Date                    1st December 2019

Run Number    1885

Venue                The Victoria

Location            Hitchin

Hare/s                 Porky Pie

Beer                    Greede King IPA; Tring Pale+Four, Ridgeway; Wolf Brewery Sirius, Lupus Lupus

Runners            14

Virgins                  0

Visitors                 0

Newies                 0

Aprčs                    0

Hounds                0

Total                    14

What3words      words.not.forthcoming


            So, the regular scribe takes a well-deserved break, expecting a write-up to be put forward in his absence & keep the Herts Tradition of a paper Trash going, but it seems that this would be a forlorn hope & when enquiring if anyone had made an effort to touch a keyboard, put pen to paper, or in most cases with Hashers apply coloured crayon to scraps of paper the answer was sadly a no!

A long time after the event & the Pack had been around, drunk up & gone home, your faithful, intrepid & selfless scribe took it upon himself to run around the Trail to at least give you, dear reader, some kind of idea of the Trail Porky Pie had set.  This task wasn’t too bad & only a part of the Trail was hard to find after the rain during the week & civilians knocking out or covering up some of the markings!

It’s been a while since there was a Hash Trail from the Victoria, in a reflection of history sadly since then she has lost her Albert!  Hopefully the small drinking establishment, which has a soft spot in the heart of Herts Hasher, due to it being the demise of many Herts Newbies, this Hare included, will rise again & reopen? [If it does then we’ll have a Run for there again! – Ed]

Anyhow, it looked as if there were some Virgins present this week, for there were markings outside of the main door to the triangular Victorian Pub, or where they just Porky Pie’s way of refreshing Sludge’s memory with what Trail Herts Marking are about?  It turns out that there were some Virgins & newbies amongst the day’s turn out with Alex, Howard, Sue & Hippie Hunter all adding to the Pack.

Amongst the regulars this week were: ARP & Aofie putting in a long overdue appearance, Sludge, Lemming, Mother, My Perfect Cousin, Paxo, Sparky, Wanktlers, No Eye Deer, Whatever She Says, My Lil’ & Flying Solo with Elizabeth & Isabelle.

The Trail began by leading away to the northwest on the start of Bunyan Road. While the Keenies were led off on the bend in Bunyan Road as it turns 45 degrees to nor-nor-west, the SCBs of Paxo, Sparky & Whatever She Says were offered up a Short Cut with sticking with the A505 as it turns a few degrees & becomes Fishponds Road.

For the Keenies of Mother, Lemming, Sludge, Wanktlers, My Lil’, My Perfect Cousin the Trail would run along the old Victorian terraced street to reach a CHK by Dukes Lane leading away to the east, opposite where there were two alleyway options. 

When the Trail was picked up it was down the alleyway from the corner of the entrance to the local York Road Nursery school, this was not the west bound Dukes lane alleyway behind the school ground, instead it was the one that headed southwestwardly back to the A505, where the SCBs would have been on their way along to the next CHK, which was located beyond the Wilshere Dacre Junior Academy school.

On the opposite side of the busy road was the local swimming pool& fitness centre, but there was no fear of the Hare leading the Hash by this facility as the Trail passed by the lights crossing to reach a CHK on the corner with Bearton Avenue.  Again there would be a Short Cut for the SCBs as they would keep with the A505 Fishpool Street, meanwhile the Keenies would head way down Bearton Avenue to pass by the local Ramgarhia Gurdwara Sikh Temple with its white ornate dome.

From the T-junction, the FRBs would now head way on a loop around between the terraced homes of Lancaster Avenue to reach the Bedford Road on the roundabout in the west on the end of the suburban street, there a trot to the south down the Bedford Road would bring the FRBs back to the Trail the SCBs would have taken over the roundabout by the corner of the Hitchin Football Club grounds, home to the Canaries who the day before had beaten Barwell 4-1!

Skilfully nipping across the busy junction, the SCBs would find that Trail would take to Maxwell’s Path, one of the older by-ways in Hitchin.  The tarmac alleyway now lead on by Maxwell’s Cottage, before rising up the hillside covered in small homes on the west side of Hitchin.  Around these parts are a myriad of old footpath alleyways, like Chalkdell Path & Union Path that interlink the lines of small, quaint looking Victorian terraced homes perched upon the hillside, some of which only have footpath access out front & behind them, while others line stony potholed uncapped lanes that must have been used for access for pantechnicons, carriages & horse drawn trades vehicles?

Ignoring some of the adjoining footpaths & ginnels, Maxwell’s lane soon became an uncapped narrow lane, the first non-friendly scooter section for Flying Solo & the Girls as the Trail arrived at the top of the Hill & a CHK was found as Maxwell’s Path comes around toward its conclusion in the southern turn.  Dust was found on the Oughton Head Lane as it heads away a few degrees north of due west, this tree-lined path runs from by what was once the Donkey Sanctuary, but now the Fuzzocks’ field lies empty & over grown with fallow grasses, with what appears to be developments happening further along to the south & this may well soon be the fate of the Fuzzocks’ former home.

Anyhow, the Dust was pretty spare along this section & seemed to disappeared, this scribe relied on instinct of the lie of the local land, running down the hillside to turn on to the Oughtonhead path that leads northward along by the flood plains that are home to the long horn cattle & to emerge behind the Sport pitches to the west of Hitchin’s Westmill area. 

Leaving the river Oughton nature reserve side, the was Trail would be picked up once again after coming up over the soccer field to one of the western arms of Swinburne Avenue, up through this small cul-de-sac where the Trail now headed southward before turning the corner of the arcing road to head way to the northeast on Bingen Road, which in turn becomes John Barker Place.

On through the area of 1920’s Council estate that is supposed to be getting much needed redevelopment money, no one was stopping along here & once beyond the end with the shopping parade, including Wing Hing Chinese & a local Londis, the Trail would turn on to Westmill Road, heading all the way down to its end where it terminates at a T-junction with Redhill Road.  A CHK there would see the Hash head off away beyond a larger parade of shops & up to the double roundabout Junction where the Angel’s Reply sits.

No time for a Beer Stop, as the Pack took their lives in their hands to follow the slightly dodgy markings over the centre of the roundabouts where the Trail would be picked up over on Bearton Road, a CHK was found by the northbound entrance to Bearton Green may have caught out a few Keenies, but the real Trail would lead eastward along Bearton Avenue, the Dust crossed over to the southern side of the eastbound road which allowed the Pack to follow the Trail down another along passageway, this one being a long southbound route to lead back on to Lancaster Road again!

            Almost directly over the road the Trail headed a short way behind the Temple, the Pack were only yards from the Out Trail! [The Hare took a chance with Sludge on the way out then! – Ed]  Out of the shorter alleyway path to the north to be turned eastward on to the Dukes Lane Path, running behind the grounds of Wilshere Dacre Junior Academy school with the On Inn being via coming back behind the school grounds & out on to Bunyan Road to return to the Victoria.

            This Scribe has no idea of any Down-Downs, but at least there was a better choice of Ales for the Hare & Virgins to imbibe, after a good crafty trail with lots of twists & turns, ‘A bit of everything!’ not to mention exploring many back-passages of Hitchin [Steady there Pebbledash!!