Date =                            17th February 2019

Run Number =             1840    

Venue =                        The Woodbine

Location =                    Waltham Abbey

Hare/s =                        Pic & Casey Jones

Beer =                           Captain Bob; Blind Poet; Tranquillity; Kings

Runners =                     9                                                

Virgins =                        0

Visitors =                      11 Essex

Newies =                       0

Après =                          2

Hounds =                     22

Total =                          22ish

Membership =            Missing some?


            The weather could not have been better for a Hash around the Epping Forest area, sadly for two of the Herts Stalwarts the local Train companies had decided that they were not going to be paying with their Train set & so a Bus Replacement Service was running.  The end result of all of the delays at the start of Mr X & My Lil’s journey was a snow ball effect of them missing the hourly bus from Loughton by just 8 Minutes.

            Mr X txt messaged Pic to let him know that these two were not going to make the opening Circle, in fact they feared that they would not be there for the end of the Run!  So, it was case of walking over toward the Pub, in a hope that the Trail would come around southward toward Great Monk wood of Epping Forest, or going to the local Wetherspoons?

While the joint Pack went through their respective R*n numbers introductions of 1840 from Fliptop & B.C.S.P (Big Car Small Prick) with 1811.  Meanwhile back in Loughton - Mr X recalled Pic saying that there was plenty of Trails around the northern Upshire area north of the Pub, so just in case there was no Trail to the south, so the ‘spoons won the day until the next 66A bus came around.

The Trail started on the south side of the A121, a busy road at the best of times.  The Pack were ushered away to the east, leaving the corralled-in car park by the small thatched lych-gate on the edge of the Honey Lane Plain part of the Corporation of the City of London grounds.

The Trail would lead into the first section of woodland, something there would be a lot of on this Trail!  The Pack would first have to squeeze through the staggered sections of fence, set like this to allow some of the wildlife to pass through unhindered, then by crossing over a small wooden footbridge over a ditch to move through among the trees, following the markings of sawdust & flour.

The sawdust being there in order not to scare the local dog-walkers in to thinking it was some noxious substance, or in case it snowed & the random markings of flour could be lost?  But as Paxo was present there was no chance of getting snowed in upon Mount Ware.  The First CHK was found within the wood on the level & things were rather nice, then everything changed as the Pack were faced rise up the steep more open hillside, something that sorted out the FRBs from the rest of the Pack with even Lunchbox, Lemming, Mix, Where’s Wally? & Jamie slowing up for this one!

Once at the top of the Hill it became obvious that two of the Herts Hash were wearing very sporty gear, as Gemma & Mark both had Olympic Park half-marathon T-shirts, which they revealed after peeling off their wind-cheater tops with it being so warm this day.  These two seemed to be competitive in more the one way this morning!

The Trail passed through out through a spot that Mr X used as a Sweets stop regroup on the previous Trail from the Woodbine, the Pack were not going to get any treats here as the Trail followed the ran around to the southwest, if anyone looked back there was a good view over looking out toward the Upshire area of Waltham Abbey, a section of the M25 could also be seen between the woodland in the distance. 

Rose, Gemma, Blow Dry, Sooty, Stand-in Shit, FWB & Paxo all managed the clamber up to the top & appreciated it now the Trail now took to the wide Three Forests Way running south-westward along the top of the tree covered plateau, this trot along the capped path that would take the Pack over to the top of Claypit Hill road where a CHK was found just over the bend in the lane.

Fortunately Sparky was not present with his horn this day, for there were horses being ridden out on some of the rides, even though there were signs to say that some of these ‘Rides’ were closed!  To be fair, the Shiggy churned up by Equines is some of the best the Hash can negotiate!  Also missing this week was Wanktlers, who had gone off to Hash with the ‘Bedfordshire Hash’, TBT OBE’s bestie mates of H5 - who were Hashing in Hitchin.

The Keenies were led away, still on a clockwise route, which had them running just a few degrees west from Due North through a Shiggy tract of a more narrow path into the woodland, they embarked on a loop off of the main routes to come back around the Willow Mounds & then around southward toward Wellington Hill Road before turning eastward through Rushey Plain area of the forest.

Meanwhile the SCBs could cut down from the stop on the bend in the lane before the junction with Wake Road, to meet the others on their way up to Bushey Plain.  The Trail would now descend through the woodland to make its way through the back of the Epping Forrest Field Centre & Conservation Area, here some like Lemming had fun standing on the blocks that are there for mounting & dismounting ponies, shame Ewok was not there to demonstrate?

Fliptop was asked to do a write up of this Trail, but said all he could recall was “Trees, lots of them!” So, with no wordz forfcumming, five Days later Mr X would pick up the Trail - for this should have been his 1300th Herts Trail & unlike some, he wasn’t going to sign the book or accept a reward for not doing any part of the Trail on the day.  Disappointed with the Train Set delays, he was determined to complete this Trail & walked over from Loughton on his Friday off!

Anyhow, it was near to the Conservation area where a Beer & sweet stop, with cups of Dooombaar or Ghost Ship laid out on a felled tree trunk.  Not far from this was a stagnant looking pond with a few branches thrown in, it looked like the ideal ground for bity-things to breed.

Trail resumed & now the Pack were running in an anti-clockwise direction [Counter-Clockwise for any Septics out there! – Ed] along the way some got to see some of the oddities dotted around odd places in Epping Forest, that being the depositing of Dog poop bags wedged in to the cracks of some of the trees.  Why bag it up & then stuff it in to a tree or hang it on one?  It just seems that at certain points the local pooch-walkers deposit the black bags in sometime large piles.

Continued along through further ‘off the beaten-track’ woodland, with dips & low ridges, lots of leaf litter & scratchy clumps of holly to get around along the way to a CHK at on the northern side of the Wake Valley Pond, nestling in the bottom of the Wake Valley down near the A104.  It was a welcome respite for some & a photo opportunity for Milf, who was ‘Acting Hash-flash’ again for Herts!  Around here Mother took time out to take advantage of the natural Hammock in the shape of the bow of one strangely shaped tree.

When the Trail resumed the Pack would make their way around to the northeast, passing below the Sunshine Plain area of the plantations, which with today’s weather was apt as rays of sunshine broke through the tree canopy as the Hash moved on through more off main ride routes, these myriads of paths took the Hash through an area of hollows where some would take advantage of the blue nylon rope swing hanging from the bough of an old established tree above one larger hollow, Mix was happy to try out his Tarzan Skills here!

The Trail would come back to one of the main bridleways leading up to Wake Road to cross the tarmac once more, to Hash through a small separated bit of woodland before reaching the A121.  There were a few north-bound short cut opportunities before reaching this point.

The Pack negotiated their way over to the St Thomas’s Quarters of Epping Forest just yards before the Wake Arms Roundabout, the Pub is now a Miller & Carter, beside the Shell garage.  A turn westward away from St Thomas’s to lead up through the Forest end of Coneybury Wood, this was the last leg of the Trail as ran up the wooded bank at the bottom of Woodridden Hill, crossing the drive that heads northward up to the Woodredon Equestrian Centre, before following the north-western turn above the A121. 

The Trail then came back to a due west route & on to a point where the path drops down the bank, then crossed back over the busy Epping Road.  Safely over & the Pack knew that they were on the home straight in to Honey Lane Plain side of the wood & back in to the Car Park.

As the Pack came in to the Car Park to change, the 66A deposited two reprobates who made their way straight to the Bar, ignoring Lemming’s questioning “Are you Fair-weather Hashers?” as they knew there would soon be a rush for the most excellent Ales!  Leaving the temporary Hash-flash to take snaps of all the Male Hashers in various states of undress!

When it came to the Circle Fliptop stood in for the regular RA, & with Casey Jones there were was a table full of Down-Downs to be dispatched!  Things kicked off with Mr X & My Lil’ being awarded a Down-Down for a crap railway service letting them miss their bus connection!  The Hares of Pic & Casey Jones were awarded for setting a Trail that everyone else agreed was a good one.  Wingnut was out for asking Casey Jones if both the twins were there& wearing different outfits! This led on to other members of the ‘extended family’ receiving a Down–Down as well!  Apparently, according to Sooty this should have been Wingnuts last Essex Hash Trail before moving on?  Which he hasn’t done!  Mr X & My Lil’ received another Down-Down.

Rose was called out for her Down-Down, Milf was called forward for stalking photographing the guys getting changed!  Other hits included Lemming, Sooty, Mother, Well just about everyone!  To name a few!”