Date                     12th Aug 2019

Run No.              1867

Venue                The Townsend Nurseries           

Location            Harpenden

Hare/s                Tent Packer

Beer                    Tinnies & Bottles

Runners            16

Virgins                 0

Visitors                0

Newies                2

Après                   0

Hounds               1

Total                   18

Membership      Sizzling our Sausages!


Hashers - Mrs. Mallet, Kylie, MILF, Mother, Lemming, FWB, Ketchup, Prince Garmin, Spotted Dick, Custard, Flanders, Sludge, Sparky, No Eye Deer, Wanktlers, TBT OBE and Newies, Imogen (Tent Packers daughter) and friend John Field. 

Some of the usual faces were missing this evening, with Mr X, Paxo & My Lil’ all feeling the effects of a different Legionnaire’s malady after the Isca Roman Away Weekend, as well as getting stuck in traffic on the way home, which meant those who had been drinking that morning were too late to catch the bus to this evening’s venue.

TBT OBE arrived at the Townsend Nursery with Kylie and MILF in the electric hybrid.  Tent Packer directed other parking away from FWB’s VW camper van, which has many scrapes on each side.  TBT OBE called the circle and welcomed everyone to run number 1867.  The Hare described the markings as the usual and Sparky blew his horn for the start [Steady on there Pebbledash! – Ed]

The pack made its way up the track avoiding the blackberry bush creepers stretching out to scratch unaware passers-by, at least the nettles don’t sting this time of year!

At the junction of the old Nickey Line track was a check where Wanktlers and others took the immediate left footpath to eventually find a T.   TBT OBE checked the path to the right as far as the T where there was a viewing area and a notice about the two pigs. 

Others checked the path straight on from the check, but the Pack finally went left along the Nickey Line.  TBT OBE caught up with Kylie who was nearly crying over the state of the Nickey Line information board, as the toy-like wind-up mechanical bits had all been smashed by vandals.  He said “Who would do that?” [Thameslink/Great Northern Commuters no doubt? – Ed]

TBT OBE then walked on with Sparky commenting that we do not usually see him on a Monday night.  He said “There is food, so I am here!”  [Me thinks that he was not the only Hasher there for food? – Ed]  As Spotted Dick & Custard pulled away from these two.

The conversation was then based on the UK Qatar Hash reunion where Sparky had picked up a pair of spectacles from the table on the last day.  He said they were better than his spectacles but had asked TBT OBE to email all about the lost property.  [If Sparky finds a hearing trumpet & some false teeth he’ll have the whole set! – Ed]  [Was this the UK Qatar weekend where Sparky ran all of the  Sunday Trail on his own on the Saturday? – Ed] The conversation continued until the next check was reached, where there was a S. C. marked. 

By this time the Pack was far away in the distance.  TBT OBE decided to follow the S.C. Trail to try and catch up with the pack.  The footpath followed the flour around Knott wood and onto some paths passing a field full of tall bright yellow sunflowers.  All these sunflower heads were pointing away from TBT OBE, which was quite odd. 

The shortcut continued on past a field of wheat with a sign stating that the field had been producing the same strain of wheat since the late 19th century, which Sparky remembers well.  This is the longest running scientific experiment at the Rothamsted Research Centre

There was no sign of any Hashers along the shortcut, which had no further checks.  It eventually finished back at the nursery.  Meanwhile Kylie, MILF, Mother, Lemming, FWB, Ketchup, Prince Garmin, Spotted Dick, Custard, No Eye Deer, and Wanktlers on an anti-clockwise route around by the old Manor House & then back through the research centre grounds to come in via through Rothampstead Park, well almost!  However, if Sludge was with them remains to be cleared up.

Having arrived back at the On Inn, TBT OBE then had to wait 15 minutes until Sludge and Imogen finished at the Nursery.  Imogen (Tent Packer’s daughter said she thoroughly enjoyed the run.  [Nothing like a little nepotism? -  Ed]  By this time the sausages on the barbecue were sizzling, tended by the hosts, Peter Taylor and Maggie, with Mrs. Mallett preparing nipples nibbles (TBT OBE dictated a lot of this write up)

There was now a long delay until the main group of Hashers arrived, all of whom were complaining that the ON INN did not give proper directions and so they had continued along the Nicky line past the pigs and around in a circle back to the Nursery.

Everyone gathered around the table outside Peter and Maggie’s house.  Beer was for sale at £1 and nibbles were available.  The BBQ was not running too hot as yet, so there was a delay in filling our bellies with cooked sausages.  Darkness appeared and so TBT OBE, as Joint Master, called the circle around the table.  With a Waxing Gibious Moon in the skies, the moonlight reflected from TBT OBE’s pate to dazzle some of the Circle.

The Hash was toasted, and the Hare called out for his down-down accompanied by a song from MILF.  TBT OBE then explained why he had not seen any misdemeanours on the trail as he had run the short cut all on his own back to the nursery. 

Anyway, he explained that he wore the new Hashit shirt that day because the previous week he had thrown water over Fliptop, the H.G.M, while he was putting on the new yellow shirt (the UK Qatar Hash have a bucket of water poured over them while wearing the Hashit shirt), (Fliptop had awarded himself the Hashit shirt for losing the old one).  TBT OBE stated that due to the massive short cut he had followed, badly laid by the Hare with no more checks he would award himself the Hashit and do a down-down.  This was carried out to a song as usual.

More sizzling sausages arrived from the oven situated in the host’s house to help warm us up as it had turned quite chilly.   TBT OBE handed over his tent to Imogen who was off down to Devon for a holiday with friends and children.  Everyone then went home.