Run No. 1930

Sunday 4th July 2021

Venue: Arnolds The Star ‘spoons

Beers: Hobgoblin Gold; GK Abbot

Location: Hoddesdon

Hare/s: Rose & Waragi

Runners: 16

Virgins: 0

Visitors: 0

Newies: 0

Après: 0                                                                              

Hash Hounds: 0

Total: 16

Membership: Let Down Yankee Doodle Dandies


            Well with all the lock-downs we have endured it’s nice to have a celebratory Hash, even if it is to celebrate some rebellious colonials who tipped our tea away in Boston, a point that was not missed on Whatevershesays as he bemoaned this to those gathered by the clock tower.

                        Going to put bags in Pebbledash’s car, Mr X found Des Res wandering around near to Hoddesdon Parish Church that has a prominent Spire but it’s not the 1835 Clock Tower that stands in the piazza, which was built on the site of a Medieval Belfry Tower.  Bags stowed & it was back to the clock tower to hear TBT OBE welcome everyone to the Correct Run Number.

Those who gathered by the clock tower were adorned with red, white & blue, the Stars & Stripes, but of course the largest flag being that of the Texas State Flag that Mr X had, which was hung from under the clock tower shelter which was fluttering well in the breeze that had blown away the earlier rain, here the Pack had their photo’s taken by Milf who was stepping in to the absent Kylie’s Shoes.

            The Hares were called forward & the Pack learnt that Rose was the main Hare, was this a crafty tactic by Waragi to shift any blame if the Hounds weren’t happy with the Trail?  You’ll have to read on to find out the answer to that.  There were warnings that the overnight downpour could have washed out parts of the Trail, that there could also be large puddles to negotiate?

This week saw the return of 2-1-2 Maureen, who was looking in fine fettle, & it was nice to see her again after such a long time with the lock-downs.  She was a bit worried about not being able to keep up with the Pack, though she needn’t have as it looked like there would be a lack of FRBs when the Pack was asked who was going to Run!  In the end 2-1-2 Maureen was Ok as she escorted Paxo around the Trail.

Thankfully Where’s Wally? & TBT OBE were up for running, which kicked-in with My Lil’ & Mr X to make an effort after they had just left the Star, in an effort to try & work off the pint they had just drunk while awaiting the Circle.  Rose pointed the way southward from the centre of Hoddesdon, No Eye Deer & Milf now joined the FRB Pod.

It wasn’t far down the High Street before the Trail crossed over to the gated off end of Lord Street, passing by the Swagga shop on the corner.  On the way two of the Pack noticed three odd, old air vents in the old red-brick wall before joining the rest on running westward as the road becomes a suburban street, trotting along for 220 Yards before reaching a CHK at the start of Rose Vale away to the south.

            Some thought that if Rose was the main Hare, then the Trail would take to Rose Vale?  The hunch paid off as the Dust was found heading away to the south for 100 Yards until the next CHK was found.  TBT OBE was quickly over this busy rat-run of a back street, while the rest had to wait for a gap in the traffic to join him on Beech walk, where he called “On!” along this footpath running eastward above the Barclay Park Sports grounds, home to the local Football & Cricket Clubs.

            Passing the tennis courts the Trail led out in to the top of the open area of the park, with TBT OBE & Where’s Wally? taking up the lead to the north-eastern corner of the Park, TBT OBE was keen to search the west bound footpath as he set a Trail this way on what many called his best ever Trail.  However, Rose & Waragi aren’t Hares like TBT OBE & they would not be considering heading out to Lord Street & then trespassing down the back of the Conference Centre west of the Park like TBT OBE did.

            Where’s Wally & My Lil’ called “On!” to the south on a path along by the western wooded area & down to a CHK, where the options were to head either westward of south-westward in an enclosed meadow, or take a south-easterly gravel path toward the western edge of the lake.

Mr X led the way to the Lake, Milf followed on & then stopped to take photo’s of the picturesque lake & its waterfowl.  Barclay Park was the grounds to High Leigh House (the Conference Centre) originally High Wych House, it was renamed when Robert Buchannan Barclay bought the house in 1871, in 1935 the Park was given by the Barclay Family to the People of Hoddesdon as a tribute to King George V’s Silver Jubilee.

Here the Path split into three & it was down to Milf to find Dust down by the treeline & the southern edge of the lake.  Mr X was soon on by Milf, who was stopping for another picture stop, he would follow the Trail out through the treeline via a small metal Pulham bridge over Spire Brook to run 100 yards on the south-eastern path to pass through the redbrick gates in to the small Barclay Park car park by a busy Kids play area.

Mr X was the only one to follow the small loop down to the pedestrian crossing on Cock Lane, before heading up the opposite side, he did toy with Des Res by saying “No Short Cutting!” but relented as he ran along as the road swings around from northeast to east bound on Cock Lane!

At the end of Cock Lane the Dust seemed to have disappeared, Mr X wondered if they FRBs should have turned off by a car park by the Spotlight Bar & Café?  So, Mr X stopped as some of the others caught up, here Milf would get a photo opportunity when she sat on the Cock Lane sign, yes it’s childish but Funny reading Cock between her legs!  However, Mr X said that the FRB Pod should move on before Pebbledash arrived to ‘Soil the sign’

            So, a short way back around on the High Street both Mr X & Where’s Wally? found double arrows by a pedestrian crossing, where, once over the road the Trail headed southward toward Broxbourne.  The Trail crossed over one side road before arriving at a CHK on the corner of the top of the triangular park & Marsh Lane away tot eh east.

            TBT OBE had caught up with Where’s Wally? & Mr X as they first looked on Holly Walk, but a T was found on this tree-lined route so they decided to look out in the park toward the area of exercise equipment, then they were stopped in their tracks by calls of “On!” from TBT OBE where they had found a T!

            Puzzled by this, Mr X & Where’s Wally? went through a gap in the tree line to see TBT OBE heading off to the south, then as Where’s Wally? trotted off to follow TBT OBE, Mr X said that he was not going to follow these two!  He turned back & said to Whatevershesays that he thought he saw Dust by a lamppost down Marsh Lane & he was going to check it out down toward the New River.

            Sure enough Mr X picked up the Trail & would now begin a run of luck at each CHK between here & Arnolds, where his Luck definitely Ran out!  Whatevershesays was brought back on Trail by Mr X’s calling.  My Lil’, No Eye Deer & Des Res started to get back on track & it took a while until Where’s Wally? & TBT OBE made up lost ground on the rest.

            Meanwhile Rose & Waragi were kept company by Pebbledash, Paxo & 2-1-2 Maureen as the Trail made its way down a path separate from Upper Marsh Lane until reaching an old metal footbridge over the new river, there the Trail crossed the narrowed lane & took to the north-eastern footpath along the edge of the New River.

            Now there would be several long sections to Run, almost six hundred yards along the path before the next CHK was found.  As Rose pointed out, there were all sorts of waterfowl to see along this way, with Swans, Mallards, Coots & Moorhens, most of them were nestling on the grassy landing stage like ends to the back gardens of the large homes off of Yewland Road. 

Part the way along this section of the New River path the Hash would pass by a makeshift shrine to a young angler & Arsenal Fan, with plenty of pictures, drink cans & fishing memorabilia.

            Mr X would reach the next CHK after almost 600 Yards, he carried straight on for another 500 yards along the New River Path with a view over Admiral’s Walk Lake to the east, until the path turned to the west as it reached the works on the Essex Road bridge, here he searched the western choice, to stay by the water & take to a short path up around beside the Essex Road Pumping Station.

            Up & over the road that leads into the industrial estate, the Trail took to the New River once more, climbing up on to the raised curved grass embankment where the Trail headed north-easterly, this section of path seemed more overgrown as it led along above the back of the industrial estate, it was 670 Yards until the next crossing point & a place to set a CHK point.

            Instinct drove the RA to cross the bridge spanning the water supply to London, it was opened in 1613, taking water from Chadwell Springs near Ware & Amwell Springs to the Capital, something it still does to this day, so some residents of ‘The Smoke’ wouldn’t have appreciated My Lil’ stopping off in one secluded along here to ‘scare the squirrels!’

Having crossed the water, the Trail was picked up where the short section Farm Lane leads on to the north eastern end of Stortford Road, now the Trail turned south-westward.  So, the Trail would undertake a long 620 yard run on this suburban street, on a parallel course to the New River they had just run up, with this route only getting further way from the water where the new river bends away like a serpent near the Pump House.

The weather was now getting warmer, it became a lot closer as there was little breeze for the last mile or more.  Still, no one could complain as it looked like it would be raining by earlier forecasts, not that anyone would be worried as they have the RA weaving his magic!

The Trail now reached the point where the Old Essex Road meets the Stortford Road, just a few yards from the bridge works & new junction, a good potential short cut if it was needed.  More suburbia to be run with a turn to head north-westerly along the Old Essex Road for around 100 Yards, then a CHK was found by the drive way off of the parallel street parking area.

Mr X set off through the Park, but the RA was surprised that Where’s Wally? found this ‘hard to see’ section of slightly washed out Trail, My Lil also took to this route & all headed into Rye Park Pound Close Playing Field, the Trail led the 260 Yards from the Education Centre & out by the united Services Club on Rye Road.  Later Milf & TBT OBE would arrive via turning off of the Old Essex Road & heading northward up Burford Street to Arnolds American Diner on Stanstead Road!

Now, Where’s Wally & My Lil’ were about ten minutes behind the RA, of course on meeting Mr X My Lil’ questioned him on how he got there so quickly [Oh ye of little path! – Ed]  One reason was that My Lil’ was behind Mr X was that he had blindly followed Where’s Wally down a couple of Falsies further back!

Anyhow, there were more pressing matters for the RA now, as Arnolds was closed, in the window & on the door were handwritten notes “Closed due to Private Function, sorry for any inconvenience!” which left Mr X hoping that the Hash was the ‘Private Party!  Time went by as Des Res, No Eye Deer, Whatevershesays, the Two Hares & Pebbledash all arrived, followed on by Canny Cant & Gen & Tonic but still there was a disappointing atmosphere.

Mr X called Arnolds several times, first time the phone was engaged, the next three times was an answerphone, a message was left & then he emailed just in case! 

But the place was firmly shut when Milf tried the door, & not for the Hash to celebrate the 4th of July.  Then Mr X was asked to call Paxo, as he & 2-1-2 Maureen hadn’t been seen for quite a while on the Trail, the long stretches having stretched the Pods out [Steady Pebbledash! – Ed] they were back at the Pump House & Mr X said that they could short cut at the new junction but Paxo preferred to go back to the Clock Tower with 2-1-2 Maureen.

Eventually the Hash gave up on Arnold’s, No Eye Deer was happy to move on as a drop of water from the overhanging roof made her thought it was a bird dropping on her!

Mr X apologised for wasting half an hour of the Pack’s time outside the place, time for Where’s Wally? To go & get his car & drive around to Arnolds!  Mr X, ever the optimist was still hopeful even as the Pods set off down Burford Street, since he had been in email contact only a few days early during the week to confirm the Hash visit & Arnolds were still happy to have us.  It was annoying for all the work of adding links of the menu for the Hash to preview.

Arnolds even had his mobile number, but no email or any other cutesy contact was heard from them to say there was a clash of dates, so their loss of 16 Meals & more than 16 drinks (mostly alcoholic) saw Hash Custom go to ‘spoons!

On the way back over the ring-road, the Pods caught up with 2-1-2 Maureen as she escorted Paxo back to the Clock Tower, the Pack finally got their US food with Tennessee Burgers (come with Jack Daniels Honey sauce) in ‘spoons with a real Ale & not Buttwieder.  [Arnolds have never bothered to get back to explain why they could not accommodate us, perhaps they should seek out a customer service course? - Ed]  Next 4th of July, we we will take our custom to Sloppy's in Hertford!

All in all the Pack managed to dodge any shower on this sultry day, it was a Great Trail from Rose, no doubt Waragi will now take the some credit, that she was playing down in a Farcebook message to the RA earlier the day before, when she said it was Rose’s Trail!  Rose did say that mum had to help her with the long bits!

After the rest had moved on, Mr X & My Lil decided to pop over to the Bell & see if they had Double Maxim on, as they did a couple of years ago, sadly not, but they were giving away free pints of Brixton Craft Ale, so that was a bonus!