Date =                           29th June 2019

Run Number =           1859

Venue =                       The World’s End Pub Crawl

Location =                   Newton Haven (Welwyn Garden City & Letchworth Garden City)

Hare/s =                       My Lil’ & Mr X

Beer =                          Loads

Runners =                   3                                                

Aliens +=                     1

Virgins =                      0

Visitors =                     0

Newies =                     0

Après =                        0

Hounds =                    0

Total =                          4

Membership =            Avoiding the Blanks


            Time had come for the World’s End Pub Crawl again, so having pre-booked a cab for transporting bags to Pub one, it was a little disappointing for Mr X to find that only Jenny had made the effort to turn out for this Trail, with Two Hares it was going to be a strange Trail, especially as one was taking a cab for the first leg.

            At least Jenny was up for running the Trail, even on what was the hottest day of the year, with temperatures up in the op 20’s touching the 30’s, & just to prove how hot it was the Hare was already feeling it having set the Trail that morning. 

Shame that the likes of Des Res & Ketchup had changed their minds about trying to give this Trail a go, especially as it was mentioned several times last year by many & this running was staged again to appease them, when it wasn’t planned!  [A Heads up!  Next year Welwyn Garden City will be 100 years old, so the next World’s End Trail & Newton Haven Pub Crawl will be on Sat 30th May 2020! – Ed]

            With Mr X headed off with the three bags, Jenny started off on the Trail as it headed away down Fretherne Road & on to the start of the northern end of Longcroft Lane on a sou-sou-west course, but not for long as a CHK was found by the entrance to Parkfields, here Jenny went off through the off-set double bend in a quiet narrow road out to the Parkway. 

Now she headed away from the Coronation Fountain & to resume on a sou-sou-west course, this was directly opposite the house where the ‘Knock-down Ginger’ scene takes place, but no knocking on strangers doors for Jenny as she reached end of the Parkway where it the two one way roads, separated by the wide green space, join to become a normal two way road.

            From here the Trail would turn off of the Parkway & lead her down to the eastern end of Birdcroft & back out on to Longcroft lane, where the two roads are terminated.  Arrows set by the Hare, who was on his short cut, pointed the way down the southern section of Longcroft lane until it reached Rooks Close, a small newer estate which the Hare had set as a cut-through to take Jenny out through a small snicket to come out on Osbourne Way.

            Arrows took Jenny over the edge of the roundabout to run along the separate footpath section of the northern section of the 20 Mile Bridge, named so as it is exactly 20 mile north of Kings Cross!  The boxed in path headed due east as it came out to a staggered set of crossing lights over the two double lanes of the A6129, once on the southern side Jenny found a CHK point by the green space of Cassie’s Field.

            While the Hare marked the short cut along the cycle/footpath along the Great North Way, Jenny was left to pick up the correct Trail as it cut through Cassie’s Field, she was ‘flying solo’ while crossing the small wooden footbridges in the moat surrounding the central area dotted with trees, this water & reed filled ditch was put in by the local Council years ago to keep passing caravans off.

Anyhow the Trail would cross over Chequers, then make its way around on to Moss Green, off of Woodhall Lane, there are a couple of footpath alleyways that this Hare has used before & Jenny was going to have the pleasure off running these toward the south before coming out near to Our Lady’s School & back down Woodhall Lane where the Hare was ahead of her, having marked the Short Cut around the gentle bend to reach the T-Junction that the Pear Tree sits across from.

            Mr X had already got the Beers in, as well as explaining to the Landlord about the 1 inside the Circle outside of the Pub, where they were cleaning up the outside seating area.  Jenny arrived around 20 minutes after setting off, & appreciated the Aspalls Cider.

            Time to move of for Jenny & the Hare was going to make sure that she would be taken on a slightly long route back to the centre of Welwyn Garden City, starting with a loop around to Leigh Common, then another quick left hand turn to take to Meadway & then down the long passageway to come out on to Goosacre.  Now she was heading northward to follow the arrows on by the very end of the Woodhall Parade of Shops, where the Trail would lead up Ludwick Way.

            A long trot along this, with a CHK out in to throw the unwary off, before the Trail eventually made its way around the curved end to emerge out of a small cut off spur of the old lane to the edge of Peartree Lane, where the Trail crossed over the staggered crossroads to take to Hyde way, a section of Welwyn Garden City built for the original industrial area that is still home to a lot of small units.

            At the end of Hyde Way & the Trail was marked over the junction to take to the dead-end section that has a set of steps up the bridge spanning Welwyn Garden City Railway Station, then out through the Howard Centre, where some found fun earlier on watching the civilians find a non-moving escalator hard to walk up.  Then it was a cut through to Fretherne Road & then on to Church Road.

Second Stop was the Doctors Tonic, where Mr X had already got in two pints of Sheffield Ale & another Aspalls, where the trip could sit outside under one of the large umbrellas to enjoy the day.  Also it would take the two runners longer to cool down before getting changed in to fresh gear.  My Lil’ mentioned to Mr X that he had done the Trail, twice!

Time to move on & the Two Willows (The Famous Cock) was a mere walk of 168 Yards (154m) across Howardsgate, Mr X pointed out that the Hedge that is tripped over has been allowed to grow a bit higher, he also confirmed that he has seen people actually fall over this drunk in real life, well before the film was shot!

 After saying hello to some friends, of his, Mr X joined the others in siting outside to enjoy a Scarlet Macaw, while Jennys’ preferred drink was one of the Ciders on offer, this one being Lillys’ Cherries & Berries, which was refreshing on such a hot day.

By now the trio were getting ahead of schedule, which wasn’t a bad thing, so, having supped up they headed around the corner to Misya (The Cross Hands) now a Turkish restaurant that now occupies the spot the Fountain used to be in.  Mr X & My Lil’ told a few tales of days of old, when this was a stopping off point after Away Weekends, before the parties went their separate ways home.  My Lil’ commented to Mr X that he had done the Trail, twice, & not got a cab!  Then Jenny was astounded to see My Lil’s mobile “That’s a phone?” she enquired.  “Yes, it makes calls, I can txt, it has light & maybe even a radio! Was my Lil’s reply.

 After a nice refreshing, cold mezze & a bottle of Efes while discussing food preferences & dislikes in a nice cool air-conditioned restaurant.  Soon it was time to walk 395 Yards (362m) back to the Howard Centre to get the Train to Letchworth, & this year there was no Rail Replacement Bus Service, which meant getting a Train would knock more minutes off of the timetable.  But it didn’t stop Mr X from mixing a Blue themed Cocktail to be enjoyed on-board the Train, though for some strange reason he could not find any Space Raiders in any of the Welwyn Garden Shops to snack on.

Thankfully no one had a nut allergy, with the Hazelnut Vodka being the base of the drink, but this would help for the blowing up of the inflatable blue alien, oh yes, it wouldn’t be complete without one!  Now there were four beings o the Trail, though one kept needing a bit of a blow-job & inflated enough to stand erect [Stop it Pebbledash! – Ed]

Alighting from the Train Jenny’s previous statement was proved true, there was a Food & Drink festival on in Letchworth, which added to the fun, & it was a 212 Yards (194m) around to the Letchworth Garden City Brewery (Not in the Film but it’s a Brewery!) here they could enjoy one of the local Ales.  Sitting inside as the outside Bales were pretty much occupied, My Lil’ reminded Mr X that he had done the Trail this morning, twice, & not got a cab!  [Is there a theme here? – Ed]  It’s always good fun in there.

            A walk of 69 Yards [Fnar-fnar! – Ed] (64m) to through the passageway to Crafty's Bottle Shop (The Good Companions) not the real shop that was used in the film, but good enough for the Hash.  On the way the quartet would find that Letchworth was buzzing, by now Jenny had taken on the position of the Keeper of the Alien.  Entering the Bar it was obvious that they had change things around, moving the bar to one end which made the venue larger inside.  Now it was dark & strong Ales in here as Mr X babbled on about scenes from the Film.

Nipping some 21 Yards (19m) over the bustling pedestrianized Leys Avenue, they had reached The Three Magnets (The Trusty Servant) before 16:00Hrs.  By now My Lil’ was feeling it, as he should as he subtly reminded Mr X that he had done the Trail this morning, twice, & not got a cab!  [Is there a theme here? – Ed]  Ketchup had txt that he was still threatening to turn up, but alas like Des Res & everyone else, he never materialized.

Now it was time to avoid joe Public in the busy street to reach to reach the The Platform (Two Headed Dog) again it was nice to sit outside, here they could enjoy listening to the jazzy music that was being played on a float just a few feet from the Tables & Chairs outside the Bar.  [Cool! –Ed]

Tottering 324 Yards (297m) though the shopping precinct there was a change from Ale for two of the Pack, a sly bottle of Becks was the order of the day at the Broadway Cinema Bar (The Mermaid) walk 31 Yards (29m) the venue for the UK premier of the Film’s Opening.  At least it was cool inside the cinema, a welcome relief.

 Out of the Art-deco cinema, taking care on the few steps to street level & Mr X marked a left-hand turn for a ‘shot stop’ to finish off the Hazelnut Vodka at former Black Squirrel (The Beehive) which although the first purpose built pub in Letchworth name after the local Tree-Rat, is no more!  Not the greatest of places, with No Real Ale & it only survived a few years as a Mexican & then a finally Thai, which it was still decorated out as, even though it was closed when the film was shot.  But better venues have since sprung up in Letchworth.

Th shit-shot was pretty quick, with just three, so it was soon on to a wee 101 Yards (93m) stagger led through the car park & on to Arena Tavern (The Kings Head) was probably the only bar Jenny hadn’t been in before, another Circle was marked with a number 11 inside in the now forlorn hope that there may be others behind on Trail?   Here the staff produced some of the Film Memorabilia, while the Trio enjoyed.  The hash set a Trail from here when it first opened, which is some 20 Years or more now!

Having despatched another strong dark Ale & the Trio were soon Bimbling a mere Yards 193 Yards (177m) to Stop 12 - La Concha (The Hole in the Wall) where Estella was the order of the day, which caused a slight shock to the system for the Real Ale drinking Duo, but there was another chance to sit outside & enjoy the early evening.  By now our Alien friend wasn’t the only one looking a little deflated, as he was perched in a chair with My Lil’s cap on his head & holding a beer, when My Lil’ went off to the toilet!  Perhaps the Alien had enough of hearing about My Lil’ going around the Running section twice on this balmy day, & Mr X getting a cab??

Mr X & My Lil’ were looking slightly ragged by now, but the Stops were still being marked by Mr X.  Things were getting a bit blurry now – for some!

It was well before 8 as the quartet hailed got in a Taxi to take them up to Stop 13 - The Wilbury Stonehouse (The World’s End) The Ales selection was better than on previous runnings of the Newton Heaven Pub Crawl!   My Lil’ took this last opportunity to remind Mr X of My Lil’s heroics that day in that he had done the Trail this morning, twice, & not got a cab!  At which point the RA yawned & fell in to a catatonic state for 10 minutes just as it was leading up to a naming.

Jenny was still in charge of the Alien, & Mr X declared that she should have a Hash Name for her Mother Hash (Herts H3) & came out with Flying Solo, he produced Dust & Ale for her Christening, which as this scribe tried to recall was shrouded in the mists of Alcohol but he did have a slight clue but thought he’s double check & ask Jenny.


From the email correspondence……..


“Hi Mr X. You were both completely hammered at the end. I was surprisingly sober! You actually christened me twice in the end, complete with chalk on the pub floor and cider on my forehead, first as Flying Solo for doing the hash on my own and then you passed out for ten minutes and woke up again and did the second as AI for lugging the alien round!! It was very funny!


I don't mind either!”




Thankfully there wee no Down-Downs, as there have been for the Hares on previous Runs!  It was simply a cab back to the Station, the lure of doing the Broadway Hotel had been broken.  It was straigth back on a Train to the other Garden City & a long stagger home.