Date =                            10 June 2019

Run Number =            1856

Venue =                        The Moon Underwater

Location =                    Enfield

Hare/s =                        2-1-2 Maureen & a Helper

Beer =                           Loads – Ruddles, GK IPA & Abbot; Dark Mild, Porter

Runners =                    9                                                

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0

Newies =                      0

Après =                         0

Hounds =                     0

Total =                          9

Membership =            Where’s Where’s Wally??


            The portents of more tempest like weather loomed over this Trail, so unlike the wussies of Old Coulsden, who called of their Hash due to the heavy rain, the Likes of My Lil’, Wanktlers, Mr X, Ketchup, Paxo, Ewok, Pepé le Pew & a late arriving Where’s Wally? all threw caution to the wind to make the effort to get over to 2-1-2 Maureen’s Trail.

The Pack Circled up outside of the Pub grounds where cars were parked, saving any hassle with the regulations of the limited time stay in the privately managed Car park behind the Moon Under Water.  As Paxo floundered with the Run Number, Where’s Wally? pulled up & asked where he should park his car, which was pointed out to be better off in the street.

2-1-2 Maureen was rather quick to hand over to her ‘understudy Hare’ of Pepé le Pew.  When it came to explaining what the Pack could expect out on Trail, he began by saying “If there’s any Trail left out there after the rain earlier that day?” the there will be no False Trails!  Mr X, My Lil’ & Wanktlers confirmed that there were still markings out there, even if they were on the faint & slightly washed out side.

Things began by running out to the Chase Side Road on the corner with which the Pub sits upon, then heading southward before a quick shout out from Pepé le Pew had the Pack cross over to the west side of the street.  Passing by the front of Christchurch to find a CHK point by the dead-end Lambs Walk, while others continued southward in search of faint white markings, Mr X choose to look down the end of Lambs Walk where he knew that there was an short alleyway at the end, there he found Trail leading out through the passageway to a CHK on almost the dead end of Conical Corner.

Having seen Trail earlier on Chalk Green Garden, plus having used this section on a Trail when he set a Trail around here, Mr X was straight over Chase Green Avenue as it emerges from under the Railway bridge to the west. Now on the larger open green space the Trail led along the south-eastern diagonal tarmac path over the grassy area to a CHK at the saltire like the crossing of the two tarmac paths.

Ewok was straight on to the Trail as it continued toward the Chase Side Road again, once over the road the Trail was picked up in the small memorial gardens, home to a stylised large sun-dial of the Millennium Fountain, which wasn’t turned on & was being used as a perch for a solitary pigeon.  Ewok & Wanktlers led the way down to large junction on the A110, Church Street & Old Park Avenue.  Paxo & 2-1-2 Maureen now began to fall behind the rest, but as Pepé le Pew said “Maureen knows her way around these parts!”

While Wanktlers was almost led astray up Old Park Avenue, Mr X had other ideas & headed down Church Lane to the southeast to where he knew there is a path starting out southward along by the New River, the Dust was found & “On!” was called.  A nice trot along by this section of the New River, everyone by now should know about it being built to supply drinking water to London, but if you don’t than you obviously don’t read the R*n reports!  [Especially in the last month! – Ed]

Anyway, Ketchup was far from impressed at the lack of movement in the water, which results in the surface being covered in a pea-green carpet of duck weed on the wider basin section the New River.  The reason for this is that this was the ‘Enfield Loop’ section of the New River, a separated section to the west of the main source of water, the main body of the drinking water supply takes a direct route as it flows through 3 large pipes underneath the centre of Enfield Town, which does move.

The Trail continued along by the water from a split in the path, no one ventured off where a path heads back over toward Old Park Avenue.  Sticking with the water-side to a CHK where the path led up on to an old wrought-iron footbridge.

While Ewok, My Lil’, Wanktlers & Ketchup crossed the narrow arched white footbridge to search by Enfield Town Park, Mr X on the other hand chose to look up the wider path heading sou-sou-west through the tree-line separating two sections of the Old Park Golf Club.  Pepé le Pew said that there was no one out, for Golf Buggies don’t drive very well in the wet!

On the way up between the fairways, hidden behind the tree-lines on either side, a lone jogger came running down toward the Pack & she soon drew the attention of the male members of the Hash, with a passing comment that her shoulders must ache with her running style & ‘weapons of mass-distraction’ moving around on their own.  Wearing black also didn’t deflect the size of them either, but she sure could get a few bunches of car keys in there!

Back to reality & the Trail came out on to the elbow in the modern Old Park Lane with the Ridings that have urban homes around them, from the CHK there the Trail was picked up on the south-easterly Carrs Lane, an old route which again was tree-lined as it moved on over the rest of the Golf Course, this section also had open crossing points to access from one green to the next tee.  The Hare had tried to write HHH & put an arrow on the exterior wall near the end of Carr’s lane, but this failed to stand out.  Not that it hindered the Hash on their way out to the gated entrance to the Golf Club on the bend in the Bush Hill road.

Mr X & Ewok started off down the Hill toward Enfield again, they were following on behind Wanktlers as he was pointed off in that direction but on the south-eastern side of this urban road.  Paxo & 2-1-2 Maureen weren’t going to get this far, for they would turn off way back at the wrought-iron bridge over the New River, they would cut through Enfield Town Park & expected to find the rest catching up with them there, this was not to happen.

For the Keenies the run would continue at a decent Pace [Yes, I didn’t expect to use that phrase either! – Ed] which was downhill to pass by a gated small new estate to take to Private Road, an older & more established part of town with large houses along its route, the Pack ran on the gravel path to the side of the private road with an avenue of trees along its curving length.

Emerging out to Village Road, Mr X went wrong in heading back toward Enfield Chase, while Ewok, Wanktlers, My Lil’ & Ketchup followed the arcing Village Road around to the southwest, from due south.  They would be first to the CHK point by Forsyth Place, but went awry when they continued along Village Road.  Mr X, on the other hand, prospered rather better as he looked off down Athole Gardens to the east, at the end of which was a pass-through out on to the next section & then to the T-junction with Wellington Road.  But all of his good work was ruined as he then went wrong as he headed northward!

Calls of “On!” brought Mr X back to follow the rest by Azalea place, which brought a comment about this housing complex being named after the area around a women’s nipple [Areola! – Ed] must have been a side effect of seeing the women jogger earlier?  Anyhow, the Trail now turned on to Queen Anne’s Place, an area Mr X said that had changed since the old Queen was there!  The Hare still marking the way, in his valiant effort in ‘tarting up’ the washed out bits, though it was quite surprising how much was still left in places.

The Trail ran on the top right arc of the oval road lay-out, which is completed with Park Avenue joining it from below.  At the eastern end of the oval the Pack would pass by Bush Hill Railway Station, taking a rising hairpin bend on the bridge over the Railway line & up on to First Avenue, Wanktlers was now leading the way up to the nor-nor-west on a long stretch that ended where it joins the dead end arm of East Crescent, which is more of a bent L than a Crescent shape.

The Pack now scuttled up the rickety old blue cadged-in steps up & over the railway, My Lil’ said that this could be a ‘Mugger’s Paradise’ & Ewok was happy not to be here on her own as they came down the corresponding steps to reach a CHK at the elbow of an alleyway to the west of the railway line.  Not the type of place you’d expect 2-1-2 Maureen to roam, but her assistant of Pepé le Pew you may, as he was brought up around these parts & knows all of the cut-throughs & back passages in Enfield.

Wanktlers had now disappeared out of view, if only temporarily as Mr X continued nor-nor-westward direction to find Wanktlers wrestling with something in the trees & bushes to the left, & it wasn’t a mugger!  Seems he was frightening the urban wildlife!

The Trail followed the alleyway as it turned westward on another long stretch back to the north to come out on to Illingworth Way, no doubt this newer estate is named after Ray Illingworth as it is close to the Enfield Cricket Club?  Mr X veered off, but was called back to join the rest as they found the Trail went through a cut-through to Lincoln Road, near to the level crossing on the Railway Line, although the old fashioned white wooden gates are no longer accessible to traffic, walkers can still use the smaller side gates for pedestrian access.  As Mr X took a picture for Kylie, while making Pepé le Pew’s Train Horn sound of a loud “Aaargh- Aaaaarghh!” a real passing train sounded its horn to warn the civilian who had just crossed the line.

Wanktlers & My Lil’ were up to a footpath leading in to Woodfield Close & then on through this estate to take to the north-westerly Camberry Avenue, the Trail crossed Lyndhurst Gardens to take to a long alleyway that crosses straight over several roads of terraced homes & runs behind some of the homes, then beside the sports fields of Saint Anne’s Catholic High School for Girls. 

As the Pack bunched up on Genotin Road on the edge of the centre of Enfield, it suddenly dawned on them that there was someone missing & that was Where’s Wally?  So, many asked Where’s Where’s Wally?  He hadn’t caught up yet & wasn’t going to, he would be briefly seen back in his car by Mr X at the On Inn, he must have been in a hurry to get away?

The Pack were now on the last section of the Trail, crossing the junction to find the Trail leading on through the town centre, passing through the Shopping Centre on Hatton Walk, this turned from westward to due north, crossing the Pedestrian Crossing over to the north side of Church Street to a CHK outside of the Barclay’s Bank, famous for being the one where Reg Varney was the very first person to use a Cash Machine on June 27th 1967!  A golden painted cash machine is now in the wall of the Barclays Bank.

Now those who have been around these part a few times before, had more than an inkling that he Trail would be off over the courtyard of Enfield Market & on one of the footpaths that lead northward on either side of the Church Yard of St Andrews Church, there are a myriad of footpaths around this area.

Mr X was going to pull away from the rest as he searched for & picked up the Trail from the northern end of St Andrew’s grounds to take to the western alleyway that would turn northward around & between the edge of the car park & the large school buildings of Enfield County Upper School.

The alleyway of Holly walk would be a long trot, changing direction to the northwest & then westward by Irian Jaya’s Home, on the edge of Gentleman’s Walk where the New River forms canal-like routes that make it look like a lit Venice in places.  The Trail kept away from these for a bit, as well as keeping the Hash away from the Crown & Horseshoes, as well as the Cricketers, where some may have taken shelter in the on-coming rain.

Instead the Pack remained in the open as they made their way around two sides of the Playing fields to the right of them, Mr X was soon heading northward & he was not stopping for him on these alleyways as it had finally started to rain on the lead up toward the New River, where the Trail would cross over on another narrow ornate metal footbridge & make its way on to Parsonage Gardens, there the ‘On Inn’ was found, leaving a nice, almost due northward trot up the Moon Under Water, there Mr X spotted Where’s Wally?

The rest of the Hash were too far away, getting in before the rain became heavier.  2-1-2 Maureen & Paxo were found in the far end of the Pub, where they had put two tables together for the rest of the Pack to join them.  With no apparent misdemeanours seen on Trail, all agreed it was good Trail so 2-1-2 Maureen was awarded the only Down-Down of the evening, for ‘setting’ a great Trail.  Which left time to enjoy more Dark Ales & time to eat.