Date =                           15th July 2019

Run Number =            1862

Venue =                        Brookmans

Location =                    Brookmans’ Park

Hare/s =                        Wanktlers

Beer =                           Tring T Bar Drop; Landlord; Greede King Summer Ale

Runners =                     9                                                

Virgins =                        0

Visitors =                       0

Newies =                        0

Après =                          0

Hounds =                      0

Total =                           9

Membership =             Avoiding the Goblins, Trolls & Tuffets!


            Early arrivals of Mr X & Zing-a-long-a-max found the Hare sitting outside of Brookmans, he offered them some pizza, after he bought two for one at the Pub but eventually realised that he couldn’t finish off the second.  So, Mr X being non-vegan did his best help Wanktlers out, with the pizza being washed down with a Pint of T Bar Drop!

            The rest of the Pack arrived, the numbers were going to be low, perhaps some of the regulars were embarrassed about not having a BMW or a Mercedes to park in the Brookmans’ car park.  Mr X pointed out that the car park had a maximum 3 hours parking, unless the vehicle registration was out in to the Bar’s digital system, this must be linked to an insurance site that works out what make & model vehicle the registration belongs to, for these details pop-up on the screen!

Finally, after loo-breaks & registration entries, Mr X got to call the Circle together just after the Hour.  He welcomed the others to the correct Run number, then keeping things going he handed over to Wanktlers to give his ‘Chalk Talk’ on what the pack could expect to encounter out there on Trail.

Well, Wanktlers was in Brother’s Grimm mode, as he began telling of tuffets & Miss Moffett, before moving on to a little darker encounters, these being with giant spiders & goblins, before lightening up with the fact that a Hobbit lives around these parts (in the guise of Martin Freeman) & a part of his Hobbit home-land was filmed around here.

Anyhow, without further ado the Pack were ushered straight over the strange junction with five options to take, the Pack were now heading down Bluebridge Road to the southeast with Zing-a-long-a-max & Where’s Wally?  leading the way down to the first CHK on the junction where Moffats Lane, a Falsie lured all of the Pack further down the Bluebridge Road, before everyone turned around to head off down Moffats Lane to head a few degrees north of due east.

Mr X now found the going hard along this suburban street, for the pizza was sitting heavy with the pre-Trail pint.  Milf & No Eye Deer had no such issues as they followed on behind the FRBs of Tent Packer, Zing-a-long-a-max & Ketchup.

The Trail led along up by Moffett Farm, the very one of the famous nursery rhyme, where Milf sat not on a tuffet, but the low brick wall with the Moffat’s Farm name on it.  This old farm building is now a nice looking town house, but far older than the more modern counterparts in the street.  In fact a few were brand new, where properties have been demolished & rebuilt to get two homes in the space one occupied.

Tent Packer, Ketchup, Zing-a-long-a-max & Where's Wally? Didn't hang around as they headed away toward the old Great North Road in the east, but they soon found a Bar CHK to stop them in their Tracks!  No Eye Deer & Milf almost followed on but were far enough behind to benefit.

Mr X was still struggling to run, so he too benefited like the Girls & Kylie.  The Hare had now marked the route down The Grove, where the returning Zing-a-long-a-max claimed that the markings were a little sparse.  Everyone else seemed to find the arrows without issue, just in case there were any late comers the Hare tarted up the arrows with fresh chalk.

Now the Trail followed the curvature of the arcing The Grove to where it joined the crooked Mymms Drive, here a CHK lay in wait.  Zing-a-long-a-max set off south-eastward with Where's Wally? & No Eye Deer & Milf joined them with Ketchup was just about to follow on when the rest stopped & turned back.  They looked confused, so Ketchup head off in the opposite direction, but along with Zing-a-long-a-max who had also nipped away to the north on Mymms Drive, they would not progress too far.

So, after a second look the likes of Mr X, No Eye Deer & Milf were quick to look up the gravel track up that curves around in to Gobions Wood, an area Hashed many years ago, but when there was one main oath & a small loop around in to Gobions Open Space to the west.

The wayward FRBs caught up but then they all seemed to grind to a halt again, with the Pack fanning out in nearly all points of the compass on a myriad of paths in the wood of Gobions Gardens.  Eventually the real Trail was picked up away to through to the south, on the way there were a couple of old tree stumps that had been carved in to seats, or as Wanktlers called them King Goblin Thrones!  A photo shot of Milf & No Eye Deer sitting on Mr X’s knees, while seated on the throne [Not that type of throne, Pebbledash! – Ed] was taken.

The Trail led slightly away to the west to Gobions Pond, which is more of a small lake.  It was rather picturesque with dappled sunshine breaking through the tree canopy to create a great picture.  The difference between this time & the last time the Hash passed this way was about to become clear as the Trail now headed eastward in to uncharted Hash territory.

            Now the Keenies were sent on a long loop, while the Hare marked & took the shorter option in Gobions Wood.  The undulating loop headed off alongside of the Ray Brook, along the way many exposed old knurled tree roots exposed by flooding, the FRBs had to be careful to skip over these deadly traps that could have had serious consequences for the likes of Sparky, TBT OBE & Sludge, but none were present this day, which brought great relief [Steady there Pebbledash! – Ed] to those who were out on the Hash especially the First aiders! Among the Pack.

            The long elongated loop led in a clockwise direction around out to the east & back, the route also had small bridges over the many dried up small streams that feed in to the Ray Brook to cross, the path also climbed up banks & then dropped back down to the main Ray Brook to a point where the Hare was found sitting cross-legged at the edge of the woodland, here he pointed out the Royal Veterinary College (Boltons Park Farm) only a field away on Hawkshead lane.  Ketchup & Zing-a-long-a-max seemed to have gone awry, so the rest of the Pack waited for them to catch up by a high wooden footbridge over the widest pond section of the brook.

            Talk of Billy Goats Gruff & Trolls were had at the photo shoot on the timber & wire bridge, then the others caught up.  While Milf ‘Yip! Yipped!’, Tent Packer amused himself with bird calls to attract those behind, to Mr X these sounded more like Eric Sykes’ Cuckoo Clock, who remembers Peter the Cuckoo?  If that wasn’t enough nostalgia, Tent Packer mentioned Wrens, as they were small enough to fit on a farthing, when the identity of a small brown bird that flitted by was questioned.  He then talked of Groats, which Mr X knew was four pence!

Mr X was more concerned about small bity things that would have an ideal breeding ground of the large boggy pond of mud that lay below the bridge, Tent pack may have been correct about there being more water in this than was visible but it was time to move on.

The Trail resumed with Mr X & Tent Packer leading the way down through the Swallow Hole section of Gobions wood, the swallow hole would explain the reason for the undulating woodland.

            These two would follow the dust around through the trees to a Held CHK by an information sign in the southern tip of the woodland, here the Pack were offered Fruit Pastels or Black-Jacks.  Near to here were signs pinned to the trees warning of an invasive moth species, whose caterpillars have hairs that are an irritant to many.  Mr X removed a large arachnid off of tent Packers Back, which the Hare was delighted to see after his pre-Trail warnings.

            The Trail resumed with Mr X leading the way along the outside edge of the woodland, being fenced in from the horse paddocks to the southwest, along the way the Pack had to pass by a small dead rabbit that had been hung up on the barbed wire like some kind of sacrifice.  This route had some nettles [Which don’t sting this time of year! – Ed] & brambles to avoid before it came out along a long, low concrete dam protecting a cottage on one side of the Ray Brook as it reaches the Blue bridge.

            Where’s Wimpy? took one look at the nettles at the bottom of the steps down from the road, then squealed “I ain’t doing them!” & so he disappeared on the same route as the Hare, No Eye Deer & Kylie would take on the SC back to base!  Meanwhile Milf proved she was made of stronger stuff & braved the nettles & it wasn’t that bad, as she led Mr X, Tent Packer, then Ketchup & Zing-a-long-a-max out along the bottom of the sloping field of corn to the railway embankment to the west.

            The Keenies followed the Dust as the path turned 90° to head due south up the riding crop field to move above the Railway embankment as the dry stony path came up to Hawkshead Lane bridge where a trot of a few feet longer than the bridge's span led to double arrows pointing the way northward dropping down along by the western side of the Tracks.

Now, most walkers take to the footpath going in to the fields for The Royal Veterinary College’s Hawkshead Campus, where they specialize in Race Horse welfare.  Once in the open field area, they normally walk over to the paddocks, then pick up the one that runs back toward the line, however this Hate had other ideas & the FRBs were led along the lesser used route by the line.  Hazards on this option included Rabbit diggings, nettles, brambles as well as other prickly & abrasive flora!

The Trail reached the On Inn just as the path came out beside platform 4 of Brookmans Park Station then once up the ramp it was over the footbridge to cross the Railway & Inn.  The SCBs were already imbibing, when the FRBs arrived.  Time to settle down & enjoy the evening.  The Circle was called:  The Hare rewarded for a mighty fine Trail! Where's Wimpy? had his Down-Down for wimping out of the final loop.  While Kylie had his for raising the subject of old Lady's boob-cheese. Sleep well on that thought dear reader! Sleep Well!