Herts Hash Virtual Hash Run No.5

Fliptop “Morning all.  Teddy desperate to get running!”  But Teddy has to wait as others join

Canary Boy “A nice bit of fresh is needed 😀” Ewok comes in with “Ta Da - I remembered!! Ewok I’ve just got back from an actual run..... smug face😊 ” to join us for live for the first time!  While the Hare’s “Good Moaning, just been trying to get Canadian Hotel Money Back!” for his opening words.  He then asks “Welcome Ewok how’s your 🖕?”

Milf Kylie will not be able to join us as he is taking care of people a lot sicker than little MILF 🚑  Zing-a-long-a-max “Gud mornin. Woken up just in time” While Skip lets the Pack know “Psycho still in bed unwell but I am ready!”  Milf replies with “Send our love!”  Psycho adds “Psycho with you in spirit - mainly gin 😊!”

This week we do start from outside of the Pub, yes I do wish My Lil’ could read this, guess he’ll have to wait until a transcript is printed out?  Talking of My Lil’, who’s tapping their on this fine morning ️ So thank the RA later!

Time to Circle up So, Fliptop can welcome you all to the Hash

Lemming too has “Just back from run, Mother getting breakfast fruit😜!” Custard “We’re very excited as our second grandchild arrived last night!”  Mr X enquires “DHL or Royal Male?” Milf, Lemming, Psycho & TBT OBE all add their add Congratulations

Fliptop “Good morning all welcome to Herts VH No 5. And just for a change your share is...... Mr X hooray!!”

The Hare adds Welcome to TBT OBE who is now up to 🍇 in his 🏡👨 (which means haemorrhoids) As others laughed 😆 at this thought Tent Packer throws in “TP is here full of overripe mangoes so be careful!”  Fliptop adds “Better for you than pork scratchings”  Then on seeing Tent Packers profile picture Mr X says “Bloody Russians are in Harpenden, or Malaysia!”

Skip commented “Everybody in high spirits l see.”

Yes, lockdown means more H4 Hashers have had a birthday go by, celebrated on their own there's one tomorrow, so Hashy Birthday Milf, hope the Covid-19 isn't too much to bare?!  But there’ll be time later to celebrate, some of the regulars where hoping to be out in Portugal, or even Tobago & then Trinidad by now, but these events have been postponed until 2021

Canary Boy can only add a sad emoji as he was supposed to out in the Caribbean as well, but instead joins us from Rutland H3

Ewok changes the subject April is a fine month for birthdays 🎂!  While Tent Packer is optimistic with “I might even be back in Harpenden for my birthday in October”  Mr X reminds everyone its Milf’s Birthday tomorrow, like him she’ll be celebrating at home?

This week we start from a public Bell Street Car Park 🅿️ there is a Check slap-bang in the middle – as its Sunday it’s just like Monopoly with ‘Free parking’, but can someone please explain this to Sparky as he arrives late!

Tent Packer reminds everyone that Only Sparky can manage to get a parking fine on a Sunday (Which is true)

Skip is gripped by panic as he hasn’t got a grip of something “Did l remember my poles?” he asks, thankfully Pebbledash wasn’t there for him to gave his poles grabbed.  The Hare says “Go back & get you Poles as the rest decided their choices” to start with which are: southward to a back passage (Steady Pebbledash), to the east to a smaller parking area or Northward to the centre of town?

Wanktlers throws a spanner in the works by reminding the weak bladdered “Has everyone been to the Loo?” but Milf’s Ok today & Wanktlers relieved a she lets out a “Phew!”

Zing-a-long-a-max chimes in with It's not 11 yet. I'll catch you up

Milf ponders “Are we there yet ??” while Fliptop cries “Anyone on..... are you??” as he & Lemming up in the north do not find any Trail.

Going behind the wall [Steady there Pebbledash! – Ed] Canary Boy has found the correct option as the arrows lead you away above the local 🏏 Sawbridgeworth cricket club, the Walter Lawrence Trophy 🏆 originated here, it is awarded to the fastest Century in County Cricket

Tent Packer claims “I can see down the back passage and no sign of dust?” [Steady Pebbledash! - Ed] & the Hare points out “Chalk arrows, that's why!” [Specsavers? – Ed]  Milf  calls out On! On!

The passage ends to bring you to a Check at the edge of Vantorts on a Fair green, your options are up to the north, away to the east, Southeast or the Southwest, the latter being on a tarmac footpath?

Skip asks "What no Sludge?"  Sludge contacted Mr X later & has now been added to the virtual Hash [Bugger, he’ll be able see what we’ve be saying about him! – Ed] while Tent Packer reckons Sludge is lying in the gutter having fallen over already.

A plethora of reasons for Sludge’s predicament come fast & furious: Milf “First aid?” – Wanktlers “Drunk again?”- Tent Packer “Kiss of something?” - Fliptop “Tripped over his beard?”

Then Skip kicks off the remedies “Needs the kiss of life lol!”  while Milf shouts out “I can do that!” Lemming chips in with “Form a queue!” to Milf’s answer [Obviosly Mother isn’t here to read this! – Ed]  Milf asks if the KOL can be administered Without coughing?  Ewok says I’ve just fallen over too Milf, as does Wanktlers.  Milf points out that she has a Mask 😷

Ewok hangs back for “The obligatory Wee stop for me. I do like one up a back passage!”

All of which banter mean that No one seems to have found the Trail yet, encouraging Fliptop to bark out “More checking... no standing on the check!”

Milf & Ewok search Southwest, Tent Packer varies his searching by a few degrees to look in a Sou-Sou-Westerly direction

Wanktlers suggests an easier option “We'll just follow Canary Boy!” who, with Lemming is looking to the southeast, just as Skip arrives with a “Good l have caught up.” All wrong are so far, so Milf & Wanktlers then look to the orient, still no Trail, which forces Fliptop to ask “Anyone found a Falsie Trail yet?”

Slug finally makes an appearance “Late to the pub trying to catch up. Looking for the arrows.”

Finally Tent Packer, Fliptop & Wanktlers 🙋 chose to look up the northern option up Vantorts are correct as the Trail leads up to the eastern edge of the main shopping street   where arrows take you off around to the east on Duckling Lane & on down by an old looking Pub, with white weatherboarding & a Naval theme , King William IV just a few feet beyond this is a large oak gate to a Churchyard

Ewok has to call it quits for the day. “I’ve got to go shortly. It’s been fun though!! Love you all 😘”

A Check is found on the opposite side of the heavy old wooden gate, from here there are only two options, away by the Church of Great St Mary's (Famed for being the resting place of a twice Lord Mayor of London & his wife 🙏🏻, you can search either to the Northeast, or the Southeast – the choice is yours?

Milf Are we there yet? Tent Packer Whittington Avenue or Dick House

Ewok sends a picture & it has a caption of “Just wanted to show you - I had tits at my window this morning!”  Tent Packer wants to know if they are Inside or out, as he can’t see the birds.

Milf who searched to the Southeast toward Sheering Mill Lane only get as far as the start of the footpath that leaves the Churchyard in the direction, so it’s a trot back up around the front of the Church (home to lots of Brass rubbing going on inside) to Northeast, now Fliptop leads the way as the Trail leaves the holy ground to take to a footpath that runs on beside a local school ground & then out in to a residential area of the Forebury.  Milf is Coughing to catch up 🏃♀🏃♀🏃♀🏃♀🏃♀🏃♀

The next Check lays in wait, your options are simple, east or west, that’s it.   But choose wisely?

The eastern option is downhill, no wonder it attracted Fliptop, Skip & Wanktlers to run down through the sunken green space of the Forebury the homes sit around, then it’s straight down to where the road ends at the junction with a busier main road here you are led by an area that was once a trading hub & again a place famed for Maltings [Seems we had more than most in our little county of Herts to aid the Brewing Trade 🍻 –Ed], with very distinctive black wooden buildings, now turned into upmarket businesses.

A Check is found by a water way River Stort, here the options are to take to the north or the south along the river, or carry on eastward?

If Kylie was here he’d be getting excited as a Sawbridgworth railway 🚆 can be seen over to the east, but his excitement would be tempered as “On!” is called by   🙋♀️ Milf  & Canary Boy 🙋️   away to the south, down a few steps to follow a footpath along the water’s edge, the path is not very wide & it’s a long way until the pack reach the next Check but to occupied yourself there are boats 🚣 to view as well as wildfowl 🦆 🦢

Milf ‘s On! On! gets a “Oh you mean Aye Up?” from Wanktlers

The next Check sits on the edge of an old Sheering Mill lane with a narrow bridge that spans the water of the Stort for east to west, do you search the tarmac option to the east or west, or continue with the more rural southern option?

Tent Packer E while Wanktlers, Ewok, Fliptop, Milf, Skip & Canary Boy Continue S

Fliptop Fast run this week..

Ewok Sorry

Tent Packer asks “Any sweeties yet?” which as per the last 4 virtual runs proves that even being locked-down the Pack always seem to think of food!  But for Skip it’s been a while as he’s now Feeling like a FRB again.

Milf Are we there yet?

South bound it is, with Canary Boy, Skip, Fliptop, Wanktlers 🏃 & Ewok 🏃️ (who is still lingering!) taking to a dusty dry waterside footpath takes the Hash out of Town, with green fields to the west & then on to the corner of a wooded area 🌳 here a check waits.  You’re options are continue by the River side, or take a western path up through the trees 🌳 & on to the homes 🏡 in the southern tip of the town?

Flanders informs the Pack it Must be a virtual sludge you saw in the gutter, he hasn't started yet!  Tent Packer says To be fair what I thought was sludge wasn’t showing his best profiles [Ooh! – Ed]  But Sludge gets no support from Flanders “Has Sludge got best profiles?”

Those like Wanktlers, Milf & Fliptop who carried on by the river find a T, Canary Boy calls them “On back!” while Skip finds the Trail heading up toward the homes 🏘on Elmwood where once through the cut-through a Bar CHK is found, this turns the Keenies to head southward passing by the local allotments on the way back through the woodland 🌳🌳 to the river’s edge once more.  Fliptop enjoys this Sneaky loop, while Tent Packer asks Has Skip found the Poles, since he seems to be out front.

Zing-a-long-a-max is well behind & ponders “Hope you marked the checks as I'm trying to catch-up! 🤸”

Short Cut for the likes of Flanders, who has arrived later she had stuck by the 🌳🌳 Stort's water’s edge, meeting up the Trail now leads the Hash away from the river Stort & in to more dense woodland 🌳🌳 to the west, then emerging out in to an open field a check is found.  Three options, Southwest, west or Northwest over the grass.

Skip asks “I guess Sludge is still in the dog kennel!” But Flanders responds that “No sold the dog kennel!” 

Then while Milf is Checking No Eye Deer joins the fray “Sorry I'm late. Wrong postcode 😂”  After which a late “Sorry I am missing the hash due to backache. you all have a lovely day, On! On! comes from FWB.

Wanktlers, Tent Packer have guessed right, that the Hare is making them run back & forth, so as they ventured north-westward they find Dust, leading through more woodland 🌳🌳, this one being a nature reserve on an old route that leads back in to the estate at the south end of town, this ancient almost bears a name similar to the family Hyaenidae 🐕 Springhall Lane

No Eye Deer now realises that she’s Got some catching up to do as the Pack are led north-westward along a suburban street  🏘of East Drive that takes a serpentine like route, but it’s not far as a CHK is found by another old route, this being a track running from sou-sou-west to nor-nor-east.  You’re options are to keep with the back streets, take the sou-sou-westen back passage or the nor-nor-eastern back passage running between the homes 🏘️ ?

As Canary Boy declares “On me way back!”  Milf now states “I need .......”  Skip interjects her conversation with “Time to find a Bush!”  Tent Packer wonders if those mangoes are starting to work?  Milf finally finishes her sentence with “A HUG!”  No Eye Deer replied to Milf “Hug coming your way Milf!” which pleases Milf with a “Thank you x” but Skip doesn’t want to miss out & enquires “What about the boys?”  Tent Packer comes out with “The girls are too busy!”  Fliptop adds that Sis is at the back with the knitting circle.

Canary Boy is looking at giving up at one point but rallies around as he looks again, Canary Boy 🐤likes it up the sou-sou-west back passage, which proves the right one as  lead the way between back to back rear garden 🏡 for a couple of hundred yards to merge back out on to the northern end of a large Pishiobury park area, which once belonged to Anne Boleyn. 👸

Milf wonders if “Has he (Canary Boy) played this one before?” Canary Boy responds with a Yay!  A Check is found, the choice now are to continue Southwestwardly along the raised track through the long 🌳avenue of trees🌳, slip away to the Southeast & the Osier Beds 🌳🌳 or head westward to the edge of the park by a main road? (Osier Beds were for growing Willow to be harvested for whip like branches as saplings)

Tent Packer needs a hearing check as he asks “Oyster beds?” & Fliptop fares no better when he asks “Watercress?” which gets an immediate response of No thanks from Tent Packer.  No Eye Deer says she’s heading toward Beds R Us?  Fliptop asks “Anyone On or got a witty comment?” Again Tent Packer is rapid with “Waterbeds!”  A poorly (Covid-19 suffering) Milf adds “Bed sounds good!” [A water bed would be no good for TBT OBE, he’d probably get sea-sick? – Ed]

Seems that the Hash are still not getting over their hunger pangs [Did no one eat breakfast? – Ed] Skip cries "Time for H check for sweets?"

Off toward the Main London road it is with Tent Packer, No Eye Deer, Fliptop as the pack begin a long trot through the park, with the route tuning southward to reach a car park at the edge of the main London road, 🚚 🚌 the traffic is light due to the, just essential delivery drivers like Canary Boy with the lock-down in effect, wait is that Kylie 🚑 who’s working this morning?

Milf says 🚑🚑🚑 London – Wanktlers reckons we should all Clap for Kylie:

 😍Milf - Canary Boy  - Psycho 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 - Fliptop 👏  - Mr X adds Yes clap 👏 for Kylie, he may need this 💊

No Eye Deer wonders if Kylie “Has he got the clap? Thought it was covid 19?”  Tent Packer has worrying thoughts on Why would Kylie need a suppository?  But then again Tent Packer thinks he’s in Batford, it’s the Amble Inn?

Skip wants to know if Anybody on Trail?  Milf replies that she’s Checking

The road crossing is at the end of the Bonks hill that would has a name that would have Pebbledash in stitches?  Now a befuddled Tent Packer believes he could be at Hospital Hill?  Fliptop has other concerns, There's been a lot of back passages on this trail…..

Psycho asks “Skip, you're not lost again? Flour a bit sparse due to shortage in supermarkets?”

Zing-a-long-a-max now believes “I think I'm in the wrong county. Too far east 🐛”

On the west side of the main road arrows point the way to a Hand lane with a handy name , just a short way there’s a Check at a cross roads with a secluded side road of nice homes 🏡. 🏘️  Choose your route,  Southwest, Northeast, or Northwest?

Milf Checks to the Southeast, leaving Wanktlers & Canary Boy to look South-westward, the majority of Tent Packer Northwest Skip, No Eye Deer,  Fliptop all head north-eastward, all while Lemming declares “I am lost again!”

TBT OBE reckons that all of this is difficult on Google satellite. No Eye Deer replied to TBT OBE “Are you cheating TBT? ☺” Fliptop now realises that TBT seems to have caught up.. 

Lemming is lost, so don't mark the Check! Says the Hare, but help is at hand as Canary Boy tells Lemming “ Follow me Lemming, I’m off to the pub... 😂”  Lemming adds “I will follow you anywhere for a pint in a pub Canary Boy!”

Mr X relents, so the Check is kicked through, as the Hand & Crown Pub is not open for Lemming, or anyone else!  Psycho is startled & responds “Canary Boy you SCB!” which works & he relents as he goes off to the east!

Right now Milf claims for some reason I can’t type SW & keeps keying in SE?

The Northwesters of Tent Packer, Skip & Fliptop have it on the old route, which turns due north to come out by a 16th Century Hand & Crown Pub, with a name that relates to Falconry 🦅 that took place there in days gone by!  The junction sits on a west to east running road & on the other side is a Check point, so your choices are simply east, west or if you are of a certain age 👵 👴 straight in in to the Orchard Lea ‘Maximum Security Twilight retirement Village’?

Milf Wanktlers Fliptop Skip all choose west, while Zing-a-long-a-max continues straight on, Canary Boy looks off to the east.  No Eye Deer is lagging behind & calls out “Are you?”

Fliptop Punishment for TBT I think RA

Thankfully everyone avoided the old 👵 👴 Folks’ Village, as tempting for some as it may be - it was a close call as you don’t want to be incarcerated in there in the current climate!  Tent Packer thinks of Napesbury?  While TBT OBE is tryin to whittle down the location by enquiring “Is there a Hospital nearby?”

Milf ponders “Are we close to the sweets?” while No Eye Deer “I've got sweets!”  Skip “Yes, gob stoppers!” Wanktlers adds “Sharing is Caring No Eye Deer!”

 “On!” is called by Skip 🙋️  , who is surprising not only himself but the rest of us to the west, but the Trail is apparently moving away from the On Inn, bugger!  A long trot takes the Pack along toward a small village of High Wych, whose Church is home to Father Willis Organ [Steady Pebbledash! – Ed] 🎹 

Weirdly Tent Packer asks “What’s on the menu for lucky Lemming?” Turns out Tent Packer was refereeing to Lemmings earlier statement about Mother going out to get breakfast!  The Hare asks Lemming “Is that a euphemism Lemming? “Tent Packer Should be a cough sweet & No Eye Deer does a Paxo as she gives a Hash Information announcement abut “Shouldn't run with a gobstopper in your mouth . Health and safety 😏!”  Fliptop now reckons Skip must have got a lift, Skip retorts with “No new knee!”

But before reaching the village, the Trail turns off of the High Wych road & in to the driveway to a 🏥 hospital, the Dust leads on by two large eye shaped tree 🌳🌳 covered road islands on the way to the Rivers hospital car park, at the tip of the second eye like split in the drive, the Pack are shown the way Northward over the green space to the north & out through a wooded copse 🌳🌳 where the bluebells are coming out 🌼🌼.

Tent Packer is still lost, Shenley? Milf wants to spread more than love as she asks “Any kissing gates?”  Lemming adds “Can only kiss from 2 metres!” which gets this response from Tent Packer “That’s a big pucker!” Milf replies to Lemming “Can if you can!  An over excited Lemming falls off the proverbial cliff with “I can! I can!” [Mother must still be out gathering breakfast? – Ed]

A check is found through the hedgerow, here the options cover the other three cardinal points of the compass, to the west lay orchards 🍒 🍏 🍐🍐behind a hedgerow [Nice 🍐 – Ed], to the north a path that will run around the enclosed fields, or eastward along to a ride, which has an arch made by the deliberate working of the canopy of the trees 🌳🌳 on either side, make your choice?

No Eye Deer goes wrong to the south While Zing-a-long-a-max seems to have really gone astray “Nice view of Southend pier from here!” Those like Wanktlers, Fliptop, Tent Packer & Skip Again (is he on Monkey 🐒 Glands ?) who take to the blossom 🌸 covered tunnel made by the woven tree canopies, this is a pleasant trot to the Southeast, then almost at the end of this a Check is found.  Choices are to search south-eastward, or head away almost due north through a scrubby bit of land with a mown rectangle of a soccer pitch , play area?

No Eye Deer worries parks are still open?  The Hare replies There's no one in it, social distancing, stay 2 metres away (Six foot & a bit!) There's no one in it, social distancing, stay 2 metres away (Six foot & a bit!)

Those who follow Milf, Canary Boy & Skip (He’ll be knackered after all that FRBing) out toward the play area find the Dust, the Trail leaves the shade of the trees to run by the pitch & then over to the Northeast toward homes lining the western edge of town 🏡 🏘️.  Your next Check is found just beyond a fork in the path, where a crossroads of path sits near to a set of garages off of the Crest.  Your choices now are eastward on the path back into the edge of the town estate, westward where not even Where’s Wally? 👨‍🦯 would go, or north-eastward to the corner where the field’s tree-lines 🌳🌳 meet to a Kissing Gate 💋 virtual pucker up for Milf!

Lemming 💋💋💋 for Milf, which leads to Milf running off & calling out On! On! or is Tent Packer’s “ I am coming from Behind!” that make her put a spurt on [Steady there Pebbledash! –Ed] The Hare responds I am ready Milf 🍑 while Fliptop remains waiting for Sis to get to kissing gate xx

Wanktlers is stumped as to where he is “Haven't got a clue this week, time to head back to the Pub!” But Skip is more enthusiastic as he heads North East, leaving Canary Boy, Wanktlers & Flying Solo to go wrong eastward.  Milf  encourages the Pack as she hears “Nearly at the sweet stop!” from the Hare.  Slug does a Sparky & asks “Did I miss the sweet stop?  

Welcome Back TBT as we go through the tree-line 🌳🌳 another CHK is found, here you have another path westward out in to a crop field, or over the small wooden footbridge over the stream to the east, over to the orient you have a rising alleyway into to the end of a local estate or on a path along the edge of the stream running behind the back of the homes 🏡 along the west edge of town?

Wanktlers, Lemming, Fliptop & Skip head off along the west edge behind the homes of White Post Fields Estate, while Milf & Flying Solo choose eastward, however some underhand things are occurring as TBT OBE lets slip “I am following the route on satellite!” Tent Packer’s concerns are now about his celebrations have melted!  Lemming, being a techno-bod asks TBT “How do you get on a Satellite?” Then Milf gets in on the act with to TBT OBE with “Which way do we go?”

Tent Packer now chips in that TBT OBE uses star dust to mark the trail, & prophetic words come from Slug Don’t let the RA catch you using GPS on your phone!  Wanktlers words of caution are a little different to our FRB for the day ”Oops Skip Watch out for flying saucers!”  TBT OBE then tries to ward of the chance of being awarded the Hashit as he claims “My phone is off!”  Fliptop is on the ball with “Hashit for TBT... who's got??”

Along by the stream with Flying Solo carrying 🛴 on a footpath that may be a bit bumpy & close to the drop down in to the water, watch it TBT OBE your too close to the…. too late as he tumbles in the drink again!  Having fished out a soggy TBT OBE he joins the rest of the dry Hash Northward to come out by an ancient barn 🦉 & its long trot out behind the homes to a small play area 🛹, beyond the kids play apparatus the Trail stops at the Held Check, yes it’s the overdue sweet stop 🍬 🍭 No Eye Deer Excited for sweets Canary Boy 😋 Milf Lovely Flying Solo🍭 Fliptop "Yipee sugar rush!" Tent Packer has Sherbet dips, Flanders Yum lollies. Tent Packer Acid drops?  Fliptop Lucky Arsenal sweets (rhubarb and custard) Wanktlers You mean Gooner sweets?  Lemming 🍭🍭🍭N  Fliptop tells Milf “you'd better take some sweets for Kylie” Milf replies with a “Will do!”

TBT OBE We have been here before, Drying off now. Tent Packer My feet are wet

Milf Update from Kylie “Hi all, just parked up in Oakwood and seen a (virtual) Hash go past.  It's not you lot is it?” Wanktlers is confused with Kylie’s status “They said you had the Clap?”  Milf lets him know “We clapped for you xx”

We seem to recall that The Real TBT often ended up in the drink on the Goodies?  There will be more sweet treats at the end of the Trail - When the Trail resumes you have three options, west or east on the road, or Northward into the farm land 🚜 ahead?  Make your mind up…..

No Eye Deer, Milf Flanders, Wanktlers, Canary Boy, Fliptop, Tent Packer, Skip & Zing-a-long-a-max all head off into the crop fields, while Flying Solo checks out the west, the she asks “Nothing west so far, hoping to be called back soon?”

Checking Tent Packer Are you? Psycho Exhausted gone back to bed

TBT OBE My bemoans his messenger has slowed to a crawl.  No Eye Deer reckons That's coz you're cheating   TBT OBE is back on line & declares “No East!”  Zing-a-long-a-max “You're lucky!”, TBT has been shot My messenger

Tent Packer We’re you flashing

No Eye Deer replied to Stephanie Exhausted gone back to bed Are you poorly?  Psycho Fraid so    Hope you feel better soon.  Take care xx Milf sent her Love to Psycho

Kylie replied to Milf Love to you, which got Milf replied to Kylie Love to you too dear. 😘😘

TBT OBE This is a Hash, not a list of stupid comments?  TBT OBE later realises it’s the Hashit for me then?

The Hare 🐇 thinks that you’ve been running long enough on this hot day ️ so the Trail is marked up the suburban street of West Road 🏘️to the east, away from an old RAF airfield, which is ironic as you are on West Street!  All the way up to a roundabout at the end of the High Street of the town.  No point in leading the Pack around anymore loops or falsies, its straight back southward 🏃    🏃️ down the High Street 🏪, opposite the local . Then passing by what was once one of the best Hertfordshire Pubs The Gate, famed for selling its own Ales, as well as Mike Hunt Ale [which was always fun to order – Ed]  but in later years not so good as the Landlord moved on.

Down the High Streets 🍺 🔜 & by a Mexican 🇲🇽 Restaurant the Trail crosses the pelican 🚦 crossing to the On Inn

Where have you been Hashing today?

Wanktlers - No idea, Milf - No idea Tent Packer – Ware? Canary Boy - I’ve been trying to work that out! Lemming tries to be funny with “Ware were we?” TBT OBE Bell Street car park.  Psycho Sawbridgrwo😂🤣rth,  Zing-a-long-a-max adds “I thought it was Sawbridgeworth but lost it after leaving the river!”

TBT OBE & Psycho are correct, which led Wanktlers to shout out “He cheated!!!” & from Flying Solo “But surely he had to know where he was to find it on the map?!”

Clues were:

Sawbridgeworth CC

William IV Pub (The Sailor King)

Great St Mary’s Church (Ralph Joceyln - twice Lord Mayor of London - & his wife have their laid out effigies on a large ornate tomb inside, also famed for Brass Rubbing)

The Maltings & the River Stort Navigation

Springhall Lane (There’s no H in Hyena’s Surname)

Pishiobury Park was given to Anne Boleyn

Bonks Hill

The Hand & Crown (named after the Falconry that took place there)

High Wych

River Hospital

The Gate Pub

TBT OBE has some redemption as he post “Thoughts of our Late Sloppy Seconds when we passed his old flat next to the Stort.” Which brings a lot of comments on remembering Sloppy.  Then No Eye Deer then makes sure everyone goes off-line as she posts “Right, subs everyone!”

Wanktlers Don't forget the Hashit for Teebs next week

The Hare got I a quick “Happy Birthday for tomorrow Milf 🎂🎁” & a “ Oh, Congrats to Spotted Dick & Custard on the grand-sprog (Royal Chair Force Talk there!)” before showing his heels!