Fliptop was in & out early this week with “Good morning all, sorry but I won't be on the trail today. Hope you have good one.  On! On! Fliptop” Wanktlers asks our HGM “Did you overdo "Super Saturday?” while Mr X says “Nah, I Left it to Junior, No Eye Deer & Whatevershesays to dip their toes in the water!”  Junior confirms that he gave “10 out of 10 for The 2 Willows in WGC!” as to their set up for Covid-19 controls.

Tent Packer is another who is briefly making an appearance with “Sorry I can’t join you all today I am still self-isolating!”

Doesn’t look like it’ll be a large turn out, then comes in with “3D here and ready for action!” as the Hare declares “4 minutes to go!”

Canary Boy turns up on time with “Morning!”  The Day’s Hare now adds “Morning CB, apologies for using the unPC "like a Canary 🐦 at the coalface he has fearlessly paid a visit the local Public House!" yesterday.  Canary Boy replies “😂 no worries, I did venture into the pub yesterday it was almost empty too!”  The Hare admits it'll be at least another week at least before he gets a chance to get out.

3D shocks the rest by declaring that “The pubs don’t hold much appeal currently!”  Canary Boy adds to his previous comments with “It was nice to get a proper pint though” & Mr X admits “Well it would be good to catch up face to distant face with a few of the locals, there are some who don't do social media out there!”

Milf joins the fray with a “Morning 😀!” just as Wanktlers admits “I think pubs with beer gardens can open here tomorrow, might try & find one”  3D now wonders “Where are you Wankltlers?”  Mr X says that Wanktlers is now rooted in Bonnie Scotland & He has to wait for ‘wee Nicky to let him oot!’  Wanktlers’ Comment of “Wet & windy Scotland!” show that there is a difference in the weather between Scotlandshire & sunny Englandshire.  3D is surprised & says “I thought you were local!” to Wanktlers.

Kylie arrives with a pessimistic “May dip in and out today as I have a Covid meeting at the railway. 🚂”

Suddenly the Hare declares “I can hear watch tapping ⌚” & Kylie replies “You can probably hear it from Karly's house!”

So, Herts Hash Virtual Hash No.16 we begin in a place that has existed before roman times, this Trail is probably half scooter friendly 🛴, are they still out of fashion?

This morning there is a Dickensian feel to the Hash, & we don’t mean Sparky’s choice of clothing 🎩!  There Hare has had a Scrooge like change of heart at the end of a Christmas Carol & is kind on My Lil’ [Shame he doesn’t know! – Ed] as there is no Check outside of the Pub, there are just double arrows point north-westward along through St Margaret’s the 1970’s housing estate 🏠 🏠  for 100 Yards to an elbow in the road, here a Check is found, there are two options nor-nor east up into a cul-de-sac of Oakdell or southwest around on a slight arc?

3D is now in ‘Stalking mode’ as she declares “Following Wanktlers today!” Wanktlers replies with an “Aye!” However a T prevents Wanktlers & 3D‘s progress up at the end of the Oakdell Cul-de-sac 🏠 🏠  where it runs in to woodland 🌳 🌳 🌲 🌲  🌳 🌳 🌲 🌲, 3D now regrets saying that she’s follow Wanktlers! Canary Boy & Milf 🙋♀ 🙋♂️ find arrows & call “On!” down where the Broad Oak Way road of homes bend slightly to run due south for 80 Yards until the next Check is found by a footpath/cycle 🚴🏿♀️way off through by a block of flats to the west of the road, the west is one option or the other is to continue south?

The Hare ads “I guess the small Pack size is due to the 'hangover' for Super Saturday?”  3D admits “No super Saturday here! Binge watching The Crown!”  Milf replied “I was working all day in Cambridge too tired to bother 😜” [I know how you feel! –Ed]  Wanktlers admits that that he went fishing, before adding that he was going to “Follow Milf” 3D 🎣

Slug hedges his bets by sending Port away to the South, while Starboard goes west leaving the idling Slug stood on the check!  Sludge replied to Slug “Good thinking, Slug”

A T stops Canary Boy from continuing westward, while Wanktlers now celebrates his decisions to follow Milf further along the urban street with infamous Highwayman connections of Turpin’s Rise, 3D joins them as she too chooses to also follow Milf, a late arriving Sludge also makes that decision “Best to have Milf behind you in case you fall over!” mainly for H&S reasons, as a troop of Hashers now follow her as the route wriggles its way a few degrees westward for 100 yards, then a few counter degrees eastward for another hundred yards 🏃♂ 🏃♀️before the road turns southeast & right on the start of this bend if another Check point, the options are northeast on a cut-through path beside some maisonettes 🏠 🏠  , carry on around the bend, or take to the southwest bound footpath off between the houses & out to the tip of a wooded Nature Reserve 🌲  🌳  ?

Wanktlers wants to know “Which way we going Milf?”  Milf replies with  ‍🏃🏃🏃️ “Round the bend 🤣🤣🤣”

Sludge also is keen on going ‘Round the Bend’ Meanwhile Wanktlers reckons it’s enough to drive him “Up the wall!” Sludge then replied to Wanktlers “Up the wall Hadrian’s?”  Wanktlers comes back with “Got tae keep you Sassenachs oot!”  Canary Boy is with Milf & 3D as calls “On! On! I think?”

Wanktlers asks Milf which way she is going to check out the Trail?  But those who follow on in Milf’s wake are soon stopped at a T!  An apologetic Milf says “SORRY Girls and boys!  A now confused Wanktlers is puzzled as to “Who do we follow now?”  Milf replies that it’s a Good question, while Sludge pipes up with “Me! If you are looking for a short cut!” Wanktlers now thinks that Canary Boy seems to know what he's doing

The Hare calls out Anyone checking?  Milf is Checking 🏃🏃🏃️ while Canary Boy replied to Wanktlers “Lets go left?”  3D hasa quiet spell & this is explained “My battery died but back on track!”  Milf hasn’t found anything & she asks “Anyone on?”  Having come back Milf fails again up by the maisonettes 🏠 🏠 so more apologies ring out as Milf says “Sorry again 🏃🏃🏃🏃️!””

It’s going to be a long Trail with so few partaking today, so the Hare now marks the way to the southwest arrows are found on the tarmac path running a mere 20 Yards to cross a small Stevenage brook & just after this arrows are found on the T-junction with a footpath/cycle 🚴🏿♀️ route running from southeast to northwest parallel to London Road, the arrows point the Hash off to the northwest.  🏃♂🏃♀

The Trail runs some 250 Yards in the western edge of the Nature Reserve, just about 20 feet through the wood to the west is a main London road 🚗 that contour of the wood runs parallel to, the next Check is found on the bend as the Cycle 🚴🏿♀️ path turns due north.  The choices are to carry on northward on the tarmac route, take a north-eastern route on that runs deeper into the woodland 🌳 🌲 🌲  🌳  of Roebuck Wood or head due west out over the brook to the main road 🚗?

Sludge is keen to “Go west (young man)” as Milf soon finds out that her run of luck isn’t going well!  3D & Sludge make the mistake of following on behind Milf!  Canary Boy & Wanktlers 🙋♂️ do better & find Dust up through the nature reserve on a slight rise through the wooded slope of Roebuck Wood & after 100 yards by a make-shift memorial to a suicide, they find the Trail now picks up Dust on a more used path 🏃♂ 🏃♀️ that suddenly turns north-westward to run along in the top north-eastern end of the woodland 🌲  🌳 🌳 🌲 , after 50 yards the Trail comes out by a Stevenage football club’s Lamex Stadium.  After another 50 yard the Pack find themselves out on a Footpath, arrows point the way down to a large roundabout.

The Trail leads straight over the Monkswood roundabout to the southern tip of a woodland 🌳 🌳 🌲 🌲  🌳 🌳, a Check is found by the green grass embankment up to the woodland 🌳 🌲 🌲  🌳 🌳 , heading north-eastward up this rising verge is one option from this Check, the other two are to take the roadside path eastward or northward from the roundabout?

Wanktlers reminds everyone “Told you to follow Canary Boy!” while 3D announces “Northward.  Not following anyone now!”  Kylie is back & labouring up to the Pack with “Puff, puff, pant, pant, just got the knitting circle in sight.... “Sludge replied to Kylie “Puff puff, now Whistle!”

A pessimistic 3D reminds everyone “It will be super hard doing this for real again!”  [Surely not, everyone sounds like they are getting around these virtual Trails in no time at all? – Ed]  Wanktlers replies “Too true, I sprained my ankle last week walking the dog! Not a first aider in sight!”  Milf replied to Wanktlers “I am so sorry!” as the Hare admits that he too has fallen foul during the lock-down “I've twisted my knee & have an ice pack on it right now!”  Milf replied “Do you need a first aider? 🚑”  “Nope, just an ice pack & pain killers!” replied the Hare

Wanktlers continues with “Sporting injuries are always worth boasting about!” Sludge replies to the Hare “Good job it’s not the real thing!”  Kylie stops proceedings with “Hold on! Just want get a picture!”  Milf replies with !Smile 😃!” & adds the metal picture with “Tummies in!”

While 3D finds a T to the southeast, Milf & Canary Boy fare no better to the east.  “Keep looking!! Says the Hare.  Kylie “I'll plum for North!” as 3D wonders if T for toilet?  [Nope it’s WC for Water Closet! – Ed]  Wanktlers replied to 3D  “T for 2?” as the Hare recommends 3D to “Use a tree while you’re in the woodland  🌲 🌲 🌲 🐿️”

3D asks the rest of the Pack “Any sign of an ‘On?’ I am hanging about on the check.”

Wanktlers now places his bets on following Canary Boy!  But Canary Boy lets Wanktlers down big time as he now goes wrong!  No luck either for to the 3D to the north, at east Kylie catches up as the Trail is called up the bank & in amongst the pine trees 🌲 🌲 of Monks Wood  as Milf 🙋♀️ & Sludge 🙋♂️ find Dust.  After just 20 yards the Trail turns from northeast to north for 100 yards before following the desire-line path turns eastward on a route that runs through the trees 🌳 🌳 🌳 in to the corner of the Millennium Wood section of the woodland 🌳 🌳 🌲 🌲 which butts up to the bottom of a housing estate 🏠 🏠, at the outside of the south-eastern corner of the housing estate 🏠 🏠 a Check is found.

There are now three choices, northward up in to the northern section of woodland🌳 🌳, eastward through the trees 🌲 🌲   or south-eastern route out of the plantation?

It’s all down to Kylie & Wanktlers 🙋♂️ who calls “ON!” up to the north into the Whomerley Wood, so Milf & Canary Boy do a quick turn around on the way through the wood to the west is the housing estate 🏠 🏠, to the east is a moat hidden deeper amongst the trees 🌲 🌲 🌲 , after 300 yards 🏃♂ 🏃♀️ the Trail comes out to a main arterial road, no Check yet, first the Pack have to negotiate the main road 🚗 named after the local half a dozen tumuli Six Hills Way & cross over to its northern side.  You can virtually hold hands while crossing! 👫 a surprised Wanktlers lets out a loud “Ohh!!!”

Once over the road, there a Check is found, here there are three options, carry on Northward by way of an alleyway between two sets of terraced homes, or take the eastern or western options along the edge of the main road 🚗? Six Hills Way

Only a T lays ahead for Wanktlers & Sludge, while off to the east Milf also gets a T it’s down to Canary Boy who locates 🙋♂️ the arrows along the main road 🚗 to the west for just over 50 yards, then the arrows direct the Hash off to the north on a Penn road named after a Pilgrim Father, after a couple of yards the road bends to the west, passing by a northern filbert 🦊 sounding road, & carrying on for another 50 yards before the road turns due north, after 150 Yards the FRBs reach a cut-through on the eastern bend in the road, arrows point the way northward on this path for another 20 yards to pass by the local Quaker Meeting Place 🛐.

There are more arrows to direct the Pack northward, 🏃♂ 🏃♀️ straight over the east to west road then once across the Pack have to make their way 30 yards up a side road to the north before the Trail peels off to the west just beyond a donut like set of garages, to enter Town Centre Gardens a town park, the Trail moves 40 yards to cross a bridge over a small elongated lake, just after the bridge a Check is found.

There are three options, south toward the Stevenage town museum, further westward to a Shopping Centre 🏬 🏬 on St George’s Way or northward along by the water? 🌊

Nothing out by the shops 🏬 🏬 for Wanktlers, to the south there is no Trail either, so northward it is to follow Milk who seems to have regained her mojo & 3D 🙋♂️ with Sludge in tow as the path turns north-eastward with the contour of the lakeside , in the lake to the east is a feature of a fountain of a woman with doves, leaving her behind the Trail continues northward for another 100 Yards to the end of the green space of Stevenage Centre Park at the edge of another main arterial road Fairlands Way 🚗, here a Check point is found – there are only two options, east or west along the path set back from the road Fairlands Way 🚗?

No luck for Canary Boy to the east, it’s Milf who fare better to the west as she finds 🙋♀️ the Trail . Wanktlers is changing his mind like the direction of the wind changes as he comes out with “Told you to follow Milf!” 3D now admits “I think the penny has dropped!” &  Sludge adds “But has the door opened?”

Milf’s followed by Sludge & Wanktlers, the latter says we should all follow Milf, just before the Trail descends down into a roundabout, here there is only one option, to head north-westward on the tarmac route out a short way the west & then on through to a car park on the corner of a Royal 👑 named park George V Recreation Ground, the arrows take the Hash on a footpath 🏃♂ 🏃♀️ following a tree-line heading diagonally in a north-westerly direction to lead some 60 yards & out in to a small park, now named Millennium Gardens after the year 2000!

In the corner of the Park is a Check, there are two options, westward to the Chequers a Pub 🏁 which is Hash friendly, especially when a bit of egg chasing🏉is on TV, or northward to a passageway to the north?

Milf 😘☔️🥳😮😃🚑🤣😜😩🥘📚🔒✒️ as Sludge reckons “Bit early for the pub Milf!” as she admits she’s Confused to which Wanktlers adds “.com”

Wanktlers was quick to make his mind up, & that is to  follow Milf!  It pays off as Milf & Sludge call “ON!” 🙋♀🙋♂️ running the length of the alley for a matter of 20 yards & out on to what was an old Sish lane  but is now an urban street, arrows direct the FRBs around to the east & after 100 Yards the Trail is directed off, by a footpath sign,  to the south where the Pack find they are now come back in to the regal 👑 sounding recreation ground 🏏 George V Recreation Ground!

Once out by the clubhouse, the Trail turns due east to take the Pack away along the northern edge  🙋♂️ of the George V Recreation Ground sports ground, running by a line of Oaks trees 🌲 🌲 🌲  for 150 yards 🏃♂ 🏃♀️before leaving the sports ground 🏏 ! by a gap in the north-eastern corner, the Pack find a Check by the end of a small Popple Way shopping precinct🏪 🥡, the options are northward for a couple of yards to search an east to west road, or head southward?

Wanktlers Guvnor?

3D admits “Good to see the shops open again!”  While 3D is happy to see the shops are trading, there is nothing to the north for Sludge by the traders, while arrows are found by Canary Boy & Milf to the south, Milf’s finding the Trail cheers up Wanktlers who is following on!  After only a couple of chalk markings the Hash is directed over to the eastern side of the Popple Way road to an easterly urban backs street that has a Celtic sword ️sounding name Claymores, the Trail follows this spine shaped road some 80 yards to its end at a T-Junction where it joins another road.  Arrows direct the Hash over this & on through another cut-through to reach a wide green space by a north south main road Fairlands Way  .  A Check is found here & the options are north of south?

It’s too early, but like most weeks the Pack think of food as Milf asks “No sweets 🍬 for the Shop?”

Shock! Horror! As Milf finally goes wrong, with Wanktlers & Canary Boy in tow as she finds a T to the North!  Dust is picked up by 3D to the south, again the Pack are moved over to the eastern side of the road by sets of arrows, then almost at the end of the road as it joins the main road 🚗 again the FRBs are turned again 🙋♀🙋♂️, up a set of steps to take to a north-eastern bound path to run 🏃♂ 🏃♀️ between the back of the housing estate 🏠 🏠 & the local Broxdell allotments 🥕 🥔 🥬for 150 Yards.  Emerging on to a road with a boxing 🥊 association, Lonsdale Road here is the next Check.

The Hash are now set three options, north or south up the urban street, or over to the east to a footpath running between the back to back gardens along one section of the estate 🏠 🏠?

Sludge playing catch up again as Wanktlers tries to cheer him up with a witty “Told you NOT to follow Milf!”

With Sludge making up lost ground, Wanktlers now changes his mind on following Milf!  No one searches to the north, just as well as there is no Trail, false or otherwise up there!  Wanktlers only finds a T down to the south, so the option Milf & 3D take straight over pays off, the two girls call “On!” 🙋♀ 🙋♀️ as they follow the trail on the 60 yards trot to end up on a S shaped ramp down in to a subway to pass under a Archer road & then on to a Check on the elbow of the road, two choices, northeast further in to the toxophilite 🏹 sounding Archer Road estate 🏠 🏠 or south west down to the main road 🚗?

No Trail is found by up in the estate 🏠 🏠 by 3D, but down by the edge of the main road 🚗 Trail is picked by Milf, Sludge, Canary Boy & Wanktlers up on a Cycle 🚴🏿♀️way running beside this route, the Keenies of      run on for some 200 Yards before they find a Bar Check on the Cycle 🚴🏿♀️ way, so it’s a quick turnaround for Milf,  Sludge, Canary Boy & Wanktlers who now see the likes of 3D & Kylie being ushered by the Hare to take to the underpass beneath the main A1155 road 🚗, emerging out on the eastern side of the road on Fairlands Valley Park there is a Check point  Choices are southeast on the hard capped path that runs between two lakes in the distance, or northward through a small wooded area, make your minds up.

The run down to the lakes may have been tempting but after 50 yards a T prevents any further progress for Sludge, the RA is keeping an eye on him for any possible short cutting!  Milf does a far better job & “On!” is called by Milf 🙋♀️ & 3D 🙋♀️  to the Trail away to the north, taking the Hash 🏃♂🏃♀️ up by a mini-maze in this park, the Dust leads on through an avenue of trees 🌲 🌲 🌲  with a pond surrounded by trees 🌲 🌲 🌲  to the east, the Trail comes around the top of this & then begins to head south bound.

 Again it’s around the time in the virtual Trail when Hash-minds turn to the important things in life as Sludge asks “Can I smell the beer yet?” The Hare simply says the answer is no!

After 300 Yards on the main tarmac path the Trail approaches a crossroads of path at the edge of a wooded area, o the crossroads a Check is found, your options are westward but this heads back up to an earlier Check!  Or you can continue southward & the final option is to head eastward up into an area of urban sprawl 🏠 🏠 🏠 🏠 🏠 🏠?

Talk behind Sludge’s back receives a short “What, me short cut!” as wind direction changes & Wanktlers adds “I told you to follow 3D!”  as 3D opts for “Urban sprawl for me”  Sludge adds “I can something even if it’s not beer?”  3D asks “The smell of bullshit then?”

No luck to the east for 3D, while Milf & Wanktlers follow her!  Sludge & Canary Boy too head toward the sprawl of housing & goes wrong.

Milf now goes wrong again by coming back & looking to the west, so the Hare now marks the Trail southward as the path heads down by the tree-line with an elongated Fairlands Valley lake behind it to the west, the path veers slightly westward & then a few degrees eastward as the Pack run 🏃♂ 🏃♀️ 230 yards down to the northern tip of another lake, this one is larger having boats upon it ⛵⛵. Here the next Check is found & it’s a Held Check near to kiosk & small café, anyone who wants an Ice cream 🍦can nip over to the kiosk!  It’s not a sweets top, that’s a bit further along says the Hare!

Like the Herts Hash Town Crier Sludge declares that the “Pub’s open!” as the Hare reminds him that “The Pub’s a mile away!”  3D then adds “Hope there’s not a queue?”  The Hare now lets the Pack know “Don't worry as you guys are so fit, you'll be back in about 8 minutes!”  Sludge reacts with “Time for a short cut then?”

Milf goes for an Ice cream 🍦 While Sludge is left contemplating a Short Cut, the Hare knows better with the direction the Trail takes! So with the Pack together it’s time to move on again & there are three options, to take to the western side of the large tear-drop shaped Fairlands Valley lake, search the eastern side of the lake around below the fenced-off boating club there’s no time for TBT OBE to go out on the water & capsize!, or look up into a wooded rise to the east?

Wanktlers comes out with “E's are good!” [Must be listening to the Shamen? – Ed]  3D now wonders “Must be the real smell of beer this time?”

Everyone makes the right choice to run beyond the Fairlands Valley boat club, 🙋♀as Milf leads the Pack now find themselves taking a short turn to the west to then turn due south & run down by the edge of the lake 200 Yards or more, then a curved footpath takes the FRBs through the west end of a small woodland 🌳 🌳 🌲    🌳 🌲 🌲 to reach a Check point by the main road 🚗 named after the local tumuli, Six Hills Way Options are westward or eastward along the northern edge of the main road  🚗, or dare to head southward & descend into the underpass beneath the road & out on to the northern end of a wide green grassy open area, this is another part of the an area in the shallow valley that was voted the best thing about this town!

The Hare is questioned “Are there six tumuli?” to which he replies “Yes Six little Hills!”

Milf & 3D are on form as they search under the main road 🚗 & find Dust on the other side 🙋♀️  🙋♀️  as calls of “On!” echo around the underpass as Sludge, Wanktlers & Canary Boy follow on where Dust leads up an small grassy embankment to find a Held Check on the north-eastern corner of the long open space, it’s the sweet stop! 🍭🍬 🍭🍬 🍭🍬

The Pack are now 5 minutes away from the end, in reality you'd be able to run it in 15 minutes.  Milf puts in the extra effort  🏃♀🏃♀🏃♀🏃♀️ & 3D joins in with a “Huff puff pant!” 3D now knows she’s in a virtual Stevenage, which the Hare says is better than the real thing!  Milf encourages the Pack with “On!  On!” 🏃🏃🏃️ Sludge joins in with “On! On! My mutual Friends!” as he knows the Pub, who could forget the time Grunter, Fliptop, My Lil’, Sludge & Mr X stayed a bit too late one afternoon many moons ago?

Now the Pack have to add a couple of minutes to the time out on Trail as they chew the cud, or horrid boiled sweets!

The Hare’s concentration is broken as a bloke on the TV is trying to sell bamboo pants, wonder if Panda has a pair?  Anyhow, time to resume & the options are to search further to the south, head over to the car-capped grey footpath running along the bottom of the woodland 🌳 🌳 🌲    🌳 🌲   on the western edge of the shallow vale?

While Canary Boy doesn’t find Dust, he can cut across the grass as the Trail is picked up by 3D & Wanktlers who have wandered over to the wooded edge of the green space of Fairlands Valley.  Milf joins them for a trot of some 300 Yards 🏃♂🏃♀️ until reaching a Check on the northern apex of an equilateral triangle 🔺 of path with two running down to another point some 50 yards down to a small plantation.  Do you select the north-western continuation of the grey cinder like path, go off in to the wood to the north-west, or south-eastward on the path down to the smaller plantation 🌲 🌲, the choice is yours.

Sludge is showing signs of impatience as he enquires “Anyone thirsty yet?”  Wanktlers replied to Sludge “Always!”

No luck within the wood to the northwest for Milf & Milf , nor for 3D & Wanktlers on the continuation of the path, it’s down the gentle slope of Fairlands Valley Park to the opposite plantation, 🌲  🌳 with Sludge at the end of the 100 yards the trail continues from the triangle of paths 🙋♀ 🙋♂️ to run up a short slope in to the corner of the plantation 🌳 🌲 where a Check is found, here you can search on an alleyway up to the east into a large estate 🏠 🏠 🏠 🏠, or take to a fenced-in footpath running a few degrees west of due south?

The wind has changed direction once again as Wanktlers now comes out with “I told you to follow Sludge!”  3D wants to go down the “Alleyway for me.  Alley cat that I am!”  The Hare doesn’t wan this to encourage Milf who will soon be showing all & sundry her ‘pussy pants’!

Perhaps during the lock-down fitness levels being so high that it’s the sporty theme that attracts everyone down the hedged-in alleyway 🙋♀ 🙋♂️ to the right behind a long hedgerow is a Sports Academy   .  It’s a run 🏃♂ 🏃♀️ of some 240 Yards to come back down to a main road 🚗, here arrows direct the Hash for a few yards to the southeast to reach a large roundabout in the main road 🚗, here on the down ramp the On In is found, with arrows pointing the way directly under the open centre of the traffic island.

Where have you been virtually Hashing today?

Wanktlers Kilmarnock Milf From the back garden

3D Stevenage  Canary Boy Stevenage Canary Boy Teardrop lake got it for me

Wanktlers Linlithgow Sludge About time - did My 'lil set this one?

3D Statue with doves and the little hills!

Canary Boy Thanks Mr X

3D Was it a Sludge?

Milf Thank you Mr X 😀



Our Mutual Friend

Stevenage FC Lamex Stadium

King George V Recreation Grounds

Millennium Gardens

The Chequers


Lonsdale Road

Archers Road

Six Hills Way named after the burial tumuli

Fairlands Valley Park lakes

Stevenage Sport Academy

Funny how a virtual Stevenage sounds quiet a nice place?