Date =                            5th February 2019

Run Number =             1838    

Venue =                         The Three Magnets/Dragon King

Location =                    Letchworth

Hare/s =                        No Eye Deer

Beer =                           Wibblers’ Dengie Dark/Tsing Tao

Runners =                    13                                               

Virgins =                         0

Visitors =                        0

Newies =                        0

Après =                           6

Hounds =                       0

Total =                           19

Membership =             Kung Hai Fat Choi - Celebrating the Chinese New Year by ‘Passing the Pig’ on Trail!


            The early birds to arrive in Letchworth found that there was a light mizzle in the air, so Wanktlers & Mr X alighted from the Train & immediately took shelter in the Three Magnets, where My Lil’ was already keeping dry & had a pint of Wibblers’ Dengie Dark on the table for each of them!

            As the minute hand crept around to the hour, they were joined by Gemma, who was only doing the Trail.  Fliptop & Sis also arrived before the Hare, then Spotted Dick & Custard.  Tine to venture outside & Sludge was found wandering around the back of the precinct as some went to stow their change of clothes.  All of which meant that the Circle was called slightly after the hour. 

At least the weather had improved with the mizzle ceasing before Pack began the Trail, somewhat of a first for No Eye Deer in a long time, as her track record on previous Trails as Hare have had the Pack braved deluges, tempests & monsoon like tropical storms!

            Electronic excuses seemed to fly willy-nilly around the Circle, texts told that Ewok & Paxo were going to be late, Milf was delayed in traffic & TBT OBE was in bed thumbing through his home doctor to find another ailment he hasn’t come down with as yet!  As for Sparky, well no one knew where he was, not even his TomTom!

The Hare said that the Trail could be around an hour, that there were short cuts & that was about it!  But before the Pack set off My Lil’ had produced a toy version of George [No Pebbledash! – Ed] & as we were to learn later he is none other than the brother of Peppa Pig.  The porcine toy was to be passed from Hasher to Hasher at each CHK.

            The Trail began from outside of the Three Magnets, before the Hash set off George was tossed [No Pebbledash!- Ed] to Spotted Dick as the Pack headed up toward the water feature at the end of Leys Avenue.  However, the Pack were not going to weave their way through the short spouts of dancing water, the Pack had dry Hash boots as the Trail turned off to run southward through the shopping arcade of Eastcheap. 

The first CHK was found halfway along this, so it was a change of hands for George [No Pebbledash – Ed] to My Lil’ grasp, meanwhile there was hesitant look from Jenny to see if there was Trail down the westward passageway that has been Hashed along before, but not this time around as “On!” was called further way down Eastcheap to a CHK not far from the Broadway Cinema. 

As Gemma came back for toward the Broadway Cinema, Mr X realised that someone should take pictured of “Pass the Pig!” since the normal Hashflash was not present this evening.  So, he was going to have to put in an effort & have to run to keep up with the Keenies at the front & snap whoever one was grasping George. [Pebbledash stop it! – Ed]

The Trail ran through the car park by the Arena arcade where the Arena Tavern sits, or the Kings Head in the World’s End Film.  The Pack moved westward to the Broadway, crossing over by the local Morrisons’ Store & then around southward to a CHK by a footpath alleyway, George was palmed off once again [Stop it Pebbledash! – Ed] this time the RA was now the lucky recipient!  This footpath runs along the southern end of the Supermarket car park, Sludge was keen on this option away to the west, as was My Lil’, since it has been used plenty of time before in the past. 

            Jenny & Gemma both followed on behind Sludge & My Lil’, with Where’s Wally? & Wanktlers in tow were drawn around the two counter 90° turns only to find a Bar CHK out where the alley comes out on to Broadwater Avenue.  It now looked like it was going to be a cunning Trail, as the Keenies made their way back to where a smaller passage, which led through to the dead end of Gorst Close.  

As Mr X congratulated the Hare on being deceptive, he was overtaken though the short narrow passageway as the Trail was picked up by Jenny & Gemma as the Pack continued southward through this newer estate, following the u-bend like turn out to the west & on to Broadwater Avenue.  There was the next CHK, a shout of “Pass the Pig!” went up to signal it was time again for George to be swapped over, so the RA threw a George in a Rugby Pass style, putting enough spin on the stuffed porcine as it flew out to Gemma.

Gemma filled in those around her, that the pig was called George, brother of Peppa Pig.  As like Jenny, she has an in-depth knowledge of Peppa Pig & her family.  Answering Mr X’s question of what the stuffed toy was saying, for he speaks when squeezed [Don’t we all? – Ed] & it seems George has a fixation about Dinosaurs! 

Anyhow, the Trail now turned southward down Broadwater Avenue to where it joins Spring Road, the bright lights Jenny & Gemma were wearing added more illumination along the way.  The pace seemed pretty fast, whether it was the darkness of the evening or the hunger & the thought of a Chinese Buffet afterwards that spurred the Hash on, but there was no hanging around.  Luckily for Sis, Fliptop & Custard there were Short Cuts coming up.

A chorus of “Pass the Pig!” went up again, as George was passed over to Where’s Wally, who felt sorry for the poor fluffy toy piglet as he wedged him down the front of his jacket, not that it was that bad out there.  The Trail was rapidly picked up nor-nor-westward on Spring Road, that leads all the way up toward Station Road & the railway line, with a tunnel underneath the line which was something Sludge had his sights set upon!

Embarking down Spring Road & a local dog walker confirmed to Sludge that the Railway line was indeed down this route, what the dog walker or the FRBs weren’t to know was that there was a Bar CHK down there!  So, it was back to West View to pick up the Trail on its (somewhat ironic) south-westerly route through the suburban street to arrive at the next CHK on Chiltern View where George was handed on to Jenny.

Trail was picked up along Chiltern Road, passing the Buddhist Temple along the way, not that many noticed the end of terrace home being a temple, as on the outside it has the same white washed façade as the rest of the homes, inside it is slightly different with a Buddha statue, alter & religious regalia.  Anyhow, a disappointed Sludge was at least now heading toward the Railway line, but this crossing would be via a narrow footbridge over the line & not a tunnel beneath it.


Jenny & Gemma lit up the darker fenced in footbridge, with bright headlight like front lights & flashing red rear lights it was like being on the Dance-floor, with the weather being slightly chilly the Hashers were wearing hats, otherwise there could have been beams reflecting off of glitter-ball like pates!

Once over the line the Hash ran on by the Pre-fab looking bungalows, the word bungalow originates from the Bengal region of India.  The north bound Highover Road would end at a T-junction with the Icknield Way, where the Trail crossed over to the northern side of the east-west ancient route, moving a few yards up to where Abbotts Road joins it from the north. 

It was now FWB’s turn to carry George as there were two options marked out on the corner, one of them taking the Trail to the north or the other by choosing the marked Short Cut along the Icknield Way.  The Keenies set off northward along Abbotts Road to where it joins Bursland to the northeast, then turning southwest on to Archers Way.  This loop almost circumnavigate the grounds of a local school & the Wilbury Recreation Ground.  The Keenies would go off along Saffron Road to come out on to Redhoods Way West & then back on to the Icknield Way.

            FWB followed Mr X on a slightly shorter option from the loop back to the Icknield Way, he explained that this ancient route was a pre-roman way, that leads from Wiltshire to Norfolk, one of the major things to be moved along earlier on in its existence, was the trade in flints, as any one of a certain age would know from School trips, these mined & knapped (shaped) in to cutting tools at Grimes Graves to be used for axe-heads & arrow heads in the stone age.

            Anyhow, by this point Mr X was now back holding George [Oh I give up Pebbledash! –Ed] as they headed by the back car park of the large illuminated distinctive white & red brick edifice of the Spirella Company of Great Britain, FWB thought that a bunch of people warming up in the car park were the Hash, but on closer inspection it turned out to be some kind of fitness group warming up.  Mr X explained that the Spirella Company was built to make Corsets & Ladies Hosiery, but during World War II it made parachutes.

            The Trail crossed over the Railway bridge on Bridge Road & brought the pack back to Station place.  FWB went of her car, while the RA went to the car park to find Fliptop, but he couldn’t be found by his vehicle, as he was queued up in the Dragon king, thinking more of his belly than the less warmly dressed RA & Beer-master out by his car!

            On the way to Fliptop’s Motor, Mr X was stopped by Sparky & quizzed if he wanted a lift home?  Mr X just wanted to move on to get changed & have a pee, for the pre-Trail Ales was working its way through & he had a pretty full bladder.  With no Fliptop it was decided to have a quick search of the ‘spoons, which revealed that no other Hashers were in there, but there was some relief in the fact there were toilets in there.

After getting Fliptop’s Keys, & a trudge back to grab a change of clothes, the RA & Beer Master could now queue up & pay up for the buffet, as well as have a beer.  The Pack was bolstered in size by Après Hashers already sitting around one of the large tables reserved for the Hash, were Pepé le Pew, Pebbledash, Milf, Paxo & Ewok, as well as Sparky.  George Pig was placed centre table, in honour of it being the Chinese New Year of the Pig.  One of the Waiters liked George & picked him up for a cuddle [No Pebbledash! – Ed] who was placed right in front of Sparky [That’s It I give up! – Ed]

After his first course, Mr X went around the tables handing out the latest Trash, which had been completed almost overnight from the last Trail on Sunday to be ready for this Hash.  Having been the stand-in Hash-Flash for the evening, Mr X was too slow to get a shot of the stampede of Harriettes that occurred after one waiter announced that the chocolate fountain was now on!  Ah Well!

No Down-Downs were awarded, as most had gorged themselves, so they will be handed out the following week.  Next year it’s the Chinese New Year of the Rat, so be ready to “Pass the Rat!”