World's End Pub Crawl, Celebrating 100 Years of Welwyn Garden City


A rough Guide




START - 10:50 Hrs at Welwyn Garden City Station, Meet level One at the Howard Centre - outside the Railway Ticket Offices!


Train times will be confirmed nearer the event - once new timetable is out!!


To get to Welwyn Garden City:

From London:

09:58 London Kings Cross Platform 10

10:04 Finsbury Park Platform 7

10:15 Potters Bar Platform 4

10:21 Hatfield

10:26 Welwyn Garden City platform 3


From Cambridge

09:27 Cambridge Platform?

09:47 Royston (Herts) Platform1

09:56 Baldock

09:59 Letchworth Garden City

10:04 Hitchin Platform 1

10:10 Stevenage Platform 1

10:22 Welwyn Garden City Platform 2


Please be aware that both Welwyn Garden City & Letchworth Garden City are served by Great Northern/Thameslink a Govia company that currently has the worst service on Network Rail, so please check that Trains are not cancelled due to lack of drivers!


Also the 724 Bus Services run around Midnight from Welwyn Garden City to Hertford & Ware



We recommend staying in Letchworth Accommodation links are below:


Lenny Henry's Welwyn Garden Pad   or  Lenny Henry's Palce in Letchworth or there is now a Letchworth Tarvelodge



To save time you may wish to get yourself a Drinking Buddy or four/five to be in rounds at the Bars – dependent on turnout, staying power & Bar Staff available……


None of the timings can be's a Hash after all & Great Northern run the UK's worst Train service!


Suggested Drinks will be checked out again before the event!


Let us know you are coming along, There is a Running Trail to Pub one & back, or getting a cab to Pub one &back will keep the fare down if we pre-book!


Newton Haven Here we Come.......



10:50 Hrs Run Starts...


If you miss the Pack, go straight down the escalators & the Taxi Rank is outside of the front of the Howard Centre’s main entrance or follow the Trail.  Running Trail to the First Pub, approx 1.5 miles there & another 1.5 back!  see below:


11:00 Hrs

The Peartree (The First Post) Peartree Lane AL7 4JJ



Hollybush Lane, Welwyn Garden City

Having established Letchworth Garden City as the fictitious ‘Newton Haven’, the first four stops on the ‘Mile’ can all be found in Welwyn Garden City, 2 miles to the south.

All of the pub names, invented for the film, are cryptic pointers to the plot, so it’s natural that the evening starts out at ‘The First Post’. This turns out to be The Peartree, Hollybush Lane at Woodhall Lane, southeast of Welwyn Garden City. And that really is the pub’s interior, gamely allowing itself to be dissed as bland.


Leave 11:40 Hrs - 5 mins Taxi Ride or second part of the Running Trail  Back Trail to....



11:50 Hrs Pub-Crawl Starts in earnest...The Doctor's Tonic (The Old Familiar)


Oakham Inferno, GK IPA/Abbot/Rum Runner (Caskmark)

The gag is that it’s the same interior used for the second pub, ‘The Old Familiar’, the exterior of which is The Doctors Tonic, a lively bar (with live music) closer to the centre of Welwyn Garden City. This is where Oliver’s sister, and Steve’s secret crush, Sam (Rosamund Pike) turns up.








2 minute walk


12:40  Hrs

The Two Willows (The Famous Cock)


London Pride, Scarlett Macaw, Rosie Pig & Old Rosie, other crafts in bottles.


The haunt of Mad Basil (David Bradley), retailer of dark conspiracy theories, is now the Two Willows, it was known as the Cork when Filming took place, a former bank at 9 Howardsgate. Since the younger Gary had been barred for life, the stay at the ‘Cock’ isn’t too long.



30 Second walk



13:20 Hrs

Misya Turkish Restaurant (The Cross Hands)


Efes & a Meze (Their License requires food to buy alcohol)


The Cross Hands’. This is the Parkway Bar on Parkway, which is indeed just around the corner from The Two Willows.

Although the Parkway’s real bar is used, you won’t be surprised to hear that the gents’ toilet, in which the evening starts to go disturbingly awry, was recreated in the studio.

Leave 14:20 - 5 minute walk to..

Welwyn Garden City Railway Station


14:31Hrs We all get the Train Platform 3 to Letchworth Garden City   

A Treat on the Train.......




1-2 min Walk and also where the locations begin to get tricksy.


15:00 Hrs The Garden City Brewery, its not in the Film but they have always been good to us! Plus we need to make up for the Thai Restaurant that was the Beehive & has now been demolished!


1903, Mollys Mild & GROG Best Place for Sausage Rolls & Pies


Walk 2 Minute Walk....


15:40 Hrs


The Good Companions, is a shop at 71 Leys Avenue with pub like set dressing added to its frontage, so we are instead visiting Craftty's Bottle Shop, 15 Leys Avenue


Inside was Wenlock Arms, Islington   (Which we have done on a Full Moon & with LH3 SNoRrTed/SoRTed a couple of times now) Changing Ales & Craft Beers



Gary’s reasoning that to continue with Golden Mile is the best way not to attract attention, the five head off down ‘Newton Haven’s’ high street, becoming uncomfortably aware of the locals’ odd attitude






10 Second Walk .....


16:10 Hrs

The Three Magnets (The Trusty Servant)


Loads of Choice (Cask Marque)


Although the exterior of number six, ‘The Trusty Servant’, is a real pub – The Three Magnets, the bar interior where Gary susses out the Rev Green – his one-time dealer – is the Director’s Arms, at the junction of Ripon Way and Cranes Way, in Borehamwood.

The town of Borehamwood itself is familiar from plenty of screen appearances, since it’s so close to Elstree Studios and the old Borehamwood Studios


10 second walk





The Platform (The Two-Headed Dog)


Buntingford Highwayman, Dooooombaaar; Hobgoblin, Marstons


‘The Two Headed Dog’, is where the initially sceptical Sam encounters creepy twins in the beer garden. This was formally The Colonnade, but now The Platform Station Road.











3 min walk




The Broadway Cinema (The Mermaid)


The Bar is being refurbished, so it could just be a bottle of Becks!


‘The Mermaid’, with its ‘School Disco’ theme is the Broadway Cinema, Eastcheap.


Opened in 1936, it’s still very much an independent cinema, so this time the interior was filmed at Chalfont Campus, a former college in Newlands Park, just outside Chalfont St. Giles, in Buckinghamshire.


7 Second Walk (or less)




18:00 Hrs


The Thai Garden (The Beehive) Now an old Peoples' Maximum Security Twilight Home, probably a Honey-based shot stop


The Beehive’ was the Thai Garden, 10 Gernon Road, which in the real world was a closed restaurant, originally the Black Squirrel Pub, It's been closed for years but we have a treat lined up!  


It’s here that their old school teacher, Mr Shepherd (Pierce Brosnan) coolly explains the situation in the most reasonable terms. The remaining ‘musketeers’ don’t find the explanation quite so unproblematic, and the spectacular ruckus that follows was filmed back in the studio.


Fleeing ‘The Beehive’, they retire to lie low for a while in their old ‘smoke house’, the club house of the Howard Garden Social Centre Bowling Green, Norton Way South at the foot of Gernon Road. This is where the film briefly references John Carpenter’s The Thing, as each character in turn is obliged to establish authentic humanity.


1 minute walk


18:15 Hrs


The Arena Tavern (The Kings Head)


Ye Old Trippe, Flying Scotsman, Rev James


The escape route now fortuitously leads them through pub number ten, the deserted ‘King’s Head’, where the indefatigable Gary maintains the ‘drink in every pub’ objective by serving himself a pint.

Both inside and out, this is the Arena Tavern, 3 Arena Parade, another live music venue, in the heart of Letchworth.


2 min walk




19:00 Hrs Possibly the Broadway Hotel, (Bedroom escape scene was filmed there)


40 Second walk



19:40 Hrs

La Concha (The Hole in the Wall)


Brew Dog Punk IPA (Bottled requested)


Chased by glowy-eyed ‘blanks’, Gary legs it north up Broadway to pub number eleven, perhaps the most surprising location of all.

‘The Hole In The Wall’ is Letchworth Garden City Railway Station, Station Road. A false wall was built across the station entrance and, if you’ve seen the film, you’ll understand why the pub interior was built at Elstree Studios.




CAB Ł4:50 Best to book the cab back on the way out!!!

5 minute cab ride


20:10 Hrs

The Willbury (The World's End) Willbury Hills SG6 4LG


Doombar, Adnams GK IPA.


The survivors triumphantly make it to their ultimate destination, ‘The World’s End’, which is The Gardener’s Arms, Wilbury Hills Road at Icknield Way.


Unlike the other Letchworth locations, which are fairly close together in the town centre, the Gardener’s Arms is about a mile west of the town.


If you’ve managed the Golden Mile, it’s still there serving up that well-earned pint.


20:40 Hrs

Head home Taxi Back to Letchworth Garden City Station 5 minute cab ride


If you are staying in Letchworth, there will be a recovery Run for the Garden City Brewery, Letchworth at 11:0Hrs on Sunday



Trains to Welwyn Garden City & Kings Cross leave Platform 1 20:29 Letchworth Garden City; 20:34 Hitchin 20:40 Stevenage 20:52 WGC 20:55 Hatfield 21:02 Potters Bar 21:14 Finsbury Park 21:20 Kings Cross


Trains to Cambridge depart Platform 2 20:19 Letchworth Garden City 20:23 Baldock 20:32 Royston 20:54 Cambridge