Date =                            8th July 2019

Run Number =            1861

Venue =                        The Green Man

Location =                    Leverstock Green

Hare/s =                        Mr X

Beer =                          Purity; Meerkat; & a few others.

Runners =                   17                                               

Virgins =                        0

Visitors =                       0

Newies =                       0

Après =                          2

Hounds =                      1

Total =                          20

Membership =             


             Before setting this Trail, the Hare wondered how much effort to put in to it – would there be enough regulars turning out to make it worth his effort, considering how much was time was invested in laying Trails over the last couple of weeks?  Anyhow, enough Bitching.

            The Hare arrived with around 10 minutes before the off, having a slight detour to the local Spar Shop en-route.  Mr X was surprised to see that a decent crowd was gathering at the venue, & he was informed there were a couple more still to arrive.  After the 301 Bus had stopped, passed through without My Lil’ alighting, TBT OBE finally called the Circle together in the car park.

Fliptop arrived but took an age to park up & get sorted, so TBT OBE carried on with the introductions, ignoring the false information [Fake News! – Ed] which Fliptop had shouted from his open car window of “It’s Run Number 1862!”  The time was now approaching 5 past the hour.

            Finally it was over to Mr X for the Hash to be informed on what to expect out there on Trail & it wasn’t much different from the usual Herts Markings, Roads to Cross & of course a Held CHK, there was a bit about a Nettles not stinging at this time of year & a dead bird to avoid, Lemming asked “How old was she?”  There was also time to welcome back 1-2-1, who would remained behind to wait for Ketchups arrival, for the latter had 1-2-1 running gear.

Then the Hash were ushered up the few steps in the hedge on to Green Lane as it leads away north-eastward & here the Trail led along the suburban street until reaching a CHK point by a footpath into the grounds of Westwick Field, that sits behind the Leverstock Green Shopping precinct, which the Green Man is on the end of.

            From the CHK Where’s Wally? led the way in to the recreation area, now heading south-easterly on the tarmac path in the top quarter of the grounds, Tent Packer, Sludge, Lemming, Mother & Milf made up the FRBs following on in this early stage of proceedings.  The path came out to an L-shaped cut-through to the dead-end of Curtis Road, there the next CHK was found.  It didn’t take much for Where’s Wally?, Sludge & Lemming to pick up the Trail on the narrower alleyway that remained on the south-easterly route, now passing between the back of various properties to almost emerge out on to Pancake Lane [Mmmmm… Pancakes! – Ed] but a Bar CHK put a stop to that!

Having turned around, the Keenies could see the Hare disappear in to another alleyway, this one they had all been directed by back near the start of the original alleyway, the change of direction was on another L-shaped alley that brought the Hash put on to Lombardy Close, out through this small estate to lead on to Pancake Lane, this time an arrow pointed the way north-eastward up the deliciously named road.

The Keenies would trot along toward the end of Pancake Lane, passing the black metal gates to the local Leverstock Green Football Club, then taking to the footpath which runs behind the tree-line on the left where route became more rustic as it narrows, they were all on their way up to a Bar CHK in a drive in a small walled-in newer homes of a few homes near the end of the lane. 

After falling for another of the Hare’s devious ploy again, it was back to find Mother & Lemming where now taking advantage of being caught out the time before as the Trail ran off though a snicket with a no cycling sign that heads south-easterly once again.  How you’d get a cycle down there would be interesting as this was a tighter footpath width-wise as runs between more grounds to large properties that appear to have expanded with their wooden fences on to the path.  The FRBs now came out to find a CHK set on laid out concrete posts at the end of West Wick Close.

Milf, Tent packer, Where’s Wally?, FWB, Mother & Lemming took the Keenies off down the gravel drive way of the only two options available here, “On!” was called away to the north east beyond the garages, this choice would end with a T up on Westwick Row Lane, These Keenies came back as Fliptop & Teddy, then Paxo & Lobby Lobster emerged out to the CHK

Sludge hadn’t been lured away like the others, he had continued a long way down the fenced-in footpath, again wooden fence panels on each side but there was more room, parts of this path had a few encroaching plants, though the nettles & brambles weren’t too bad [Of course they don’t sting this time of year! – Ed], a dead bird was avoided along the way on the longest stretch of Trail so far.

The Hash moved on back toward the Leverstock Green Way, so to the main road & once on the edge of the road in from St Albans, double arrows pointed the way straight over to the continuation of the Trail on a slightly offset footpath.  So, more wooden fence panels to look at was all the Pack could view, but at least this path is used more that the last section, for it was again wider & had less in the way of obstructive plants.

At the end of the alleyway more double arrows pointed the way over to the south side of the Bedmond Road, to head north-westerly up to where Chambersbury Lane starts to lead way to the southwest, it was here that 1-2-1, Ketchup & Prince Garmin caught up & made their way up to the front of the Pack. 

Having crossed over to the north-western edge of Chambersbury Lane, arrows led the FRBs on another tarmac footpath behind a tree-line along the edge of the narrow lane.  A CHK was found a few yards before the entrance to Autumn Gardens, here the Keenies of Lemming, Mother, Milf, Where’s Wally? 1-2-1, Ketchup, Tent Packer & Prince Garmin were all found there was a T down the alleyway footpath running north-westward behind Autumn Gardens, then they came back to continue down Chambersbury Lane only to find another T!

By this point, the naughty Hare had marked the CHK to the east, almost directly back up the lane.  Des Res was just far enough behind the Keenies to benefit as the Hare marked the way over to the wide entrance into the northern tip of Bunker’s Park.  The hedge that runs along by Chalmersbury Lane has been dated back to the 10th Century.

A long stretch now lay ahead on a dusty, gravel track for the Keenies as they ran all the way above Top Field & up to the small car park, none were fooled by the Dust on the wooden fence to the fields to the northeast, where this fallow land looks like it’s being developed?  Fortunately Bunkers Hill Park & the rest of the 50 Hectares of Nature Reserve was bought by Hemel Hempstead by Decorum Borough Council & in 1995 was secured for the use of local people.

The sultry weather made the second leg of the dusty Track left the car park was hard work, the track’s south-easterly route turning due south to come out almost on to Bunker’s Lane, meanwhile Mr X had set the Short cut back over ‘Top Field’ for Kylie, TBT OBE, Paxo & Lobby Lobster to cross over the open field to Chambersbury Wood in the centre of the Bunker’s Park

So the Keenies were now up to Bunker’s lane, there a CHK was found, nothing was found over the lane to the farm, & it didn’t seem to take long for the Dust to be located down along the bridleway on the inside if the hedgerow on the southern edge of Bunkers Lane.

A CHK near to a wooden kissing gate in the hedgerow had a T on the other side to prevent errant FRBs (Sludge! - Ed) playing with the traffic on this blind crossing on the single track lane.  The Hare had considered taking the Trail over the road, but maybe that is for another day, one section on that side has been opened up to public access, with Sheep being grazed in there, but after several lambs were killed by dogs they were removed.  Belted Galloways are set to be returned.

Back to toady’s Trail & the two remaining options were to continue along the edge parallel to the lane or over to the Mattens to the northwest, a fenced-in areas of pasture land that were named Winchdells & Rumballs [Steady there Pebbledash! - Ed], which are now set aside for wild nesting birds, between April to June the gates to the closure of tall wild grasses are locked.

Through the enclosed space of long grasses to pass through another kissing gate this one set in the western hedge, an arrow pointed the way over the corner of the fallow enclosure that was once an area of strip farming, then on to the edge of the top of the plateau.  Over the diagonal path through more tall wispy brown, dried grass at the end was a tree-line before a drop of a few feet in to the edge of the wooded area.

The Hare & the SCBs had already been through the curving wooded hollow.  Paxo was intrigued by the lattice work of a fence on the norther side of the gentle descent, Mr X explained that this for the encouragement & protection of wildlife.  Kylie was more interested in the wooded ridge on the opposite side, as he wondered if it was an old railway embankment, which it did resemble, but as far as the Hare knew there has not been a railway through this area.

The Dust followed the north-westerly option at the fork in the grassy track.  The Hare was now glad that he was up to the SCBs as his point, for his markings of flour on two sticks to form an arrow in the shorter grass to direct the Pack in to the woods.

Paxo & Lobby Lobster followed Mr X in amongst the trees, all three wondered where TBT OBE had gone?  For he should have been at the CHK in the centre of the plantation, if he had followed the Hare’s instructions to him properly?  Seems he hadn’t, but he would eventually catch up from his Sludging going off Trail.

1-2-1 led the FRBs along the serpentine like path amongst the Trees, he was also first to start checking it out from the CHK, as well as this he was first to drag the rest up the Falsie to the north!  With almost everyone back in a bunch, the Trail was now marked to head south-westward out of the wood & then around to the north, some of the Pack noticed that the Trail was now marked with arrows on Footpath signs as well as any bare patches in the grass.

A 90°turn to the north was followed by a counter 90° to the west brought the Hash to the old established tree-line of a wind-break along the top of the ridge.  Here Prince Garmin would have some fun clambering inside an old oak, while Milf was impressed by the fish carved tree-trunk laying in the grassy triangle, there are several more Oak tree carvings around the Park.

Here the Pack searched to the north, then the south & even to the west but no one seemed to pick up the Trail, all of which allowed Sludge, then a hot & bothered looking TBT OBE to catch up.

Eventually Mother ventured far enough in to the ‘Lower Field’ grass-land to find the Dust leading northward through the bottom area of the nature reserve located in the valley, over to where there is a crossing on the  narrow Chambersbury Lane in the north-western corner of Catsdell Bottom. A few stopped to look at the information board about the park, others were eager to get across the lane to the Held CHK, waiting in expectation for some sweeties.

With the Pack regrouped, the Hare explained that he went in to the local Spar to purchase a couple of bags of sweets, but there were none on special offer & he wasn’t going to spend £1.98 on a packet of Wine-Gums, let along three.  Milf however offered up a sweet to anyone who wanted it, or dare try it, but strangely no one took her up on the offer of the bite-sized Twix she found after rummaging about in the bottom of her small back-pack.

1-2-1 chose to search westward down the lane towards Hemel, the Hare was happy to let him run loose as he knew that with his Running style he would soon make up any lost ground when “On!” was called along the northern route in the smaller green space part to the valley, with Rathlin, Handa & Tiree Closes (This area all being named after Scottish Islands) all terminating on the east edge of the green space, however, Where’s Wally? Des Res & Tent Packer all pulled up as if this was a Falsie, it was not as the likes of FWB, Ketchup, Prince Garmin, Flip Top & Teddy all followed on in that direction reassured them all to have another look.

Sure enough Trail was found & off they went up the gentle rising grass section, passing between the oaks on an old tree line to lead out on to Peascroft Road, there a CHK was found but for My Lil’ the options were just down to one, & that was to take the footpath up toward the Tennis Club.

From here it was a straight run back utilizing the alleyway by the tennis club, crossing Grasmere close, then further a few degrees north of due east, the next smaller passageway took the Hash out over Crossmere & on to Ullswater Road, this area being named after the Lake District areas!  The Trail being hidden from sight on the sheltered path behind the tree lines on the northern side of the road to come out by the On Inn just by the north-western edge of the green where the Cricket Club, of Leverstock Green.

The FRBs of the Pack were back just under the hour, since no time was use dup with there being no goodies to have at the planned Sweetie stop!  The Pack settled into the Pub, meeting up with Charlotte & the other kids.  TBT OBE asked about the CAMRA discount, but was told that would cost him more that the advertised £2.50 a pint!

With the Ale prices being so low, & all pies being 50% off, there were only a couple of the Pack who didn’t have anything to eat, even our resident Faketerian enjoyed his meaty encrusted dish.  So, the Circle was delayed until all of the noshing as finished with.

The Hare was rewarded for an excellent Trail, having eaten earlier he got a whole pint!  After this was dispatched Mr X resume his duties as RA.  Other Hits were, Lost property with a Hash drinking vessel with Mother’s Name scratched in to it, then Sludge handed the RA his hat which he claimed was lost property [It had just been stolen by Sludge while the RA was getting changed! – Ed]  Mr X excepted the Hit & joined Mother in three Circle.  The previous Week’s Hare of TBT OBE, was rewarded for setting the Sloppy Seconds Memorial Trail. 

2-1-2 was welcomed back with an Ale, while Paxo was out for completing 900 Herts Trails!