Date =                            19th January 2020

Run Number =             1895    

Venue =                        The Rising Sun

Location =                    Halls Green

Hare/s =                        Hippie Hunter

Beer =                            McMullens

Runners =                     14                                               

Virgins =                        0

Visitors =                       0

Newies =                       0

Après =                          0

Hounds =                      1

Total =                            15

Membership =              Back where it all began!                          


            Yes folks, the Hash were back at their birthplace where it all began for H4, the Rising Sun at Halls Green.

Sometimes you do wonder about things, firstly Tent Packer disembarked from his boat & soon had the rest of the Pack laughing at the choice of headwear he had on.  It was like the Specsavers TV advert where the vet mistakes a furry hat for a cat!  Yes, he was sporting a large dead animal on his noggin.

If that wasn’t funny enough, when TBT OBE was rummaging through his car boot to get out his Hash-boots he discovered that he had brought along his wireless central heating control, why?  We don’t know, but we do know it left Mrs TBT OBE back at home with no way to control the temperature on a fresh & cold morning, freezing enough to have created some treacherous driving conditions in places on the narrow lanes to the venue.

            The Pack circled up, Fliptop had carried out the introductions, then when the Hare was called forward he announced that he’s be setting the Trail live!  After being shown the Trail Markings, must have bene for Sludge’s benefit, the Pack gave Hippie Hunter a 10 minute start.  While waiting, Kylie went to some extremes to take picture of the group outside of the Rising Sun, which nearly involve some topiary.

            Time to get on with things on this bright sunny, but still cool morning & so the Pack set off after Hippie Hunter, with Lemming asking “If we catch the Hare could we de-bag him?” [Each to their own! – Ed] Others were not so keen on this idea & the chances of Hippie Hunter being caught by the rest of the Pack were pretty slim, to non-existent.

The Pack set off in pursuit, at what was best described as a somewhat leisurely pace slowly off down the lane to the south, & the first CHK was found by the junction where the narrow Dane End Lane broke away to the left.  The smaller of the two options was searched first by the likes of My Lil’, Tent Packer, Lemming, Mother, TBT OBE & Sludge found one blob of dust, but then it all seemed to peter out & they were all following Where’s Wally?!  So, they came back as Mr X & Fliptop were searching the other choice again, in looking down toward a footpath sign on the slightly wider of the two lanes.

TBT OBE, Tent Packer, Where’s Wally?, Sludge & My Lil’ caught up with the other two, who had stopped at a T on the start of the footpath from the bend in the lane, but the others all carried on beyond them & the T!  Nothing was found further along the Lane & eventually they came back, which bemused Mrs Mallet & Flanders. 

So, back to the Dane End Lane & time for some to retrace their steps, suddenly the FRBs had to side step to avoid the Tesla being driven way too fast for the road conditions that morning.  Mr X commented that Fliptop would have to change the warning call of “Petrol!” to one of “Electric!” in this modern era.

More investigations were carried out to the west, these paid off as Dust was found at the start of the Halls Green Lane (Path).  A lack of flour on the first leg had Tent Packer questioning if the Hare had any flour with him, the RA said that he thought he had a handful or two.

It was clear that with all of the recent rain that there would be plenty of Shiggy along this hedge-in by-way but suddenly Wanktlers slowed up, as did those behind him as the route was flooded right the way across it’s width ahead of them.  Some sneaked out through the gaps where spindly saplings branches lined the hedgerow & after about 50 yards everyone else did the same as this wasn’t a Tough Guy event.  Some bitched about not having their Seal-Skin socks on this morning, so cold deep water was a No, No!

Soon it became apparent that the Hare had done the same in leaving the bridleway, for Flour was found along the inside edge of the field as it ran down to a CHK at the elbow in Halls Green lane.

Sludge & My Lil’ were keen on the north western path as it led up to Warrensgreen Wood.  One blob of dust was found & as the lie of the land dipped in the edge of the crop field the FRBs soon found themselves wading through an ice covered water-logged expanse, unfortunately for them the single blob of flour before this would be the only marking that way! 

My Lil’ headed out through a diagonal path in the remnants of the spout crop toward the driveway to Wseton Lodge, while Sludge continued further on & Wanktlers looked down in the crop field over Warrensgreen Lane.  No Eye Deer, Kylie & Whatever She Says were not so keen on wading through & so they chose to search the other southwestern option & there the Trail was found leading down to Warrensgreen Lane.  The rest were called back & No Eye Deer marked the CHK with sticks in her “Best Girl Scouts!” style as TB OBVE put it.

Down onto the lane & Whatever She Says gave warnings to Mother & Mr X to watch out on the descent down the edge of the field, Kylie was more concerned on “How long has Whatever She Says been an FRB?”  Whatever She Says then added further warnings to watch out for Black Ice [Paxo would have been proud! – Ed] as the Trail followed the tarmac away to the southeast.

This route was shaded by the hedgerow in quite a few places, of course the lack of sunlight mean that the ice in the shade had not even began to melt.  Then when there was sunlight it was so bright that it reflected of the wet surface to hamper the Pack’s ability to see any Dust, or Black Ice.  Where’s Wally? now found he had a further disadvantage in seeing the Dust, for the dazzling reflection was bright enough to make his photochromatic specs to turn so dark it was like he was running at night!

So, the going was a strange one, with some running then dropping their pace to gingerly walk over the slippery patches of dead clear black ice, then it the pace picked up when there was a section exposed to sunlight, or if there was a patch of grit to get some purchase underfoot.  The running & walking made this stretch seem longer than it probably was?

 The Pack reached the single track dead-end lane for access to Dane End Farm, an arrow pointed the way up this southwestern uphill climb, still care was needed as this too had icy patches to avoid.  Once through the farmyard & the Trail led over the ridge to run again along the uncapped track beside Newberry Grove, but not for long.

An arrow directed the Pack into amongst the broadleaf trees on a meandering desire line through the leaf litter & Shiggy to the western edge of Newberry Grove, there another CHK was found.  “On!” was called down the inside of the western edge of the wood before turning left along the south-eastern edge to emerge back out on to the Track once again.

By this point the Pack had become stretched out, to compound things for Fliptop & Teddy the only calling that could be heard was that from those behind them on the Trail, Fliptop found Trail leading away southward along by a brook, his initial calls of “On!” led to Mr X following on behind & running all the way to a point where there is an option to cross over the water ditch.

Suddenly the Dust had gone as Mr X caught up to find Fliptop who was trying to round up Teddy playing with other pooches, while having failed searching in two of the various directions.  Mr X then checked one last option only to find a T, which meant it would mean a long trot back & still there was no calling, nor was there any sign of the back-markers! 

Eventually the two decided not to head northward up to the wooded hill, for a friendly cyclist answered Mr X’s question of “Have you seen which way they went?” to Fliptop.  So, the duo took to the route the cyclist pointed out & soon they were back on Dust & heading south-westward to the Claypits Spring wooded area to the east of the Great Ashby section of Stevenage.

The Trail led through the woodland to a footpath running along the north-eastern edge of the housing estate, there the Trail turned north-westward to head up along the fence separating the estate & the woodland running into Brooches Wood.  The Pack were kept close to the fairly new homes until it came out to the Beer Stop in an open area with various wooden play/exercise equipment scattered around the greenspace.  Someone pointed out an old mattress & asked if it was Sparky’s?

On their arrival TBT OBE enquired where Mr X & Fliptop had got to?  A long Falsie & lack of calling were the answers to that, at least these two were given a small cup of the last of the Chang Beer!  However there were plenty of sweets left, which included Chocolate Raisins, Wine-gums & pink Nipples! 

TBT OBE wanted to get a picture of himself & Mr X to send on to The Parrot, an Ex-Qatar Hasher Mr X met in the first Pub on his Friday night reconnoitre for the FUK Full Moon Birthday.  The Parrot certainly knows Sparky, a leg-end in his own lunchtime.

With the sweets being consumed, the Hare cleared up & place the waste box in the bushes to be picked up later on.   Hippie Hunter then asked for a further 5 minutes for him to get a head start.  Hippie Hunters request was adhered to before an effort to get moving again was under way, Hippie Hunter needn’t have worries as Whatever She Says tried his best to confuse matters as to which way the Hare had gone on resuming the Trail.

Eventually those who were watching the Hare set off in the right direction to enter Brooches Wood at its northern tip, just yards back in to the wood there was plenty of deep Shiggy to slow things down & then the Pack had to negotiate a watery ditch by either leaping over, or using the trunks place in there to form a makeshift bridge.  This wasn’t as easy as it seemed & there was a lot of helping hands needed to accomplish the ‘leap of faith’!  Mother made a lot of fuss to get all the back-markers over, including assisting the RA with his Hash-shoes which lack grip these days! [Paxo would have been proud! – Ed]

As the RA started running again there was a lot shrieking coming from behind him, as the now back-makers tried to get over the ditch, no one fell over so nothing for the circle.  Wanktlers, Tent Packer, My Lil’ & Where’s Wally? now all began to get away from the rest as they ran out of Brooches wood to find a CHK on the edge of the fields, where sings for ‘Wildlife conservation’ requested people stuck to the footpaths.  Now, the two groups kind of went different way after leaving the wood.

Wanktlers, Tent Packer, Where’s Wally? & My Lil’ of the current FRBs continued north-eastward over the farm field to the tree-line in the distance, but at the stile in the distance they appear to have stopped.  This led to TBT OBE & Mr X in to searching the field to the northwest of the hedgerow as they followed Sludge out there, Fliptop & Teddy joined their fruitless search in the field leading up to Tilekiln Farm.

Suddenly Mr X spotted the distinctive blue top of the Hare on the ridge in the far off distance, then halfway between the end of the long field the Hare was running along end of, & where the spread out second group of searching Hashers were, Wanktlers & Co. popped out of the hedgerow to run out over the barren cropped field on a footpath that crosses the width of the field the second group .

Wanktlers, Tent Packer, Where’s Wally? & My Lil’ now became the focal point for the stray Hashers all over the field to head toward as they traversed the field up the gentle slope of the hillside, with the exception being TBT OBE who was engrossed on his phone talking to Mrs TBT OBE, he was struggling to explain how to turn the boiler on for the heating by pressing the green button.

Meanwhile behind the rest were Kylie, Mother, No Eye Deer & Whatever She Says, with the latter standing back on the corner of the fields waiting to see which option was best to take!  Up ahead the Trail reached the edge of the field, then it turned from northwest to northeast as it hugged the south-eastern edge of Warrensgreen Wood, again the going was slippery on another path of Shiggy.

Having completed the long stretch out to Warrens Green, a CHK was discovered on the tight bend in the old narrow lane.  Those with local knowledge, like Sludge & My Lil’ now knew that they were by the end of Halls Green Lane Track, the very one thee two had almost been on not long after the start, so this narrowed down their options from by the couple of homes on the bend in the road.

The obvious choice of the driveway to Weston Lodge proved to be the right choice, soon the FRBs were on their way along a far easier flat & firmer route to run.  Passing by a large stack of felled tree trunks, My Lil’ must thought of his log burning fire?  Beyond the timber to find a L & W where the drive splits, one leading up to Weston Lodge in the north & the other to Iron Gate Farm in the east.

Where’s Wally? started off on the Long Trail, but as Wanktlers, Fliptop, Teddy, My Lil’ & Tent Packer took the other route they found the On Inn & called out so, those words rang out to Where’s Wally’s ears, it was enough to make him turn around & come back to join the others in running back to the Pub on the walkers option via the drive through Irongate Farm directly opposite the Rising Sun. 

There the early arrivals bagged a table in the Bar area of the busy foodie Pub, from this corner table the others could see Mrs Mallet & Flanders already ensconced in the corner of the conservatory, after bagging a prime dining spot for when Sludge & Tent Packer would join them for lunch.

Wanktlers sat by the real open fire, with his legs up to warm his wet feet & this led to comments about him getting chilblains, & Paxo wasn’t even there!  Anyhow, Wanktlers wasn’t the only one with wet feet & Whatever She Says bemoaned the fact that he had given No Eye Deer his car keys at the start of the Trail, the keys to the car with a change of kit for Mr X, My Lil’ & Wanktlers.

A quick call to No Eye Deer soon revealed that No Eye Deer, along with Mother & Kylie had taken the Long option at the split, the SCBs were now out doing the FRBs by taking the footpath out by Long plantation & over the farmland to the edge of Weston, which was the tip of a long pointed almost triangular route of paths which returned over more farm land either side of Weston Lodge, the end for the long Trail was almost back into Iron gate Farm, near the edge of the field that had a couple of benches on the edge.

The SCB FRBs came in to find the rest in the corner of the Bar, a fair percentage of who’s feet now had prune skin, all wrinkly & still damp!  If only our Hasherhabersdasher or the ‘Hash Rags’ had Hash socks, he’d have flogged a couple of pair there & then!  Still he’s done a fine job in flogging most of his stock!

It was a good run on a fine day, the Down-Downs were had outside in the smoking shelter, where Tent Packer was fascinated with the flower pot ashtray, he kept lifting this up to reveal a huge pile of dog-ends & wafting a stink of old fag-butts from ash rising like smoke!

Anyhow, the Circle toasted the Hash & then the RA asked what the Pack thought of the Trail, it was good one, after getting over the wonky start!  So, Hippie Hunter was rewarded.  Where’s Wally? was out for his change of mind in not doing the Long Trail, he was also completing his 100th Run, for which Mr X had purloined the tankard for TBT to engrave.  This tankard not only had a glass bottom, no King’s Shilling in that!  But it also held more than a Pint!