This week’s Pack consisted of Mr X, Fliptop, FWB, Lobby Lobster, Mark E Mark E Mark E Mark, TBT OBE, Milf, Kylie, Max Factor, No Eye Deer, Spotted Dick, Custard, 3D, Slug, Canary Boy


Wanktlers, who when asked where he was going replied that he was Not quite going anywhere, just Slowly going up the wall!

Flanders asked him “Give us a full description when you get there!”  While Psycho added “See you at the top!”

FWB claimed that she needed direction, Wanktlers added “We'll give you a wave!”


No Eye Deer requests those present “Don't forget the raffle tomorrow. Not too late to buy tickets. Prizes are bottle of port, wine, chocs, spice rack, free weeks hash......and 1st prize a toilet roll  - all proceed towards our chosen charity Herts young homeless!


Where’s Wally?’s Trail wouldn’t even start, for he claimed to have a bad back which was keeping him in bed!  He left bemoaning “To be fair I get lost on a normal Hash. I've got no chance with a virtual one x

I'll get the kettle on!”


Ewok sent her apologies, while  Lobby Lobster said Thanks for the lift Milf xx

Morning all GM here on Sis's phone.  I have nearly set up my own FB but not ready yet


TBT OBE is back this week has he got the All Clear? 💊 perhaps not/  TBT OBE claimed that he had Just Jet washed the rear patio.  Mr X asked if this was a euphemism for having a good pee?  Seems not, he had washed the car last night just for Milf.


Skip now claimed that he needs to commune with nature!  Luckily for him this week’s Trail starts form a car park & nearby are public toilets


No Eye Deer applied Sun cream  When Mr X is ready I'll welcome the hash to virtual run number ...…..3!


Psycho added that Also very keen this morning. Must be the sunshine  TBT OBE claimed to have spotted Latecomers coming down the road!


Welcome to Herts H3 Virtual Run No3. Over to the Hare Mr X (again)


When Mr X is ready I'll welcome the hash to virtual run number ...…..3!


This week we are starting from a car park, so My Lil’ doesn’t get upset at the idea of Starting from a Check Point outside of a Pub! (Ha! I keep forgetting that he can’t see this!)  The Weather is sunny & couldn’t be better   (Thank the RA later!)


No Shaking Hands due to the virus, so the Vulcan salute is recommended 🖖 ‘Live long & prosper!”


Nearly ready for the off 🕚


Fliptop says “Well, seems we're ready to go.”  Oh Hold on the girls have to go 🚺


Now we’ve lost Skip & TBT OBE 🚹


So, are we finally ready?  Don't forget, save your guesses for the end!


Options for the start from the Baldock Street car park cover all points of the compass, 🧭 remember Never Eat Shredded Wheat as your mnemonic to recall the cardinal points?  Which way do you go?


Spotted Dick & Milf search to the east leaving Fliptop, Wanktlers, Mark E Mark & FWB check it out Northward, while Lobby Lobster Max Factor South, leaving 3D & Flanders to go further afield by heading out West


Spotted Dick is correct & indicates this to the east 🙋‍ so on a back street off of the main road on a Coronation street named after an accession to the throne, or maybe a soap opera?  At the T Junction at the end of the short road arrows direct the Pack northward from the back-street of Crib Street then westward on a wider road The Bourne to cross to the northern side of the Road, where a CHK awaits.


Lobby Lobster calls out “Checking!” Milf calls “On back!” to those who went wrong at the . As does TBT OBE  TBT OBE is soon checking Northwards to find the Trail.


“No flour!” Cries Skip, just as No Eye Deer Stops due to a Shoe lace coming loose


The Hash now have a choice of East or West?


As Wanktlers, No Eye Deer & Max Factor go awry with their eastern option, west I best for Spotted Dick, Milf, Lemming, Lobby Lobster, Mark E Mark, for some reason TBT OBE is asking about Daffodils?  Skip apologizes with a “Sorry petal!”


However, those heading westward are stopped by a Bar CHK just before reaching the main road, Milf exclaims “Bugger!” as she is caught out - so it’s back to a small close of Orchard Close off to the north where the Trail is picked up again, things look a bit suspect as its Orchard Close Marked as a private road, Fliptop announced to the Pack “As TC says the flour is there you just have to look for it!”

TBT OBE would be proud (No Pebbedash!) as the Trail makes its way out through an unofficial looking gap in the end of the wooded area by a stream.


TBT OBE had wondered if the flour been washed out? Nope, it’s been too dry for that.


No Eye Deer is concerned as she wants to know “Do we go through the stream?” Psycho is now worried as she declares “No that means Skip will want a piggy back. 😟😭”  Wanktlers pipes up with “Not again we got soaked last week!”  All are put at ease as it’s a nope as the water’s not that wide in the wood but TBT OBE elects to go in to the very shallow narrow bit of water, claiming in doing so will “Get rid of the smell from my feet?” Some wonder if it really is his feet that smell?


Skip’s Got caught short bugger no toilet roll, Mr X post a emoji of a loo roll🧻  to come to the rescue!


Suddenly with all of this balmy heat on such as Sunny day, Psycho decides as its hot she just had to remove dressing gown 🤣😅  Bit of luck TBT OBE is stripping off as well, as it saves his dressing gown from getting snagged as we Squeeze out…..


(Steady there!) through the trees the pack emerges in to a Wooden park, where the Dust leads north-westward in to a section where a play area is, through this the Keenies trot before finding that it is a loop around through the line of trees separating the park in to an east & west sections, the west section is named after a local River Upper Bourne.


Slug panics & cries out “Is someone making the checks so I can catch up?”  Milf  replies “Yes, I am marking them!” or you can scroll back up the conversation!

A Check is found on the hard-capped footpath that runs almost the length of the park, the options are northeast, or head back to the south west?


Mother, Milf, Fliptop, Milf, Wanktlers, TBT OBE & Spotted Dick are correct by heading back north-eastward, leaving Mark E Mark on his own away to the southwest


Skip’s progress is now hampered as NO Eye Deer tries to flog more virtual raffle tickets, she adds if you want a toilet roll, buy a raffle to ticket. It’s one of the prizes 😂


A T is found way up to the end of the park in the northeast, so Southwest it is as arrows take the Hash down to an alleyway that leads north-westward out on to a residential road of Milton Road, “Never mind the bollards!” is the call as you come out to a Check at the T junction of back streets it joins.  Your options are southwest, northeast or straight over & up hill on Clifton Way to the northwest?


Mark E Mark declares “I'm over the hill!” & Wanktlers’ choice is “Up 'n' over!” 'Straight up' is Spotted Dick’s preference (Oh Err - Spotted Dick sounds like Pebbledash) which is correct, the Trail now satisfies Spotted Dick, on a gentle hill to the Northwest up through the residential area 🏘, arrows point the way to the west on a larger Regal road of Kingsway that takes the Pack around to one of the main roads out of town.  Mother let slip that you can’t beat a spotted dick [Well, you ought to put cream on it, if that’s your way! – Ed]


The Pack are directed straight across the Wadesmill road via a toucan crossing 🚦 , the arrows follow the south-western path through the end of another Funzese park & you are led on to a Check were the tarmac path has a crossroads with another.


Now the conversation changes, firstly TBT OBE is now flagging on the gentle rise.  Secondly, Milf now lets everyone know “I feel rather warm !”  TBT OBE recommends to Milf that she removes her top (Is it the Blue Norfolk Hash Top?) then he declares “I am out of breath!”, he doesn’t disclose whether its due to Milf removing her clothing or the slight hill the Trail is on?  Skip shouts out “Nice bra!”


3D & Milf call “On! On!”  As No Eye Deer claims “I've no idea where we are yet?”


Your option now are Nor-nor-west by a playground & up through the open space, sou-sou-east down a back-passage (Stop it!), or away through another estate to the west, the choice is yours?


Milf chooses sou-sou-east, Mother decides “I’m following Milf!” which is not a sensible option, Fliptop quotes the opening up of the USA in the 1800’s with a “Go west young man!” with Mark E Mark in tow.

TBT OBE follows on & again this is not correct, nor is Wanktlers who chooses the back passage! [Steady Pebbledash! –Ed]  Its down to Max Factor to pick up the nor-nor-west Trail


Milf now admits “Don’t follow me I’m lost 😀” Mother responds “We all are!”  While TBT OBE is concerned “Anyone got any Loo roll?” Psycho offers “Got yesterday's newspaper!”  TBT OBE responds with “That will do!

3D adds “That’ll do nicely!”


No Eye Deer points out, again, to TBT “Loo roll in the raffle. I'm starting to sound like an old record!! 😊

Prompting Psycho to question if it’s of Good quality, 3demands that it Better be!


Now the conversation turns to a product that is no longer inflicted on the youth of today: as TBT OBE remembers Izal.


Wanktlers asks if these fond memories were “Is that because you were hard?” [Stools? – Ed]  Skip adds he recalled it from School days, while TBT OBE shocks everyone with his response of  ‘Sandpaper!”

A shocked Max Factor declared “What?”

Milf & No Eye Deer admit it was like Tracing paper [hopefully unused? – Ed]  3D came out with “I had Bronco. It was rough and not very absorbent!”


All of what sound familiar as everyone declares that Izal was awful, Mark E Mark also adds that it just smeared it around!  Skip had the final word on this subject with “It was so hard and rough on the arse!”  followed by Damn put my finger through it.  Lemming give him wise words of “Don't suck your thumb!”


Back to the Trail……….


Away to the northwest you trot by the fenced in & deserted play area as Dust leads over the grass, which is pretty dry under foot which makes a change.  The Dust leads over toward a football pitch & disappears through the large hedgerow to take you out to an old narrow Poles lane which predates the new estate by several centuries.  A CHK is found on this Poles lane, the choices are through the cut-through to the new estate to the north, or either westward or eastward on the lane?


3D, Mark E Mark, Milf, Fliptop chose the West, Mother & Lemming search to the North, Wanktlers & Spotted Dick look away to the East.  TBT OBE is looking at the Cut through.


Psycho asks “Debs was that your introduction to horse riding?” 3D replies with “Ha! Ha!” as Psycho has the wrong Debs!


Skip is now back on Trail as TBT OBE asks “Where are U?”  3D reckons “I’ve got a pretty good idea!  As Psycho confirms Skips just out of the bushes.  TBT OBE is still not up with it as he asks “Give us a clue!” 3D adds "Huff puff pant" (which is worrying)

Continuing with the ‘toilet talk’ as Fliptop says “That was someone's front garden Milf!” A coy Milf responds with “Oops!” as Mother chastises her with a “Dirty girl!” [Though Paula Radcliffe was last week? – Ed]


No Eye Deer now claims “I've stopped concentrating on the trail. Too absorbed by the Izal comments!”  [Unlike the Izal, which didn’t absorb anything! – Ed]


 “On!” is called by Milf to the west along the dusky shaded Poles lane, later she tells Mother she should have followed her!  Then after a few hundred yards the Trail turns into a cut-through to a line of homes 🏘️ to the south, for some, one of these homes on the Pastures looks very familiar as the Trail leads out to the T junction where this residential lane joins a curving road of Wulfrath Way.  A Check sits in wait for the Keenies.


Three options, straight over to the west, northeast or southward?  How keen is your eyesight 👓?  For some, including Where’s Wally? who has stayed in bed, after Mother has asked after his well-being.  This may be of more use   Those with good peepers 👀 can see a green footpath sign almost hidden by the tall hedge away to the south on Wulthrath Way, so check it out!  No Eye Deer admits “Yep. Can see the sign!”


Wanktlers chooses Northward, while Mark E Mark & Mother look West, TBT OBE is bewildered & declares he’s just checking!  No stopping yet as No Eye Deer locates Dust, which is found on the obscured footpath that runs down a tree line beside a Ware cemetery, interestingly there is no Church here, just a small Chapel - it’s a long stretch before reaching a main arterial road in to town, no stopping yet as arrows take out over the road & down a short way to a junction with two options, the south-eastern main Watton road back in to Town, or the south-western side road?  🏘


Lemming now reintroduces the toilet talk with “Izal wipes it around but not off is what I was taught!”  Psycho

Adds Newspaper was more absorbent & only left yesterday's news on your bum.  A worried 3D ponders “Blimey you lot are botty wiping obsessed!”


Fliptop has other things on his mind “Bugger I was hoping for a beer stop!?” he gasps, No Eye Deer & TBT OBE lust for sweeties!


Down the foot path.  Is it a bit shiggy? Asks Fliptop, Nope, dry as a bone today, no rain for ages!  3D wonders if there are “Any historical references or have I missed them?”


Milf & Mother lead those on the Watton Main Road find a T to the south east, while Mark E Mark & Wanktlers encourage the rest who are buoyed up on the side road eventually find a Bar Check, so it’s almost back to the junction to find the Hare has now Mark E Marked the Trail down the Dead-End Wengeo lane between two brick pillars, Sludge is already Down here & not called anything so he can get ahead of the rest!


Milf calls out “On back!”  TBT OBE changes the subject “I need a new pillar!”  No Eye Deer asks “Do you mean pillow?”  TBT OBE states Duck down is best.  Mr X thinks that TBT OBE is probably allergic to Duck down!  Suddenly the Pack are thrown off their train of thought as Milf asks “Can I take my top off?”  Wanktlers replies “Yes please!”


The Pack are now on a long run, a great section to stretch the old legs as the tree-lined narrow Wengeo lane heads away westward, taking the Hash on by some nice homes to the north, then further along the homes on the southern side give way to a sports field of a school 🏫


Kylie is back Thanks to the hare for marking it well.  Phew, just managed to catch up with the back markers, got caught sorry at the beginning of the trail.  Max Factor adds a Hi Dad!  Psycho tells TBT concentrate or you will get lost again 😯😧


At the end of the lane to the west, the Dust follows the footpath it arcs around to head southward, this is another old route in this part of Herts.  With the school grounds now on the left & homes o 🏡 🏘️n the right it’s a long haul down to a major Park road, there the Pack are directed by arrows straight across to the continuation of the old Wengeo lane.


This section is wider & primarily used as access to a car park for the Industrial area Glaxo Smith Kline on the eastern side.    As TBT OBE rattles along 💊 , he is among the regulars on Herts Hash to a beneficiary of the large production of drugs in the GSK units to the east, the Hare reckons by now he’s probably been through almost the whole range of products available.  TBT OBE admits that I rattle inside.


Some of the Pack’s thoughts have now turned to food, TBT OBE fancies a crumpet!  3D asks with butter? While Wanktlers asks TBT OBE if his choice of topping is Viagra?  TBT OBE replies with “And Marmite!” [A strange combination, blue pills & yeast extract? – Ed]


Skip seems to have forgotten why this is virtual Trail as he does a Chad “What no pubs?”  Mark E Mark informs him that the pub was very quiet again last night.


A check sits by a small nature reserve above the car park, do you search this, some do as there is a chance to scare the squirrels 🐿for some in there are wooded areas on this, or do you continue southward?

Everyone goes for south, except Milf who n need a wee!  Izal raises its ugly head again, thanks to Mothers comments!  Wanktlers questions Milf’s bladder asking “Again?”


3D deduces “Must be nearing the end if there in consensus?”


No Eye Deer claims “I think I know where we are!” in which case Kylie asks “Is there a decent cafe round here?” TBT OBE confirms that they are “All closed!”


Mother is after sweets, Max Factor asks “No lucky arsenal sweets?” On the positive side, the Gooners haven’t lost for a few weeks now!


Fliptop thinks he knows where he is & asks Did they used to make wooden twin engine ww2 aircraft near here? Nope!


South bound it is as Mother, Milf 🙋♀️  Wanktlers, Mark E Mark E Mark E Mark 🙋‍♂️ call “On!” as the Trail leads up to a footbridge spanning a river below, on the Southbank a Check  is found on the tree-lined route that resembles a tow-path.  Only two options, east or west?


Mark E Mark, Lemming, No Eye Deer & a still probing Fliptop (Steady Pebbledash) with a query of Any paper mills?  All head West, while Milf, Mother, Wanktlers go eastward


West it is as Spotted Dick, Milf & Mother 🏃‍♀️ run off calling "On!"  As the path turns the corner a large weir comes in to sight on the left, but the Pack aren’t crossing this as the Trail runs beyond this to reach a Check point by the north end of a copse beside the river Lea.


3D asks about ketchup, Mark E Mark says he’s in a field with a hat on, like Wurzel Gummage, Fliptop is more accurate with Ketchup is Not out of hibernation yet after the Clock change!


TBT OBE’s thoughts now turn to Bacon sarnies.  No Eye Deer asks “Is it kosher bacon?”  Milf says “Yes!” while Skip lets slip “A nice pork sausage would be nice!” [Steady there Pebbledash! – Ed]


Fliptop tries to stop the talk of food by shouting out “KEEP RUNNING!” but Psycho asks if the bacon is Vegan while TBT OBE states the obvious that “We had no bacon in Qatar!”


Two Choices, eastward in the hope of it being a short Trail (surly you can’t be tired just yet?) or head southward, out over an open green space of large horse paddocks 🐎 , separated by hedgerows tall enough to prevent Mother & Lemming from seeing over them?  The Hare asks “Where is Lemming, anyone seen him, surely the sun rays bouncing of his head should stand out some distance?”


TBT OBE is now hankering for a “Short trail for me!”  Fliptop Starts thinking about beer, while Skip asks Any short cuts?  Psycho now wonders “You still with us Skip?”  Skip declares that he is "Bringing up the rear lol!"  Fliptop says Just follow Sludge for SCBing but there are No short cuts yet! 


As Wanktlers, Mark E Mark E Mark E Mark & Mother choose correctly, calling back those who are hungry to walk on through between the homes of the nags the Trail runs, the Hash slows up to admire the equines,  🐎 as you follow on to reach a  Hertford East railway line  🛤 where there is a Held Check, no sweets as the Trail does not divert for its southwest bound course, it’s just chance to get everyone across safely as Paxo clucks for everyone to look both ways on the level crossing.


Milf asks for a Group photo!! [Aren’t we a bit spread out for that? – Ed]


Kylie was certainly looking both ways, in the remote hope of spotting a passing locomotive, but no need for any tissues just yet, one is not due to pass by until for around another 15 minutes or more before one passes by!

3D says that there’s Trouble on the tracks


Safely over the tracks, no time for most to hang about but Milf manages to slow the Packs advancement as there is a Kissing gate there, pucker up again!  💋   wait Mark E Mark E Mark E Mark no 👅  TBT OBE declares My Grand Dad was a plate layer.  Whatever that was.


Milf offers Kisses, but No Eye Deer mentions the 2m rule everyone, while Psycho goes for the imperial measurements of No kissing, keep 6 feet away.  Milf asks for at least Virtual kisses


Kylie forlornly lags behind as the rest Pack are now lead away over to the southwest on a feral path meandering over a Meads meadow landscape until reaching another water way The New River, this one being of a slower flow than the previous water crossing.


Fliptop is getting warm, Ah Could we be in an area where I used to live ???? New River??


Mother posts a picture that is supposed to be Lemming, Psycho’s analysis of the pic is that it looks Very gay! Then Mother points out that the Jeans are a bit tight!  Only his jeans? Asks Psycho


The FRBs, & there seem a lot of you these days, find a Check located on the junction with three other paths by Chadwell Springs, temptingly there is an east bound footpath by the river heading back to town, are you that gullible to check this option out?


Skip Aways thought so, Milf & TBT OBE are both Yes, Fliptop agrees with an “Of course!”


Custard decides on Eastbound, then Wanktlers declares its “Getting near Beer O'clock!”


 “Thank goodness!” sighs 3D, while No Eye Deer  asks for “Cider for me please!”  TBT OBE claims “Thirsty this run!”  Milf puts TBT OBE in to a state of shock as she offers him the water she has with her!


Custard is already thirsty as she ponder on whether “Can I smell a brewery?”  [No these days! – Ed]


Southbound it is, away from the little tomb like pump house, running 🏃 🏃‍♀️ on a footpath on a raised grassy bank between two large ponds of fresh water to come up to a T junction with an east/west footpath at the bottom of the embankment carrying the parallel main road.  Two options then from this Check - simples?


No Eye Deer is Still hungry, while Fliptop gets things wrong as to where the Pack are as he says “Shame about Emma???”  Milf asks “Who’s Emma?”  Fliptop says She died in the well we just passed (except its about 4.5 miles away!) Sad says Milf


Those who chose the easy eastward option, like Custard would be wrong, as Lemming, Milf &Mark E Mark take it away to the west, seemingly heading further away from the On Inn?  The Hare has to encourage the Pack now as it is not really much further & a sweet stop is looming, it’s just a small loop for the benefit of embarrassing one of the Pack as the Trail led that way, passing beneath a large tall concrete structure of the A10 Flyover for a few hundred yards below the garden high up to the south, there is a steep climb, which will slow up some.


Milf calls “On! On!” Now TBT OBE has other pressing issues [pressing against cloth? – Ed] a she says “ I think I will pop in my house for a crap!”  Too much info but luckily it’s a virtual Trail as TBT OBE is 2 miles away from his home!


Out on to the main Ware road connecting two towns, there the Trail crosses over to the northern side to head eastward along to the Sweet Stop,  🍭 which is located before a bridge, here the Hare pays tribute to a Trail that Fliptop set years ago, some of you may be surprised to hear that the Nags Head Pub that once sat on this site.


Fliptop’s Trail was on the Herts Hareline (What’s the Hareline I hear many ask?) for weeks, but Fliptop hadn’t been over to see the Landlord of the Nags Head to check out if we could Hash from there on a Monday night?   He’s never lived it down the Hash arrived to discover that the Pub had shut for good the day before & if the Hash were running on the Sunday then they would have had free beer as the Landlord was giving away his stock for free, yes gratis, gallons of the stuff, before shutting up! 


Fliptop ponders I'll have to look back into the recess of the Hash words to remind myself.  Feel a belated Down-Down coming?

Ironically Wine gums are order of the day, no Humbugs as Whatever She Says isn’t here today.  TBT OBE, who hasn’t popped off for a poop, asks are any sugar free?  The Hare says No just glucose & animal products!  Psycho for one declared “No, need sugar after all this running!”  Our resident faketarian, TBT OBE, now informs the rest that Gelatin is boiled up bones.


Being outside on such a nice sunny day, No Eye Deer “Think I'm getting sunstroke?”  Milf offers “Umbrella No Eye Deer?”


The Pack resume the Run & now it heads away eastward, crossing to the northern side of the Ware road before dropping down a steep hill, with a good view of the town in the distance, this also keeps the booze-hounds away from the newly rebuilt Bar of the Kings Mead what’s that behind the building?  Chadwell Springs Golf Club.


The Pack run down to the level, then once around the bend arrows point the way to a parallel Chadwell side road running for quiet away before reaching on last loop for the Pack, suddenly Sparky stops dead in front of the Pack, as he bends over to pick up a discarded elastic band, which later on he’ll later put around his shaft....


......of his gear stick with all of the rest he’s collected (Whoa there Pebbledash let me finish) Fliptop - It all comes back to me now


Wanktlers comes out with Don't say Sparky and dead in the same sentence, while TBT OBE asks if its Sparky has a Cock ring? [Lemming will no doubt ask Sparky when we see him next!


Lots of Confusion now, as Custard is among those who started a video chat, this confuses some & now taking in information of the Trail gets harder!  Fliptop - If we go video I'll have to put some clothes on


Taking to a climb up to the south around the suburban streets of Myddleton Road, arrows mark the way to an easterly back-passage between the houses in an area famous for not being so grotty.  Fliptop has cottoned on to the Trail is taking the rise out of him as he asks “Any caves coming?”


A turn northward on a road named after the builder of the local folly Scott's Grotto, before descending back a lot of new builds to the main road, you turn right & cross over the Pelican Crossing 🚦 main Ware road to run alongside the waterway River Lea once more, beyond  🚏  Kylie gets excited again 🧻 as the Trail turns off of the eastbound road to head northward over a level crossing, but as the 11:55 is due in the barriers are down 🚉 & so its up the concrete steps to cross the high bridge, or wait for the trains to pass by & the Barriers are raised at Ware Station!


Mother says she’ll wait at the crossing, while Fliptop now gets his towns wrong as he asks Stanstead Abbots .., on inn???


Wanktlers cottons on & asks Are we Ware yet?  While TBT OBE is off the mark with “Jolly Fisherman near?”


11:56 & Barriers are raised so you can continue as The Trail sticks with the western side of the road, avoiding a Spread Eagle Pub that only sells one Ale, though it’s probably the best pint of AK you’ll get in town, when it’s open! You run on up the road with shops on either side, passing a former night club before almost reaching the end of the road, no direct route In just yet as the Trail turns off on a more scenic option in, down by the river Lea riverside to admire the waterfowl


No Eye Deer Turned off video as it “Slowed me down x!”  Fliptop has no such issue with tech, he now knows where he is as he states “Ah gazebos!”


TBT OBE Wooden bridge was closed so go down high street, but we are Hashers, that’s not going to stop us as leaving the gazebos on the River Lea Navigation behind, the Trail turn to the left leads on by the Salvation Army then by an area locally famed for its ‘Pizza Wars’ 🍕 where pizza companies tried to undercut each other, the Pack cross the road to head north-westward, passing by a statue of a Maltster & his cat to the On Inn


Fliptop now boasts I used to live here!


No Eye Deer

Don't forget to hang around for the grand raffle draw when we are back at the pub


The Hare announces “We have a winner!” with Wanktlers, yes it was Ware as you can see if you look toward Mount Tower Hill dominating the skyline. !  But as Ware to Eat is closed, you’ll have to make your own fry-up breakfast! 🍽  So, Ewok, Paxo & Pebbledash wouldn’t have had to come that far in the end!


Grab yourself a Beer says the Hare!  Oh No! Skip has picked up the wrong Pint (again) Lemming isn’t worried as he quips “Not to worry it was mine but I had spat in it!”


No Eye Deer starts off the “Great trail Mr X!” appreciation from the Pack.  Before he announces “Don’t forget your subs & the raffle 💷!”


TBT OBE wants to know how many km? [No Idea it was 4.4 Miles if that helps? – Ed]


No Eye Deer

Let me know when you've all changed and got a drink and I'll start the draw......


Lemming Well done Mr X. Have a pint on me.  On On all


Clues were Fliptop's old house, Glaxo,The River Lea Navigation weir, Chadwell Springs, Hertford East to Ware Railway, The New River, The Nag's head (Former Pub) The Kings Mead Golf Club; Scott's Grotto, Ware Level Crossing & the Spread Eagle, Ware priory


Hope it amused you for an hour & bit, I am surpsied at no one taking a short cut today, & how many FRBs we have now!



No Eye Deer Are you ready....drum roll


Go ahead NED  - No Eye Deer

1st prize for the coveted toilet roll is.... No 14 _ Mr X  Milf 👏👏👏👏👏


2nd prize for bottle of port is... No 49 - mother 😂 “Her Age?” asks Mr X


3rd prize for spice rack is...  Milf The suspense is killing me!!!! No 57 _ lemming Psycho 🎺🎺🎺 Milf 👏👏👏


Mr X declares “For Lemming it should be Old Spice?” Mother lets slip that Lemming wears it


4th prize for bottle of red wine is..... No 39 - slug  


5th prize for bottle of white wine Is... No 2 – Fliptop who shouts out !Yipeee!”


Lemming buts in “Put the rack back in sir!”


6th prize bottle of blush wine is ............................................................................................................................ Sorry for delay. Free my own number so put it back. Red wine and winner is Sis no 62


Mother wants to Share the port around, Mr X says you should always Pass the Port to the left (Tradition!


Last prize for box of after eights is..... No 47 Mother – who says Put it back in!


TBT OBE isn’t a winner, so he states  “I'm off!”  Skip says “I can smell you from here!”



Thanks for those who took part in the raffle, all in a good cause!  See you all next week, stay safe!


Fliptop - Thanks NED how much for the charity. Think they need all they can get these days


No Eye Deer £85 from the raffle plus £130 From Xmas so total £215. I'll post a cheque this week

Psycho OK will make donation now to round raffle before signing off xx


Wanktlers departs with A la prochain, for whoever it was speaking French


No Eye Deer beats the Queen to it as she says that she'll keep the prizes safe until we all meet again - Although can't guarantee the toilet  roll will still be in one piece!