Date =                            5th May 2019

Run Number =            1851    

Venue =                        The Baldock Beer Festival

Location =                    Baldock

Hare/s =                        My Lil’

Beer =                           Loads

Runners =                   14                                               

Virgins =                        0

Visitors =                       0

Newies =                       0

Après =                          0

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          14

Membership =             Enjoying the use of free tables & chairs at the 14th Baldock Beer Festival


            The Hare had to do a little repair work to the end of the Trail, as he said that he had run out of flour after he had set the Trail & some of the Chalk arrows were now gone due to the strange weather the day before, it was like having all four seasons in one day, with sunshine, showers, wind & a little hail added in.  But this morning it was slightly overcast, with  light cool wind.

            Being a bank holiday weekend this meant that some of the regulars were away & so the number of 14 wasn’t so bad, some with Kids may have thought that a Beer Festival wasn’t the place for kids to go along to but more on the festival later. 

The Hare wanted the Circle to be called before time reached the hour, for he wanted to get around & in to the Beer Festival to grab a seat & a table, which the event holders had graciously supplied.  The Pack circled up & waited for Paxo to come back from dropping off his now empty & unwanted coffee cup, that Wanktlers had graciously bought after he had been back into town after arriving early with Mr X & My Lil’ on the Train. 

Paxo introduced the Hash, then the Hare went through what the Pack could expect out on the Trail.  The usual Short Cut, Held CHK, Sweets Stop were all mentioned, then for Ketchup he added that there were a couple of opportunities for him to stop on the Trail to purchase some cheese, for later that day Ketchup was going to the Goat Pub’s Cheese night in Hertford Heath.

            Just as the Pack were about to set off, a large long white Mercedes went sailing by as Tent Packer drove past the entrance to the Brandles School, he was too busy looking at the traffic approaching the roundabout to see Mr X waved to him.  The Hare would mark the Trail for Tent Packer to catch up, but this would take some time as he would have a job to get turned around at the busy junction at the end of Weston Way.

            An arrow outside of the school entrance had the Pack running by the front of the adjoining Fire Station, then off on to Back Lane, an old footpath that runs by the Fire Station & then the side of the school grounds, where the large white marquees for the Beer Festival could be seen.

The First CHK of the Trail was found by the cut-through to the garages behind Chilvers Way, Mr X went wrong as he searched the small estate.  “On!” was called back on the footpath as it heads over toward the A1(M) in the west.  This old path should be renamed ‘Dog Turd lane’ for the amount of waste that had to be avoided, seems that the locals have an issue with trying to pick up & use the couple of dog-waste bins along the way.

A CHK was found down by the underpass through the embankment that the A1(M) sits upon, there Ketchup & Prince Garmin searched on the western, Letchworth, side of the motorway.  Meanwhile Wanktlers & Mr X were lured down the long Falsie along by the end of the playing fields below the motorway embankment.  They all returned to find that the CHK had been marked backward to the paths into the small Nature Reserve area.

The Trail now headed south-westward on a meandering path through the long grass & scrubby bushes of the Nature Reserve, along the way one of the dog-mess culprits was spotted doing its business, shame that it was so far ahead of its elderly owner that he would have no idea of what his pooch had done.   Mr X & Wanktlers now soon passed by Whatever She Says as they came out of the nature reserve & into the horse area that the Pack had been pre-warned to have no horns sounded by the Hare.

A respectful Hash Hush was observed on the way down by the tree-line, fortunately Sparky wasn’t present & couldn’t disturb any equines, he was probably busy trying to get a table on the roof of his car?  Anyhow, The Keenies now passed by Veronique & Munjeet, who were walking along with Paxo.

At the south-eastern corner of the paddocks a CHK was found.  Milf, Wanktlers & Sludge all went wrong as they continued straight on to Baldock Lane, it was Mr X & No Eye Deer who were soon on the Trail by taking to the footpath that runs through a long thicket & then out to the Baldock Lane to the north-east.

A short Trot along Baldock Lane & the Pack were now back on to Weston Way, there Mr X could dispose of the empty lager bottle he picked up earlier on & been carrying, but judging by the state of the footpaths around by the many local schools being litter-strewn he wondered why he bothered?

Anyhow, Wanktlers, Milf, Sludge & Mr X were all pretty confident that the Trail would take to the long alleyway footpath that leads north-eastward up in to Baldock.  Avoiding a real dead mouse, & not Deadmua5, there the Trail was found along here & so they all called “On!” as they ran its entire length.  On the way Mr X said to Sludge “Last time we ran this, this Hare put in a loop around in front of the garages!” that back on to the path, all of which was pretty prophetic as on reaching the end of the footpath there was a clear Bar CHK, that both Wanktlers & Milf had run by & they had to be called back.

Returning back down the alley & the FRBs could now see that the Hare had marked an arrow by the garages to find the Trail out on Nightingale Way, Whatever She Says almost stopped in his tracks as he saw the FRBs heading back toward him, before he realised that they were going to turn off.  The Pack now had a little road work to follow the Trail around Nightingale Way, where No Eye Deer was leading the way south-westerly to where the oval road becomes Clare Crescent & then Mons Avenue as it heads north-easterly up to a CHK on the junction where Templar Avenue links Mons Avenue to London Road.

The Hash made their way out on to London Road, Wanktlers, Milf & Sludge were both keen on crossing this main road & heading north-easterly up London Avenue, while Mr X chose to head south-westerly option down toward the Fishing Tackle & the Corner shops on the corner of Woodlands Way, this would see Ketchup stop & have a look at the tackle shop.

Mr X found Dust & led the way along to the footpath at the elbow in the residential Woodlands Avenue, this south-easterly path would lead the Hash into the second Nature Reserve of the Trail.  Wanktlers & Mr X would soon find the Dust leading in to Chalk Hill Nature Reserve & ran on to a CHK in the woods at the bottom of the Chalk Hills.  They were soon climbing up the steep wooded hillside to reach a bench at the top of the wood, unfortunately for them the weather had destroyed the T up there & they mistook the remains for being a CHK point.  The rest of the Hash took great pleasure in calling them back down to where the Hare had marked the Trail off on the lower level path to the northeast.

This area had Chalk & other workings before Roman times, the grass areas are carefully managed to the benefit of orchids & reptiles, as well as bugs & birds that live there as well.  Wanktlers & Mr X eventually gave up the height that they had gained up by the grassy chalk top.  Coming down through the trees to the lower path Mr X spotted Tent Packer who was still trying to catch up with the Hash, he eventually did this as at the end of the woodland section, even though he missed spotting Mr X calling away & wearing a bright Red Hash Top.

The Trail would rise as it left the main wood on the chalk hills to come out in to the more open area on the north-eastern corner of the reserve, there the strong smell of cannabis wafted through the air here, it wasn’t coming for the woman out walking her dog, but from a guy sitting on a bench behind a large bush.  When Mr X caught up with Paxo, Muntjac [Ooops!  Is that a typo or a subliminal thought for a Hash Name? – Ed] sorry Munjeet & Veronique, Mr X said he was surprised that the ‘wacky-backy’ smoker didn’t follow on after seeing Hash Shirts go by him.

The Hash would now turn, taking to the footpath that heads north-westerward through the scrubby hawthorn & descends to join the driveway for the Baldock Park homes, an area of mobile homes to the northeast.  The Trail came out via Penfold Close which leads on to Tilelkiln Lane that would finish where it joins South Road. 

Mr X was half expecting Sludge to have veered off over toward the Roundabout near Tescos, but he was surprised to see that he had crossed over South Road & followed the Trail down the long alleyway that comes out on to Pinnocks Lane.  Seems that Sludge could be a changed character? [Don’t believe that! – Ed]

Sludge checked out the next alleyway but there was no Dust down that, it was No Eye Deer who was up with Wanktlers that found the Trail heading south-west along Pembroke Road, where they would be brought all the way back out on to South Road again, where short cutters could be seen heading north-easterly along toward the roundabout by the edge of Clothall Common, there from a CHK the Trail would turn to the northwest as it took to the Clothall Road.

Milf found Mr X waiting at the end of Pinnocks Lane, the Hare would groan about this later & didn’t buy the RA’s excuse that he short cut down this road in order to keep an eye on Sludge!  Anyhow, the Trail would carry on along the Clothall Road until reaching the Held CHK by the entrance on to the old football field, where it looks like the old clubhouse is being renovated.  The Pack looked over the road at the soccer going on in yet another School in Baldock, this place has at least four places of education.

After the Jelly Babies & the Wine Gums the Trail resumed, with the Pack heading out through the edge of the football pitches & over to a CHK in the southwestern corner, though Wanktlers almost went off through to The Twitchell until the Hare prevented him from going over by the homes to the North of the green space.

Mr X was straight down the alleyway & around the dog-led to come out on to the High Street, there he crossed over via the zebra crossing, then he went wrong on the western side of the main centre, he was called back from heading up toward Tesco to join the Hare, Wanktlers & Milf on another alleyway footpath heading off from the end of the Alms Houses, this would lead them out on to Park Street, where the On Inn was found.

The Trail would now lead back up toward the local Tescos, where Mr X had pointed out that he was heading to before when he was called back.  The Trail would now turn on to Park Drive & head westward, away from Tesco & through the suburban streets, passing a green with a Scout Hut with its name on the wall that looked like it should be in Northern Ireland.

The Pack would now emerge back on to Weston Way, just a few yards away from the Fire Station & the Start of the Trail.  Milf & Mr X ran this last bit to make their Trail be 15 seconds short of the hour mark!  Bags collected & it was in to the Beer Festival, Glasses purchased & it was good to see that there was plenty of ales left, so the Pack were spoilt for choice.  Mr X spread his gear out to grab two tables near the back of the music marquee, where Rock, Stock n’ Basil were setting up.  Behind them was the acoustic tent, which could be heard while the main electric stage was changing line ups.

Ketchup arrived back from his trip to Tesco for cheese, he was impressed with the building the supermarket now resides in.  Mr X explained that it used to be the Full Fashioned Hosiery Company Limited, which rivalled Spirella in Letchworth.  It was built from the crushed concrete of a former house on the site which gives it a pink hue, being styled in the Egyptian theme that was so popular in the 1920’s, when Howard Carter had discovered Tutankhamen’s burial chamber.  Later the company changed its name from Bonder to Kayserbonder.  During World War II it made silk parachutes for the RAF.  At one point it even had its own swimming pool outside the frontwhere the car park now sits.

Some found it a little chilly in the Beer Tent, before it filled out later on in the day.  Some went over to where a heater was blowing warm air in to the reception tent, then sat huddled under a blanket when they returned.  Mr X just sat there in his shorts &, shirt & waistcoat.

Not only does this Beer Festival have Ales, Ciders & Continent a Beers, there was prosecco to keep up with the times.  It also has a small food village, which was well worth a visit.  There were plenty of things, like bouncy castles, for the Kids to have a play on out on the school fields.  Paxo. Sludge, Milf & others went out to look at the steam, & take pictures for Kylie, who was working & not there – he’d have loved it!  Down-Downs were put off for a week!

When it came to the Music first up were Rock, Stock n’ Basil, who played a lot of retro stuff.  They were followed by the excellent Steph who did a great job being on stage on her own as Cara couldn’t make the venue, this brought the musical genre a bit more up to date. 

Dodobones were next on Stage, they were followed by Joan of Arc.  Though none of the above were to really to Prince Garmin’s Taste, oh how old that made Ketchup feel!  But everyone said that for a free entry event we ought to go back next year?  If it doesn’t clash with other ‘Hash’ events!

Leaving the large act, complete with horn section, of Fifth Wheel, but by this point only Mr X was left to enjoy this, & enjoy it he did as his Sister had arrived by this time to watch this group.