Date                     8th Sept 2019

Run Number      1871

Venue                 Run Hertford Dyeing to Run, Colour Run – Six Templars

Location            Hertford

Hare/s                 Paxo, Mr X & Colour Run Marshals

Beer                    Black Knight, Dark Beastie, Peaky Blinders & more…

Runners             15 (Colour Runners) & My Lil’

Virgins                  0

Visitors                 0

Newies                 0

Après                    0

Hounds                0

Total                   16

Membership      Very Colourful!


            Time had come around for the Herts Hash to have its debut entries for the first ever Run Hertford Colour Run, in aid of ‘Future Living’ a Hertford Charity.  Firstly the promised reserved area set aside for the Hash in the side-room in the Six Templars was already in use by people eating their breakfasts, so any change of clean clothes would now have to be taken back & placed into cars, not that it was an issue to walk back to St Andrews Street.

Now the idea of the day was to have Hash Trail to the Registration & the start of the Colour Run, then Hash Trail back to the Six Templars, the day was to be one of ‘Fun’ & the organisers of the event were promoting a ‘Fancy Dress’ 80’s themed event, mainly on Tutus, leggings & Head-bands 80’s look, Wanktlers spun his own version of this by wearing a pair of old red & white striped 1880’s bloomers, which had H5 emblazoned across the Butt Cheeks!

            No Eye Deer was a late entry of -2 on the online form for the 5K Trail, after a change to her planned weekend allowing her the time to partake in this event.  So, the Pack Circled up outside of the Six Templars, with the exception of Flying Solo who had already taken her two girls over to the registration at Vale House for the ‘Family 2K’ option, where an 08:30 arrival for the 09:15Hrs start was required.

Milf had an idea that the Hash should “try & stick together” for advertising ourselves as a ‘non-competitive running club’ - sounds good, but would it work?  Read on dear reader to find out!

            TBT OBE decided that he would consult his mobile to check on the correct Run Number, not that the RA was bothered as he had driven back up from Kent earlier that morning & he was struggling to also recall the Right Number.  So, with TBT OBE now reciting the correct Run Number, it was over to Paxo as the Hare for the first section of Trail, though the Trail was originally going to be set by Mr X & Paxo stepped up to set it as there was a chance of Mr X running late due to motorway closures, which didn’t affect him in the end.

            Normal Hash Markings applied, until reaching a Held CHK, where the Pack would register for the Colour Run at Vale House.  Then without further ado the Pack were shown the way down to the Pelican Crossing where different coloured double-arrows pointed the way across the Wash & on to Maidenhead Street.

            Mark E Mark was first along the pedestrianized area, Wanktlers, Milf, Jamie, No Eye Deer, TBT OBE ,Waragi, Hash Test Dummy & Rose all followed on, as the Trail headed away in a north-easterly direction toward Bulls Plain, but before reaching that far the Trail turned sharply to the south to head through a small side road, passing by a few little shops as the arrows took the Hash around through the L-shaped option to come out on to the Market Place, there the arrows headed northward to a CHK near to the edge of Bulls Plain.

Mr X now hung back a bit, walking with Lobby Lobster & the Hare, for he knew where the Trail was going to head as he had sent the map to Paxo.  Mark E Mark was quickly on to the Trail as he picked it up northward down Bulls Plain to head over the narrow pack-bridge spanning the River Lea Navigation.

Wanktlers, was lured away by the sight of the Old Barge Pub, but sadly for him he would be left disappointed as it wasn’t going to be open this early in the morning, so he headed off along the navigation tow-path beside the Pub, Mark E Mark, Waragi, Hash Test Dummy, Rose, Jamie, No Eye Deer & TBT OBE all followed on, while Mr X & Lobby Lobster quietly took to the footpath back beside the pack-bridge to cross the narrow footbridge over the slighter old section of the river Lea itself.

Eventually the others realised their mistake & they too came around the serpentine like path running between the River Lea & the new McMullens’ Brewery, to catch the two as they came out to the eastern edge of the Sainsbury’s Car Park.  There the double coloured Arrows took to an arcing route around on to the end of Hartham Lane, it was here that the Pack now saw the ‘Family 2K’ runners coming in around to Vale House, & as luck would have it Flying Solo was spotted among the hordes of civilian parents & kids, as she ran along with her two daughter, Isabelle & Elizabeth

The Pack caught up with Flying Solo as the route passed by the Palladial old building, with its blue & turquoise tiled legend with the name of ‘Ekins & Co Ltd : Building Contractors’ emblazoned across it.  Beyond the stylish stone building & the Trail turned from southward to head out north-westerly as it came on to Cowbridge Road, it was along here that the Pack noticed the first of the Race Marshalls.

The Hash soon arrived at Vale House & could see that the kids had a splendid time throwing coloured powder at each other earlier on, the floor was as covered as the kids’ white outfits.  Time to register, where Mr X explained that My Perfect Cousin couldn’t make it, for he had to help his father with something [Pebbledash, Not sure if that’s a euphemism? – Ed] Mr X didn’t expect to be handed My Perfect Cousin’s race number, goody bag etc. which he stashed away in his bumbag.

Having fiddled with small pins to attach race numbers, Mr X suggested that the Hash put these over the Beer Glasses upon the Toucan’s beak of the Hash T-shirts, for the Charity was for those suffering with Substance Abuse & Domestic Violence it would look slightly better to have a little decorum.  Everyone but Mark E Mark & Jamie were wearing the Hash Toucan Shirts, Mark E Mark sported a white jump-suit & dreadlocks!  Rose also got to show off her new Hash Shirt with a colour version of our logo on it, which Waragi made.

            Now, some of the Hash were under the impression that the throwing of coloured corn-flour would be organised by the MC, but some just couldn’t wait, especially as Flying Solo & her girls who still had some left to throw, so, others opened theirs packs to throw some back!  Soon it looked like a free-for-all, with a little being kept back for the start of the Run.

With registration so quick, there was a bit of a wait for the off, the Pack had some good interactions with some of the ‘proper runners’ out there, while Milf said that two of the fitter, younger looking girls had white outfits on where too pristine, but they wouldn’t be like that by the end! [Meow! Put those claws away sister! – Ed]

            Now covered in a lot of different colours, some of which looked remarkably like bright green hand prints on the bottoms of our Harriettes, with Mr X being the culprit with the day-glo green flour, there were plenty of opportunities for photo’s, some taken by Aaron, the official photographer, who’s haircut was admired by most of the Hashers, he would send these on from his baldphotographer address.

Lobby Lobster was too engaged chatting to some civilians to hear Mark E Mark mention that TBT OBE’s purple colouring in her Hair would be the norm for her in a couple of years [Keep this bit quiet, for Mark E Mark’s wellbeing! – Ed]  Some of the Hash were wearing Sun-glasses this morning, & it was bright enough for them to be worn [No one thanked the RA! – Ed] with some noticing Jamie looking like Maverick out of Top-gun in his shades, tough he’s far taller than Tom Cruise

            The 10K Runners were first up on the Start line, however, no matter how much encouragement they were given No Eye Deer, Lobby Lobster & TBT OBE weren’t up for it!  So, a minute or so wait & it was time for the 5K to get ready, with final handfuls of colour being thrown in the air.  Frist at the line were three boys, who had already completed the 2K Family Loop, they were keen to get off & complete 7K that morning. [Well done to them! – Ed]

            Off the Hash went & it was soon clear on the way back around to Hartham Lane that the “Let’s all stick together!” to show the Hash has a ‘non-competitive’ ethic was soon thrown to the wind [Metaphorically speaking! – Ed] as Mark E Mark, Wanktlers, Milf, Jamie & even TBT OBE were caught up in the whirlwind pace of the start!  A struggling to breathe Mr X was left behind No Eye Deer, but managed to keep ahead of Rose, who was with Waragi, Hash Test Dummy, Paxo & Lobby Lobster!

            The 5K loop would lead the way around out by the Sainsbury’s Car park & then out over Hartham Common, taking to the path on the southern edge.  It was noticed that the Pack were now following blue arrows sprayed on to the ground & there were the route the Colour Run would go!

So far, so good as the Runners were encouraged by the families in the kids play area near to the Sports Hall.  Around by the tree lined route away from the River Lea Navigation to take to the course of the River Beane.

            Crossing the wider wooden bridge the Colour Run Trail crossed the Beane, beside the weirs that local canoeing groups were trying to navigate their way up.  The Trail moved from the easterly route to arc around the path that turns due south to come back to near the edge of the River Lea.

The route now headed eastward once again & Marshalls encouraged the Runners around by the trees & then to cross the smaller wooden footbridge over to the towpath (eastern) side of the River Lea Navigation, the direction would now turn to a north-easterly one to run the longest stretch up to the elbow in the Navigation, where the wider end of the Beane joins it to become the Lea.

            A 65° turn would bring the route out along to Gauge House on start of the New River Path, as Mr X approached this Mark E Mark came running back toward him, it was ‘High-fives’ from them, then Milf, TBT OBE & No Eye Deer, finally Jamie!  Mr X arrived at the 5K turning point, just as two elderly Marshals had managed to wrestle the large ‘5K Turn’ sign over the fence after it had been brought over the Meads via bicycle.  Most of the 10K runners were well gone beyond this & were well on their way in the distance to Ware before they could turn back.

            Having run around the Marshal, Mr X took a picture of the newly arrived signage, before heading back along the same route.  Now there were high fives from Rose & Waragi, but not Hash Test Dummy, who was too engrossed in running!  Next up for High Fives were Lobby Lobster & Paxo, as Mr X continued to make ground on No Eye  Deer & TBT OBE, though his tight chest was a bit of an issue & hindered him getting any kind of pace up, so the earlier odd stop to take a photo was in order to allow him to get his breath back.  Also the early drive up from Kent took its toll on him, as did the day spent trying to get Lobby Lobsters original 2K entry changed to a 5K one, which he eventually succeeded with.

            The Marshals were still full of encouragement as the returning Runners head back around Hartham Common & out via Hartham Lane, the end was insight as the road traffic was held up by more of the Marshals.  No Eye Deer & Mr X decided to cross the line together while holding hands, & Mr X asking if they would be disqualified like the two British female Triathletes were a week or two earlier?

Medals collected & it was time to take the computer printout of Race Positions!  Mr X also asked if he could have My Perfect Cousins result as well?  When handed My Perfect Cousin's time Mr X was shocked to find out that Both No Eye Deer & My Perfect Cousin had come in before him!

Seems No Eye Deer’s chip on her chest was out in front of the RA, but My Perfect Cousins finishing before Mr X when he wasn’t even there amused the RA, with the second Chip on the Race Number Bib being located in the front of Mr X's bum-bag.  Then the gloating started, with Mark E Mark being 4th & 7th Back, Milf was 12th for the women's 5K.  [Non-competitive Eh? - Ed]

Those of the Hash who were back, stood by the inflatable finish line to cheer, clap & encourage incoming runners.  TBT OBE hobbled in, then there was a long wait, thankfully some large slices of Lemon Drizzle Cake helped pass the time, though the atmosphere was still that of a Fun Day out.

Wanktlers moved off back up the course to keep an eye out for Paxo & Lobby Lobster, Rose & Waragi did the same & as soon as Paxo came in to view on Hartham Lane they ran back to the finish to alert the rest.

All suitably filled with tasty Lemon Drizzle cake, or Lemon Dribble as Mark E Mark described it, it soon came time to complete the next section of Hash Trail as Paxo handed the Chalk over to Mr X, who did offer up a ‘straight back to ‘Spoons option’, but being such a fine & pleasant day it was just to good not to finish the last leg as it was also still before 11:00Hrs!

The Held CHK was marked off in a direction down Port Vale, taking the Hash off of this after a few yards to take to a passageway by the local School.  The arrows headed out south-westward to take to the green space of a Park behind the homes on west-side of Port Vale.  Mr X & Paxo were happy to see the FRBs go wrong at the CHK by Mill Mead Way on the edge of the Park, before continuing out to Beane Road at the end of the park, crossing the traffic island to the roadside path along its northern flank.

The final leg would be to follow the arrows up to the end of Beane Road & then on to the Hertford Road, another CHK was placed along the way opposite the Hertford Hospital, this didn’t slow the Hash up too much as the Trail was quickly picked up on North Road, which strangely leads from West to East?  Along the way to where the road turns to the northeast & becomes St Andrews Street, Mr X pointed out the New Blue Plaques placed on a variety of buildings to represent some historic event, or person that once lived there.  May be there’s a new Blue Plaque Run in the making?

            Back in to the car park, then a short walk around to the Six Templars, where the Pack made themselves comfortable in one corner.  There the retuning Pack met up with My Lil’, who had completed enough CHKs on his walk up from the Station to sign the Hash book, he was wearing a Tie-Dye Belgian Nash Hash Shirt to fit in, seems that the rest were all going to have free tie-dye Hash Toucan T-shirts after the Colour Run!

The atmosphere was still that of Fun, Fun, Fun.  Rose, Elizabeth & Isabelle were all trying to clean the various coloured dyes out of their Hair, but the wipes they were using only seem to make the colour run in to the hair?  Lobby Lobster, Milf & No Eye Deer were also sporting a slight blue (& other colour) rises to their normal colours, & Lobby had been home to shower & change! 

Just in case anyone missed it, Rose would cheer them all up by letting them know that her Birthday was fast approaching!  Paxo & Mr X had to admit that had been told by Rose of her upcoming Birthday before they had started the Trail while Waragi, Hash Test Dummy & Jamie took their bags back to the car!

Most had food, which was still be eaten by Mark E Mark & Lobby Lobster when Mr X started the Down-Downs, so the Hares of Paxo & Mr X (who’s Idea it was in the first place) were awarded for their efforts.  Flying Solo was out for her 10th Herts Trail, for which she was presented with a Bum-bag!  Then we had the bragging rights of Finishing Positions with Mark E mark & Milf, not forgetting Wanktlers who was presented the Hashit Pants (Yes the H5 (White Rabbit’s) Bloomers were not going to waste!)

The day was a great success, with a few cards handed out & some interest of civilians at the event, maybe next time we can get a few more to make an effort if we know in advance.