Date                   5th Aug 2019

Run Number    1866

Venue               The Goat          

Location           Hertford Heath

Hare/s                Mark-E-Mark & Lobby Lobster

Beer                   Greene King IPA, Summer Lightning, and ??

Runners            14

Virgins               0

Visitors              0

Newies              1

Apres                 1

Hounds             1

Total                   15 (not counting the dog)

Membership      Wondering where the Hare was??


The Pack gathered in the car park on a pleasant summer evening.  Most noticed the absence of a Hare.  TBT informed us that the Hare was out laying the trail.

It was good to see Billy Bullshit [Younger readers would not remember him! - Ed] especially as he had convinced a Newie, Dawn, to join us.  So, after a bit of milling around, meeting and greeting each other, the circle was called.  Dawn was introduced and put in the tender care of Milf & Ewok. [Has she been perverted sorry converted yet? – Ed]  As the Hare wasn’t present he had instructed TBT to tell us that the trail started from somewhere off the village green.       

Eventually the start of the trail was found on Mount Pleasant leading down into the woods & there the first check was found Most of the pack proceeded to run the falsie as the check had been marked that way by Milf.  Mind you if Wanktlers had checked quicker and looked more carefully we would have been spared running the false trail. (Both on report for the circle later!!)       

Difficult to give much detail of the run through the woods except it was all downhill to start with (always a bad thing ..... only means uphill later!) And that it kind of went round the outer edge of the woods, firstly the western edge of the Much Wood, an easterly run that would reach the drop down the ridge as the woodland becomes Leafyoak Wood to the east.   The Trail for the Keenies would descend toward the A10 before turning southward, then south-westward to come up round to the edge of Golding's Wood’s eastern tip.

The FRBs would run alongside the edge of Haileybury College’ playing fields to reach a held check for the pack to regroup.  Here there were mutterings that Mark E Mark must have had some help laying the trail as there were some helpful checks with Long and Short Cuts marked.

Haileybury College was formed as the East India College in 1806 for the training of administrators of the Honourable East India Company, it became the Imperial Services College but with the Indian Rebellion of 1857 the East India Company was nationalised, the College closed for a while, before becoming the United Services College & latterly a Public School

Many Old Haileyburians progressed in careers in politics, the civil service, the military as well as national & local administration.   Famous alumni in these areas include Lord Clement Attlee, KG, OM, CH, PC (1883-1967); Field Marshal Edmund Henry Hynman Allenby, 1st Viscount Allenby GCB, GCMG, GCVO (1861–1936) and Captain Cyril Hubert Frisby, VC (1885-1961), one of 17 alumni associated with the College who have been recipients of Britain's highest honour for valour in the face of the enemy.

Other former Haileyburians include the playwright, Sir Alan Ayckbourn and actors Simon MacCorkindale, Stephen Mangan.  The TV celebrity Dom Joly, TV producer John Howard Davies, film directors Guy Hamilton (James Bond) & Christopher Nolan (Dunkirk) in Sport’s Jamie George of Saracens, England & the British & Irish Lions among others.

From there the trail continued westward in the Hertford Heath Nature Reserve section of woodland for a bit, eventually coming out into the village and round the houses back to the pub. In all the trail was about an hour long. Well done Hares.  Our Newie Dawn turns out to be a good runner and this combined with her “local knowledge” meant she found herself at the front of the pack on occasions.  Well done Dawn hope you can come to more Hash runs in the future.

So, back at the Goat everyone settled in for some beer, drinks and food, most were happy to find out that Burgers were half price on Monday nights, but the thirsty drivers were disappointed that lemonade and soda were off due to a dispenser malfunction ...... had to make do with beer”!!

The food took a while to arrive, so the circle was called whilst MILF and Kylie were still stuffing their faces. This didn’t deter the GM from getting on with things.

MEM and Lobby were fist out for a good trail.  Next was MILF who had been a bit previous marking the first check causing every one ‘unnecessary suffering’ by running the falsie!  Wanktlers was next because if he had checked the other way more diligently we wouldn’t have had to run it!

TBT was called out for a very well deserved drink for the previous run where he had not only laid the trail but also put on a BBQ and best of all took us all for a sail round the lake.  Thanks and well done TBT (OBE).

Next up was our Newie Dawn, who we found out likes a beer or two and she womanly managed to down her half pint in a record .. long time. Ha Ha! (Dawn also signed “The Book” as 1st Timer. Seems like she’s got a Hash name already??)

Next in the circle was Paxo.  Paxo had taken Kylie on a detour to see a train.  What train said Kylie .... Down-Down Paxo. (Not really sure what that was all about).  Finally it was time to get the new Hashit shirt awarded.  Now I was going to admit culpability and was starting take my shirt off, when to my surprise and the packs great amusement, TBT chucked an ice bucketful of cold water over me.  Guess who’s wearing the Hashit now!!!


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