Date =                             31st March 2019

Run Number =             1846 

Venue =                         The Hedgehog

Location =                     Welwyn Garden City

Hare/s =                         Mr X

Beer =                            Dooombar

Runners =                    7                                                

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0

Newies =                      0

Après =                         0

Hounds =                     0

Total =                           7

Membership =            The magnificent Mothering Sunday Seven.


             The weather was slightly overcast & a little cooler than the last few weeks, but it seems as if spring finally sprung?  As expected after the clock change & losing an hour, as well as the fact it was Mother’s Day the turnout was traditionally low, but both No Eye Deer & Gemma found themselves at a slight loose-end this Mothering Sunday.  The Landlord came out as the meagre Pack gathered in the car park, he offered up the use of the facilities, which were used before the Circle started in earnest.      

Anyhow, the Circle was called & the Pack welcomed to the correct Run number by TBT OBE, after some hints & prompting by a few of the Pack.  The Hare was called forward to explain what the Hash could expect out there?  The only real thing of interest was the mention of Short Cuts, there was a bit about busy roads to be & then some Red Herrings were thrown in about golf balls & low-flying Aircraft.  The Hare then pointed to the Catholic Church beside the Pub & said if anyone gets lost, they should look for the square tower with a Verdigris roof.

The Pack were told to ‘Check it out’ from the CHK especially set outside the Pub for My Lil’.  My Lil’ stopped grumbling about having a CHK right outside of the Pub & decided that he would search for the Trail.  He found Dust & “On!” was called down Ingles toward the north, Gemma & TBT OBE followed on but none would reach the end of the road before the real Trail was discovered as No Eye Deer called “On!” in the opposite direction through a nearby underpass that dips below Digswell Road.

Wanktlers & Sparky were soon following on behind her but as the Hare arrived he could see then coming back from under the road.  Seems that the blob of flour thrown on the side of the underpass have run down the sloped edge to look like it was a line & this was mistaken for a Bar CHK!

 The Hare corrected Sparky & Wanktlers from scrambling up through the tree & hedge row to the road above, the Pack now began to head off to the east was where the next section of Trail was picked up as the Pack found their way running through to Haymeads & running down to the junction with Harwood Hill & off to the east again where the a CHK was found on the bend in the road.

By now My Lil’s ‘local knowledge’ had kicked in & he was soon off down a short side Cul-de-sac of Sewells, where just beyond the fenced-off Kids play area the Trail was found beyond the bollards & on to the by-way like path which would lead the Hash on down beside the embankment for the Main-line Railway starts on to the viaduct, the story of Queen Victoria having a horse & carriage to take her from one side to the other, to avoid taking the train over the high viaduct, & other historical facts all of which has mentioned before in previous Hash Reports. 

The pack emerged out on to Bessemer Road, a main arterial road in to Welwyn Garden City, no CHK here, just double arrows to point the way under the Viaduct to find a CHK on the east side of the towering viaduct.  Again My Lil’ was on form as he was quickly over to the old Digswell Road, which now cut off from through traffic, which meant it still retains much of its olde world charm with quaint cottages & large house set in the grounds to the west.

The older lane came out on to the Hertford Road in Digswell, right next to a bridge where the river Mimram flows, care was needed to cross to the northern side of the B1000 & it was now obvious why the old road had been closed off to traffic from the busier road to Hertford.

Safely over to find arrows led the Pack around the wooden footpath on the roundabout junction up to Digswell, there off of this bend arrows led by the cottage on the corner, a set of double arrows directed the way on the eastbound drive into the Tewin Water Estate, a permissive route which allows access to the footpath that cuts through the green fields & horse paddocks on either side, this would terminate with a Bar CHK!

The Hare was happy to see Sparky & No Eye Deer had followed the rest on the Falsie, he changed the Trail markings on the corner, it was now pointing up to the footpath which starts off in an easterly direction.  My Lil’, Gemma, Wanktlers & Sparky were soon following the track beside the rising hedgerow, a windbreak between paddocks & the lower meadows down below by the Mimram to the farm field on the rising northern hillside ridge. 

A CHK was discovered by a Footpath leading off to the northeast, but this was an uphill Falsie toward the south-eastern edge of Harmer Green.  The real Trail was picked up as the main track turns to the southeast, then the way drops slightly down toward the southern end of the Dawley Plantation, all of which would take the FRBs out of sight of TBT OBE & the Hare who were back on the Falsie which had now been made into a Short Cut.

The crossroads with the intersecting path leading up from Tewin Water had a CHK on it, a Falsie was picked up by Wanktlers continuing as the track run up toward Dawley Wood in the east.  My Lil’ didn’t make any mistakes now as he was soon on running on the north bound footpath by the hedgerow separating the farm field, the flour seemed to be marked at the small solitary groups of daffodils, separated by large gaps, as they sheltered just below the hedgerow.

 At the north-western corner of the crop field My Lil’ emerged out on to another footpath crossroads, there a CHK was found running from Dawley Wood & up to Harmer Green in the northwest.  Knowing the area, My Lil’ was soon leading the way up the hillside, running beside one hedgerow to the south if the Pack looked over toward the southwest they could see the Church Tower in the distance.  As the Trail approached Harmer Green it would have a Hedge start on the northern side.

The now enclosed path come out on a CHK by the quaint Keeper’s Cottage on the apex junction with Vera Lane joins the farm track as it changes from being uncapped underfoot to a tarmac surface.  This was the dead-end of Pennyfathers Lane & somewhere ahead of My Lil’ & Wanktlers was TBT OBE, who the Hare had earlier pointed in the right direction to pick up the Trail again.

On the way to where Pennyfathers lane emerges out on to Harmer Green, Dust was found by the Duck pond, this would now lead out on to New Road.  The Dust led the Hash over the green, Wanktlers broke off from the CHK to look at the War Memorial, something that seemed to confuse Sparky!

My Lil’ soon found the Trail leading down the narrow Harmer Green Lane as it curves around from the northwest to due west, he was soon obeying the double arrows up the dead-end driveway, then in through the hazel hedge to pick up the fenced-in due west footpath, leading behind the homes on Sharmans Close would take the Pack in to Lockleys Wood.  On the way the Pack would meet a girl & her mum running toward them, it turned out the mother had Hashed in Oxford & Mr X handed her a Herts Card.

A CHK was found just within the eastern side of the Burnham Wood plantation, deep below this is the railway tunnels for the main line from Edinburgh to Kings Cross.  Gemma & No Eye Deer were found waiting by the CHK when the Hare arrived, Wanktlers had almost found the Trail on his first attempt but left the wood to the fields out to the west.  He would return from his north bound searching as No Eye Deer & Gemma were put on the right track to follow the Trail around on the inner edge of the western edge of the woodland.

The Trail made its way sou-sou-west to head up short steep climb in the wood, then out down through a footpath by the homes to a CHK by a small conservation area.  Sparky & My Lil’ picked up the Trail out to the west by way of a dog-leg alleyway, he would inform the RA that TBT OBE had (Done a Sludge) going astray further back, the Hare said that the Pack should pick him up a little later as the Trail ran through Digswell.

 Having run out into the strange smaller cluster of homes arranged in a circle, which sits on the ‘top’ of the larger loop of Warren Way & Foxley Green, the Dust led down the eastern arm to arrive at a CHK on the bend, where Foxley road becomes the southbound Woodside Road.  It was now Sparky’s time to go AWOL!

A CHK was found on Cob Lane Close, the Trail was picked-up where a green way of a cut-through would lead between the backs of two different streets to come out into Welwyn North Station car park.  Out on to Station Road to turn & run out in front of the Cowper Arms, but there was no Beer Stop there as the Trail continued beyond the cross roads with Colyer Close & Cubitts Close to carry on a little further on Station Road to a Held CHK by a footpath leading away to the southwest.  TBT OBE was found waiting there.  This was the sweet stop, where the Pack enjoyed foam bananas & Harobos.  The Hare also pointed out that the Pack would soon see the Church Tower on the opposite side of the Mimram valley, a beacon to guide the Hash home, plus a handy guide to how far the Trail had to go.

Sparky finally arrived at the CHK, once he had his sweets the Pack were allowed to carry on with the Trail.  The Station Road alleyway was one that the some of the Pack had run up on a Falsie a few months earlier, this long trot down between more fenced-in back gardens had a CHK a third of the way down, only Sparky would go wrong as only he ventured off in to a Cul-de-sac to shock a couple of local women who wondered what was going on. 

They were reassured about the Hash, & now it was back to run the rest of the alley to reach the Hertford Road, there ‘WALK’ was written next to the double arrows, as when the Hare had set the Trail there were several horses in the paddock directly over the road.

 The equines had now gone, which allowed the Pack to run this gentle slope downhill to come out on to Digswell Park Road, here the Pack had a short trot along the narrow single track, a rat-run of an old lane running from under the Railway Viaduct to head westward.  Along this section there were remains of My Lil’s old Trail, so these markings were freshened up with new Dust

The Pack would leave the lane by way of a footpath to the southwest through the small area of the Digswell Nature Reserve, out on to the edge of Bessemer Road again & for some there was a log wait due to the volume of traffic.  Double arrows directed the way straight over to the footpath running up in to the tree-line ridge to the west for the Keenies to take on its serpentine like route in the wood on the level toward St John the Evangelist Church.  Thankfully the Keenies went wrong at the CHK, thinking that the Trail would come around by way of the WGC Cricket Club.  The Pack were back together as TBT OBE Gemma & No Eye Deer made their way on the final section of Trail, which was down from the edge of the Church grounds to drop back in to the green valley & then a climb up to the southwest, this would become enclosed in a small bit of wood to come out on to Knightsfield beside a couple of garages & then left up to Shoplands & the On Inn!

No Eye Deer had to leave early, & as there weren’t any real misdemeanours, Mr X was the only one to have a Down-Down.