Herts Hash Virtual Hash No.1!

Due to the Coronavirus Lockdown Today we are going to do a Virtual Hash Trail, it’s only a bit of fun, but if you like it there could be another next week?

This is not a spelling test, I know there are those out there with too much time on their hands normally, now they'll have even more to sit & make critique remarks!

It is interactive & you will be going around a route, where it is for you guys to work out but there will be clues.  If you want real Shiggy you’ll have to supply it yourself!

Wanktlers enquires what “Run No. Please?” But with no GM or JM online at the moment, it’ll go down as Herts Virtual Hash No.1 (or 1904?)

At points you will be asked to toss a coin, the result will determine how you proceed etc.

The names of places in Italics were not given to the Hashers at the time of the Virtual Run, these were added ion the write up to let you knwo where thye wewre going!

The Trail starts from a Check point outside of the Pub, just to cheese off My Lil' (But he can't see this) Ha!

Do you have a beer/cider/softy ready for the circle at the end? There could be a prize at the end?

To start with you have a choice to search North or South from the public car park beside the Venue, The Garden City Brewery, do you search north or south?

Only Lobby Lobster & Wanktlers choose correctly as North is correct & Trail is found out north-eastward on to a main road with small arcades of shops on either side at the end

It’s a short way down Station Road to a Check by a roundabout, the options are due north, due south of over to the east, chose one?

No Eye Deer claims that she knows where we are already!  While FWB is bewildered & will join us next week!

3D admits “I am a standing on the check!” [No Change there then! – Ed]

Whoa, Sparky has just driven by, do we stop & wait for him or carry on?  Yep, carry on!

Northward under the Railway Bridge on Norton Way North is False, as it the south bound Norton Way South choice over in a park named after a local dignitary Sir Ebenezer Howard, so over the roundabout to the east, touching on an area of detached homes on Birds Hill before taking you though an industrial area further to the east.

3D claims that she’s I am sweating hard!  The RA replies “I thought Ladies perspired?”

While Milf states “I need a drink already!”

Beyond the garages a Check is found by an alleyway to the north, do you want to check out through the litter-strewn route?  3D & Milf are correct as they are happy to tip-toe through the trash, while Wanktlers says “Let the FRB’s do it!”  Lobby chips in with "Leave it to TBT OBE!" but he’s not here yet, TBT OBE is possibly still at home, no doubt burnt from making his hand sanitizer with the 5 litres of Industrial Alcohol he bought online!

Milf says "He’s probably off sick?!" but Lobby says that "TBT OBE should be at home over 80 xx!"  Milf reminds every one of the "79 iced on his birthday cake!"  Wanktlers wonders “Where's Sparky on his bike?”  While 3D says “It’s good not actually having to run!”

Dust is found on the alleyway as it leads up through the trash & Shiggy to a footbridge, climb the high steps to cross over the Cambridge Branch railway line below, Kylie stops to have a look at the very quiet line, no need for a tissue!

Down the opposite steps & you come out to a CHK on an Ancient Right of Way of the Icknield Way, though you would not know as it has fairly modern homes in small estate

North, east or west are you're option now?

Oh Dear, to the east on the Icknield Way you have followed Sludge on one of his 'Short Cuts' & he's led you astray with no Dust

Northbound on Pascal Way is correct, now the one side arrows weave you through the small estate until reaching a small green, through the centre of an avenue of trees to a Check at the north end of Pym's Close.

Slug now takes heed with a “Note to self don’t follow Sludge!” While 3D asks “Hope there is a Held check soon?”

Across to the left on Glebe Road is long alleyway beyond the concrete bollards, too obvious a choice - toss a coin, Heads head eastward, Tails head northward?

Nothing up toward the Letchworth Methodist Church with a Pulpit designed to look like a Gypsy Caravan in the east, North is correct as Milf & Mark E Mark correctly searched.

Out on a main Norton road & the Keenies are led away to the northeast, the homes here range from 1930's then off around to the southeast by a mock Tudor village shop & Norton Post Office, tantalizingly it has loo rolls stacked in the window (shame this is a virtual Hash!)

Sis claims she’s “too Late for trail meet you in the pub!”.

The Trail crossed the road on Green Lane to take to a footpath running between the homes, this long path lead north-eastward to a Norton village mentioned in the Doomsday Book, it is a loop out via the front of a Norman Church of St Nicholas, then around in an anti-clockwise direction by the local equine related Pub the Three Horse Shoes & back to meet the SCBs by a Norton Pond, here is the Held Check.

Its Sweet Stop time, which 3D anticipated, while Milf wonders what sweets are available

One humbug (Whatever She Says) hands out the humbugs, While Rose shares the Jelly Babies around. Someone moans about the Wine Gums not having any Wine in them!

3D asks Any port?  The Hare “Maybe at the end!” [There Certainly is a bottle of Taylors in Mr X cupboard! – Ed]

Kylie wants to asks “Hope everyone's Antiseptic gelled their hands?”

On again, the Hare points the way & the Trail heads northward up through hedge-in paddocks off of the Norton Road & Croft Lane junction.

Kissing Gate, Milf puckers up & slows you up!  Milf sends Kisses for All 😘😘😘

Out on to the edge of farm land - Lemming jumps in a large Puddles, splashing everyone nearby, Mother stares at him with that look that only women can do...

Three options from here, North, East or West?

Slug & Mark E Mark both chose correctly as West it is, but Where's Wally? is still running Blind to the north, followed by Sparky - Do you call him back?

Milf ponders whether calls them back, Mark E Mark is not so charitable!  Milf gives in with a “Ok ON BACK !!”

3D says that it feels like she been going for miles

The Trail advances to run along the edge of an orchard, nice views of olden times

Milf states that it’s "A Lovely day" 😀 Mr X says "Thank the RA later!" she replies that she will!

A CHK is found by the gate to an old lane Croft Lane, with home lining only the southern side, which way do you go, eastward or westward?

Dust is found westward, only Kylie goes for the East (just to be contrary)  p-arrows lead you off the Croft lane & on to an arching bridleway to come around out on to the edge of a 1960/70's estate there is a Check here on Eastern Way, two options, North or South?

Southbound it is to reach a roundabout on the junction of Eastern Way, Norton Way, Wilbury Way & Norton Way North, then over to a CHK at the north-eastern corner of a large common area, do you venture in through the green gate or head down the southbound road?

Avoid the road, as it looks like the figure of Father Jack Hackett is teetering back from Mass toward you, take to the Norton Common Park beyond the green gate, Mark E Mark questions whether this is the gate to shaking Steven's house & his ‘Green Door’?  This makes some question Mark E Mark's taste in music?  Those who are older remeber Frankie Vaughan's Green Door & those who are even older know it was originally sung by Jim Lowe in 1956!

Kylie claims that he’s Still trying to catch up.  Milf encourage shim with a “You can do it xx”

TBT OBE finally catches up & asks “Can I join in?” TBT OBE joins late, Kylie tells him “You've a lot of catching up to do TBT!”

3D mistakenly claims that the On Inn must be close

Trail leads westward along the northern end of the wooded Norton Common area, a Check is discovered by a wide hardcore path heading southward between the two main sections of woodland, is this obvious route the best option, toss a coin, Heads you take to search south, Tails you head away to the west.

Kylie claimed that "Sis is already at the pub!"

Slug chose correctly, while 3D, Milf, Mark E Mark & Kylie didn’t

Kylie claimed that we seem to have lost a few.  Are they at the back nattering? [Just like the on a Real Hash! – Ed]

Those who tossed heads (Whoa there Pebbledash!) are incorrect, the Trail heads westward venturing in amongst the trees, off the beaten track to cross over a rather gushing brook!

The Trail now turns south, a bandstand & sports complex on Norton Common can be seen to the southeast, as the Pack head on the way back down to the icknield Way, the ancient road to east Anglia, a large building The Spirella Company of Great Britain Ltd built in 1909 dominates the Skyline to the south, Milf call out On! On!

As the Trail leaves the woodland, the route has nettles along the way, but don't worry, they don't sting this time of year! Teddy is let off the lead, slowing up Fliptop's Progress as he aimlessly whistles away & ignored by the pooch!

Wanktlers Took a long falsie there, might have to SC back to the Rub a Dub

Watch out TBT OBE has gone for a tumble!

At the end of the park & the Trail now leads you through an area of homes on Nevells Road that are over 100 Years old to pick up the main road of Bridge Road to the south, keep the noise down, as you are now passing the local Police Station to cross over the Railway on a road bridge, again Kylie is disappointed but no one else is as the On Inn is written out before running by the front of the Railway Station, arrows direct you over the junction to a pedestrianized area.

Where did you virtually Hash Today?


The clues were Howard Park, The Methodist Church, Norton first mentioned in 1005, The Three Horseshoes, Norton Common & the Spirella Building to name a few!