Date                    16th Sept 2019

Run Number     1873

Venue                The Little Green Dragon

Location            Winchmore Hill

Hare/s                 My Perfect Cousin

Beer                    Mechanic; Coconut Porter; Billericay Blonde & Zeppelin

Runners             25

Virgins                 0

Visitors               Joint Run with London H3

Newies                 0

Après                    0

Hounds                1

Total                    26

Membership      A special session!


            My Perfect Cousin had elected to set his (Virgin) Trail as Hare from the Little Green Dragon, an award winning Micro-Pub, which meant that if the Trail had gone ‘tits-up’ then he could fall back on the excellent Ales straight out of the barrels to placate any baying mob. [Shrewd Move! – Ed]

Mr X, My Lil’ & TDH were the first ones to arrive, but with TDH having driven over from Milton Keynes there were only two drinking before the off.  Mr X looked though the bolted glass shop door & called out “Let us in Dave!” but Stand-in wasn’t in his second home, instead the Landlord opened up there & then on this Monday, a day when the Little Green Dragon is closed for Staff & Stand-in’s recuperation from the weekend.

As Mr X & My Lil’ tackled a blonde, then a Zeppelin from the Billericay Brewing Company, the news of the Bar being open when normally closed, it spread through the grape vine like wildfire as locals started rolling in.  More of the Pack arrived & so did Stand-in, who was hardly unlikely not to find his way to the venue as he is considered to be a part of the Little Green Dragon Furniture, say like an old, red leather Chesterfield chair.

For this joint Run Des Res, Kylie, Where’s Wally? Ketchup & Fliptop turned out, after missing the previous day’s Herts Hash, yes there were two Herts Trail in two days, more importantly they also missed the smell of singed feet at a Charity ‘Fire-walk’ after the Hash from the Boot was long over!  Milf was the only other survivor from the Boot Trail the day before.

Notable London Stalwarts included Thunderthighs, Chi-Su, Kickers, Ryde, Tablewhine, Skylark, Road Runner, King & shared between the two Hashes were The Hare (My Perfect Cousin), Stand-in Shit, Fireball, Lofty & Henry.  Also making an appearance were Puff the One Eye Dragon, Ben Allen, Mike (who was a Newbie) to name a few.

The Pack was called together & the Circle was formed just outside as Spare Rib arrived & Parked up.  With Fliptop carrying out the Herts 1873 & London’s 2497th Trails, the Hare was called forward.  My Perfect Cousin made sure that the Pack knew that the Trail was mainly a Street Run, but there were Short Cuts, which brought some relief as the sun was almost set by the time the Pack were ushered away at 19:20Hrs.

Off to the southwest the Pack headed along wide Green Lanes, with cycle paths on either side, the reason for the width of the road was that it used to have an electric tramway running along it to Palmer Green.  The Pack only ran tis way for a few yards before a curved arrow pointed the way into ‘River Bank’, a rectangle of green grass surrounded by flats.  The Pack traversed the grass to the south-eastern corner of the complex, then out on to Firs lane for a few feet to pick up the arrows leading the way to wrought iron kissing gate, beyond which the Trail took to the footpath alongside the New River.

Mark E Mark & Ketchup were soon up with the FRBs as the Trail followed the New River as it changed direction, with an elbow turning from northeast to nor-nor-west, no doubt in order to keep the 5” drop the new river has from its origins at Chadwell Springs in Ware, to keep the drinking water flowing through the 28 Miles to its final destination at Stoke Newington.  This artificial waterway was designed & constructed by Sir Hugh Myddelton, under a Charter of King James I (VI of Scotland) opened in 1613, it still supplies drinking water to the City!

Back to the Trail & the first leg of New River path was completed after a few hundred yards to come out on to Ridge Avenue, there arrows directed the Hash over the crossing at the elbow like junction with Green Dragon Lane & Green Lanes, to lead on to the dead end of Bush Hill.

Once through the bollards the Trail would soon be back up along the edge of the New River, along this section of peaceful waterway there was once rather large obstacle that had a few groaning as they had to twist & contort themselves to get through the limbs of a large fallen tree!  The Rivers course turned again, with the Hash running north-easterly against the gentle flow of the water.

The New river now took to a long arcing turn & the Pack followed this until coming out through an old green wrought-iron kissing gate to emerge out on to the Bush Hill Road, with no continuation of the New River Path, the Pack were soon on their way along the urban street of Bush Hill Road, there arrows led the way up to the north with the road weaving along its way to the junction with Bush Hill away to the left.

Mr X was struggling with a chest infection, so at this point even with some failed encouragement from Milf, Kylie, Thunder thighs & Lofty Mr X realise that this Trail was going to be a ‘Runners Trail & he wasn’t up to trying to keep up.

Mr X was now relegated to it being a case of getting a CHK out of the way & calling it quits (for the day & running it over the weekend when feeling better!) My Lil’ also gave up the ghost & so they headed back to the On Inn, where Spare Rib was surprised to see them this early!

Just off of this junction, away to the northeast is Quakers Walk, an old narrow lane running behind the gardens of a lot of large detached homes in this suburban area of Enfield.  No doubt this old route, strewn with rusty coloured autumnal leaf litter, used to be the way to the Quaker meeting rooms, the first recorded religious building in Winchmore Hill in 1688?

Half way along Quaker’s Walk are a set of Bollards to prevent this narrow old route becoming a ‘Rat Run’, then the lane turns from just a few degrees north of due north to due north, this emerged out on to Bush Hill, here there was a CHK point.  The Trail was picked up along to the top of Bush Hill, crossing over the road on the way up to a green triangle of grass in front of the entrance into Bush Hill Golf Club. 

By now the Pack was becoming stretched out, with the FRBs getting away from the SCBs, to compound things the light was going as the Trail led in to the darkness of the tree-lined footpath running north-westward up between two sections of fairways of the golf course.  Those without torches would now struggle, some thought that it wasn’t worth risking ‘Abandon all hope all ye who enter here!’ as markings became rather sparse.  Before the Roman invasion, or Hertfordshire, Essex & Middlesex existed, this the area was occupied by the Catuvellauni tribe, itis believed that a hill fort on the Hill now occupied by Bush Hill Park Golf Club.

Some did abandon the Trail, or just got plain lost & took advantage of just coming back down Bush Hill.  Spare Rib was surprised to see that not that long after Mr X & My Lil’ had returned to the Little Green Dragon, Knickers & Mike arrived back after getting lost, which was odd as Where’s Wally? is the one who usually gets lost & he wasn’t with them!  Now the Two Herts regulars now didn’t feel so bad at their Short Cutting!

Back to the Trail.  At the top of the slight climb up through the old established line of trees splitting the golf course fairways, there appeared to be a split in the Trail scratched in to the dusty old uncapped surface of the track, just before Old Park Ridings.  It appeared that there was a Loop for the FRBs planned through another dark tree-lined path through the north-eastern side of the golf course & then out through Enfield Town Park & by the New River to Old Park Avenue. 

For the SCBs they took to the northern option which led a few yards to come out on to Old Park Avenue, there the Trail turned north-westward ward & then crossed over to the western roadside footpath.  Another Loop was put in for the Keenies, taking them off northward the Chine, around the elbow in the residential street, where a red pillar box sits, then it was a descent down the southern hillside of commuter land. 

A left turn on through an alleyway took the FRBs back to Old Park Ridings, or there was a choice of carrying straight on with another Short Cut that was added.  The Pack was slightly disjointed as some of the FRBs joined the Trail the SCBs were still on.  At the bottom of the Old Park Ridings a CHK was eventually located, searches to the south & southeast proved fruitless, the Trail was picked up on the Grangeway where some had short-cutted through to earlier, which leads westward up to the parade of shops on either side of the road as the Trail came up to Grange Park Station.

The Trail passed under the dark brick Railway bridge, then on by the Station front, to lead up to a CHK by the Gryphon, which sadly is now a Harvester.  No one was tempted to sneak off in to the Harvester, instead the FRBs were led away down Cheyene Walk to the north, meanwhile the SCBs of Kylie, King, Fireball, Lofty & Henry were offered up the option of carrying on westward along Vera Avenue.

For the Keenies of Skylark, Road-Runner, Milf, Ryde Ketchup, Mark E Mark & Where’s Wally? the loop would turn from northeast to nor-nor-east, again arrows seemed scarce at times under the street lights of this long stretch on urban streets.  An arrow pointing in to Cheyne Walk Open Space, over the Salmon Brook was crossed out, did the Hare have a change of plan here?  Anyway, the Trail turned at the corner where the street becomes Uplands way, heading south-westward.

More curved arrows appeared, now the Keenies were heading down Onslow Gardens, in an south-easterly option, a break in the road’s course at a crossroads, had double arrows pointing the way over to the continuation to the sou-sou-west, out on to Vera Avenue & then straight over this junction to Bazile Road.  After a fairly short trot on Bazile Road, the Trail came out on to Green Dragon Lane, some must have felt that they were now on the ‘home stretch’ as thy head south-eastward & down the hill?  Wrong!

For the Keenies there was an extra loop, once over Green Dragon Lane they would be taken down an alleyway though to Wades Hill, the SCBs would be sent straight down Green Dragon Lane.  For the FRBs, they would be led down the hill to the sou-sou-east, then north-easterly along Hadley Way to come back out on to Green Dragon Lane again, here both sections of the Pack would be taken along south-easterly under the Railway bridge.

Along though the dark side arch for the footpath under the railway bridge, there the Pack would pass the On Inn, but they weren’t finished yet!  For the Hare had set the Trail to peel off down Myddelton Gardens, though some did stick with Green Dragon Lane, knowing that the Little Green Dragon was just off of the end of the road.

The oldest pub in the area was probably the Green Dragon Circa 1726 & was situated on the junction of Green Dragon Lane & Green Lanes.  At that time, highwaymen were hanged near to where they were caught, it is said that one was executed on a gallows outside of the Green Dragon's front entrance.  These gallows were not pulled down for a number of years, something that may have prompted the owner to move the pub to its current location at the bottom of Vicars Moor Lane.  The new incarnation was extensively remodelled in 1935.  It was closed as a public house in 2015 although the building remains as a supermarket.  In 2017 the Little Green Dragon was opened near to the site of the original eighteenth century Green Dragon.

For those Mad Keen enough to complete the whole trail, the end of Myddelton Gardens would see the Trail turn from sou-sou-west to south-east where the Pack could join Green Lanes & then come all the way back down to the Pub.

At least the returning Pack could enjoy the Ales on offer, before the Circle was called.  Ketchup extolled the location of the Little Green Dragon, with it only being a few stops down the line from Hertford, while Mr X said it was worth the hike over from Welwyn Garden when the Landlord asked where the members of the Hash had travelled from, as well as others from around the metropolis & even Milton Keynes.  It was almost a year since Herts Ran from there, so note to Hare-Raiser to add a date!

It was noted that the Book was unavailable to be signed, seems it was in other hands over the week!  Also, even though he had managed to cobble together the Trash, it slipped Mr X’s mind to hand them out as the strong Ales had kicke din by now!

Once Fliptop had toasted the Hash it was over to Mr X & Skylark for the Down-Downs.  The Hare was called forward, the crowd were slightly quiet about what they thought of the Trail when questioned by Mr X, My Perfect Cousin was up for his Down-Down, seems the selection of venue had made up for the lack of Trail markings & sections of the Pack getting lost on Trail, though the four CHKs were all marked, as were the Short Cuts when they were required.

To mention just a few other hits: Out were the Newbies, including Mike, for their First Drinks with H4 & LH3.  Mr X presented Spare Rib with a Jack Daniels Card & Poker Chip set, complete with an unopened miniature bottle for his work at UK Nash Hash as Song-Master on the BRAs & Pants.  He & Milf shared the song duties for this circle.

Stand-in Shit was out for not being at the venue to slide back the bolt [Steady there Pebbledash! – Ed] when Mr X arrived at the Little Green Dragon.  Also invited out was the Richard, the Landlord, for specially opening up the Little Green Dragon just for the Hash, & most of the regular locals!