Date =                            21st July 2019

Run Number =            1864

Venue =                        The EHMR

Location =                    Great Amwell

Hare/s =                        Paxo

Beer =                           Ciders

Runners =                    16                                               

Virgins =                        0

Visitors =                       0

Newies =                       0

Après =                          0

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          16

Membership =             Enjoying a Joint Run with EH3


            The annual EHMR weekend campout had arrived again.  On the Saturday a few paid a visit ‘Rock the Priory’, at the Priory in Ware, before making their way up to the EHMR Railway for a few Ciders, a Barbecue & a go on the steam Trains.  However, only one Hasher had pitched a tent & that was My Lil’.  But he didn’t stay under canvas overnight, for Milf & Kylie took pity on him & offered him a bed for the night, which he duly took up.

Mr X arrived in the Morning, went up to the ‘camping area’ to find only an empty Tent, he then walked all the way back to the car park to see My Lil’, Kylie & Milf walk up though the car park, with Paxo following on after having breakfast.  The Pack increased in numbers as the time crept around to 11:00Hrs.

Once Paxo was back from purchasing a couple of bags of sweets for the regroup, he could be called forward by TBT OBE, he could then tell all gathered of what they could expect out on the Trail.  The only real bit that differed from the usual ‘chalk-talk’ was a warning of busy roads to be crossed, which really meant the one outside of the Van Hage’s Garden Centre entrance.

So, as the Pack were about to be ushered away eastward, Pebbledash came driving in to the car park shouting “On! On!” out of the open car window!  The Pack soon set off though the large garden centre car park, TBT OBE was away like the wind, then as the Pack passed by the Public Toilets at the other end of the car park, TBT OBE emerged from the Gents.  Mr X wondered if TBT OBE had eaten a curry the night before?

Blue arrows pointed the way out of Van Hage’s to head across the busy A1170 at the top of Pepper Hill.  TBT OBE was again away quickly & this time along the narrow road-side path to the south.  TBT OBE got a fair way ahead of the rest on Pepper Hill, mainly there were no points for the FRBs to overtake the walkers on this route without stepping into the busy traffic!

TBT OBE was first up to the CHK on the junction where single track Cautherly Lane peels off to the northeast, but he had crossed over by the Waggon & Horses to search down Gypsy Lane, he would be back as the was no Dust away to the southwest.  Ewok & Mr X began to search up Cautherly Lane, where a van had screeched to a halt seconds earlier to avoid a crash, fortunately these two weren’t on this narrow lane across the top of Pepper Hill for long.

“On!” was eventually called further to the south, then once the path jinked back behind the hedgerow by the roadside there was a chance to overtake the walkers.  Ketchup & Prince Garmin were soon taking up the front Running, as Ketchup passed by the footpath away behind one of the fields to the northeast he slightly hesitated to look up this route, but he continued along the tarmac option by the busy road after finding more blue arrows.

Ewok, Mr X, My Lil’, Tent Packer, Wanktlers & Bob had all followed On toward the bus stop just before the Amwell Roundabout, just as Ketchup, Prince Garmin & TBT OBE discovered a Bar CHK at the end of the bus stop pull-in.  Now Wanktlers explained to Bob what the difference between a Bar CHK & a T was as they joined the rest of the FRBs in turning back to find Paxo had crossed out the original blue arrow & replaced it with one that points up the narrow footpath by the wooden fence to the right, No one heard Mrs Mallett call from up this route!  Looking out over these fields to the southeast the expanse of the Car Boot Sale could be seen.  It’s a huge area that Ketchup & Prince Garmin may be visiting soon.

The Pack were now shaded by the tree-line to the north, Paxo had promised he tried to set as much of the Trail in the shade as he could.  The north-easterly route came out through a white wooden gate to arrive on Hillside, a slightly wider lane that leads down to the Village Hall & the local Primary School to the southeast.  A CHK was found there.  Ewok was first down this route toward the School, her calling “On!” dragged the rest along behind her, but just before the School buildings a T was found. 

Mr X now returned to the CHK look at the footpath that runs from down short dead-end spur road, he would pick up the first blue arrow at the end of the old Flint & Brick wall, he called “On!” as he took to the descending shaded uncapped path that leads in to the southern end of the graveyard of St Johns.

A CHK was found just inside the Church grounds, from there Mr X went through a T, in order to place a small round stone on top of the Headstone of Harold Abrahams, the 100 metre Dash Gold Medallist in the 1924 Paris Olympics, the one the Film Chariots of Fire was about.  Mr X waited for Wanktlers to appear & called him over to show him the grave, proving that there could have been a History Stop on this Trail.  T’s were found at the top off the Churchyard on the path to the northwest, the other T being down near Harold Abrahams resting place to the northeast, just behind the Church.

Others had now picked up the real Trail, on the footpath that runs along the ridge above the New River & Amwell Lane below to the northeast.  It was here that FWB caught up with the rest of the Pack.  This narrow path brought back a few memories of when TBT OBE had set a UK Qatar Reunion Hash Trail (with Sparky), on which he had got lost!

 Getting lost on your own Trail is bad enough, but he then short-cutted back with Mr X & My Lil’, to return to Hertford Rugby Club.  On this particular weekend a tree had fallen over the footpath to the Churchyard, which meant it was officially closed, but being Hashers these three carried through the tape cordons to find that the centre of the trunk had been removed allowing access.  As the Trio headed toward the Churchyard, Mr X pointed out the steep unfenced, nettle & bramble covered steep drop down toward the New River, saying to TBT OBE who was behind him, “Mind that!” to which TBT OBE replied with an ‘Aaargghhh!” as he slid down the slope!  TBT OBE clambered back up with several scratches, grazes & apparently the odd nettle Sting!

Thankfully this route is now fenced off from the drop!  On the way along the narrow path Ketchup wondered what was behind the red brick wall that runs a fair length of the path, enclosing the grounds to the southwest, then the top of a very large red-brick house could be seen.  Pebbledash looked up at the attic windows & said “I thought I saw a ghost, but it turned out they were just a couple of Ghoulies in the window!”  A collective groan went around the Pack as they continued on from below the redbrick wall to the ornate Rose House.

 This long stretch would finally come out to the maize field, where a CHK was found, there was no turning off for My Lil’ & Ketchup, Prince Garmin, Tent Packer, Milf & Ewok as they continued further south-eastward, picking up the Dust once again. 

A CHK was found by a cut-through to Folly View on the small housing estate, this had been kicked through by the time the RA arrived here, though a couple had been caught out among the houses before realising that the Trail continued as the footpath curves around to due south to come out by a bench near to the B181 Station Road.  A few feet to the east & a Held CHK was found dead in the middle on the bridge over the New River.  There were ducks swimming, only a couple of larger ducklings left with mum paddling by on the New River.

Paxo arrived for the sweets to be handed out, while Milf & then Kylie both took photos of the Hash by the green railings on the bridge over the New River.  When it came to time to move on, Paxo asked if one of the FRBs could take a bit of chalk with them to mark the Trail.  Mr X volunteered to do this.

While Paxo took the SCBs of Pebbledash & Bob off along the New River footpath, the Keenies of Tent Packer, Ketchup, My Lil’, FWB, Milf, Ewok & Mr X all followed on in TBT OBE’s wake, Pebbledash had earlier wondered if TBT OBE had a ‘Rat up his arse?”

Anyhow, the Trail headed a short way up the High Street in to Stanstead St Margaret’s, luckily most were over the level crossing before the barriers came down due to an approaching Train, so no trot up & over the steep, tall set of concrete steps!  TBT OBE was first to reach the footpath that starts beside the road bridge over the River Lea Navigation, down the few steps & the FRBs were now heading nor-nor-westward along the tow path.

A nice long trot now lay ahead on a scenic way, with narrow boats lining the way as the Trail led up through Stanstead Lock No.4, on the other side of which the large expanse of the Amwell Quarry Nature Reserve could be seen.  The Trail led up the ramp to a bridge over the Navigation, a CHK was found upon this as Milf stopped to take pictures of the Hash in Action!

My Lil’, like TBT OBE was for searching south-westward down the track to a level crossing, here the Trail was picked up, leaving FWB to come back from the opposite side of the navigation to join the rest in crossing the railway line, that TBT OBE had stopped in the middle of to make out that he was signalling to a Train to stop.  There was no approaching Train & Kids we do not recommend that you try this fool-hardy behaviour, train tracks are not for playing on!

The Trail led out along the uncapped track to come out on to Amwell Lane, there arrows directed the way up the steps in the grassy bank up to the New River, once on the level the Trail would head north-westward along the river-side path to follow on behind the SCBs as thy passed by the War-memorial.  Milf managed to cajole a civilian, out with her daughter walking their dog, to take a group photo of the Hash about to cross over on the narrow footbridge to St John’s lane, the dead-end road below the Church the hash had bene in earlier.

Photo’s taken & the Pack could move on, making their way up around on to Cautherly Lane, where the George IV had just opened, but the Keenies were still eager to get back to base.  A CHK near the Pub was rapidly dealt with as those with ‘local knowledge’ immediately went down the footpath of Church Walk, picking up the Trail in doing so.

A CHK around half along this route could have had some checking it out in Madgeway’s Close, but Mr X wasn’t for that & with Milf he continued down the footpath out to the A1170 Amwell Road.

Once by an elderly lady walking this path, the Trail was picked up once more as it did lead out to the main road, where the On Inn was found & a simple trot up the hill to Van Hage’s was in order to get back to base.  Most walked this last but, for by now it was pretty sultry day.

The Pack were spread out by the end of the Trail, those who weren't on the Cider the day before & those who weren't in a hurry to have another Cider so quickly.  It would now emerge that Backpack was none too well, with Ewok making sure he was recovering from being broken by Old Rosie the night before.  My Lil's name being put forward as the culprit responsible for buying him the West Country's speciality!

The Pack sat in the green space the Railway goes around, though some seemed to find the concept of using a pedestrian crossing point a little complicated compared to trying to get through the large white gates for vehicular crossing access.

The Barbecue had already been fired up by one of the EHMR lads, saving Paxo from having to get the embers to the right temperature, also the Pack wouldn’t have too long to wait before they could eat.  While Paxo ‘pinnied up’ to carry out his manly duties, again, with the Barbecue, Kylie went in to house-maid mode, having already got Milf & Mr X to take an old table up to the 'camp field' fretting about having the Circle on the green & civilian kids over hearing any risqué Hash Songs!

Too late, for Pebbledash had got on to the subject of ''artificial insemination' or as she liked to call it w**king off ‘orses!  If this wasn't bad enough, our local equestrian explained the tricks if the trade when it comes to grooming ‘show horses’, a part of which involved applying Vaseline to a stallion's testicles to give them a healthy look!  Just as Paxo applies Vaseline to his [Whoa there Pebbledash, let me finish! – Ed] to his scalp to give his head a healthy sheen.

Wanktlers & Bob departed before the Circle, as they were still recovering from the Potters Bar Beer fesival the day before, they were going to continue the 'Hair of the Dog' at the Woodman Wildhill.  The mention of this Pub led to a "Watch the Book!"  After it disappeared once & mysteriously reappeared on the Pub's log-pile a couple if weeks after being 'over-looked' during a thorough search of the Pub by My Lil' the lunchtime afterwards, Mr X in the evening & Graham the Landlord all Day!

The burgers & sausages were cooked, very nice they were too, though the onions weren't as good as Slug's onions the day before!  The smell of the food enticed others as Sparky then arrived, complete with a chair, not that he needed one as there were plenty at hand

Milf seemed to have a full-time job feeding the train drivers as they passed by the Hash each time!  The travelling civilians looked on amused as she sometimes had to chase after the engine to deliver the food & soft drinks!

When it came to the Down-Downs, the Pack didn’t move up to the white plastic table; so after the Hash was toasted it was down to the RA.  The Hare was rewarded for a great Trail, which caught out many of the regulars.  Other Hits went to My Lil' for plying Backpack with cider.  Kylie as Host, Paxo was out again, this time to receive his 900th Run Offence Survey Map, with his home in the centre of the cartography.