warren at the south of the village, the Trail was picked up again on the edge of the large open area, this time at the top of the ridge to the west of Lamb Dell Wood, there are now a multitude of paths that could be used to great effect on a future run in these parts.  Some wondered if these were deliberately put in, in order to make building on this area harder?  For on the other side of the village is an area of land was bought for building upon, but planning permission was rejected years ago.

Anyhow, the Pack would begin a nice long downhill trot along the fenced edge of one farm field, there was a splendid vista ahead of the Pack, with the B1000 being hidden by the trees in the distance & for the taller members of the Pack were able to see the Golf Complex amongst the trees on the opposite side of the Mimram valley.

Down on the level & arrows encouraged the Hash to run westerly from the lane they had been on earlier, just a few yards away to the west from where they came out from Tewin Mill House.  The Pack crossed the lane to take to the footpath & jog by Tewin Mill Farm, which is now all fenced-in with lots of security as it is a fish farm, which used to specialise in koi carp, no doubt the fish benefitted from the clean water of the Mimram?

This Path would lead through the grounds of Tewinbury Farm, now a Hotel & Wedding complex, up on the hill behind this is the St Peter’s Church that Paxo was aiming for but failed to run through.  All of which made it obvious that he didn’t have a map when he set the Trail by the route the Pack had taken, plus he said that it was also getting dark by this point when he was setting it.

The end of the Trail was almost upon the Hash, as it turned to head southward to cross the Mimram on the long pebble drive to the B1000 for one last time, Mother & Lemming managed to not see the two large spotlight-like blobs of flour directly across from the entrance, instead they walked a little way along the wrong grass verge to the west, before spotting the footpath sign across the road, a few yards from the entrance from Tewinbury Farm.

The Pack were now back on Old Herns Lane, which separates the two sections of the Golf Course & was closed to traffic when the Course was built by the Council.  It has been voted in the past as one of the best ‘municipal’ golf courses in the UK.  More importantly for the Pack was on the rise up the shady lane with a canopy overhead of broadleaf trees, the On On Inn was found.

My Lil’ was found at the Car park, claiming that he had been around the Trail twice, which puzzled most as they hadn’t encountered him again at any other point on the Trail.  My Lil’s protestations that the Hare didn’t put a T down fell on deaf ears, then things became worse for My Lil’, for as he got his kit bag out of the Lemming-mobile he was heard to criticise the fact it was parked in a muddy area!

Once in the warm the pack could settle down in an area that has a splendid panorama through the windows that look out over the Mimram valley.  Talk of the next Christmas Party took place, this was all sorted & carried by the committee members present, without any interference from Teebs!

The conversation then took in the Christmas Weekend, though Lemming lost a lot of ‘Brownie Points’ with Mother when he claimed that he was ‘The Master of the House’!  Which led Mr X to compare him to the Les Miserables Character of the Landlord & what his wife calls him in the song.

When it came to the Circle, the Hash moved outside.  Fliptop raised the toast to the hash, then the RA took over.  All, bar one, of the Pack said that it was a great Trail [Perhaps we should steal Paxo’s maps for all of his future Runs? – Ed] as it took just over the hour to get around.

My Lil’ was called out for his ‘Sludging’ go awry on the Trail & his moaning about no T, which led Ewok to throw flour in to his pint before he downed it, this reminded the RA of telling Lemming of the Full Moon cocktail of a pint of Guinness with a raw egg in it – Lemming said that he couldn’t do that as he had an egg allergy, just before Mother placed his two boiled eggs in front of him at breakfast over the X-mas weekend!

Lemming was called forward to accept his Down-Down for being this & being the ‘Master of the House’ while Mother received the first of the 50 Run Hash bags that they clocked up the weekend before.  Ewok was then called out & presented with the sign that Strutty had attached to his speakers, she was as happy as stalker in the knowledge that his talented hands had made this signage.

Before the Circle was finished with, the RA announced up-coming events, namely the Saracens V Quins Match at the London Stadium Sat 23rd March (See the Hare-Line) if Chunderos can get her normal quota of tickets!  It will be the normal Pub/Brewery Crawl to the Olympic Park, then a Curry Afterwards, so numbers need for who is going to eat!

Also Mr X well as booking tickets for This Year’s (December 2019) Adult Panto (Tickets out in February), roughly it looks like everyone who went last time is going again, but If you are interested in any of the above with please let Mr X know. 

Plus we have the Chinese New Year Run coming up on Tuesday 5th Feb, in Letchworth, Buffet at the Dragon King afterwards – number need to seat us in one area!