Date                      29th December 2019

Run Number      1890

Venue                  The Two Willies Willows

Location              Welwyn Garden City

Hare/s                   Mr X

Beer                      Adnams; London Pride

Runners              16

Virgins                  0

Visitors                 0

Newies                 0

Après                    0

Hounds                0

Total                    16

Membership      Last Herts Hash of 2019


For the last Herts Hash of 2009 this Trail would be around the home town of a couple of Herts Hashers, with the Hare setting about laying the Trail early in the morning, as Saturday was a day of missal rain & there was also the Adult Panto, which was a rather good experience for all who attended ‘Snow White Rotten to the Core’.  The weather for Sunday was a complete contrast to the day before, the wind had dropped, the drizzle & mist had gone & the sun was peeking out

The Hash gathered outside of the Two Willows, where Mr X was found talking to two of the regulars, one of whom was sitting on the bench waiting for the 11:00Hrs opening time.  They weren’t the only ones anticipating the Pub’s opening as a couple of regular Hashers wanted to use the loos!  This week saw the return of Howard, who turned out ages ago, but it was good to see him back.

Anyhow, time passed 11:00Hrs as the Circle was called, TBT OBE welcomed everyone to the correct Run number, as Mr X had pointed out that TBT OBE’s Trail he [Allegedly set! – Ed] was 1888 & that was two weeks ago!  The Hare stepped forward to explain what the Hash could expect out there.  Normal Hash Markings, there were two Held CHKs, Short Cuts & a final regroup in a ‘C’ Stop at the end?

So, without further ado the Pack were directed across the Parkway via the Pelican crossings to the west side, in between the Pack passed by Henry Moore's 1976 Knife Edge, which has been loaned to the town by the Henry Moore Foundation as a part of Welwyn Garden City's 100th Anniversary celebrations for its founding in 1920, located near to the town's 1953 Coronation Fountain

As he went to cross at the lights, Sparky drove by & sounded his horn, the one fitted on his car Pebbledash!  A CHK was found by the small green hedged-in garden & from there Hash Test Dummy ran the Falsie down Russellcroft Road, while others who had parked down there had already seen the T, so they headed northward along by the boarded up building owned by 'spoons that has been refused planning permission several times now due to local residents objections

The Trail would pass by the Dentists & Doctors next to the "spoons building & then by the Lawyers a board told of the former Welwyn Film Studios offices that were once there. Also getting a mention was the fact that Dinah Sheridan lived in Welwyn Garden City.

At the end of the Parkway, there the Trail led around to the west, passing the Police Station on the way on to Bridge Road, an area with plenty of OAP complexes scattered around.  The arrows would direct the Pack southward through from the dead-end of Guessens Road, passing the businesses of another Dentist,  a Play School that like those on Parkway are situated in what were once residential homes.

At the Junction with Russellcroft Road a CHK was found, as were the Hare, My Lil' & TBT OBE who had short cut this bit to stow bags in the Teebs-mobile.  TBT went wrong by crossing over to fruitlessly search the next section of Guessens Road to the west.

My Lil' Picked up Trail on Russellcroft Road as it continues westward & on to a CHK by where Handside Lane crosses, there Hash Test Dummy found a Falsie further along to the West, he managed to drag Where's Wally? With him, while My Lil' went wrong in searching Handside Lane to the south.  Eventually the Trail was discovered on the shorter section of Handside Lane away to the north, passing opposite the small green & back out on to Bridge Road.

A westward trot would lead on to a CHK point, on the opposite side of Bridge Road is the footpath that leads up to the former Welwyn to Luton Railway line if the Ayot Way.  As the Hare had planned, this lured Milf, Sludge & TBT OBE over to look for non-non-existent Trail over on the edge if Sherrards Wood, normally where the Trail does go!  Milf returned when “On!” was called back on Bridge road, she called the other two back, but Sludge being Sludge thought he could out fox this Hare!  These two would not be seen until almost the end of the Trail!

Trail was found on the same side of Bridge Road as the CHK, just as it curves around to the junction where Valley Road heads away to the south, it would be this residential road the Trail would take too.  Meanwhile Paxo & Whatever She Says were with My Lil' on a Shirt Cut on Handside Lane.  Waragi, Rose, Milf, Where’s Wally? No Eye Deer, Howard, all made their way southward along Valley Road until reaching a CHK by the crossroads with Youngs Rise & High Oaks Road.

Mr X was pleased to see Where’s Wally? go wrong by crossing the junction & search up toward the WGC Golf Club, he was soon brought back as Hash Test Dummy called “On!” from up Youngs Rise, this also brought Waragi & Rose back from checking out further along Valley Road. A short steady climb up the pavement on the high verge above the road would level out as the Pack ran on toward Handside Lane, where the Trail turned from eastward to the right & head southward to fins My Lil’, Paxo & Whatever She Says waiting at the first Held CHK by the Daily Mail 1922 Village.

The Hare handed over a packet of Opal Fruits, now known as Starbursts, to Rose, but the wrappers seemed a struggle to get off, so the bag of Fox’s Glacier Fruits with a twist wrapper were far easier to open!  With everyone but Sparky, OBE TBT & Sludge at the regroup, Mr X went on to explain that the Daily Mail ran a competition to design homes for future villages, so around Meadow Green a series of various style homes were constructed, most of which would not be built anywhere else in this Garden City.

Mr X also pointed out the local Barn Theatre across the road, beside that is the Quaker Meeting House & behind this is the local Synagogue, it was soon time to move off from Meadow Green, which like the Barn theatre Buildings were a part of Handside Farm, which has long since gone.

Where’s Wally led the way southward to follow arrows down to the junction with Applecroft & Barelycroft Roads, he was taken around onto Applecroft Road, passing the local School to find a CHK down on a junctions with Elm Gardens, Elmwood & Attimore Road, Waragi & Rose chose to search on Elmwood, while Hah Test Dummy looked at Attimore, but it was down Where’s Wally? & Milf to go down to Valley Road via the links to find the Trail as it went off to the south, passing the new Welwyn Garden City “Where town meets Country” signs for the 100th anniversary.

Just beyond the bus stop & arrows directed the Pack up the grassy slope & in to a small, long woodland along Lemsford Lane.  The Trail progressed along a meandering desire line, near to the end of the wood the pack had to take care to duck under the fallen tree, which was only blown down a few weeks earlier.

A CHK was found where the Shiggy path came up to a tarmac path that inter connects a couple of cul-de-sacs on this western edge of Welwyn Garden City.  The Hare had taken a short cut & was at the CHK just as Where’s Wally? arrived at the end of the wood, while Milf was searching down toward the RA’s house.  Where’s Wally? went off around the hedge-in tarmac path to Broadfield place, but somehow managed not to see the large pile of flour on the telegraph pole & he came back to see the Hare marking the Trail from where he had been.

All successfully negotiate the fallen tree & where out through Broadfield place & then to Attimore Road in a long sweeping arc from southward to eastward, then on to a CHK where the road ends on Handside Lane.  Where’s Wally? went wrong again, which cheered up the Hare, Hash Test Dummy hung around for Rose & Waragi, while Milf & Where’s Wally? picked up the Trail on Handside lane to the north.

No Eye Deer was with the Hare as they reached the Old Drive, a dead-end side road that veers off at a 30 degrees from Handside Lane, so she followed him as he marked a SC on up Handside lane.  He explained that the Where’s Wally? & Milf would be on a loop out via a short alleyway to Handside lane & then back to the footpath into the grounds of Welwyn Rugby Club, except when the Hare & No Eye Deer cross the road they could see Milf & Where’s Wally? heading away further to the north & missing the two sets of double arrows!

“On back!” was called as No Eye Deer & the Hare went through the footpath between the large russet coloured hazel hedge & the wall of a house, this would come out on to the rugby pitches.  Hash Test Dummy & those just behind were called over to miss out the small loop.  The Trail led over to the cub house, through the car park & out of the very short road of Hobbs Way to a CHK where it joins Colgrove, it was here that the Pack met up with Sparky, who was dressed as if he ought to be on the farm [No not as Worzel Gummage, but he was wearing a pair of wellies! – Ed]

Like My Lil’, Paxo, Howard & Whatever She Says, Sparky had taken advantage of the Short cuts put in.  Sludge & TBT OBE had also utilized the Short Cuts to get ahead of the rest of the Pack, after finally realizing their mistake, they had already negotiated the Trail leading out on to Turnmore Dale & out to the roundabout on the Parkway, crossing straight over to take to Rooks Hill.  At least they hadn’t kicked the CHKs through, so the others behind them had to check out the Trail.

At the top of Rooks Hill the Trail would lead down Longcroft Lane to a CHK by Rooks Close, Rose was happy to run this section with Hash Test Dummy, so the Hare asked them to call back Milf & Where’s Wally? who had gone wrong by continuing along Longcroft Lane, as he would mark a short, short cut through to Osborn Way as the Keenies made their way through the cul-de-sac of Rooks Close, where a cut-through was found in the corner.

A long trot along Osborn Way would lead up behind the homes then on by a car park to cross over the pelican crossing before the Howard Centre.  On the opposite side was the second, & final Held CHK, where My Lil’, Paxo, Sludge & TBT OBE were waiting.  Here the remaining sweets were handed out as the Pack gathered once again, Kylie wasn’t that far behind, once he & Howard were at the Held CHK a photo stop was called.

The Hare explained that the Trail would go to the local McDonalds for a free cup of Tea/Coffee/Hot Chocolate, so he drew a golden arches on the floor & the words Maccie D’s for anyone behind on the Trail, [Many thought that Sparky would not understand what Maccie D’s is? – Ed]  Mr X was just thankful that Sparky didn’t follow the orange arrows spray-painted on some of the streets the Trail took.  Nope, these weren’t put down by TBT OBE but by a local R*nning group for these are a 5 or a 10K Run around Welwyn Garden City

The Pack headed up by Welwyn Garden City railway station, where Kylie got to see a Train pulling out [Steady Pebbledash! – Ed] then along to a set of steps at the back of the Howard Centre, where the windows of New Look could be peer through to admire the women’s shoe & accessories.  Away from the windows where arrows pointed up a set of stairs, where there was a strong smell of urine & then into the Howard Centre from the Railway station bridge.

Coming down from the First Floor was a bit strange as the escalators weren’t working, it was weird coming down the steps of thin parallel lines, which had a slightly disturbing optical affect.  Once on the ground floor the Pack made their way out for the front entrance & over to the local Mac Donald’s, where a free hot drink was awaiting them as My Lil’ had almost enough bean vouchers saved up for the Pack to enjoy. 

Rose could tell the Pack about the carrots she left out that Santa’s Reindeer had eaten, Mr X pondered on wheter Santa had downed a bottle of Port?   But it seemed to all fine!  Suddenly it was realised that sparky was yet to arrive, so a scrabble for beans off of all of the cups, Mr X went back to find Sparky & assist him through the Howard Centre, where Sparky eased his way slowly down stopped the escalator.  Then it was out to McDonalds for a warming drink. 

Mr X brought Sparky in, he was given his card full of bean stickers but he wanted to cold drink, which you can’t get with a hot drink voucher!  So, Mr X got out last week’s Hash Cash to pay the £1.35 [You can’t make this up! – Ed] After the beverage it was time to move on up Howardsgate to the Two Willows.

The Pack settled in to the back of the Bar of the former bank.  The TV was turned on to the Rugby for Mr X, while others decided to eat, which delayed the Circle slightly but by the looks of No Eye Deer’s ‘Fish-finger Sandwich’ it was worth it, for it looked like a battered cod in a large baguette!

The Circle took place inside, as the noise of the crowd at the Auld Firm Derby on the other TV screens drowned out the Pack’s singing.  The Hare was rewarded for an excellent Trail, then when normal service resumed Mr X awarded Waragi & Hash Test Dummy for setting the Lea Valley Park Trail.  My Lil’ got thanks for supplying the beans for the Drink Stop.  Sparky for not understanding what Maccie D’s are!