Run No. 1902

Pub: Cro n & Falcon,

Beers: Crouch Vale, Doombar, Adams Best

Location: Puckeridge

Hare/s: Kylie & MILF

Runners: 12

Virgins: 0

Visitors: 2

Newies: 0

Après: 0

Hash Hounds: 1

Total: 14

The Pack: Practicing good hygiene techniques...... for Covid 19 and observing international women’s day.


The GM called the circle for Herts Hash run 1902 and asked our 2 visitors to introduce themselves. Turns out Jan & Tonic and CanHe/Can’tHe are from Qatar Hash making 5 ex Qataris in the Pack, making up for those who were away on the F.U.K Full Moon 30th Birthday Weekend,  this also included TBT OBE had risen from his sick-bed to add another little boost to the Pack size.

Next the Hares were called into the circle to groans from the Pack expecting one of Kylies’ long runs which he assured them would not be the case today.  He told SCBs to keep an eye on him for short cuts, with the much faster MILF shepherding the main pack around the Trail.

The Trail started off down the road leading to Standon with most of the pack falling for the check back to an alley through some house further along up to the High Street.  Here was another devious check that caught out most of the pack, (NED was seen checking out a drive up to the local school).

From here the trail went across some rough ground mostly used by dog walkers to the A120.  Then over this very busy road to a “ditch” full of very prickly bushes – ouch! with the front runners shouting “Mind your eyes!” (The GM reminded the pack of the Full Moon trail, where Smart Arse was caught in the eye by a twig, while Hashing at night, and ended up in hospital for over a week, and having to wear shades for several months on the following Trails, he was lucky not to lose his sight in that eye.

Had we been sensible we would have followed the Hare on the track running parallel to the “ditch” which made up part of the old road prior to the A10 duelling.  A Held Check was found in a long tunnel for the tributary under the A10.  Here MILF explained to the Pack that the very arty murals painted on the walls had been done officially by local school children, these change on a regular basis.  Hash Flash took pictures of the Pack posing in front of a splendid picture of a large, very angry looking white rabbit (painted by someone semi famous whose name I can’t remember!) That Tent Packer took a fancy too and poked it in the eye!

From the Held Check On! On! was called from a footpath back up the Trail from the check. The GM once again fell for the False Trail but at least he suckered some of the other (human) hounds into following him!

The Trail now headed up the hill of Puckeridge Field and down the other side towards the ford at Standon.  Sis and Fliptop were delayed as Teddy was allowed off the lead to play with a young German Shepherd dog both chasing each other round and round long circular runs.

Approaching the ford there was a loop which some ran down through the meadows & around the Lordship, home to the annual Music Festival so it was familiar ground for Where’s Wally?  Whilst others continued on Paper Mill Lane to the Pudding Stone at the south end of the High Street in Standon for a Held Check, all crossed the Prime Meridian (0 Degrees) on the way for some history and most importantly sweeties mmmhh!  Unsurprisingly Standon’s name derives from the old English for Stony Hill!

Puddingstone, also known as either pudding stone or plum-pudding stone, is a popular name applied to a conglomerate that consists of distinctly rounded pebbles whose colours contrast sharply with the colour of the finer-grained, often sandy, matrix or cement surrounding them. The rounded pebbles and the sharp contrast in colour gives this type of conglomerate the appearance of a raisin or Christmas pudding. There are different types of puddingstone, with different composition, origin, and geographical distribution.  Examples of different types of puddingstones include the Hertfordshire, Schunemunk, Roxbury, and St. Joseph Island (Drummond Island) puddingstones.

Another check back to the remains of the old Buntingford railway line, affectionately known as ‘The Bunt’ which was axed in the 1960’s by Dr Beeching, (A distant relation to the RA, removed twice? So you can’t blame him!)  Across the A120 again heading back towards the Pub, which now seems to be called the Cro n & Falcon.  Now it was around here that the GM thought this is good, Kylie must have reformed as we had only been out on Trail for just over an hour.  Not to be!!  

Whilst the lure of the pub dragged 99% of the Pack straight back to the Crown and Falcon, the GM followed the marked trail, after all both of the Hares had taken the trouble to lay it. Even Where’s Wally? was not to be seen on what unfortunately turned out to be 20 minute loop leading to the top end of the High Street.  The only other Hashers to part complete this loop were the Hare MILF and NED.

Everyone back in the Pub sipping their drinks were pleased to see MILF arrive with platefuls of sandwiches and cakes, salvaged from a First Aid at Work course she had run the day before.  Our thanks to MILF, who as well as getting the grub for us, also managed to talk the landlady into allowing us to take in our own food.

The GM managed to get a reluctant Pack outside for the Down-Downs circle.  With the absence of the RA, the GM said he had found a witty and erudite stand-in to perform the duties of the RA.  So he just carried on himself, Ha! Ha!

Hares out first for a good trail. (And thanks for the grub).  Next, Visitors welcomed with drinks although Jan & Tonic only had tonic!  Next out were Milf and NED for the trumped up charge of littering on the trail as the GM pretended to have found a discarded tissue on the trail that only they had followed.  Both appreciated another cider, NED especially as What She Says was her designated driver for this run.

Lastly the GM awarded himself half a beer for being the only Hasher to complete the whole trail. (With thanks to SIS for driving him home on international women’s day) On On  Fliptop