Herts Hash Virtual Hash No.7 (Part 1)

FWB starts off by letting us all know “Sadly I am going to miss this one. ” while Fliptop informs us “Just getting my running shoes on!” Flanders “Evening all!” Sludge “I’m on - I think?” 

Fliptop ponders “I wonder if Ketchup will come out of hibernation?” 😴 for this is the first Monday Virtual Hash Trail. (No he wouldn’t be out of hibernation)  Sludge has other things on his mind as he wonders “If My Lil’s not here, who can I follow on the Short Cuts?”  3D comes back with “Follow me Sludge!  Sludge thanks 3D

Wanktlers who is now based nor ‘o tha borda chimes in with “Hibs ya bass!!  Gonna try and keep up!”

Milf arrives with “Good Evening to you all x!”  Surprisingly Sludge proves that he’s ‘down with the kids’ as he replies to Milf “r u OK?” (What would his English Teacher have said about that?) Milf is just “Glad to have my results x” which were positive for Covid-19

3D asks “Do you feel rough!” Milf replied to 3D “Banging headache, cough and lethargic but thank goodness we have a garden xx”

Psycho “Evening all!” gets a “Yay Pssycho!” from 3D to which Psycho adds “Pleased the creative spelling is still rife 😂🤣

Finally Canary Boy joins us all the way from Rutland with an “Evening!”

tap, tap from the Hare, as My Lil’ isn’t here to point out the time

Fliptop Circle up! Welcome to Herts Hash House Harriers Virtual Run No7. And your Hare is........ The one, the only, Mr X ... Hooray 😀

The Hare steps up with “Hi all  - again & welcome to the 7th Herts Hash Virtual Hash  - something a bit different today as this week we have our first virtual A to B Trail, to start with you have three options, northward, eastward or westward?” Little do the Pack know that in order to scupper TBT OBE's use of Googlemaps & spoling it all, the first part is set on Tatooine, a Star Wars Planet!

Kylie then interjects with “Hope we're not leaving before 7?” but the clocks in his house must be slow as Sludge points out “tis 7!” which Psycho cheers 🙋🏻👏🏻

Fliptop Go west young man Flanders Go west young man Canary Boy On out....... west Psycho What about the "young women?" Flanders We are all fine Psycho - Psycho Do we go west? Flanders Oh yes

Kylie then adds another spanner to the proceedings with “Have we virtual public transport to get us back?” with all of these delays Flying Solo need not have panicked as she requests the rest “Wait for me!”

While Milf & Wanktlers go astray at the start, heading westward with Sludge, Fliptop, Flying Solo & Canary Boy is correct as the Trail heads away from the urban sprawl toward an area made famous for racing, but none is happening today so it’s quite quiet on the edge of what is normally a noisy bustling Town 🏗of Mos Espa

Kylie still isn’t ready as he tells all & sundry “My trainers are on now, just catching up!” Milf says what everyone else is thinking “Faffing again!” & Fliptop adds “Someone had to say it!”

Mr X now says “You may need these 🕶️” since Tatooine has two suns! as Sludge & Milf endeavours to catch up with Canary Boy, Fliptop & Flying Solo who  find a Check near to the south-eastern end of the Pod Racing racing venue, your options narrowed down to just two, westward toward the hills, or if you don’t like the choice of checking out uphill you can search to the south on by a junk dealer’s yard 🏚️  Watto is the Trydarian Junk Dealer Best to keep Teddy 🐕 on a lead for this Trail!

Mother is late “Just catching up!” Fliptop is quick with “Down-Down” for Mother being late?  3D is labouring a bit & it’s only the start with a “Huff puff!”

Sludge pipes up with “Always check uphill!” which encourages Wanktlers & Kylie to go wrong as does Flying Solo & Fliptop with “Teddy on lead heading up hill!”, while Mother is still catching up, but Milf gets over her earlier error as South bound it is, with Canary Boy in tow, the terrain is pretty dry & dust, slightly stony, since there has been little rain of late, the ground is not the usual London Clay we are used to in Herts, instead its a surface hat looks more like Mars or Tunisia with a few special effects! As you run on down through sparse wooded 🌴 🌴area to then out on to a long trot up to the edge of the hills, upon one hill sits a solitary building, a low built white washed 🏚️with what appear to be aerials 📡on the roof, due you head toward this a the Check at a split in the Trail, or do you keep to the level of the valley floor?  Time to make you mind up…

Kylie wonders “Is everyone secretly eating their dinner?” Mother 😜 Flanders admits “Finish my dinner!” while 3D confesses “I am cooking mine!”

Canary Boy Milf Is very busy! Flanders Just finishing the wine Psycho Finished just before 7 just in time to Hash 👣🚶🏻♀  Milf replied to Flanders Cheers 🥂

Wanktlers & Sludge go wrong on their uphill struggle toward the, along the valley floor it is with Canary Boy, Mother, Fliptop & just about everyone else choosing the easy option, it’s rather parched out there 🏜️& TBT OBE is warned to watch to look out as you traverse the uneven stony surface, this is definitely not scooter   terrain, whoa there goes TBT OBE straight on his face….

Milf replied to Canary Boy’s “Milf Is very busy!” as she explained “Multi-tasking hon x”

After a long trot 👣 👣 you arrive at a Check point near to a solitary home that looks rather run down, it appears to be the home 🏚️of a reclusive soul who looks rather like Sludge 🧔 in a religious looking outfit?  It's the home of Obi-Wan Kenobi, who lived there under the name of Ben Kenobi! Your choices are just two, south-eastward or take to the well-worn route swinging around the end of the hills to head south-westward

With Psycho Coming up the rest 😆 - Sludge runs downhill to catch up, Milf & Canary Boy all go wrong, leaving Kylie, Flying Solo & Mother to find the Trail & South-westward it is over some uneven farming terrain 🌾🌾 to come up to a former Monastery 🏰, later this became the Palace of a well-known tyrant who is no longer with us, Slug 🐌 (They don’t have a Slug emoji) would find him familiar to look at.  It is the palace of Jabba the Hutt but was once a monastery run by the B'omarr Order.

The Hare wonders “ow is TBT OBE getting on with Google Maps?  Is that a moon 🌑 in the sky? Or is it 🛰️ he can get his bearings by?”  TBT OBE replied “Keeping my head down looking at maps!” Which shocks 3D “Oh Teebs!”  (TBT OBE will not find this running area on Google Earth)

A Check is found by the palace grounds, 🏰, just south or east, again not a lot of choices but make you mind up..  Sludge is undeterred & states “I'll pick the right trail next time!”  But Kylie was nearer the mark with “Or the shortest one!”

Fliptop reckons Sludge is really getting the hang of this technology. He then suggests Flanders must have been doing a lot of coaching.  So he asks Sludge “Are you still speaking😀?” Which prompts a reply of “Just"! from Sludge.  Flanders adds “Most definitely. Surprising but all is calm in the Sludge/ Flanders household.”

Sludge then disappears on to his own Trail, while Fliptop is straight on to the Trail to the east, leaving Canary Boy, Flying Solo & Mother to go wrong & they all have to turn back

Fliptop “On! On!” Canary Boy “On back!” Mother replies “Coming back!” with Flying Solo adding “Oh no on back!”

If TBT OBE is struggling, here’s another clue -off to the east it is with leading the way again its rather dry old ground, 🏜️to the north is a site of a famous crash-landing in 1977, this was the site where C3PO & R2D2's escape pod from the Tantive IV blockade runner crashed in the 1977 Film Star Wars (A new hope) but you are led on to an area of wetland, along by the water you go until reaching a Check by a local Farm 🚜 belonging to the Lars family.

Milf ponders “Is it time for a wee wee?” 🐿️3D adds “Hope no one saw my bum?”

It’s definitely a warm day & your choices now are eastward toward a Farmers Meeting place with a nautical 👨🦲 sounding name, the outpost of Anchorhead southward behind the farm or north-eastward toward the larger town?

Fliptop This hard ground is playing havoc with my dodgy ankle, just as the Hare adds a clue “Is that Ewok you can see in the distance?” Kylie replied “She's not that far, just little. 🙂

To the north-east it is 🏜️ with Kylie taking up the lead & showing off his tracking skills in the more dry stony land to cross with him & Mother leading the way, they have to call Fliptop, Flying Solo & Flanders, the latter wanted to go behind the barn!

Back before you all make your way to the outskirts of the suburbs you can see a Millennium Falcon 🦅 taking off up above you – it’s a long droll old run 👣 👣up to the edge of the town Mos Eisley that has ‘port like status’ 🏙 🏗️on the final here the local law enforcement as patrolling 🛑 Imperial Strom Troopers but Sludge utters the Words “These are not the Hashers you are looking for!” wave his hand & you are left alone to carry on into the place once described as “Wretched hive of Scum & Villainy!”

It’s a dirty place as you move on down the trashy street to a cantina, but no chance for a drink as it is closed, shame as the resident band ‘Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes’ 👽 🎺 👾 🎷 were pretty famous in the 1970’s, even having on a UK hit reaching Number 7 🎼. They were the band playing in the cantina in the first film

Milf replied to Kylie “On! On! I am catching you up x”  Mother adds words of encouragement “Run!”

You’ll be glad to know that on such a warm & sunny day, it would be with the Suns high in the golden sky, 🌄 ️ This is the end of this part of the Trail, Here you can also meet a taller version of Kylie Chewbacca - where have you Hashed in the first part of today’s Virtual Hashing?

Everyone seems stumped for part one of this Virtual Hash though Canary Boy is close with “Some planet somewhere”, so the Hare adds “What day is it?  As it May 4th (Star Wars Day) you have been virtually Hashing on Tatooine form the Star Wars Films 🎬

Fliptop was happy with “At least I got Chewbacca!” from the Kylie clue….

Clues were Mos Espa a Port City

The Pit of Carkoon

The Boonta Eve Classic Podracing Circuit

Watto the Junk Dealer & Slave owners place

Obi-Wan Kenobi’s secret cave

Jabba the Hutt’s Palace

The crash site of R2D2 & C3PO’s escape pod in 1977’s “A New Hope”

The Moisture Farm where Luke Skywalker was raised by Owen & Beru Lars

Anchorhead where the Farmers meet

The Millennium Falcon

Mos Eisley Space Port where Luke & Obi-wan take the droids to meet Hans Solo & Chewbacca

Chewbacca (Tall Kylie)

The Cantina

May 4th Be With You!

So, we whisk you 🚀 via hyperdrive from a Galaxy 🌌 far, far away…………. back to earth 🌍, Hertfordshire to be exact for a Trail round are county

We begin the second part of the Trail, which is now B to B  The Herts Hash Virtual Trail begins from outside of a Pub

The Hare is benevolent to My Lil’ & instead of making him suffer with a Check right outside of the Pub on Parliament Square, he relents & marks the Trail southward down toward a Gascoyne way roundabout, but before reaching the junction arrows direct you south-eastward on a very short side road to lead on to a footpath by a main arterial A414 road to lead north-eastward for a couple of hundred yards then arrows point the way nor-nor west on to an old Church street lined with buildings, some with medieval origins.

Your first Check is found outside a large stern, somewhat bland looking official brick building of Hertford County Court on a main shopping street, the options are northward beside the building, or eastward & westward along the street.  Milf calls out “Don’t follow me I am only checking!”  3D is chilled as she says “I’m going with the flow!”  Flanders is impressed “Like your thinking 3D!” while Psycho “I'm liking for the force”

Fliptop is puzzled with no Trail being found as yet & calls out “Are you?” Milf replies “Checking!”

Milf finds Trail but goes wrong, she must be poorly, Fliptop too takes a different approach & also goes wrong with Mother, Canary Boy is spot on & he calls “On!” 🙋♂️ & Kylie joins him so Northward it is & the Trail is found on a short, narrow alleyway of shops to bring you out on to another of the town’s olde worlde shopping streets of Market Place at the T-Junction where the alley joins is a Check, only two option, east or west?

Milf is feeling her Covid-19 “Cough, cough!” while Psycho calls out “Looking even!”

Suddenly No Eye Deer arrives & is all apologetic “Sorry I'm late!” Milf points out that by Half an hour. Kylie replied “You've missed the first trail!”

Milf “What you been up to?” “Been for my evening walk” 🚶‍♀️ says No Eye Deer

Flying Solo is off the mark, Flying Solo despairs "Oh no. Not again!” as she goes wrong & leads Mother, Sludge, Flanders, Canary Boy away, while Fliptop, Milf & Kylie who look eastward find the Trail on the edge of a Market place 🌼🌼, the Trail continues as the Hash are led a few degrees northward of due east following the change of the roads direction, the next Check is found at the junction where this road joins on the elbow of an old Market road, your options are southward, nor-nor-west through a shopping precinct or north-eastward?

Sludge is in a disperate mood as he says “I'll wait for On to be called!” Which doesn’t impress Fliptop who in a RSM style barks out “Keep running!”  So Milf does 😉🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

Mother adds encouragement with “Run rabbit run!” 🐇 Kylie wonders “Sludge Are you exhausted after the interstellar trail earlier?”  Sludge confesses “I’m turning into NED!”

Flying Solo goes wrong again on Railway Street, a Down-Down may be order of the day later? But venturing in to the Bircherly Green shopping precinct pays off for Mother & Fliptop as arrows lead the way through the deserted paved area as they run🏃       🏃♀️to lead the Hash up toward a river Lea, but there’s a change of direction before reaching the waterway.  Arrows point the way south-westward down a back passage to come out by a venue that stages music at times of the Hertford Club on Bull Plain.  No Eye Deer wonders “What have I missed......?” A cosmic Hash Trail.. Milf replied It was out of this world 🚀

Mother is pleased “I'm doing well” as the Pack are led over an old pack-bridge spanning the river Lea & on to a Check on the northern bank.  Your choices are a footpath through a very small nature reserve 🌲 🐝 🌿 🦋 (yes, one tree, on plant & bee & a butterfly!), or to the northeast a few yards where the choice splits, you can search the north option on the road, or the north-eastern option along by the Old Barge river side Pub?

Kylie & Flanders reckon the Riverside sounds pleasant. So, the Booze hounds 🦮🍺 of Mother, Kylie, Canary Boy, Flanders & Sludge all loose out, the Pack are all caught out beyond the Old Barge & look back to see the Hare marking the Check to the North as you are led through an area of small old terraced houses that look like they could have been built for Railway workers, yes had to add that to keep Kylie Happy!

No Eye Deer hasn’t been out 5 minutes & is already asking “Is this a sweet stop?”

Wanktlers, who hasn’t been heard of for a while is suddenly back with “All right, got distracted there, some good music came on the radio.  As he catches up Wanktlers asks “Where in the name of Father Jack are we?” Mother is lightening quick with a “Feck knows!” riposte.  Wanktlers admits that Led Zeppelin followed by some Northern Soul took his attention away from the Trail!  Skiing in the Snow by Wigan's Ovation is the Hare’s contribution to Northern Soul knowledge.

The Trail turns to the northeast along a silly named road then at a crossroads it turns nor-nor-west, you now run a few hundred yards on the Folly to the end of the terraced homes, ahead of you lies a large green expanse but the Hare is not letting you lose over there as arrows take you north-eastward through a few 🌲 🌲 trees to a service road on Hartham Common, time to run🏃 🏃♀️ as the Trail turns again to bring you down a couple of steps to run to the southeast, at the start of the single row of terraced homes 🏘️ on Frampton Street you spot what looks like a familiar face at the window, give them Ketchup a wave 🙋♀️  🙋♂️  as you run about 150 yards all the way back to the river’s edge.

The SCBs & those still catching up like No Eye Deer join you after a short cut along the river side from back by the Old Barge Pub, 🏃♀️now you run on by a few narrowboats to come up beyond local allotments and on to a weir, once over the water & you have admired the water fowl 🦆            🦢 you find a Check, your options are now southward back in to Hertford town, north-eastward away on an old narrow Mill lane, or over a small footbridge to the northwest on Hartham Common?

No Eye Deer stands on the Check as she claims “I'm all puffed out!”  An unimpressed Kylie picks this up & adds “You're puffed out? This is our second trail!!”

Milf goes wrong, she definitely is suffering today, as it is over the footbridge with Flying Solo, then you follow Dust along a path that runs to the west at the southern end of a on Hartham common, a Check is found on a northbound path by the corner of a Hartham Leisure Centre, Teddy 🐕 can be let off the lead & the Pack can enjoy the fun of listening to Fliptop call him back!  No Eye Deer is struggling after her short cut! & She hasn't travelled lightyears the others have. A puzzled No Eye Deer states “I'm going to have to go back to the start 😣”  Milf is also feeling it as she too claims “I need a sit down!”

You all🏃 🏃♀️leave the on Hartham Sports Centre behind, usually there is a lot of running here 🎽 but not today, on your long traipse over open ground, passing near to tennis courts 🎾 of Hartham Lawn Tennis Club to cross another narrower waterway by way of a wooden footbridge, to reach a check on a tarmac access road at the bottom of a wooded ridge 🌳 🌳 🌳 - which is the first chance or some to scare the squirrels 🐿️ , two options from here, north-eastward toward one of the oldest Churches in Hertfordshire (You can hear TBT OBE typing this in to google right now. [Especially as we are now back on earth!) or southwest?

Everyone 🏃 🏃♀️leaves the Sports Centre behind, usually there is a lot of running here 🎽 but not today, on your long traipse over open ground, passing near to tennis courts 🎾 to cross another narrower waterway of the river Beane by way of a wooden footbridge, to reach a check on a tarmac access road at the bottom of a wooded ridge 🌳 🌳 🌳 - which is the first chance or some to scare the squirrels 🐿️ , two options from here, north-eastward toward St Leonards one of the oldest Churches in Hertfordshire (You can hear TBT OBE typing this in to google right now. [Especially as we are now back on earth!) or southwest?

TBT OBE proves that the Pack are now back on earth, Google is working as he adds “I was a member of that tennis club!” [No doubt the only member to capsize there!! – Ed] TBT OBE then adds “My middle name is Leonard” as he knows which Church it is.  He lets No Eye Deer, who claims it’s a good name, know its Good clue there.  While Mr X wonders if “As in the actor who played Spock?” Teebs?

Mother, Canary Boy & Fliptop, once he has rounded up Teddy 🐕, go wrong, its down to Flanders & Flying Solo who pick up the Trail to the  Southwest to start the longest single stretch of the Trail so far, but it’s fairly level within the bottom of the wooded ridge 🌳 🌳 🌳until right near the end, as after about one Klick (1 Km) it rises up to take you out through a set of ornate wrought-iron gates to Port Hill a main road, this is a held Check to allow those lagging behind to catch-up & it’s the first of the sweets stops (Yes there will be two sweet stops as you guys seem to be thinking of food early, must be being at home!)

🍬 🍭 🍬 🍭 No Eye Deer is not happy as there are No jelly babies 😣 The Hare adds that there is No Jelly Baby emoji

Fliptop sarcastically adds “Be care with the sweets Mr X.  Milf not felling too good, so someone else will have to do the Heimlich manoeuvre on the Hare! As if to prove that he’s now safely ensconced North of the border Wanktlers adds “I've got some deep fried Mars Bars. Anyone?”

The Hare adds that Mr Heimlich only did his manoeuvre once & he was in his 90's when he did!  Now the Pack have regrouped, we set off again, there are two options from this Check northward uphill, or southward downhill, make your choices now!

TBT OBE gets Kylie excited as he enquires “Is there a nearby closed down railway line?” But Kylie has other things on his mind as he chooses to run North adding “Never check downhill!”  3D must be getting weary as she asks “Are we nearly there?”

Wanktlers has other issues as he shouts “Hang now they're playing Bowie, might get lost again!” Flanders thinks her issues are more pressing as she demands “We need more sweets!” & is backed up by Sludge’s “too right!”

A T is found by TBT OBE & Mother down the easier descent down Port Hill, so it’s a trudge back to see the rest moving off up the steep Port hill 🙋♀️  with Fliptop, Kylie, No Eye Deer🙋♂️  🏃 🏃♀️, it’s a long crawl up to the crest of the hill, there a CHK is found by the start of a side street Warren Park Road off to the east, do you chose the eastward option, carry on northward or take a chance in nipping across the road to a green signposted back passage leading away to the west?

West bound it is 🏃♀️up the back passage with Mother for about 50 yards, Sludge & Flanders too like it up the back passage [Steady Pebbledash! – Ed] between some 🏡 homes with nice large gardens then you come out on to a Check on a residential road 🏘️ of Farquhar Street this road turns to the south west & heads down the hillside a few hundred yards to a Crossroads where the roads seem to be named after British Prime Ministers, Belfour & Wellington here the next Check is found & your three options are northwest or south east along the urban street ,🏘️ or southwest down the short dead-end road?

Kylie wonders Where's Pebbledash? While Psycho asks 3D which way?  Fliptop discovers that he as other problems “Cor! This run is a battery burner!” he adds.  Flanders tries to calm him with kind words of “Its doing you good Fliptop!”

Nothing is found by to the northwest by Canary Boy, nor away to the southeast with Fliptop, “On!” comes from 🙋♀️ Flanders 🏃♀️who checked out the dead-end of Byde Street, there they have found a footpath on a raised section of old railway line 🛤️– someone get the tissue out for Kylie!  Sadly it’s far too short for Kylie [💾* Steady Pebbledash! –Ed] & this bit is over & done with far too quickly as he descends to the level of the old terraced homes 🏘️ that line the road of Port Vale as arrows turn the pack south-eastward, it looks like the Trail is turning back toward the Hertford town.

*Before you ask, its a 3.5 inch floppy emoji! Oh Err! 😆

However, for the Keenies thing are not going to be that straightforward as it soon becomes clear after a couple of hundred yards that the Trail will turn again, as arrows direct the Pack down a Pitteway Walk’ 🚶♀️ 🚶♂️ (A speed most have been exceeding in recent weeks) to the southeast, this passageway between the homes 🏘️leads out to the corner of a backstreet Millmead that has a green space to the south of it, a Check is found on the edge of Millmead park 🌳 🌳   Options from here are northwest or southeast?

No Eye Deer exclaims “I am definitely running faster on these virtual hashes!”  Fliptop seems to have taken his mind of the Hash & asks Wanktlers Which station are you listening to?  Turns out to be BBC Radio 6…. Wanktlers adds Now it's Hawkwind

Mother wonders “Are you climbing over someone's garden fence?” to Kylie, the Hare points out that its not a TBT OBE Trespassing Trail, as Kylie is on form as he 🙋♂️ 🏃 heads up to the northwest to find Dust & this leads about 200 yards on to a road with no houses lining it, to the north is an area of private meadow 🌿 🌿 🌼 land, so at the Check there are two more options, southeast or southwest?

Sludge is now clock watching as he points out “55 mins are we nearly there?” 3D 🍸 must be thirsty & so is Slug🍺, then there is a deluge of drink emojis Flanders🥔🍷 3D claims We found the finish.  Alcohol supplies in car. No Eye Deer 🍹 But it’s not the end of the Trail...

Milf goes wrong for the umpteenth time today on Beane Road, you better lie down after this, as Southwest is correct & you follow No Eye Deer (Are you sure?) to be led on over a river Beane, then a car park to come around to see the entrance to the local Hertford North Station 🚉off of a roundabout, Kylie has to temper his excitement as the Trail runs opposite the Choo-choos, passing a construction site 🏗where the Sele Arms/Mill Stream Pub once sat to head along a main North road in to town, quite a few modern houses line either side as the road now heads. 

On the left is a walled area, now consisting of apartments 🏢but this site was once a paper mill, 📰 a little further along & to the right there is a building that was originally opened by the Marquis of Salisbury in 1882 as the General Dispensary, Hertford County Hospital Beer was brewed here until 1834!  It was all totally legal & not an Illicit distillery as Flanders thought.

The Trail comes up to 🚦 crossing by a mini-roundabout, here as the arrows point southward having pressed the button you embark on a rather bland short road a section of the A119 eading on to a main arterial road for about 50 yards, then it on to another 🚦 crossing where again you have to press the button

While Milf stops & is now Lying down with a cool flannel 😱, the rest who  having stopped the virtually non-existent traffic, except for Wanktlers who just caught a ride on a Silver Machine, the Hash arrive at the southern side of the road, there you have a check with two options, east or west?

No Trail exists to the West on the Hertingfordbury Road (or any of the Trail in reality) so Flanders, Wanktlers & Kylie now try & catch up with Milf, Mother & Fliptop off to the east it is as the Dust is found down the footpath that takes you away a few feet from the road where a Royal Oak 👑🌳Pub used to sit, you wouldn’t want to be a Wally as the easterly route passes some works & what looks like an American 👮 by the entrance to Wally Temples scrapyard as it turns as it follows the south-easterly bend in the road, after about 150 yards you encounter a Check by an underpass in the A414 which is now Gascoyne Way off to the northeast, do you take the subterranean option, or carry on beside the road?

Milf tells the rest to Carry on as I can’t spell the other one

Under you go, Sludge goes down with Flanders [Steady Pebbledash! – Ed] to the opposite of the road & there are arrows are found leading up to an old road with a Fisherman connection St Andrew's Street, the Trail turns to the to the Northeast where Sludge believes that he's on the home straight, the Hare has other ideas as Flanders & Sludge lead the Pack on to find a Bar Check just beyond an old St Andrews Church! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Sludge resorts t type, even on a Virtual Hash Trail & is soon short cutting – “Don’t tell Mr X!” he pleads Too late! But No Eye Deer says that It will be our secret 🤣

🏃 🏃♀️it’s back to a red-brick 🧱 walled alleyway before the St Andrews church & the Hare marks this route as the Hash now move on south-eastward on the way along the tarmac route the Hash pass by the gravestones before taking an arrow black wrought-iron footbridge over an old millstream of the river Lea, the Trail now takes a stretched out s-bend, halfway to the middle of the S & the pack cross a wider section of river Lea.

The Trail now leads off through a small black gate, not quite a true kissing gate but pucker none the less up for Milf (.)(.) 💋 in the railings, this leads in by the play area in nice gardens 🌼🌲 🌹 🌼 of Hertford Castle site for the second Sweetie Stop 🍬🍭of the Trail of the rather well kept grounds of a Red Brick Building, reconstructed later on, parts of this pre-dates the Norman Invasion & the arrows lead you on over to the On Inn, set before the Stone & Flint Walls that surround the 🏰 area of Hertford Castle where an early General Synod once took place, & it’s back to an establishment very loosely connected with the Crusades. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Six Templars


Wanktlers Got the St Andrew's flag, was that a clue? (Yep, it is)

Yes. he was a fisherman before a bone or two of his were transported to Bonnie Scotland! Where have you been Hashing for the second half of the Trail?


Well done No Eye Deer (I can’t believe I said that!) Hertford it was

Clues were:

Bull Plain

Market Square

Birchley Green Centre

Hertford Club

Old Barge

Ketchup’s home


Hartham Common

St Leonards Bengeo

Hertford East to Hertford North link

Hertford North

The Mill Stream (Sele Arms Pub – now knocked down

Paper Mills

Hertford County Hospital

The A414 By Pass (Where the Royal Oak once stood)

Plastic US Traffic Cop - Wally Temple’s scrap yard

St Andrew’ Church (He was a Fisherman)

Hertford Castle

Six Templars