Date                    1st Sept 2019

Run Number     1870

Venue                 My Lil’s Gaff

Location            Welwyn Garden City

Hare/s                 My Lil

Beer                    Various Bottles of decent Ales/ Scrumpy Cider

Runners             26

Virgins                  0

Visitors                 0

Newies                  0

Après                    1

Hounds                1

Total                    28 (Including the dog)

Membership      Piggin Out!


            A decent turnout this morning, was this down to the fact that there was a barbecue after the Trail have anything to do with the numbers increasing?  Of course it was!  Anyhow, the weather was a bit warmer than forecast, but there were a few grey clouds overhead, with the RA back in the fold there was no chance it was going to rain as they would blow over.

When Hash Test Dummy & Gemma arrived with Rose, Milf told Rose that she would try & catch Rose out on the Trail, would Milf accomplish this?  Find out later!

            Fliptop called the Circle outside of Chez My Lil’, who was already there tutting away & tapping at his time piece before uttering “We’re behind schedule!” Finally Psycho & Skip came out front & the honours were carried with a welcome to the Pack to the correct Run Number!  My Lil’ warned of roads to cross, then added that there were Short Cuts before sending the Pack away down Howlands to the northwest & its conclusion at the ‘Chequers’ Roundabout.

            The Trail didn’t make it the short way to the end of the road by a direct means, nope, the Hare had put a loop in only yards before the end of the road, now the Pack were led off to the north & into the small green space of the Creswick Play area, before coming down to the Cycleway/footpath along the edge of Chequers.  This initial loop would set the tone for the rest of the Run.

Wanktlers was first on to Chequers, for he had seen this section of Dust on his walk up with Mr X from Welwyn Railway Station, Mr X was soon behind Wanktlers as the Trail led through the first of three short subways in to the hollow centre of the roundabout below the level of the road.

Wanktlers ran out to the opposite side on to Chequersfield to the west side of Chequers.  A CHK was found near to the Bus Shelter.  Wanktlers was quick to cross over to the north side of Chequersfield, while Mr X, Fliptop & Skip fanned out to search the other options but to no avail.  The strays being called back as Wanktlers called “On!” from within the long narrow stretch of Porter Taylors wood, the Hare marked the route that way & the pack followed on. 

As the Hash ventured in to the wood, Skip remained behind & decided that he would pick up a pair of abandoned shorts near to the bus stop!  The Keenies were led through the wooded area of Porter Taylor Woods & were taken up to a Bar CHK in the northern end, some of those returning were quick to come back & search out on the wide wild grassy of nature reserve back by Chequers, created years ago with water ditches to prevent Travellers from setting up camp their annual camp there, that option would be a Falsie! 

The proper Trail was eventually found to the west, over the rough feral land that, as Mr X explained to Kylie had not been built on due to it having a lot of Hospital Waste buried beneath, some of which gets the old Geiger Counters clicking!  [So does a banana! – Ed]

The Dust headed out toward the Railway line, passing by the electric sub-station supplying the railway with power, this plant had a distinct buzzing noise.  A bottleneck formed here as the path narrowed with brambles & nettles slightly encroaching upon the path.  Of more interest for some of the Hash were the hops that were growing wild there, but Rose wasn’t interested in any of the fauna as she wanted to be lifted up over the scratchy bramble runners.  Strangely neither Gemma nor Hash Test Dummy were going to consider the pleas of “Me too!” & “Can I be carried over?” from some of the larger & supposedly more adult members of the Pack.

The Trail made its way over toward the edge of the Railway, something that excited Kylie, while the rest were more concerned in following the Trail to head south-westward on the footpath along by the mainline in the direction to Kings Cross. 

A CHK was found at the corner of the small estate on west side of Chequers, there Flying Solo went wrong, while the others like Tent Packer, Wanktlers & Sludge all headed south-easterly along the bottom of the fenced-in homes to find a another CHK in the corresponding top north-eastern corner of the crop field. 

Sludge thought that he knew where he was going, as he headed off down to the southwest along a track over the farm fields.  He was a fair way down along beside the thick hedgerow before a call of “On! On!” came from over within the edge of the Creswick Plantation to the east.

Mr X called out “Ha! Ha!” in a Nelson from the Simpson’s style toward Sludge, then “On! On!” as he followed Tent Packer, Wanktlers, Flying Solo, Milf, Where’s Wally?, Fliptop & Teddy around the kink in the path to run into the southern end of Creswick wood, there Teddy had to stop & drink out of the Creswick stream as the rest crossed the wooden duck-boards to come on to a CHK on a footpath that runs from through the plantation & away over the farm, land to the southeast.

            Falsies were fund within the plantation, as well as away on the two southern paths, before the Trail was picked up over the rough patch of land & through the hedgerow along by Chequers.  The Pack crossed the main A1000 route into Mill Green & Hatfield beyond, then on the opposite side of the road an arrow directed the way on to a tree-lined & fenced-in alleyway behind Elliot Close. 

Pebbledash, Kylie, Skip, Psycho, Little Hole, Party Animal, Sis & Mr X were among those who would benefit from the first of the Short Cuts as Where’s Wally? Tent Packer, Sludge, Milf, Flying Solo, Pepé le Pew, Wanktlers, TBT OBE, Gemma, Hash Test Dummy & Rose all followed the loop around on to Boundary Lane, a road named after its former role as the boundary marker between the Digswell & Salisbury estates in what is the Hatfield Hyde area of Welwyn Garden City.

The Short Cut ran straight across Drycroft, a green space with two rows of houses facing each, while the Keenies made their way from Boundary Lane in the south to head northward up Middlefield to meet the SCBs walking over the connecting path between the parallel streets to run on to the start of Lady Grove to the east.  The Pack were going to now get their first taste of the Hare’s trickery, for he would utilize the myriad of footpaths, ginnels, snickets, jitty, jigger & any other name for an alleyway.

Firstly the Keenies were led around Lady Grove as it turns to the south to a Bar CHK, then to come back to pass through the dead-end of Pinnate Place, where having pass through a ginnel they Pack made their way out of another dead-end court & down to Boundary Lane once more.  The Pack were ran all over the place as they were led back up from south to north by another long green way between the two roads, eventually the Hash were brought out on to Howlands.

A CHK was found by a small green area, near to some garages.  From here Sludge was seen going off back to the south, while Where’s Wally? was almost tripping over the Trail when he approached a tree with flour on a prominent root further along to the east, having failed to notice the Dust he had to be shown the error of his ways by Flying Solo, so he turned back to run a short way to the east before the Trail crossed over to the northern side of the road & then on down another hedged-in passageway.

The alleyway turned through a couple of opposing 90 degree corners before coming out on to a small green area between Rylands & Little Wade.  There was no hanging around as the Trail made its way around both sides of the square road of The Wade to emerge out on to Beehive Lane, a lane that pre-dates the existence of the Garden City.  Kylie noticed the Pub sign for the former Beehive Pub in the distance as the Pack headed southward away from it, to come back out on to Howlands yet again.

A trot along the opposite side of what was a part of the old QE2 Hospital, now accommodation units, before crossing back to the southern side of the road & then on to entrance to Queens Avenue.  Here the Hare marked an SSC along Howlands & an SC down the narrow southbound lane that on the corner had an entrance into Commons Nature Reserve, there the Trail would cross a brook & then head back up through the wide grassy path northward to Howlands. 

By Now Gemma found herself at the front of the Hash, Mr X pointed out the footpath sign across the road, that leads away amongst the trees by Howlands House & out on to Moorlands, here the Hare took care that the Pack would again avoid passing by the Beehive, now known as Coopers Grill House.  Kylie was on hand to take pictures, many of which had some exaggerated faux running from those caught on camera!

The likes of Wanktlers, Flying Solo, Sludge, Where’s Wall?, Tent Packer, Milf & Fliptop were now catching back up with the rest as the Dust crossed over to another small green space that cuts the corner off of Thumbswood, a short way down the residential street & an arrow pointed the way further northward on to another tree lined green path that was probably originally a footpath to St Mary Magdalen well before the Garden City project housing spread out this far.

Someone enquired “Where’s Sparky?” but no one knew of his whereabouts, Mr X’s suggestion of sending out Where’s Wally? as a search party wasn’t taken seriously, only raising a laugh!  Perhaps Sparky would catch up as another Split in the Trail was approached.

 A short-cut for the walkers & a longer loop for the Keenies lay ahead, inevitably it brought both around to Marley Road & over to one of the entrances on the east of the King George V playing fields.  This is one of the 471 King George Playing Fields in the UK, all of which were created: "to promote and to assist in the establishment throughout the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland of playing fields for the use and enjoyment of the people every such playing field to be styled 'King George’s Field' and to be distinguished by heraldic panels or other appropriate tablet medallion or inscription commemorative of His Late Majesty and of a design approved by the Administrative Council."

The Trail would now lead on by the long white pavilion that the Hatfield Hyde Cricket Club ground sits behind, here Rose & Hash Test Dummy could see Gemma up ahead, with Wanktlers, Milf, Tent Packer, Sludge, Fliptop & Teddy as they headed to the southwestern corner of the playing fields where St Mary Magdalen Church sits.  Seems that all of the loops & short cuts balanced out where the SCBs & FRBs were on the Trail, with most of the Pack not being too far apart, with the exception of Sparky!

Rose ran over to catch up with Gemma just before the Hash passed out through the smaller park entrance to come out onto Hollybush Lane, there everyone was directed straight over on to Walnut Grove, thus avoiding the Hollybush Pub (No Real Ales) the On Inn was found just before the west-bound road turned southward for a few yards to bring the Pack out on to Howlands for one last time!

Upon her arrival back at Chez My Lil’, Milf exclaimed to Rose that she didn’t manage to catch her on the Trail! Time to chill out & as is the norm with a barbecue at My Lil’s there would be a veritable feast, lots of nibbles for the first ones back to enjoy with their drinks as they awaited the back markers of Kylie, Pebbledash, Sis, Skip, Psycho, Little Hole & Party Animal, then eventually Sparky. 

When Paxo arrived just before the end of the Pack, he was immediately given the job of tending the barbecue! With his Greg Wallace hairstyle, Paxo earned his brown points.  The food, as expected, was excellent & Ewok joined the Pack for an après drink, while Where’s Wally? didn’t even come in for even a quick bite to eat, as he dashed off to watch the North London Draw Derby! At least Fliptop indulged before he set off to the Emirates Stadium.

Down-Down’s went to the Hare for an excellent Trail & banquet!  Paxo for his Greg Wallace Barbecuing skills!  Gemma was out for a long & convoluted story about his Hash visit the source of the Nile being in Jinja in Uganda, where the RA was given a bottle of Jinja’s finest (Ugandan Government Approved) Waragi (Ugandan for War Gin) by a local Hasher, the story then diverged to when Gemma made it to the London Hash Beer Table at the London Marathon, [Well done for completing that! – Ed] after Mr X had asked the London Hash hosts to look out for her & Hash Test Dummy, only for Gemma to take the Beer she was given & then throw it away, saying that she preferred Gin.  So after all of the slang names for Gin where gone through, many of which are already are or in Hash Names, Waragi was chosen as Mr X hasn’t met another Hasher with such a Hash Handle!

Hashit looked like it was going to be presented to Sludge for not having a reasonable charge for Wanktlers to keep it for another Trail, but in the end it went to Skip for the old pair of pants he picked up on Trail & then gave the RA before it was time to eat!

The Pack settled down to enjoy ice creams, then the splendid strawberry cake that Psycho had created, it was a work of art & looked too good to eat, & when it was devoured it was as delicious as it appeared.