Date                      26th Aug 2019

Run Number      1869

Venue                  The Woodman

Location             Wildhill

Hare/s                  My Lil’

Beer                     Greene King Abbott, Loads of others

Runners              17

Virgins                  0

Visitors                 0

Newies                 0

Apres                    1

Hounds                0

Total                    18

Membership      Enjoying the real Ales & the Cheese Board


            The weather couldn’t have been better, for some it was too hot as the Met Office’s Bank Holiday temperature records fell over this long weekend.      

The Hare had chosen this Pub as he didn’t expect many to turn out, so why not enjoy a decent pint in a free house that was the last Pub in Hertfordshire to sell a pint for under a £1* (*excluding ‘spoons) however, he needn’t have worried as there was a half decent turnout, even with so many regulars away, some, like Milf, Kylie, FWB, Mr X, Lemming & Mother were also enjoying good weather while representing H4 up in Bonnie Scotland as they finished off UK Nash Hash in Kelso in the Scottish Borders, while others were doing family stuff, or house sitting & doing horsey things.

Obviously not all were doing Family things, as Hash Test Dummy, Gemma & Rose had turned out for the morning, while others made an effort due to lure of the Woodman’s ales which enticed the likes of My Perfect Cousin, Wanktlers & Ketchup to be make the effort to get over to Wildhill, since it is upon all of their favourites list!

So, with the aid of listening devices, spy satellites & general omnipotence, we shall begin this tale of Hashing!  The Hare, as is the norm for him, had little to say as the Pack circled up, the usual Hash markings etc. were mentioned before allowing the Pack to start by heading out of the car park via the path that leads southward by the stables & outbuildings behind the Woodman.

The Hash made their way through the kissing gates to attempt to run over the rough, boggy enclosed area, using a couple of walk boards to make their way out through to the area of crop fields at the bottom of Wild Hill.  Sludge utilized his ‘local knowledge to cross the brook & then head up the hillside, the Pack would gain some altitude of 60 or so feet very early on in the Trail, he had Where’s Wally?, Wanktlers, Hash Test Dummy, Ketchup & Prince Garmin with him.

On the climb up to the plateau by an area of woodland, No Eye Deer, Spotted Dick, Custard, Whatever She Says, My Perfect Cousin, Rose, Gemma & Paxo followed on this long stretch, with a dummy CHK put in at an area behind the wood where a other track cross, one alluringly heads over toward Woodside, but the Trail was not going that way today.  The Woodside nightclub has long since gone, for those old enough to recall it!

The Trail would continue Southward, with Wanktlers, Sludge, Prince Garmin, Ketchup & the FRBs leading the way to the treeline at the end of the crop field & emerge out on to Grubbs lane, near to Westfield Lodge.  There a CHK was found, the obvious choice of continuing south-westward through the treeline & over the next crop field to Bell Bar was a Falsie, the real Trail would run along Grubbs Lane in an almost easterly direction.  This choice was much welcomed as the shaded rustic lane passed by Westfield on the way along to a Crossroads with Kentish Lane, where another CHK was found.

Straight over the crossroads as the Pack were led, taking to the Woodfield Farm drive leading away to the east, more shade as the route passed by the farm pond to the left, the course of the Trail dropped slightly in height as the FRBs led the way down to Barbers Lodge Farm at the end of the drive.  Now exposed to the Sun, a CHK was found behind the Farm buildings.

The correct choice had a long exposed trot lying ahead, with the sun beating down the Pack made their way from southeast to north east as the farming route bowed, a CHK was found near to the northbound route up to Cold Harbour Farm, though that was a Falsie that way.  The Trail would not turn until the T Junction of farm tracks where the east bound one terminated, many like My Perfect Cousin were caught out as he followed the FRBs of Wanktlers, Sludge, Ketchup, Prince Garmin, Where’s Wally? & Hash Test Dummy on the south-bound Falsie that led around the corner to the east & a Bar CHK.

Paxo, Whatever She Says, Custard & Rose were far luckier, as the Hare had marked the route Northward by the time they arrived to take to a short way up the alternative uncapped track option, this brought the Hash out on to Tyler’s Causeway, opposite Birchwood cottages. 

It didn’t take the Keenies long to return from their previous mistake & then to find the Trail off of the junction with the nearby Triangulation Point 1377 just within the woodland, the northwest bound lane looked inviting as it led in to shade again.  Sure enough the Dust was picked up that way & then veered off a few degrees on to the uncapped Hornbeam Lane.  Running along the southern edge of Nine Acre Wood, it was far more pleasant undercover of the tree canopy giving shade from the sun.

It was a long stretch running up from the area of native broadleaf trees, here Where’s Wally?, Wanktlers, Sludge would pull away from the rest, with Prince Garmin, Ketchup, No Eye Deer, Spotted Dick, Custard being not too far behind, leaving Whatever She Says, Rose & Paxo to bring up the rear of the Pack.

For some FRBs there was an extra bit if they continued on beyond the footpath off to the southwest on the tarmac section of the Hornbeam lane, the change in direction was put in to prevent the Hash from running up on to Cum Cum lane [Yes Pebbledash it is really called that! – Ed] & avoiding the late Barbara Cartland’s Tradesman’s entrance [Steady there Pebbledash! – Ed] to Camfield Place.

Any stray FRBs would come back, allowing the rest to gain a few yards back on them.  Having made their way over the small enclosed fallow paddock, the Pack found themselves on to the drive up from out of Warrenwood stables, in Warrenwood Park, heading up to the junction with Cum Cum lane & Kentish Lane, there by the roadside the Trail was directed away to the south, not taking in the direct Sludging route straight over by the old School House & Hall down the lane into Wild Hill, no, the Hare decided on ‘Safety First’ & that the Pack should take a slight, but safer diversion of the footpath along the Kentish Lane for a few hundred yards to the west, before crossing the road & tuning to head north-westward along by the woodland & descend through the crop field & then the paddock to southeast of the Woodman, where they found On Inn!

The Pack could sit outside, enjoying the afternoon under the shade of the trees in the raised garden, there the (Chairman of the Herts Hash Cheese Board) Ketchup & Mark E Mark could enjoy the platters of cheese.  When it came to the Down-Downs, Sludge carried out the honours, with the Hare being rewarded; Mark E Mark for being an Après Hasher, plus the Hashit going to Wanktlers (again)