Run No. 1929

Sunday 27th June 2021

Venue: Chez Skip

Beers: Hobson’s Prickly & Hobson’s Dark Mild

Location: St Evenage

Hare/s: Sludge & Little Hole

Runners: 25

Virgins: 0

Visitors: 0

Newies: 1

Après: 4                                                                              

Hash Hounds: 0

Total: 30

Membership: Paying our respect to Psycho just within the legal framework!


            Finally we have managed to get around to holding a memorial R*n for Psycho, with Covid delaying things it was expected by now we would be out of the maximum of 30 people outdoors.  Hopefully we only have a few more weeks to go as more?

            Some Hashes are only restarting again, on what should have been beyond the end of the Lock-down, one of which was the F.U.K Full Moon with an invite only Hash the day before.  Three Herts Hashers were present on the Full Moon Hash, but only two managed to make it, although by the look of My Lil’ this Sunday morning it was more like only one & a half Hashers had turned up!  Even after a quick ‘hair of the dog’ in the local ‘spoons it didn’t make him leave looking any perkier. 

            AT the ‘spoons Mr X explained to Noisey F#cker & Erin that they had been to the Full Moon & were feeling the after effects of too much Jamesons [No such things! – Ed] coupled with strong Ales & not being used being out on the town!  Mr X said that he had felt better, when he was asked how he was, he added that after seeing My Lil’s he felt far better!  At least My Lil did make it there, unlike Ketchup who was last seen by the other two at Liverpool Street Station.

As the four walked up to Chez Skip, Mr X was cheered up even more, just as My Lil’s face dropped when he spotted a CHK right outside of the house set by a mischievous Hare!  The Pack gathered & there were a few faces that haven’t been seen for a while, as Linford, Postie & Dawn, who all arrived in a cab.

As the Hashers made their entrance, they were introduced to the one way system for entering the garden, & the garage with the Drinks.  Fliptop announced that we still have to be also Covid compliant when it came to eating after the Trail, he pointed out the hand sanitizer to be used before eating.

Meanwhile Lemming had Erin in his sights, Mr X gave Erin a quick warning about not believing anything that Lemming says!  He would have to repeat himself when Lemming then went over to Kate. [They’ll soon learn! – Ed]  My Lil’ was back in the old routine of tapping his watch to indicate that it was almost the hour, while the late arriving Flying Solo turned up on an e-Scooter.

As the Circle formed the Hare stepped forward to give his ‘Chalk-talk’ on what the Pods could expect out there, but we had a Virgin present this week & Skip stepped up to introduce his local Postie, Kate, which got comments from Postie about the days he plodded the streets of the Smoke delivering bills to the populous!

Skip asked the Hare to explain the Hash Markings to Kate, so Sludge took back a small bag of flour he had handed to Lemming, then began his demonstration of Hash Trail markings on Skip’s immaculate lawn, by the time he had finished no one was sure if our newbie had understood any of what he said, so a short rundown from Mr X before setting off was in order.

The Trail began for the CHK outside of the house, but My Lil’ ignored it & headed away with the Keenies Pod, along with Flying Solo, Noisy F#cker, Howard & our Virgin all ran away to the elbow in the road where a cut-through was searched, but this was a falsie.  On back to follow Chancellor’s Road to the east & then up the northern dead-end arm that stops by the small Chancellor’s Playground, again this was a Falsie on one of the rabbit warren of off-shoot roads of Chancellors Road, it was going to be a tricky start!

A return to the main Chancellor’s Road would find Trail around the eastern bend to head northward over the roundabout to a CHK by Wilson Close.  Flying Solo was soon off down an alleyway over to the northeast, being light of foot she was quickly out in to the green space behind the homes, leading the FRB Pod behind her but only to find a Bar CHK on this tarmac path, then back to turn the rest around to search to the north. 

As the Pods headed northward they would soon see the familiar figures of Tent Packer & Mrs Mallet walking toward them, after he moored up his boat down the road.  Tent Packer then conformed that there was no Trail from where they were coming down, Tent Packer then proceeded to sell Mr X a couple of patches in a manner that Albert Arkwright would have been proud of!

The Keenies now had to think again as the Hare would not doubt be amused by the toing & froing in search of Trail, possibly confusing our newbie Kate.  Back toward the roundabout & Dust was found on Matthews Close & along this cul-de-sac to lead out of the dead-end to a field behind, the same field Flying Solo had been caught out on but the Dust was just out of sight enough on the opposite side for the Hare to bamboozle the FRBs!

Finally the Pods were now heading out to the farmland to the northeast of Stevenage.  As the confused Keenies came out to the CHK on local footpath 18 running along the edge of the fields, they found the Senior Hare was standing there & had marked the CHK.  Ahead of the Keenies were Mark E Mark, Lobby Lobster, Kylie & Linford.

190 yards until the nor-nor-east route changes tack due north, then to run a further 140 yards through a confluence of tree lines, on the way an old lady walking her pooch failed to see behind her the little dog stop & lay a few eggs, Standin Shit & the Pod of backmarkers all got by these little landmines without incident!

A CHK was found on a T-junction of two footpaths, Erin had already been on the easterly path once already, she returned for a second time as the Trail along the original path to the north was mistakenly claimed to be a Falsie.  On her second search of the easterly path, Mr X was there to explain that they were heading toward Howards at Rooks Nest, former home to the author EM Forster, famed for writing Howards End, A Passage to India, A Room with a View, amongst other works.

When the Hare arrived at the CHK the Pods that were gathering at the CHK were now seen by Mr X & Erin to be heading off toward the north!  120 Yards to the corner of the tree-line on the original path, then after the turn a further 39 Yards where two Pods of Keenies would dart through a gap in the east-west treeline.

While Erin was soon on behind the Keenies, Mr X was just catching up with the Senior Hare as he laid a Short Cut on the north side of the tree-line.  Mr X was just in time to see Noisy F#cker, Lemming, Flying Solo, My Lil’, then our Virgin Kate, who was followed by Mother, No Eye Deer & then Whatevershesays, who all emerged from the south side of the treeline & then came back toward Mr X & the Hare after completing a loop.

Everyone now continued on the gentle rising slope through the patchwork the crop fields, slowing to a walk for the two Horses & their rider walking by, then after 250 Yards the FRB Pods found the first Held CHK, which earlier in his ‘Chalk-talk’ the Hare mentioned this would be the first of the Short Cuts but it seems that no one was up for this footpath, except the old lady & her poopy pooch, who stopped to ask Sludge if the north-western path was the quickest way to Gravely?  Sludge confirmed it was the way to Gravely, then for the rest he marked the CHK, that the pooch had been licking up, so it was off in a nor-nor-easterly direction along to the edge of Ten Acre Plantation in the misty distance.

After a 650 Yard trot on a wide hard-capped track of Bridleway 8 by the wood that leads out on to the elbow in the rustic, narrow Back Lane, near to the Lodge of Chesfield Park.  The Trail continued in a northeast direction for 300 Yards until reaching the Chesfield Manor Stables & Equestrian Centre.

The former Manor is just about all that remains of the now Chesfield village as it succumbed to Settlement drift as villagers moved away for work in Stevenage, known back then it was known as Chivesfield & Chisfield, the local St Etheldreda’s Church is now just a stone ruin of a few stone walls. So, with no Church or place of worship Chesfield went back to being a Hamlet.

Care was taken not too call out as there were equines in the paddocks on either side of the narrow footpath, but eventually the Pods were far enough away to call out “On!” but that wouldn’t last as long as 340 Yards until reaching the next Held CHK by the southwestern finger Harbourclose Wood.

When the Hare arrived, he announced here the ‘advertised 4 mile’ Trail would split from the longer 6 mile Full Trail.  Many were surprised to see that Kate was happy to go along with the Keenies on the long Trail, blindly putting her faith in Lemming, who had been charged with marking the Long Trail from his little sack [Steady Pebbledash! – Ed] while Sludge escorted the Shorter Trail Pods on the 4 miler.

Off the Keenies went along the north-western edge of the plantation, they would undertake several long stretches that would stretch the legs of Flying Solo, Erin, Noisy F#cker, Mother, Tent Packer & Kate, & with Lemming being the Hare’s choice of his stand in for this section, no doubt their patience would be stretched as well?  The Trail would lead the FRBs all the way over to Weston Park, with a CHK about halfway to try & throw the hounds off of the scent.

A nice area to Hash at any time, even on grey muggy & damp day, as the north-western direction eventually turned northward for the FRBs to emerge from the Park out by the Cricketers, a great Pub that was on the pre-covid Hareline almost 2 years ago but we never made it there. 

The Trail turned south-westward at the Damask Green, this being the southern end of Weston. By the time the Keenies all made it around to where the Shorter Trail joined their path, they would have competed a further 2.15 Miles.  On the way out west there was another CHK put in as the Hare attempted to throw the Keenies Pod off course again with a tempting track off up to the north.

Further along the Trail the Dust was found continuing in a south-west direction on the nice wide farm track, several field run & the FRBs finally were on the section the Shorter Trail Hashers were on ahead of them.  Earlier My Lil’, Mr X had already decided that they would take the shorter Run, they were followed by Slug, 3D, No Eye Deer, Whatevershesays, Mark E Mark, Lobby Lobster, Kylie, then Postie, Standin Shit, Linford, Little Hole & Party Animal on the northern trot down in to the valley, of course a drop of 30 feet down by Beeches would have the equivalent climb up on the opposite side.

At the top of the north side of the valley there was suddenly no Dust, here it took Mr X & My Lil’ a while to pick up the Trail again, with Mr X going wrong before pointing out the desire line of a path up through the wild grass by a small rectangular shaped plantation.  Meanwhile the Keenies Pod would still be running toward How Wood, which Mr X would have loved as he know a F.U.K Full Moon H3 song about that!  By the time he had got back on track the likes of No Eye Deer & Whatevershesays had already headed up that way.  The Hare was also pointing the route out to Mr X, as he marked the way.

After a couple of turns in the track’s serpentine course on the hedged-in byway was brightened up with dog-roses, now the Pods began to gentle drop down.  As Mr X caught up with Slug, the latter made a comment about not knowing where he was, as there were no visible landmarks from this high point looking over in the distance where there should be a view of Stevenage, but only the tall white block of a building of the Lister Hospital stood out in the murky shroud of mist hanging over the New Town, the best view of St Evenage (or lack of) the RA said he had seen in ages!

The hedge-in footpath narrowed as it came out behind the small factory units at Gravelybury, (the bury part of its name means it belonged to Gravely manor) Here a CHK was found by the drive into Gravely w Chivesfields St Mary’s Church, the w Chivefields part of the name is a reference to this being the Church that took over from the defunct St Etheldreda’s Church for the few parishioners left in Chesfield.

By the time Mr X arrived at the CHK, he was on his own, but local knowledge meant that he knew there was a footpath out away from the Church grounds & down Back Lane near a Care-home.  So, he was surprised when he picked up Trail on this narrow lane, then heard “On!” being called from behind him, when he looked around he saw My Lil’ was heading toward him after going wrong at the CHK.  No Eye Deer & the others were following on behind My Lil’.

Now back on Track, My Lil’ followed on behind Mr X as he passed by warning sign for ‘Elderly People’ then up opposite Halcyon Days, a Maximum Security Carehome that the Senior Hare was no doubt worried about getting Postie, Linford, Tent Packer & himself beyond without being rounded up by the staff & incarcerated within?

A CHK was found outside the home, Mr X got the next section correct as he headed up into the field beside the Care-home, but he would soon go off Trail where a footpath left the south-westward direction, he was rounded up as My Lil’ called that he had picked up the Trail continuing to the southwest.  Mr X pointed this to No Eye Deer as she was now catching up with the other two.

Looking back up the hillside behind him, Mr X expected to see at least Flying Solo & the front of the FRBs Pod, but there was no sign of them catching up yet, it now looked like he had make the right choice of missing out the loop.

It would be a 400 yard run along the edge of the crop field to reach a CHK at an open farm entrance from the south end of Gravely high Street.  Mr X went off to Check it out at the bottom of Gravely but again he was called back as My Lil’ picked up the Trail still within the field’s edge.  The going along here wasn’t easy as the hard ground had been made uneven by large tractor tyre* imprints that felt like they were like raised bricks underfoot! [*for our American Cousins this is the correct way to spell Tire, no doubt we’ll get on to Ax & Color in later editions of the Trash! – Ed]

Anyhow, back on the Trail & the course the Hash would stick with was the eastern side of the hedgerow along North Road, a CHK by a zig-zag path within a line of trees was ignored by the two at the front as they carried for the rest of the 700 Yards to the southwestern corner, near to Stevenage Rugby Club & the back of the Lister Hospital, named after former Hertfordshire resident & Antiseptic pioneering surgeon Lord Joseph Lister OM, KCVO, PC, PRS, who was known as ‘The Father of Modern Surgery’.

A gentle rise along the southern end of the farm land, by this point some were feeling it on their legs, so it was a hobble up behind the homes on Granby Road, named after Lt Gen John Manners, the Marquis of Granby who is supposed to have more Pubs named after him after his practise of setting up old soldiers of his Regiments as Publicans when they became too old to serve.  There is a Marquis of Granby Pub just down the road form here.

 After 450 yards on Bridleway 105 the Pods finally reached the On Inn, where the last few yards would lead on by Chez Flanders et Sludge, via a couple of back streets & a rather long slip of a dog’s egg that everyone hoped wasn’t taken back to Chez Skip, thankfully it wasn’t!  Finally the Hash were taken up a back passage to Chez Skip. [Whey-hey Pebbledash we haven’t been taken up a back-passage for a few write ups now! – Ed]

The Pods returned at various times, here they found Skip was back at base, as was Paxo, who hadn’t seemed to have moved from lurking around the barbeque, & Fliptop who was marshalling the Bar.  Also back at base were Fireball, who is still on crutches after her recent accident, Mrs Mallet & Dawn.  By this time the weather had clear a bit

Eventually the Hash would find out that Paxo had been doing something with himself while they were out on Trail as he opened the barbeque cover to reveal his Sausages [Calm down Pebbledash he was cooking on the Barbeque! – Ed]  Time for a drink & admire Skip’s large dangling Logan Berries [No Pebbledash! – Ed] behind the bird netting, apparently they are the third generation of long red berries.

There was a circle, again this was as the pack were in a garden & not in a Pub venue.  The Hares of Little Hole & Sludge were award for their setting of the Trail.  Lemming was out for his trying to wind up No Eye Deer for her chopped veg, to which you had to add your own mayo to make coleslaw [Coleslaw derives from the Dutch Koolsla meaning Cabbage salad! – Ed]  Fliptop (Beers) & Paxo Barbequing were out next. 

Skip was out as the RA presented him with an Old Jock [Careful Pebbledash! – Ed] a bottle of a nice dark Ale for Skip who often posts his image on Facebook looking rather dapper in a Kilt & Prince Charlie!  Mr X said that its one of his favourite Beer, then added a tale about the BRA’s & Pants Hash stopping off at a Regent Pub in Edinburgh, which is a brilliant Real Ale Pub run for the LGBT community (& everyone else) were Mr X call out “Six Old Jocks please”, which raised a laugh.

Finally the RA was resented with a bottle of Piraat Belgium Beer, this 10.5% beer had been in their fridge for ages as Psycho found it too strong, so it lurked there until now.  The use by date being 2005 meant that Sparky was going to miss out as Skip poured out the ale for Mr X as his Down-Down.  The Beer was actually too good to down in one, but it was hastily dispatched.  Some breweries now do a ‘reserve Ales’ which are strong enough not to last being laid up.

Later some of the senior members of the Hash recalled Grunter & his Belgian Beer imports, before a Toast raised in Psycho’s memory, there was another toast for Sloppy Seconds as we are at the third anniversary of his passing.  I am sure that if it wasn’t for covid restrictions still being in place, we would have had far more present on this Hash than the 30 who did make it to pay their respects, but in these times it was still a rather good turnout.

There was time to reflect & share our memories of Psycho, later on Skip & Mr X would tell a few amusing anecdotes regarding Psycho, bringing back lovely memories.  Skip recalled how she arrived on her first Hash Weekend, where they arrived late & someone suggested that she would not last as a Hasher!  It turns out that she still has the most number of Trails than any other Herts Harriette, so Skip said this should be a challenge for the girls out there to pass her 546 Runs with H4.

He also mentioned how she started off taking a Marriage Guidance Counselling Course, not doubt 19th Hole & Junior’s relationship would be too much of a challenge, enough to have made her change profession to that of what she did become, a Psychotherapist.  Or how she could have made a living out of making ornately decorated cakes.

Since Skip supplied all the Drink & the food was also free, no Run fees for it, at the end of the day we did ask those who were present (or not) if they’d like to contribute to Psycho’s Memorial Giving Page, details below: