Fliptop kicks it off this week “Morning all and welcome to H4 Virtual Run 18. As ever your super hare is Mr X.  Are you all ready??” The Hare comes back with “Morning All, just be a minute!”

Fliptop then says “OK pack talk amongst yourselves!” Sludge then claims “I am, On! On!” then adds “Eb? Dickslicksit?”

Today we are starting from a Pub just on the outskirts of a Town, there is a Romany connection to this Pub (Get the clues in early today! – Ed)  its a town which has outgrown the near-by village of  that it was once grated to the kitchen of a local Monastery️!

this week the Hare is not his usual benevolent self as just for My Lil’ there is a Check point on a drain cover sitting on the verge outside of the Pub!  There are only two options from here, they are to head nor-nor-west an Rowley lane separating the housing estate 🏘 🏘️ to the west & the arable 🌾 🌾 countryside to the east, or there is a south-western option in following the road around the bend?-

While Fliptop goes awry in going west & getting a Falsie in early, Psycho arrives late she says Good Morning & adds that she’s “In a Permanent state of being Sludge??” just as Milf & Sludge head down around the bend in the Rowley Lane road where they call “On!” 🙋♀ 🙋♂️ that could have a connection to 👑 Charles II (Who was known as Old Rowley), after some 100 Yards the Pack have already passed by a side road to carry on a further 20 Yards to a small crescent of a side road, there a Check is found, there are only two options again, this time to head off to the west on an anyway path running along the northern edge of a woodland 🌳 🌳 🌲 🌲 , or carry on around the bend on the outside road 🚗?

Sludge wonders “Should we go around the band again?” & Milf correctly says “No!” unlike Fliptop who chooses “OK let's try going round the bend!”

Kylie also has some catching up to do, he bleats that he has had a late finish at 02:00Hrs! Meanwhile Milf, Fliptop & Sludge now have no luck along the road, time to search the other option!

Psycho Little Hole arrived  👣 as Fliptop calls out “On back!” & Kylie lets slip he wants to go “Up to the trees!” Psycho then calls out “Monkey monkey??”

Sludge blasphemes “Bugger up the kyber this time!” Kylie adds “Sounds very rude. Good job Pebbledash isn't around!” as its back to the footpath & it’s now called “On!” 🙋♀️ by Milf who has found arrows off along the alleyway for 50 Yards then out on to one of the back streets but there is no Check as the Trail is marked straight across to continue through a wooded 🌳 🌳 🌲   park area, the Pack move on a further 200 Yards 🏃♂🏃♀️as the path veers a few degrees below due west, the last few yards is along the fence panels rear gardens of some newer builds 🏘️.

More arrows prevent any stopping on the Trail, the lock-down fitness of the Pack has a few surprising themselves with the athleticism 🙋🏃♂ 🏃♀️!  The Trail crossed straight over the Denham road 🚗 & on to the last section of the alleyway for 30 Yards to come out on to the edge of a wider verged road, its wide enough to have a cycle route 🚲 running along the eastern edge of the Shenley road, it is also where a Check can be found.

The choices are, nor-nor-west up the Cycle way 🚲, the opposite sou-sou-east or head over the main road & search a housing estate 🏘 🏘️ to the west.

Fliptop decides “Over the road!” Kylie replied to Fliptop “Don't you mean you're over the hill?” [Ouch put those claws away! –Ed]

Psycho lets the rest of the Pack know “Skip finally got motorised wheelchair out of boot so he is on his way 😂🤣” Milf replied to Psycho “Bless him xx”

No luck over the road for Fliptop, while there is no Trail for Milf or Sludge away to the nor-nor-west, instead luck seems to be with Kylie 🙋♂️ side as they find the Trail heading away to the south-eastward in to a patch of woodland 🌳 🌳 🌲 🌲  for about 100 Yards to a Check.  The Cylceway will be good as Skip has just manage dot get a motorised scooter out of boot of the ‘Nuttermobile’!  Psycho adds “If he sticks to cycle path all will be well even if he's not on Trail!”

Now there is a choice to the northeast through the rest of the woodland 🌲 🌳, or westward out in to a brand new estate 🏘🏘️? Fliptop decides “New estate might as well keep up my 100% on going the wrong way!”

Milf & Kylie waste their time as there is no Trail out to the northeast, but arrows are found by out in the new estate 🏘 🏘️ by Sludge & Fliptop 🙋♂️  🙋♂️  the latter exclaims “Yippee got a check right!”after weaving their way for 100 yards through the back roads as Fliptop & Sludge  make their way 🏃♂ 🏃♀️out on to wider urban road where arrows point the way straight across to the western side, there a Check point lays in wait.  The options are north or south?

 “Faaarp!” no it’s not a passing lorry rig, its Skip as he catches up & complains of being slow this morning is down to having a ‘Ruby  Murray’!  Nothing to the North for Fliptop while “On!” is called by down to the south by Milf after 60 Yards they arrive at a Bar Check!, So its back 40 Yards to a side road with a pastoral name Meadow Park, where they FRBs 🏃♂🏃♀️ can see the Hare & the SCBs heading off down this short side street to enter a large park, which is an ideal place to put a Check!

There are hard capped paths over the large green space, choices are sou-sou-west over toward the bottom of a larger Meadow Park Borehamwood FC Football Ground, or head nor-nor-west up beside what looks like a practice football pitch?

Milf 🏃🏃🏃️ 

No Eye Deer now catches up “Sorry late again. Couldn't park 😊” & Kylie “Can you ever? 🤣🤣🤣” Milf adds “A Bit if catching up to do NED. Hope you've a good running bra on?”  Skip lets slip “I’d like to follow a good part bum NED!” as

No one seems keen on looking over toward the large Meadow Park Borehamwood FC soccer ground , so it’s up beside the practice pitches after Milf calls “On!” 🙋🏃♂️ from a serpentine like route, she’s followed on by Fliptop, Kylie, Skip, Psycho & Sludge as they make their way between the playground furniture for 130 Yards to come around to an exit in the northwest, arrows keep the Pack moving on up an urban side road for 60 Yards until its stops at a roundabout crossroads 🚗 on Hartforde Road, here there is a Check & three options as to where to search?

Milf calls “On! On!”🏃🏃🏃️ while Sludge stands on the Check & bends over to tie his shoe laces, the options are either straight across the junction to the northwest, down to the southwest, or away to the northeast?  Milf comments on Sludge Shoe lace being undone  him standing on the check with a “No surprise there then 🤣🤣”

Skip asks Sludge “Having trouble old man?”  Sludge replies “No more than usual!” No Eye Deer replied to Sludge “We are all going to struggle when we eventually run for real!!”  Milf responds to No Eye Deer “You mean this isn’t REAL ? 😮”  No Eye Deer replied “Or perhaps surreal 😬”

Nothing on the northeast for Skip, down to the southwest as Milf’s 🙋🏃♂️ run of luck is hold strong for she picks up the real Trail on a road with an olde world spelling of a county town Hartforde , 🏃♂ 🏃♀️100 yards to the slight elbow at the end of the road at a roundabout with a T-junction, the Hare has marked the Trail straight over the junction 🚗 to the western side of the Aberford street, then after 10 yards the Trail turns off to the  southwest on a side road, then after just another 10 yards there is a Check on the opposite side to the corner of a Aberford park.  Do you head over to search the Park, or search south westward along the road, or look down the southern back streets nearest to the Check?

Sludge then comments “Run? Who said run!” Skip then kindly offers “Don't worry you can always join me!”  Sludge adds “Thanks Skip!” as Skip makes another offer of “I've got a spare wheelchair!” to which Sludge asks “Motorised?” but Sludge is put off as Skip admits “No, TBT is pushing!”  Psycho points out that TBT pushing Skip's wheelchair an accident waiting to happen.😟😲  Kylie then replied “We've a spare motorised one.”  Psycho thinks We can have a motorised hash 🤗😄  Milf replied to Psycho “That sound dangerous 🚑”

While Sludge bends over to tie his shoe laces, the options are either straight across the junction to the northwest, down to the southwest, or away to the northeast?  Kylie adds “Not a good image, hope he's a good pair of spud holders on today?” [Whoa too much info! – Ed]

Meadow Park is a popular option with Milf, Kylie & Fliptop & so it proves to be the correct choice by as arrows are found leading north-westward on a wide tarmac route, after 20 yards the Pack pass by a basketball court 🏀 & then run alongside a water feature of an elongated lake.



To the west is a Skate Park 🛹  (Wanks on Planks) it’s a nice long 220 yard trot up through the green space, the Hare has ignore the few side paths off either side at the northern end of the Park, just at the end is a wooded section 🌳 🌳 🌲 🌲  , where a Check is found, the choices as to take the right northeast fork in the path, or the north-western fork, or the southern path over toward another of the towns estates 🏘🏘️?

No Eye Deer now admits “I'm exhausted, dragging my finger across the little screen. (Whilst he reaches for another cup of tea).” Milf On On 🏃😀  Skip asks if this is the Sweetie stop? [Bit too early for that! – Ed]

While Kylie goes wrong, those who follow Fliptop & Milf who search the north-western arm of the split in the path are rewarded as after 30 yards 🙋♀🙋♂️ they find themselves out on to another of the town arterial roads, here is the next Check – so soon I hear you ask?  Well, it’s because the Hare realised that one of the options, off to the north, is Leeming road which sounds like Lemmings 🐭 name misspelt!  Or do you ignore the Lemming option, cross over to a path running up a treeline route in to more parkland?  Then again you can take to searching the southwestern urban Gateshead road 🚗 which shares its name with a north-eastern town? [Howay the Lads! – Ed]

Skip thinks the area Sounds like Welwyn. SO the Hare corrects him as Welwyn was a couple of weeks ago!

Kylie says he’s following MILF into the trees. (Again).  Psycho shouts out “Kylie, you dirty boy!”

Up to the continuation of the park land, with Kylie having to be called back 🙋♀ by Milf & No Eye Deer from the other option, here the Trail curves to the northeast for 150 Yards until coming out on to a back street, surprisingly no Check here, instead the long run 🏃♂🏃♀️continues as the Trail turns south-westward for another 250 Yards to stop at a mini roundabout, with a safety in mind the Trail crosses straight over Theobald Street 🚗 a crossing to reach the western side, here a Check is found on the edge of an estate 🏘🏘called Organ Hall that would have Pebbledash guffawing away!  🚗 Choices are north or southwest?  Simples!

Things are ‘not so chukka’ for Sludge & Milf, while it’s all ‘tickety-boo’ for Kylie 🙋♂️ & amazingly Fliptop 🙋♂️ to the southwest down the back-street that would have Pebbledash reaching for the Tenna-lady!  Anyhow, the trot along this backstreet through Organ Hall soon ends as the arrows point the way off on to an alleyway footpath running through a wooded    🌳 🌲   area along by a Bedpan Railway 🚉 🚆 line.  Kylie will be happy as the Trail dips under the main lines via an underpass.  At the end of the 40 Yard trot  🏃♂🏃♀️the Pack emerge out through more trees 🌲  🌳 on the western side of the tracks.

There is a Check a few yards up the Track to the south, there are two options, one to the south that runs on to the edge of a Radlett Golf Course to the western side of a woodland 🌳 🌳 🌲 🌲 , or there’s the south-eastern options to run down along the edge of the Railway 🚆 embankment?  Milf asks the rest of the Pack “Anyone have tissues ? 😜for Kylie x”

Kylie decision is easy “Hmmmm... Doesn't take much to persuade me, RAILWAY!”

Milf replied to Fliptop claim that he went south for checking for lost balls (golf that is), She asks “How long have you had this problem 🤣🤣” Psycho now wants to know “So< what's Kylie been doing in the woods to need tissues?”  Milf replies with “Your guess is as good as mine hon 😀!

While Fliptop & Skip wander off to search for lost golf balls, it’s a nice trot 🏃♂🏃♀️along the edge of the opening up green space called by Milf 🙋♀️ & Kylie 🙋♂️ who needs no persuading to search by a Train line, after 300 Yards the Pack reach a footbridge back over the Railway 🚆 line, there is a Check point at the bottom of the steps, do you search up the steep flight of steps, or scuttle off to search the southwestern desire line over the grass, or stick with the south-eastern main path still running along beside the Railway 🚆? Kylie 📸 Milf From up here 😀 Kylie 🎥

Psycho welcomes 3D who has just caught up, while Milf & Kylie will be out of breath clambering the steps to get a photo shot, then having to come back down again to catch up with the rest as they make their way after Skip out over the dirt path heading some 200 yards to the edge of more woodland 🌳 🌳 🌲 🌲  , where the Trail takes to the main hard-capped path that turns southward to run through the centre of the plantation, some may think that this is a boring wood 🌲  🌳

There are only two options from the Check, head away for town to the west, or eastward back toward the metropolis on Allum Lane?

Psycho lets the rest know “Good job Skip's got his all-terrain tyres on today. 🦼🦼”

The Hare hears some are lost as to where they are, so he reminds them that there will clues to where you are virtually running coming up

Nothing away to the west for Milf, so it’s a roadside trot 400 yards 🏃♂🏃♀️ after Fliptop finds the Trail (Yes you read the right!) on Allum Lane the route ignores the side roads off on either side of the road back, the Hare points out a car going by that looks like one of the Mitchel Brothers 👨🦲 is driving it 🚗?

Kylie will be happy, more tissues needed as the Trail heads back over the Bedpan Railway 🚆, this time by way of the road bridge, then once on the eastern side of the tracks, after a few feet on the start of the bend in the road, double arrows point the way over a Pelican Crossing to a set of steps in the wall & these drop down to the 🚉 Station Car Park, it looks like the Pack may be getting a Train as the Trail leads down to the station’s front, but the hash are led 🏃♂ 🏃♀️on beyond this to continue southward on (I’ll give you this one for free! – Ed) Station Road!  🏠

Milf 🏃🏃🏃

After about 120 Yards the Trail finally reaches a Check in a new small estate 🏘🏘️ where all of the road seem to be named after famous writers ️ like Shelly, this area appears to be one of apartments & homes 🏠 🏠 built for the commuters who use the nearby station.  Not the type of place where the locals would be able to buy!  Anyhow, there are two options southeast where you could be on the road to see Coleridge’s Kubla Khan or to the southwest for Kipling Way ‘If you are a better man than I!’?

Psycho With Milf 🚶🏻♀🚶🏻 as Milf wonders if they are near the Sweetie stop?  The Hare lets them know it’s not far off now!  Skip says “I like pear drops!” while the Ra reckons Skip’s Pair dropped years ago!

It’s getting pretty humid after the earlier rain this morning.  The Gunga Din’s of the Pack – Sludge, 3D & Milf fail to find any Trail to the southwest, but it’s not quite a ‘Mighty Pleasure Dome’ for Fliptop on Coleridge as he finds arrows through the new build estate 🏘 🏘️ to the southeast, a turn on a bend to the northeast for a few yards & then it’s a turn to back to the southeast for about 30 Yards on a road where there’s no time to’ Stop the clocks’ to come out on to a grassy square where you’d expect to see daffodils?

In the eastern corner of the quadrangle is an exit road & the Trail take to this, leading around to an area of more established homes & after 🏃♂🏃♀️ 30 yards the Trail come on to a Held Check right on the northern tip of the top of an open greenspace.  Its Sweet Stop time 🍭🍬 🍭🍬 🍭🍬 as you admire a view looking out toward the smoke

Milf adss “Time for a quick .....”  Skip can’t stand the suspense as he enquires “A quick what?” But its no smut as Milf adds “Cup of tea

This Woodcock hill has been under threat from developers, but to save it the locals got together to register it as a village green to try & protect it, it was once famous for being the sight of a naval telegraph post!  It’s named after the Woodcock Bird that Cocker Spaniels were bred to retrieve?

Fliptop shouts out “Wicket!! I'm a bit distracted thus morning. Trying to watch the Test Match and listen to Sis and do the trail....”  Milf asks “Multi-tasking?”  Fliptop then adds “Who says men can't multi?” as the Hare says “Every woman!” Psycho is more benevolent “Multitasking?? What a talented man you are 👨🏻🎓”

Anyhow, while Fliptop is distracted by a wicket falling in the cricket, it’s time to move on & the Hare offers two options to check out, due south over the soft grassy hillside, or southeast along the bland old Vale Avenue tarmac road?  The Hare lets the Pack know “It’s a long Trail today, so check it out!”

3D is now back, admitting “We are at Norfolk coast and keep losing signal.”

Tent Packer catches up as everyone sets off down the rolling hillside for the Pack after Milf, southward toward the wooded area, it’s a nice run 🏃♂🏃♀️down toward a main road in the south, but after 200 Yards the Trail turns eastward to run with the outside contour of the woodland 🌳 🌳, the path now heads north-eastward for 180 Yards up the common land a large building company want the rules to be relaxed so they can build on!

The Trail comes up to a road on the northern edge of the ‘Village Green’, there a Check is found by a footpath through the tree-line & into the eastern section of this common land of Woodcock Hill, your choices at to go out & search east or west on the urban street with home lining just its northern side, or stay on the common side & search beyond the trees🌳 🌲  ?

Fliptop now says “Morning TP any scratchings today?”  Tent Pack apologises with “Sorry no Farmers market with dead pigs!”

No one is interested inn the urban options, the Pack are all ‘common ‘so off due east to  take the footpath that will lead in to a wood 🌲  🌳 🌳 🌲  , an enjoyable trot through the trees 🌳 🌳 🌲  , though it is pointed out that there are TBT OBE & Sparky traps (Tree-roots) to be aware of!  They may only be virtual roots but we can see these two virtually falling flat on their faces! After 200 Yards the footpath turns a few degrees to run north-eastward for another 100 yards, then it emerges out on to the edge of a Furzefield road 🚗.

No Check point is found on the road, as arrows show the way to a junction just a few yards up the road, here there is a tree-line splitting the Furzefield road in to two parallel roads, a newer wide road the arrows point the way over & through a short cut through road heading to the northeast by a Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church .

Once over the main road a Check is found outside the Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church but there is now time to be on your knees right now.  There are three choices, a north-western one along the smaller of the smaller twin roads, away to the northeast into the housing estate 🏘🏘️, or back down to the southeast, the latter being the only option that leads away from the On Inn & so the least likely to be correct?

Kylie asks Tent Packer “Are you allowed out yet?” Milf wonders if a First Aider is needed, but they are not.  Tent Packer is over quarantine as he claims “Yes I am virtual at the On Inn!” Fliptop adds “Its the Pangolins you need to watch out for!”

No one is interested in the urban options, the Pack are all ‘commo’ so off due east to take the footpath that will lead in to a wood 🌲  🌳 🌳 🌲 , an enjoyable trot through the trees 🌳 🌳 🌲 , though it is pointed out that there are TBT OBE & Sparky traps (Tree-roots) to be aware of! They may only be virtual roots but we can see these two virtually falling flat on their faces! After 200 Yards the footpath turns a few degrees to run north-eastward for another 100 yards, then it emerges out on to the edge of a road 🚗.

Milf, Kylie & Fliptop are daft enough to head southward, no Trail that way so time for them to search again

Suddenly a shock Skip calls out “My wheelchairs got a puncture!” Milf recommends he call the AA while Kylie suggests “Call the Alcoholics Anonymous?” Skip questions Alcoholics Anonymous as Kylie’s defence is “I guess that's appropriate for Skip!  Milf replied “If they can help the poor old bloke 🤣🤣” Tent Packer sums it up with “It’s supposed to be anonymous but now you have blabbed!”

Fliptop changes subject as he points out that 12 noon pub’s open

While Skip battles with a puncture, surely there are a few spare tyres around? Milf recommends calling the AA as Kylie thinks this is Alcoholic Anonymous!  Now its “On!” after Kylie 🙋♂️ following up the suburban Cranes Way road to the northeast, but after 100 Yards finds a Bar Check!  It back down the road & over to the northern side of the road to find the Hare has marked the route off up a Cleveland crescent.  About halfway around the crescent & arrows point the FRBs up a short 60 yards  🏃♀️connecting road that heads north-westward to a crossroads, arrows pint the Hash straight over to run in to a cul-de-sac on the northern side of the road.

Skip may be calling the other AA as he lets slip “Time for refreshment so get out my McMullen’s Champion 7.5!”

After 15 Yards the pack head off on to a path through to a court, then on the north-western corner of the rectangle the Hash are led up through a back-passage (It would be the same without being taken up a back passage!) The path turns to the northwest, the Hash now undertake a bit of a convoluted route via a series of backroads that butt up to the grounds of a local School 🏫, having gone around these in a clockwise direction to run 🏃♂ 🏃♀️ around the north-eastern corner of the School 🏫 front, here the next Check is found.

The options are now to follow the Hillside avenue 🏠 🏠 to the northeast, or search a path into the wooded area that runs behind the homes?

Into the trees 🌳 🌳 🌲 for Sludge, Psycho, Fliptop, 3Das Dust is found by Tent Packer 🙋♂️ & then in to a Maxwell Park that sits behind an area of 🎭 theatrical history at Elstree Film Studios, you can still quite a few ‘Luvies’ 🎭 still around here!  150 yards into the Maxwell Park & the Hash arrive at a Check at the eastern edge of the Park.  The choices are to take the cinder track to the northwest & see the ‘Luvies’ 🎭 to search the north on the suburban Bull Headroad 🏠 🏠, or cross to a track with a single concrete bollard?

Skip now announces “Well done TBT OBE puncture mended!” The Hare wonders for how long? Then Sludge makes the Pack jump as he declares “Bollards!” Fliptop to calls out Bollard & Skip says “Say that again!”  As Tent Packer & 3D also get in on the Bollards act!

The Pack’s conversation drops a degree or two, must be all the talk of Ales from Skip or but ‘Bollards’ it is as Milf & Sludge call “On!” & this tarmac route runs out to cross a Manor road along & into the continuation of the footpath alleyway & into the top end of a playing field, which as avid readers of the trash know is one of the 471 playing fields that are a memorial to 👑 King George V then after 120 Yards at the T with a footpath running up the eastern edge of the playing fields, here arrows direct the FRBs northward up another alleyway in to a retail estate 🏬 🏬.  Now the FRBs join another Warwick road that has Paxo connections, to a roundabout where the FRBs of are now realising that they are on a loop as a left-hand turn brings them out on to the main Manor road again.

Having met up with the Hare & Skip with his repaired wheelchair, after their 400 Yard loop,  now all run northward on Manor Road for another 200 Yards & like the trading estate 🏘🏘️ it’s a pretty bland section of Trail up to a road Junction of a set of double roundabout, rather like a penny farthing with one smaller one by a larger brother.   It’s a dash 🙋♀🙋♂️  🏃♂ 🏃♀️ for some to get across the main road through the centre of town to reach the northern side of the road, the Hare doesn’t mess the pack around as they are directed over the Elstree Way road & then westward to the large roundabout & off up the second & northern exit

Milf 🏃🏃🏃🏃

The Pack are heading back, now advance northward on a road Studio Way that is named after this town’s primary ‘entertaining’ claim to fame 🎭 🎥! 🍿 With  leading the way for 200 yards, but up just before a roundabout by the local Toby Carvery & Travelodge they are stopped by a T! Nasty Hare!  Now they have a turnabout to head back 🙋♀🙋♂️  🏃♀️to an eastbound footpath through a 1980’s estate 🏘🏘️ named after famous ‘Stars of the Screen.

After 100 Yards through the tree lined route, starting between two back to back homes 🏠 🏠 on two road of Rutherford Close & Banks Road then just one line of back gardens to the north before tuning that way & coming out on to a small side road of Mason Close just three houses, a sharp left & after another 10 Yards is a Check point, there are only two options.  Search to the west or the short little Leigh Court of a few houses to the north?

With no sign of any trail between the homes to the west Milf returns after “On!”🙋♂️ is called by Tent Packer in the little Leigh court as Trail is found beyond its circular end & out on to a footpath running north-westward between the front of the homes that face around a circular green space for 15 yards, then off on a northern cut-through to emerge out on to a wider road which is again the same one with the name of the main claim to fame of this town 🎥 , Studio Way, it’s a large arcing road in town.

The Hare gees up the Pack by letting them know - Not far to go now!

There is no Check on the Studio Way road side, just arrows pointing the way straight over to the continuation of the  footpath to the northeast as it enters the wooded 🌳 🌲  🌳 strip that leads back in to the woodland 🌲  🌳 🌳 🌲   the Pack first entered at the start of the Trail.   After just 100 Yards through the wood   🌲  🌳 & the FRBs find the On Inn as the Trail emerges back out on to the curved pull-in road, its then just a simple case of running back the 120 Yards on the Rowley lane that could be named after 👑 Charles II? & On Inn 🧹 🧹


Sludge “Hoorah!” - Milf “On Inn 😀” - Tent Packer “I’m in Inn” - 3D “Don’t know where we are?”

Where have you been running today? After lots of guesses, Kylie finally gets Boringwood Sorry Borehamwood!

The Mops & Brooms – in a nearby field gypsy arguments were said to be settle by using mops & brooms to try & knock the opponent off of a chair they were standing on.

Rowley lane (Charles II was known as Old Rowley)

Borhamwood FC Meadow Park

Organ Hall estate

The Main Line to St Pancras

Radlet Park Golf Club

Kipling, Keats, Coleridge

Woodcock Hill (Cocker Spaniels were bred to retrieve these birds when hunted)


Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church

Maxwell Park

Elstree Studios

Elstree Trade Park

Studio Way