Run No. 1908

Sunday 20th September

Pub: Hare & Hounds Specials (Out the back of car boots!)

Beers: Whatever was brought along

Location: Northaw Great Wood Country Park

Hare/s: No Eye Deer & What

Runners: 8+2+1

Virgins: 0

Visitors: 0

Newies: 0

Après: 0

Hash Hounds: 0

Total: 10

Membership: Adhering to the guidelines


A lovely day greeted the Hash as the small pack started to arrive from 10.45am.  Those who drove up to the car park found that the one-way system at the end would have been a doddle for lab rats but would have confused the hell out of Sparky, but he has yet to appear now we are Sunday Running.

Mr X and My Lil were away this day (nothing to do with the run starting from a car park and not a pub? J). Milf and Kylie were in Derbyshire with the kids so a relatively small turnout.  How many parked up & then honestly went to put a pound in the Glory hole in the wall of the Cottage, the centre’s information point, for the use of parking up.

The Hares had already marked the on out from the car park to the start of the run and Sludge, Tent Packer and Fliptop all went off to check it out.  NED followed to mark through the checks, whilst Does Whatever She Says (Does he heck!) stayed with the walkers, Pebbledash and Paxo. 

The Hash quickly spread out, so no need to worry about the group of 6 rule or social distancing, all of which should be keeping the Government happy!  Some of the Pack where spread out by a day or two, with Milf & Kylie going around two days after, & Mr X by the end of the week, so well within the Government & Sports England guidelines!

It was an unusually quiet run with no calling “On! On!” [Just like having lots of Sludges & My Lil’s out there when they have found Trail & keep it to themselves as they want to get ahead of the rest on a non-competitive R*nning Cub! – Ed] also there would be no circle and no Down-Downs, in order not to bring too much attention to ourselves, but more importantly a way of preventing handing of glasses, bottles & cans, not spreading the bug!.  Is this the future?  Let’s hope not!!

The Trail started out of the car park & headed away to the west descending through a small elongated open space & then down in to the woodland of Rowbourne Hill, dust would lead the Hash over the first of a few wooden bridges spanning the many currently dry ditches stretch out like tendrils all over the woodland, this one being a brook leading all the way over to the Cuffley brook in the east.

On their way around the Hares had to reassure the many dog walkers that the white powder was only flour and not poison.  A few feigned interest in what we were doing and even took a card (we won’t see them again). We had a request on the Farcebook Page this week, though it could be an old one that has been thrown up by the awful ‘update’ to Farcebook?

The route took the pack through some lovely woodland, making is way anti-clockwise to the north side of the wooded Rowbourne Hill, eventually coming around to head due east along the northern top edge of the woodland main wood but not gong as far as the Broombarns wood & Coldharbour plantation, then a southern climb would take place as the Trail ran up the edge of Justice Hill, this wide grassy open ride would lead to a point where there were about five or six different options, as well as a few bench seats for the weary [Or Tramps as someone said later! – Ed ]to take the weight of their feet & “Rest awhile” as the plaque on all the benches in the woodland read.

When the Trail was found it would lead south-eastward through Grimes Bottom [Steady Pebbledash! – Ed] and the Hash passed by Cuffley Camp, which is used by schools and scouting organisations. Shame the Hash couldn’t go in there as they have tunnels & climbing equipment, but it’s out of bounds, not only due to covid-19, but it’s on Private Property, though the wooden fence would be easy to get through & it was even broken down on places!

The walkers were lucky enough to see a slow worm (photo opportunity courtesy of Pebbledash) and No Eye Deer finally spotted a real deer (only taken her 10 years) but for Tent Packer this would have been a foragers paradise, not only Fungi to pinch, but the floor of the woodland was now becoming littered with fallen chestnut cases, you can imagine him rummaging through the carpet of spiky husks & filling his pockets with nuts.

Half way round the walkers were overtaken by Spare Rib, who normally runs with London and also the Leap Year hash .  A welcome addition to the group. [Obviously the co-scribe doesn’t know Sparerib that well! – Ed]

There were enough checks to keep it interesting as the Trail left the main paths & took to the narrower meandering desire lines within the trees as it crossed Grimes Brook & climb up the hillside to move away from the School Camp.

At the top of Carbone Hill & the Trail would turn again, to head westward, away from back of the few homes in south-eastern edge of the woodland.  The Trail began to drop again, this was a gentle incline through to area of the Great wood above the Ridgeway, there would be another crossing of the dried up Grimes Brook via another wooden footbridge & a long series of duck-boards.  The last led was a gentle rise up through the woodland & back to the cottage and all the pack were back in just over an hour.

An unusually sensible hash maintained the rule of 6 back at the car park and kept to the social distancing.   Definitely could be another run from this location as so many criss-crossing trails, something for Tent Packer to contemplate as he roasts his nuts by an open fire [Steady Pebbledash! But perhaps he should draw his dressing gown together!– Ed]

Does What She Says is convinced that these park runs are the way forward and the new normal.  [Nooooooo! – Ed]