Date =                            24th June 2019

Run Number =            1858

Venue =                        The Chequers

Location =                    Woolmer Green

Hare/s =                        My Lil’

Beer =                           Copy Cat, 61 Deep (The depth of the Marston breweries Well)

Runners =                    16                                               

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0

Newies =                       0

Après =                          0

Hounds =                      1

Total =                          17

Membership =             Wanging some wellies….


            A sultry evening under overcast skies was the order of the day for the arriving Pack.  While Prince Garmin & Lobby Lobster went to look at the aviary, which makes up a section of the ‘Secret Zoo’, earlier arrivals like the Hare, Wanktlers & Mr X were found inside the Bar, where they were enjoying an Ale a piece.

            Fliptop called the Circle together just a minute or two after the Hour, he then went on to introduce the Hash to R*n No. 1838, which knocked some 20 Trails off of the correct number.  Paxo corrected Fliptop, adding “I only just told you the Run number!”  After all of which the Hare was called forward, he didn’t have much to add from the usual Herts Hash Markings, Shortcuts & there were some busy roads to cross, except he was very insistent that the Pack should all Hold the Held CHK as he looked toward Sludge.

            The Trail began heading nor-nor-westward toward Stevenage, with Wanktlers leading the way after he had seen Trail on both sides of London road after his walk down from Knebworth Station, but his eagerness was soon curtailed as calls of “On back!” echoed from behind him & Mr X.  The latter then noticed that there was an arrow pointing the way over London Road via the Zebra Crossing, once over the normally busy road, these two could see that the rest of the Pack were well back & making their way across the bend in the road that the Chequers sits in.

            A bit of catching up was needed for these two, as the Pack disappeared off on the Mardlebury Road that comes leaves the London Road bend beside St Michael’s & All Angels Church.  A short cut was put in by the Hare which Kylie took advantage of, but no one else did, as Paxo, Lobby Lobster & Mark E Mark carried on by the short-cut pass-through to western arm of Carver’s Croft.  They would make their way around via a slightly longer route to turn nor-nor-eastward on to the main entrance of Carver’s Croft estate.

            The Trail made its way up the western arm of the main Y shaped estate road, the Pack were soon cutting through a passageway that heads south-westerly though to the eastern arm of the top of the Y.  Ewok, Milf, Wanktlers & the other Keenies ran around to a small spur road off of the arm, they were now visible to the walkers, which allowed the SCBs to cut through & join the rest in coming out of the dead-end to the crop fields to the east of the estate.

            Upon seeing the wheat someone said “Welcome to hayfever hell!” [Shouldn’t this be over for wheat as its ears were fully grown? – Ed] the Hash now took to a straight footpath that heads around 10 degrees off of due north through the crop, & once beyond the girl walking a black greyhound, a CHK was discovered on the wider farm track from Mardleybury Farm to the southeast. 

A few of the strange, large avian ‘Artworks’ could be seen over at the Mardleybury Gallery, could have bene a very large swan?  Mr X seemed to be the only one who wasn’t searching out toward the Artworks, for he headed back to Woolmer Green & picked up Trail as he came out between the metal bollards on to New Road.

            While Mr X went wrong in searching the footpath that runs up the wheat covered hillside to the east, others had fared better after having made up the lost ground.  Ewok, Where’s Wally?, Milf, Sludge, Wanktlers, Tent Packer, FWB, Fliptop & Teddy were all straight over on to Garden Road.  As Mr X made his way back out of the crops, he saw Lobby Lobster, Ketchup, Mark E Mark & Paxo were also heading in to the next little estate.  However, being a bit behind now had a silver lining for Mr X, for the rest had run on around to a Bar CHK & came back to find Mr X, now with the Hare were heading off between the bungalows & in to Garden Close.

            A photo stop for some occurred in the small play area, where Ewok & Mr X straddled the large red spider climbing frame, with FWB & Wanktlers sitting on the legs.  This was something that Mr X wouldn’t have done the last time we Hashed through here as it was painted in yellow & black like a Wasp!  Milf then saw two kids on roller blades & reckoned that the Hash should skate around, Mr X suddenly thought of TBT OBE & Sparky before the subject of Ice Skating came up.  Definitely a no-no the last option, as the girls agreed.

Anyhow, the Trail came out on to London Road & crossed over before any of the Harriettes could accidently wander into the public shop at the Lessiters Chocolate Factory, or the senior members of the Hash be inducted into the Knebworth Care Home!

            Once across London Road the Keenies of Milf, Ewok, Tent Packer, Sludge & Where’s Wally? were soon off down the short alleyway through the red-brick wall to come in to Longmeads, they all followed the inverted L-shaped road around from the short west section to the long south bound road, but they weren’t on this for long as arrows led through another ginnel to bring them on to the longer snickett that the SCBs were on.

            Everyone came out on to Longmead once again, then on to Bridge Road to turn to the west.  Of course with the road being called Bridge Road it would take the Hash through the arch of the bridge on the Kings Cross mainline above, on the west side of which a CHK was found where the lane becomes Wych Elm Lane.

            The Hare was surprised that the Trail was picked up so quickly by Ewok, Wanktlers & then Milf, who even had time to take a few shots for Kylie of InterCity Trains picking up speed over the bridge.  The Pack made their way along behind a bouncy Ewok on the diagonal footpath to the north-eastern tip of Brokers Green Wood.  It was noticed that the fenced in footpath has a double fence for a strip of set-aside along its south-eastern edge, lots of wild flowers & grass to help the bees & bug life.

            A CHK was found just on the tip of the woodland of mature broadleaf trees, notably hornbeams.  Ewok chose the western path along the outside of the northern edge of the wood, while Wanktlers chose the outer southbound option, both were false Trails & this let Mr X continued on with his searching the westerly path through the woodland, where he picked up the Trail among the trees.

            It was a nice trot along through the northern end of the Woodland, Mr X was eventually caught up by Ewok, who had gone all the way back to the CHK point to resume the correct Trail [Pease note this Sludge! – Ed]  Where’s Wally? also made up ground as the Trail led through the top of the North Pit woodland & he too passed by the RA as the Trail led to the wooden Horse steps on to the fenced in path through to the tunnel under the A1(M).  They would soon be coming back after finding a Bar CHK west of the motorway.

            Ewok did a horse like skip over the wooden horse steps, to follow the Trail as it swung around on a looping path around the large North Pit, which is just one of the former gravel extraction pits, later on Ewok would find an old rail embedded in an earthen bank, left over from the 1930-60’s workings.  Before this, in medieval times this was an area where the local peasants could graze their animals & gather firewood, before being enclosed by a local land owner in the 19th Century.

            The Trail moved around from south-bound, to come on to a due east track through the woodland along by Heath Road.  As the RA & FWB made their way along with the Hare, a ghostly white bearded figure could be seen through the gaps between the trees, was this spectre trotting along the lane some poor soul who had been cast out to forever wander & haunt Mardley Heath Wood?  Nope it was Sludge, who was ignoring the Hare’s calls, & the fact that there were no markings on the tarmac of the lane.  The Hare was not happy!

            Having made its way eastward around bushes & tuffetts on the wooded edge north of the Lane, the Trail suddenly turned & crossed the tarmac to the southern edge of the road.  The Hare’s shenanigans had not finished as the Hash ran all the way back westward just within the tree-line, perhaps if Sludge wasn’t so fixated on Short Cutting along the lane he may have spotted Dust just feet away to his right?

            A trot around South Pit meant that the Pack would be running over the undulating wooded area that if it wasn’t for the trees sounding the myriad of little hillocks, it would be called a Moonscape with its crater like former diggings.  The rising up & then the dropping down of the myriad of paths is an ideal ride for Mountain bikers on the designated larger trails, but the narrow routes were good for running, well it was until it came to a steeper drop & there Sludge would discover that gravity wasn’t on his side, as in what some may describe as karma for ignoring the Hare, he slipped down one small slope.

Milf was soon on hand to ‘run the tape over’ Sludge & he was helped up from the ground, then he carried on as the Trail began to run up through the wooded embankment in an easterly direction once more, this meant the FRBs had now completed an elongated z shaped run, with each arm being only a couple of yards away from each.  Back out on to Heath Lane, there Milf, Tent Packer, Ewok, FWB, Wanktlers, Sludge & the Hare were crossing back to the northern section of the woodland, they were soon joined by Where’s Wally? after his off Trail antics, then Mr X who had slowed up.

            With the lane being marked as a Short Cut, the likes of Ketchup, Mark E Mark, Prince Garmin, Lobby Lobster & Paxo would be around ten minutes behind the main pack, who were now coming out to the wheat field the diagonal path runs up through.  Wanktlers was only a matter of feet away from where he had been searching earlier, as he now continued around the edge of the field once again.

            A light drizzle began to fall as the FRBs come out on to Heath Lane, just by another bridge spanning the railway, this time the Pack would cross over the line to come out on to the newer small Twin Foxes housing estate, which has upon the brick gate posts modelled stone heads of the infamous Twin Poachers, & local scallies who plagued the Stevenage area.

            Here, just before the grassy bank leading down to a green space, the Held CHK was found.  On the grass was a matrix marked out, then the Hare got out a bag from the bushes & this contained two different welly boots.  The Pack were going to take part in some ‘Welly-Wanging’ which was a laugh to take up some of the time on what had been a Trail ten minute less than an hour.

            It was a great hoot, with Where’s Wally? putting in a really good shot in the warm ups, while awaiting the SCBs to arrive.  In the end Paxo got the furthest in the rounds for real, while Mr X was a close second after changing his grip to the same used by Where’s Wally?.  Milf got the best Harriettes throw, no doubt her throwing wellies back from the field of play gave her an advantage?

At one point there were wellies being the own all around the park, with the judges lobbing the boots back to the competitors, calls of ‘In coming’ were echoing all around!  A girl & her mother came out after hearing the ‘In coming’ calls, they watched from the rear of the back garden, then the daughter came over to have a go when invited by the Hash. 

            The laughter continued as Mark E Mark had a go & his effort went slightly wayward & headed over toward the mother & the girl but fortunately fell just short!  Everyone had a go at ‘Welly Wanging’ before moving on to the Pub, much to the relief of Lobby Lobster who was feeling the bity things out that evening nipping at her.

Now, some chose to going over the grassy ridge by London Road, which wasn’t where the Trail went.  If only Sludge had taken the easier flatter route by the On Inn, for he wouldn’t have done another TBT OBE & slipped down the bank.  Milf was called into action once again, as he was picked up to dust himself off, with only his pride slightly dented yet again!

            Back at the Pub & the Hash sat outside under cover in the ‘Secret Zoo’ where, once sat down, the Hare awarded the prizes of sweets to the furthest thrown Wellies from Milf & Paxo, as well as Mark E Mark for the most awry effort!  Others had smaller packets of sweets for their efforts. Some enjoyed the menagerie of animal, including the goats, that climbed on the roof of their overnight shelter, ground squirrels & some large raptors.

            After some hilarity with Milf & Ewok trying to demonstrate how use the old urinal, which is now mounted outside & used to put out cigarettes in the smoking area, they, like a lot of the others moved on by the time the Circle was called for the Down-Downs.

The Hare was rewarded for a great Trail with such a good end in the Welly Wanging.  Sludge got his for his Short Cutting, as well as his falling over.  Mark E Mark had the other Down-Down for almost taking out the civilians with his throw of a Welly!  Luckily for Tent Packer, he had set off before Sludge got his Down-Down, otherwise if one Polish Hash Shirt Drinks, all Polish Hash Shirts Drinks, for both were wearing the same type of EuroHash Krakow EuroHash tops!