Herts Hash Virtual Hash No.4 Easter Monday 13th April 2020

Present were: Milf, Kylie, No Eye Deer, TBT OBE, Flying Solo, Canary Boy, Fliptop, Mr X, Mother, Lemming, Wanktlers, Tent Packer, Spotted Dick, Custard. Fliptop, Mark E Mark, Lobby Lobster, Zing-along-a-max

After the introductions & apologies from some who had to leave for leaving after getting some sad news, the Pack settled down to the usual banter in the 4th Virtual Hash.  While FWB came back with Sorry can’t do today, busy with food delivery, have a good Hash xx [is FWB Feeding the Five Thousand?- Ed]

Zing-along-a-max began by “Putting on my Shiggy shoes!” Custard then asked “Are they real or just virtual??”

After a bit about Fliptop having Friends or Fiends, the Pack were reminded that this is not a spelling test!

TBT OBE asked if anyone had seen Fartin Martin and Dragon’s Den's new baby girl photo?  There was resolute no from the Pack, so TBT OBE tried to send a link of the photo, which he messed up & it failed.

There was a change in the weather for today, not as good but at least it wasn’t raining as No Eye Deer informed the Pack “Just put gloves on.  It's cold out!” which brought a “No Change there!” from TBT, while Milf comforted No Eye Deer with “I will give you a big cuddle No Eye Deer x!”

Lobby Lobster declared that she would love a cuddle, but No Eye Deer reminded everyone of the times we are in by stating “Thanks but I'm keeping 2m apart!”  While this was happening TBT OBE was still trying to get a bay pic up on the site!

No Eye Deer asked “Are you poorly now Milf & Custard Sent virtual cuddles when Milf told the Hash that she had tested positive for Covid-19, which she had got form Kylie, who had also shown a positive test

Suddenly No Eye Deer picks up on the previous thread  - “What have I missed. Whose had a baby?” Milf states  “Not me!!”  No Eye Deer says That's such lovely news & Spotted Dick added that our second Grand child now 10 days overdue

The Hare interrupts the conversation as he joins with a “Who’s tapping their on this cooler morning !”

Fliptop Ok Welcome to Herts VH4. And your hare is......... Mr X!!

The Hare started off with “Welcome to this Eater Monday virtual Hash 🐣 🐇!”  which brought a hoorah from Spotted Dick as he & Custard were Ready & waiting

Mr X then declared “Again we are sat at home, in these crazy times 🤪 but in a week that has seen Bo Jo ends up in hospital we should all take heed & be sensible.  One of Mr X colleagues also ended up in Hospital on a ventilator.  While the real Tim Brooke Taylor OBE passed away due to coronavirus.”

Just as thing were about to start Zing-along-a-max pipes up with “Not got my shoes on yet! Typical!”

Spotted Dick told him that POPPY’S WHINING AND READY TO GO, while No Eye Deer reassures Zing-a-long-a-max “You will catch us up!”

Then Milf slows up the start even more “No Eye Deer and I might need a wee😜”

The Hare finally gets to say “It’s a big hello from the Hare, who is still adhering the Governments requests of non-contact so no handshakes 🤞 in a week that saw Kylie proved positive for Covid-19, which he has thoughtlessly passed on to Milf, so to be careful 😷 & keep your distance from him. 🤧 💊!  Oh, Kylie's still in 🛌

This week we do start from outside of a Pub, the Half Moon a familiar one to you all!  Yes I do wish My Lil’ could read this, guess he’ll have to wait until a transcript is printed out?

No Shiggy this week, it’s been far too dry but there is a chance of getting wet - Your starting options are nor-nor-east, south or northwest on the opposite side of a roundabout?

Milf, Mark E Mark, Lemming all chose south on Park Street, No Eye Deer claims “I know where we are 😄!” as she follows them down a Falsie!  Milf claims that “I know where I am No Eye Deer!” while Zing-along-a-max also goes wrong with his choice of nor-nor-east up Queen's Street!

Well done to Flying Solo, Fliptop, Spotted Dick & TBT OBE 🙋♀️  ️ who call “On!”  They are all correct as they take to the opposite side of roundabout on Bridge Street.

No Eye Deer comes back with the statement of “I love that we all take this so seriously!” [Even though it’s a virtual Trail & the Hash is supposed to be non-competitive, you just can’t help them! – Ed]  Lemming says Is it magic

They have found the arrows leading way off of the roundabout to take to an olde worlde Bridge street, crossing over a bridge with a river flowing beneath, a time to appreciate 🦆 but no chance of a water crossing here!  The Trail leads on to the second Check point of the day, the choices here are to head northward on a 🌟 celestial sounding Sun street, or to head north-westward as the road you started on changes its name to one of Tilehouse Street from its purpose former buildings

No Eye Deer moans that there is Not much flour!!  [Its set in virtual one-sided arrows, don’t want to upset the locals with blobs of flour that can easily be mistaken for Rat Poison, or anthrax! –Ed]

From the back of the Pack Wanktlers calls out “Hang on I'm coming, just had to fix the boiler!”  Mr X replies with “That's no way to call the wife!”

Fliptop asks Anyone on?  North bound it is as Milf & Flying Solo leads the way 🏃♀️ the narrow road of Sun Street is a haven of small cafes, bars & Pubs as it leads out in to a Market place, here is the third Check of the day, a plethora of options now lay ahead in the other obvious options three corners of the Market Square, so continue northward from the north-eastern corner, the north-western corner or search away down the south-western choice?

Then from even further back Tent Packer apologises with “Sorry I am late running hard to catch up had to demolish a Tiger!” No Eye Deer informs Tent Packer “Is that a real tiger? Gosh you are brave!”  The Hare tells Tent Packer “Bottled tiger I hope, keep away from wild animal markets!”  Tent Packer comes clean with “Yes it was a whole can full! - No bats here cooked or undercooked, not after the snake!”

Milf & Fliptop search to the southeast, with Wanktlers & Flying Solo search North West, Mark E Mark ever the rebel looks to the Southwest

Fliptop discovers that his virtual Hashing is hampered - I need a bigger k/b (keyboard) or smaller fingers? No Eye Deer Says that he ought to Try voice command 😄 Tent Packer ponders if Fliptop is hungry & wants a Bigger kebab?  Mark E Mark laughs at Lemming’s statement of “I like small hands!” Mother is strangely quiet on the subject!

No one seems to be finding any Dust, while Custard calls out “Are you?”

TBT OBE now knows where he is as he put out a clue of Hitch a ride?  Zing-along-a-max has picked this up as he chooses “Northeast past a vegan cafe for me!”

Everyone seems to be searching in the wrong corners, the Hare needs to encourage Mother & Lemming not to stand on the Check - Zing-a-long is correct as he calls the Trail    leading through Churchyard Walk one of the oldest sections of town that still sticks to its original Medieval plan, where you are taken on through the grounds of a Norman Church , TBT OBE correctly surmises “St Mary's?”

tTis scenic trot leads back out the river Hiz (Which is pronounced Hitch as the z was the olde English way of writing the tch sound), where arrows direct the way eastward through a car park & then northward to a traffic light junction on Queens Street, no Check yet just a pelican crossing 🚦 where the arrows take you over to the eastern side of this main road junction.

Milf calls out “On! On!

A Check is found at the edge of a green open space of Windmill Hill, the options are North, South along the street or eastward? Milf Checking

Flying Solo, Wanktlers, Custard & Spotted Dick all go wrong with North, while Tent Packer asks “Was this the same hash trash from October 2013?” [We have Hashed here before – Ed]

Milf goes wrong with South, so It’s up to Mark E Mark, Zing-a-long-a-max, TBT OBE Eastward hill is a bit steep!

Those like  Mark E Mark E Mark E Mark & TBT OBE who check out to the east find the Trial, as it now heads up hill, this seems a long steep climb for some, seems that four weeks without running has taken its toll on some?

Spotted Dick is dismayed “Not up the hill!” he cries out, while Milf wonders if his Fitness level is lacking.  However the climb up Windmill hill doesn’t seem to have dampened the spirits of Zing-a-long

Fliptop ponders “Can I let teddy off yet?”  But it’s not recommended just yet by the Hare

TBT OBE asks “Anyone see a windmill sign?”

At the CHK is found at the top of the hill, there aren’t many options, to continue eastward on an alleyway, or head southward & then around to the east, in between both options lies a large Victorian school.  Make your choice?

TBT OBE chooses the Alleyway past the girls school, but he has led Flying Solo, Custard, Mark E Mark, Spotted Dick, No Eye Deer & Tent Packer up a Falsie, even though he thinks he know where he is.  Tent Packer asks “Any bike sheds in evidence?” TBT OBE shouts out “On back then!”  Meanwhile, those like Wanktlers, Milf & Fliptop who continue along with Lemming who go around to the south find the Trail running around the crest & out by old Victorian cast iron bollards, the Trail arrives at a main Highbury road that would have the Gooners amongst the Pack reminisce to when they won things, somewhere around the 1930’s!  Flying Solo admits “I just had to google ‘Gooner’!” which makes Wanktlers laugh at "A reference to Association Football!"

No Eye Deer now says that Every Hash we do has a church and school so could be anywhere. And on every hash TBT OBE falls over 😘!  The Hare reassures her “That's coming up later!”  Tent Packer adds “Where is Sparky when you need him?”

Mr X replies that Sparky’s probably Picking up elastic bands to put around his shaft………….

Of his gear stick!  Zing-along-a-max states that was last week's joke

Fliptop is now deluded, must be the climb up the hill as he asks “Is that road called Arsenal are the best!”

Choices are at the Check are North or South? Flying Solo, Wanktlers, Zing-along-a-max & Fliptop follow TBT OBE North to Highbury, which is a Falsie!  Custard, Milf & Tent Packer are correct but Tent Packer shocks the Pack by claiming “My feet are wet!”  No Eye Deer says “Should have gone before we left!”  Milf admits “We did!” while Fliptop gives Tent Packer his advice of “Never pee into the wind!”

The Hare reassures that There will be connivances later on 🚺   Milf says it could be down to her drinking too much water? While No Eye Deer’s outlook on Tent Packer’s predicament is “Too much tiger methinks?”  Wanktlers almost quotes WC Fields “I never drink water, fish piss in it!”  Milf  claims that water if the only thing keeps me hydrated

The Keenies of Milf & Tent Packer are off 🏃 🏃♀️ running on Wymondley Road a route named after the village of non-conformist minsters was based, but only to find discovered a Bar Check by Zing-a-long, Custard, Tent Packer & Milf so it’s back to find the returning TBT OBE & Fliptop 🏃 🏃♀️ disappearing down an alleyway with wooden fences on either side, this leads you away to the northwest taking you between back gardens, out of one alleyway Avenue Path & arrows point you all over to the continuation now called Benslow's Pathbefore emerging out on to a cul-de-sac where you realise that this going to be a long section, for more arrows show you the way on to another alleyway, this one heads off to the nor-nor-east

A respite from the second long passageway as you reach a Check on an Avenue, your options are northwest, northeast or straight up another back-passage?  The choice is yours [Calm down Pebbledash! – Ed]

Fliptop, Milf, Mark E Mark choose North East, Custard searches North West leaving Flying Solo standing there stating “Which way was the last one? I'm confused!”

Those like Wanktlers who opted for taking it up the back-passage of  get some satisfaction [Steady Pebbledash – Ed] as they call out “On! On!”  as everyone embarks on another long one…  Which pleases Milf who admits “I like a long one!” Wanktlers responds with a “Ooooh yeah!” [Steady Pebbledash! – Ed] to eventually arrive at a Check where this alley of Burtons Path joins the end of another, this Check leaves you two options, away up another back passage to the southeast, or take the short option to the northwest & out on to a main road?

TBT OBE Not far from my Sister in Law, as Tent Packer declares “Bugger I have only for a sou sou wester

Mother & Milf with Tent Packer like the Main Road Choice.  Kylie replied to Milf “I like a long one Thought you weren't well?  Mother comments on Milf’s status with “She's running fast!”

Wanktlers says he like the idea of searching the Back Passage! Milf gives us too much information with “I can but dream hon!” [Is that running or searching back passages?”

Morning lurgy boy! Said the Hare to Kylie.  As No Eye Deer adds “I see Kylie has perked up!” Milf believes that is because Kylie thinks he knows where we are 😀  Tent Packer "Just seen a floating Petri dish going by!

"Flying Solo, Mark E Mark, Custard & Fliptop all like the main A505 road as well as arrows are found by Tent Packer & Flying Solo, these take the Pack over a crossing 🚦 & then around to the northeast to pass under a railway bridge & on to a Check Point by a roundabout, three options from here, do you continue eastward, or take to a southern footpath by school North Herts College grounds, or cross over to the north & explore a small estate 🏘️ ?

Kylie (morning all, just downing a cup of tea then I'll catch up) while the rest continue searching Wanktlers N

No Eye Deer replied to Tent Packer Just seen a floating Petri dish going by with a “Where are You?”

Mother & Milf lead Fliptop astray to the south by NHC, while the Trail is found by Spotted Dick & Flying Solo up between the houses 🏘️ on Meadow Bank that make up the small estate, leading northward to emerge out in to the wooded south-eastern corner of a park, complete with a small playground in this corner.  So far arrows have been used, in order not to scare the general populous with blobs of flour in to believing its rat poison?  But now there is Dust, which is a now rare commodity with supermarket shelves being plundered for those staying in to start baking!  A circle of white powder indicates you have reached a Check.  Tent Packer has an alternative to using Flour to mark the Trail - Can we tie toilet paper round the twigs?  With Toilet paper currently being sold in troy ounces the answer is no!

Other have different thing on their minds: Custard “Where are the sweeties?” prompting Fliptop “Ah, hopefully sweetie stop soon?”  Milf corrects him with “Easter eggs?” Tent Packer seems to know that it’s a way off for the treats “No Sweets just yet!”  No Eye Deer seems to have forgotten “Is this an Easter egg run?” she asks & Fliptop comes back with “Yes, its Easter Monday.. I'll hide the eggs. I've now got a squirrel proof device.”

TBT OBE gives out a really poor clue with “My Cats Purwell!”

Back to the Trail & Wanktlers is Checking as Zing-along-a-max calls out “I'm on a falsie here!” Lemming reckons “I am lost!”  which is hard as there are Two options only from here, continue northward on by what appears to be a large chair 🪑 on the Walsworth Playing Fields to take to the field as it expands to the west?

Mother makes her mind up claiming “Chair, need to sit down!”  Flying Solo joins her “I'm going to sit on the chair and eat the eggs!” Fliptop also goes for the chair

I've got flour but can't get yeast anywhere says No Eye Deer, Milf retorts with “Make your own yeast!” Kylie replied Make your own Mother! Mother just says “Yuk!” to that.  Milf claims she can See on YouTube [If only Pebbledash was here! – Ed]

Mother & Lemming struggle with mounting the chair, they need a bunk up, anyone volunteering?  Mother sounds like she’s in a carry on film as she comes out with “Ooh a bunk up👩️‍👩!”

Back to the Easter eggs as Flying Solo states “I counted 103 yesterday so plenty to share.  Just don't tell Isabelle!”  Tent Packer is now panicking “My eggs are in danger or melting!” he bemoans. No Eye Deer is still stuck on the idea of Milf making you own yeast, Milf tunrs her attention away fomr a possible Bunk Up & tells No Eye Deer “How?  YouTube hon!”

To the west it is, this is the first bit of the Trail where it’s not so 🛴 scooter friendly, but at least Flying Solo has her 🕶️ Flying Solo lets out a “Phew!” as she is following Milf 🏃♀️ who calls “On!” as she heads around two of the sides of the rectangular Walsworth Common park, following the edge of the park to turn northward & the Pack leave the common by emerging out by the Riverain bowls club, a sharp left turn takes the Pack under another railway bridge, Kylie looks on but there is nothing to see on the lines above 🛤️.

Milf & Tent Packer call out On! On! Once on the southwestern side of the tracks 🛤️ a Check is found just beyond a Scout Hut on  Grove Road, only two choices here, to continue south-westward along the suburban street, or take a due south option through the trees 🌳 🌳 🌳in a wooded area of Traingle Community Gardens at the north of Ransoms Recreational Park, this option has a narrow wooden footbridge make up of a couple of planks that span a stream, Do you stick with the road or walk the plank? 🏴☠

Zing-along-a-max reckons “I've run around the park three times now and can't find anything. I think I've lost it!”  [You lost it years ago! – Ed]  Fliptop elects to SCB across the park!” Flying Solo is keen on the River crossing, as is Wanktlers, Custard too is willing to walk the plank.  Tent Packer states that “My feet are still wet!” as he gets over the river Hiz, Milf says everyone should Swim

Fliptop “Make ‘em walk the plank Capt!” in his best Robert Newton impersonation, Kylie Across the plank.  Milf Planked it, no swimming then.

TBT OBE directs everyone Over the Purwell.  As No Eye Deer asks if Anyone got waterproof socks I can borrow [Sparky has, the holes allow the water out very quickly, we will ask on your behalf No Eye Deer! – Ed]

Wanktlers is back as he claims “I've fixed the boiler so at least I can have a shower if I get wet this week?” which is ominous as Suddenly there’s a splash 💦 as TBT OBE in his 🦺 hi-vis top goes in the water!  No sympathy from No Eye Deer’s “Told You!”  Milf reckons that Coast Guard be called?  TBT OBE states that he’s now Moist! [Sorry Ewok! – ED] Custard where's the rubber ring? [Though why he needs relief for his Farmer Giles is anyone’s guess? – Ed]

Kylie asks “That's not an aged Jack Russell we see in the park is it?”  The Hare asks Kylie, did you mean Charlie 🛒 🦴 Kylie nods with “That'll be the one!”

But the likes of Milf, Kylie, Fliptop, Custard & Wanktlers, unlike TBT OBE who did keep their balance & crossed the stream are “On!” as the Trail emerges from the wooded corner to come out in to a recreation ground, named after a local Chemist Mr Ransome who locally grew his own plants to set up his own business 🌿 ️.  Usually there is a game of football being played, but not today

Milf calls “On! On!” Kylie worries “Has Sparky fallen over yet?” A chorus of “On On!” from Flying Solo & Canary Boy.  Fliptop now believes “Ah so that's where Mr Boots lived?” But its actually Mr Ransome!  TBT OBE claims This field is a bit Common!

To the northeast of the town it is famous for still cultivating one particular species of plant Lavender in abundance, it’s normally associated with the older lady 🌿 🌿 Lemming ponders on the local crop as “Cannabis?” TBT OBE is fixated on chocolates with “Roses?”  Flying Solo asks “Associated with old ladies!”  Wanktlers replies “Not sure I wanna know!” Custard asks is it old lace?  Mother is on the right track with “Lavender? I'll have some!” & as for Fliptop’s Tenna pad bushes? Well we’ll leave it there.  No Eye Deer replied to Mother “I'll have some! Roses or cannabis 🤣” asks Mother?

Everyone now starts another nice long trot from one end of the park to the southern end, where the Hash make their way through the ornate iron gates set in stone pillars but with no obvious railings on either side.  Arrows direct the Hash straight over the  main A505 Nightingale road by way of the Toucan Crossing 🚦 (Toucans have both Pedestrian & Cycle lights!) to the south side of the street.  You get a strange look from the occupants of a passing police car 🚓

Milf calls out “Morning officer!” 👮♀️ The Late arriving Canary Boy adds Consternoon afterble, then Canary Boy adds “Sorry a tad late 🤦🏻♂️!”  Milf demands “What time do you call this?”

Kylie asks “Did Porky and ARP manage to join us?” [He’s on the group invite! – Ed]

A Check gives three options, east, south or west?  While Sparky stand on the check looking bewildered 🤡, which option do you take?

TBT OBE can now only think of his belly as he declares “I fancy a Big Mac!”  Milf says “I like the exercise!” Mother just posts 🍔  Kylie replied to TBT OBE “A Vegi one?”  Fliptop hit the nail on the head “I'm following TBT..” TBT OBE adds Dacre?  Kylie finished that conversation with “Think you'll find the MCD is closed TBT.”

While Mark E Mark, Milf & Tent Packer head eastward  The Hare warns Custard & Flying Solo “Don’t get too close to Kylie who’s following you, he’s been test positive for Covid-19” as Kylie also says “Must be South?” & heads off that way

Kylie may have corvid-19 but it hasn’t stopped him picking up the Trail as well, for South bound on Dacre Road is correct as the Trail lead down a straight road that is mainly made up of small red-brick Victorian homes, interspersed with more modern, yet sympathetic looking ones 🏘

Lemming asks “Is Canary Boy at the back?”  The Hare adds “Yes, well back, just like at school!”  Mother puts in her tuppence worth with “Always behind?”  Canary Boy “I’m trying to catch up” Flying Solo encourages the rest with “On! On! Keep up!” as TBT OBE reckons that the Pack are Not far now from the Radcliffe.  No Eye Deer “Not the Radcliff.  Too expensive!”

Mother calls out “Run!” Lemming comes out with “Not likely!”  The Hare adds “Faster CB, you can't keep bringing up the rear!”  Canary Boy is now lost & asking Which way did you go? 😳 Tent Packer thinks that he Must be Oxford.

TBT OBE adds another clue to the rest of the Pack with Holy Saviour?

At the end of the street the Trail turns by an establishment The Albert that is named after a victim of typhoid, it has been known to be the downfall of a few who you may know as well, ask TC, Stand-in Shit or Porky Pie!  To take the Hash away to the southwest until reaching a roundabout by the Radcliffe Arms, where the Trail take the first turning to head nor-nor-west

Another suburban street of Veralum Road, with established homes on your right while on the left-hand side there are more modern builds leads up to another roundabout, here several take-aways 🥢 🍕 can be found, as well as a CHK by an old club, Club 85.  Zing-along-a-max fancies a Masala Indian [What about the dining? – Ed]

Four options on this junction, 🧭 a hairpin option to the south, also the east, the north or the west

Milf & Mother wonder “Where are the sweets?” While Mark E Mark asks “Spurs are still above Arsenal?”

Nothing for those on the north, east or west, the Trail is found a little way back, surprisingly Mark E Mark E Mark E Mark, Fliptop & Canary Boy know all about hairpins!  As they find arrows are on the southern option of Whinbush Road was almost like a back check, you are now heading down through an area of new homes 🏘️ as well as 1980’s looking flats on the western side of the road with old Victorian terraced homes on the eastern side.  It seems to be the theme for this area of town after an old area of green space & old gas works 🏭 were built upon.

TBT OBE encourages the Hash to run Past the Church?  No Eye Deer is now believing that This is a loooong trail!  Milf adds We like it long. [Is that the Royal ‘We’? – Ed] 

The Trail crosses over to the western side, where arrows point the way off to the east on a short drive that turns northward & becomes a footpath which leads you on by a Hitchin Lawn Tennis Club 🎾, this area is shaded with trees 🌳 🌳 as it now turns to the west once more to lead you on the gravel paths to a Check by a small play area in a Bancroft Recreation Ground , complete with a bandstand 🎺 which is used in the summer months by the Town Band!

A Check is found in the Park, that used to be the site of the town🌱nurseries, but was given to the town in the 1920’s to become the park it is today - your choices are north along the eastern edge by what were once Mr Beaver’s Osier Beds, [Sorry Milf didn’t have an emoji for a Beaver, nearest I can do is (I) – Ed]

Custard Sweeties?

Milf Ok

Flying Solo is a little behind on things as she wonders “There weren't any choices!” Just as the Hare says NO Sweets yet, but very soon

Or its over to the west & then south, or over to the west & away to the north?  Some go over to the west to use 🚺 🚹

Milf “Oh!” as Zing-along-a-max, Flying Solo & Kylie head out West and south.  Wanktlers looks westward, while Fliptop, Tent Packer, No Eye Deer & Mark E Mark choose north, finally they cotton on to the West & north option to 🏃 🏃♀️ along by the western edge of the park is correct, it’s all very pleasant with well-kept flower beds 🌼 🌼 🐝 all out in spring bloom, something for the horticulturalists amongst the ranks.  The Trail now leads out through a set of ornate gates set in concrete pillars (Not pillows TBT?)

Kylie lets the whole world know that Milf is off to use facilities.  Mother squeaks “I'm following her then!” with Tent Packer adding “So am I!”  Flying Solo jons the queue as she stops with a “Hold on I'm doubling back!”

Milf Wash askes everyone to your hands.  Kylie replied to Milf “Wash your hands 20 secs+” Tent Packer thinks he’s exempt with “I wore gloves and a mask” all while Mother washes just the one 👋  No Eye Deer replied to Kylie “20 secs+ I'm following your advice!”  Mother then washes both 👐  Zing-along-a-max Don't wait for me, I'm stopping for a sh*t & I'll catch up!  The Hare says that this is Too much info

Once you have washed your hands & sung Happy Birthday to Ewok (Yes it was on Saturday) Milf advises Happy Birthday twice - you find directly outside of the entrance is a roundabout, & a Check!  Four Options, 🧭 with south being the direct choice back to the On Inn, is it too early for that?  Sparky is still confused 😕 as it could also be away off of the roundabout to the east, west or north?  Fliptop is correct & leads the way over on Fishponds Road toward a regal 👑 white building that Ketchup would like as it is shaped like a wedge of 🧀 cheese, The Victoria

No Eye Deer points out Kylie Could have a quick one in the Victoria? If it was open! While Wanktlers replies “No, I'm ready for the Half Moon!”  Seems that most now know where they are.

Canary Boy calls out “On back!” as TBT OBE “No football on today I see!”  Wanktlers adds “There's still football on Belarus!”

Oh Dear, those who headed south with Wanktlers have followed Sludge on one of his 'Short Cuts' & he's led you astray with no Dust

 “On!” is called from Fliptop to the west, passing by the regal Queen Victoria companion building to the earlier Typhoid victim Prince Albert, then after a couple of hundred yards arrows point the way northward up a narrow passageway running by school grounds behind the wall on the west out to York Road

Out of the alleyway to a CHK on the elbow in a road of Victorian semis [Steady Pebbledash! – Ed]  ️here there a three option, northward up the street, off to the east down a narrow side street, or westward up another passageway?

Canary Boy, Flying Solo, Kylie & Milf check out to the East - while Mother, No Eye Deer, Fliptop, Mark E Mark all go Westward

Up another Passageway with Mother is corrected, arrows lead you all along between fenced off backyards to the north & school 🏫 grounds to the south, the route is not quite a straight as a die & it changes direction subtly by a few degrees a couple of counter acting times to arrive out on a back street, almost adjacent to a Sikh Temple 👳♂️ a Check there on Bearton Road has just two options, North or South?

Wanktlers. Flying Solo. Mark E Mark, Fliptop choose south while Custard, Mother, Canary Boy, Milf look north Meanwhile Tent Packer stands on the Check & comes out with Kampung Tok Semele? Before “Sorry wrong country!””

Zing-along-a-max goes West as Lemming claims “There is a lot of passageways and backyards in this hash” & No Eye Deer wonders if we are in Norwich?

Mark E Mark E Mark E Mark, Flying Solo, Fliptop & Kylie are correct with South , which take you down the street & back toward the main Fishponds, where arrows direct you to the west on a road Fishponds named after the local area for supplying staple food for Friday’s Holy feast 🐟, after about 500 Yards you are next to the home of some canaries 🐦 🐦 Hitchin Town FC but you aren’t going to see them as the Trail continues on by them until it crosses over the zebra crossing before a roundabout.

Tent packer stops to leave us as he claims “My shoe laces has come undone and rain is on the way. Night. night all!

Now on the south side of the main road & the Trail now takes you back on the opposite side of the road to a gap in the wooden rail like fence to a larger green space of Butts Close, there arrows point the way down over the centre of the green, as the FRBs set off on this hard-capped path which is scooter friendly 🛴, the SCBs of TBT OBE, No Eye Deer & Spotted Dick no longer lag behind as they nipped over the road to follow on.

In the centre of the park is the sweet stop! 🍬 🍬 🍬 🍭 🍭 🍭 🥚 🥚 🥚

Resident humbug (Whatever She Says) isn’t on hand to hand out the humbugs, but  this week we have small Easter Eggs.  Again someone thinks they’re witty by mentioning about the Wine Gums not having any Wine in them!

Flying Solo “Hooray!” Custard adds a cheerful “Hurrah!” while Wanktlers did his best Whatever She Says with a “Sod the sweets, it's noon, pubs are open!” [Well, they aren’t really with the lock-down! – Ed]

Suddenly Fliptop’s Easter Egg has gone, stolen by 🥚 🐿️ [Not again! – Ed] mugged by vermin (could be a good Hash name)

Fliptop “So the Squirrels didn't get the eggs!”  Zing-along-a-max Any vegan sweets this time?

Flying Solo replied to Wanktlers Sod the sweets, it's noon, pubs are open Didn't you get the memo

Off again & a sports centre 🏊 can be seen on the left, as the Hash come out to a junction on the main Bedford road to the County Town of another County Bedford, there you have a CHK & two options to continue southward, or head south-eastward back in to town?

Milf, Kylie, Flying Solo, Wanktlers & just about everyone else except Lemming, Mark E Mark & Canary Boy, who doesn't even live here, but he's on to it as there is No chance of the direct route, the Hare wants you to continue southward along the main A505 road, ignoring several side roads along the way, it reaches a CHK by a road that would get Father Jack Hackett into a panic 😱.  Options are to follow an over-reacting Father Jack to the east, as Wanktlers Cries out “Drink!” or cross the road to an alleyway to the west, or continue southward?

Mother is Not following Father Jack, which is a shame as it’s the correct route!

By following the crazy Priest 🤪 down Nunn's Close Milf is correct as you are lead on by the Physic Garden 🌿 ️ created by Mr Ransome the man the second park was named after, the Trail now looks to be heading back Inn as arrows directed the Pack over the one way system, can the Hash get their hopes up?

Milf “On! On!”

The Beer hounds 🦮🍺now lead the way as they follow arrows a short way southward along the main road, passing by what was a maltsters, with a large metal maltster & his faithful pooch sitting outside of the converted buildings, you are now being led around via a short footpath beside a roundabout, this leads you back on to the first street Tilehouse Street on the Out Trail.

It’s a long trot back along this olde worlde streets, one from the towns medieval layout, on the way you pass a Pub The Coopers Arms that was once owned by Brewer William Lucas, it is allegedly haunted 👻 by a Monk, no not Junior!  It is one of the oldest buildings in town, with its ties to the nearby Hitchin Priory. 

No Eye Deer Are we nearly there yet Mother Hope so

The On Inn is found just beyond the entrance to the Priory, which TBT OBE correctly guessed right from the off as being Hitchin & to the Half Moon

Clues were:

The Market Place

St Mary’s Church

Windmill Hill

Highbury Road

Hitchin Lavender Farm

Ransom Park (Named after the Dr Ramsom)

The Albert (Prince Albert died after contracting typhus)

Bancroft Park

The Queen Victoria

Fishpond Street

Hitchin Twin Football Club (The Canaries)

Butts Close green space

Nun’s Close (Calm down Father Jack!)

Payne’s Park physic garden

Tilehouse Street (Coppers Arms)

Kylie asks - Have we food organised which someone moaned about and got a refund?

TBT OBE I was following the map on Google.  Just as exiting.

The Hare signs off with - A bit of a long one today, hope you enjoyed our trot around Historic Hitchin?  May be next time I'll set it around TBT's house, he'll never guess that one? Looks like we'll be doing the same type of ting again next week, so tune in again at 10:45 on the 19th, BTW give Ewok a big chorus of Hashy Birthday!🎂🎁🎈